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John Smith

Personal Details Address: 21 Formal Gardens, Leeds, LA6 4SE Telephone: 01234 564789 Career Objective Recent graduate from the University of Liverpool with a 2:1 in Economics. With a keen interest in market driven events and finance, plus strong sales and negotiating skills developed from own entrepreneurial activities and retail sales experience, I now wish to develop a career in a front office financial role with a major UK financial institution. Education University of Liverpool BA Economics (2:1) Modules specifically selected included: Basic Econometrics (1:1) Securities Markets (2:1) 2009 - 2011

Email: johnsmith@email.com

International trade (1:1) Financial Economics (1:1)

These subjects provided me with an umbrella of skills including: Strong numerical and analytical skills, understanding and knowledge of underlying causes for global events and their wider implications. Developed my ability to work as part of a team whilst maintaining independent thinking. Able to work accurately regardless of workload and pressure. Awarded first place for highest overall maths score in my first semester from a group of 30 people. (Scored 84%) Bridget Jones Sixth Form College, Leeds A-levels 2008: Biology: B, Chemistry: B, Art: C 2006 - 2008

Leeds High School, Leeds 2002 - 2006 GCSE 2006: 11 Subjects Grades A*-C inc. English Langauge (A*), Maths (A) Work Experience X Clothing Leeds, Salesperson July 11 - Present Immediately settled into the role and through hard work became one of the best performing sales staff, have won two monthly sales competitions to date. Expanded my interpersonal skills owing to the people oriented nature of the job. Thoroughly enjoyed team player aspects of the job. Citizens Advice Bureau, Volunteer July 11 - Present Roles range from dealing with individuals in difficult one to one situations, often finance related, through to general administration work.

My exposure at the CAB has helped me develop several skills including tact and patience. I have aided in improving the quality of service whilst making a direct impact on the life of several people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Bar, Leeds, Barman Aug 08 July 09 Trained new staff, managed events and resolved issues such as disputes, stock requirements and customer queries. The exposure from this job helped mould me into a more confident and socially mature individual and reinforced my positive attributes such as independence, customer and team relations. Once shown a process or given an outline, I learnt quickly and became a reliable asset to the team. TEFL School Cambridge, Activities Organiser Summers 2008/10 Developed me into a reliable and responsible individual due to the scope of roles given which included creating ideas for activity days, identifying issues wherever present and quickly coming up with effective solutions. Socialised with other members of staff and built mutually beneficial relationships with my team-mates. Seven Oaks Sound and Vision, Salesman June 07 Nov 07 This was amongst one of my most rewarding jobs. Developed a real sense of team spirit through co-demonstrating home entertainment packages. Given no sales training, taught myself by watching others and through practice. Developed negotiating skills through hard work and direct experience. Able to build rapport with clients and by progressively closing bigger deals cemented confidence in my ability. Seeing clients satisfied with our service encouraged me to become even more success driven. Other Interests and Achievements Have created a clothing business that involves customised clothing and footwear by combining a love of art and business. I have expanded it from a sole venture to one involving a small team of aspiring and entrepreneurial individuals, with an international customer base. Played basketball at University and Sixth Form College. Assumed the role of leader by problem solving and organising the team. Student Representative in second year of my degree. Role involved taking student problems to departmental management committee and disseminating Can speak and write French to a good standard. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe. References Prof. Joe Bloggs - University of Liverpool Management School bloggs@liverpool.ac.uk Mr. Richard Smith (Bar Manager) - The Bar, Park Row, Leeds rsmith@email.com