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18th March 2011 Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK), one of Malaysias foremost universities specialising in innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, recognises the need for pro-active corporate social responsibility (CSR) not just from the university itself but also from its students. The university, as a pioneer in not just economic entrepreneurship but social entrepreneurship as well, strongly encourages its faculties and staff to engage in CSR programmes as part of the academic curriculum thereby benefiting both students and the community. With this in mind, UNIRAZAKs Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) students, in cooperation with the universitys Student Affairs and Corporate Communication departments, recently organised a CSR trip to Bagan Lalang, Selangor, from 18 th 20th March, called UNIRAZAK Foster Care Programme Bagan Lalang. The trip involved 60 students and 50 UNIRAZAK academic and administrative staff. The trip was organised around 6 main principles leadership, physical, spiritual, social responsibility, experience and love for the environment, and had positive benefits for both the students and the villagers. The students, who took the lead for organising the programme, were able to brush up their project management and develop skills such as communication, confidence, and teamwork. It also instilled the professionalism and confidence needed for them to succeed in the workplace and become socially responsible, by giving them the opportunity to show their talent, ideas, potential, and strong leadership. They were also able to learn from the villagers knowledge and discipline. In turn, the students shared with the villagers their business knowledge to help the villagers initiate, develop, and transform their business ventures from small-scale businesses to medium and large businesses. UNIRAZAKs FBA students also provided some charity work and contributions for the needy, such as the senior villagers, orphans, and also to a single mother in the village. The trip was organised around 3 core activity groups (1) Family Care, for the students and villagers to gain experience from one another and develop lasting relationships, (2) Recreation, to develop teamwork and camaraderie, and (3) Academic Slot & Mentor / Mentee, in which the university lecturers and students shared their academic knowledge with the village children. Over the course of the 3-day trip, the students, staff and villagers engaged in a wide variety of activities, such as playing sports together, cruising the Sepang River, replanting the Bakau tree, finding Lokan, praying together, sharing studying tips, gotong royong, cultural shows, and donations. All in all the UNIRAZAK Foster Care Programme Bagan Lalang was a resounding success, as it met its objectives and brought the UNIRAZAK students, staff, and villagers closer together and benefitted all those involved. Future prospective programmes and CSR activities by UNIRAZAK students include a home stay visit at Banghuris, Sepang, Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority visit, and Goldcoast Sepang visit.