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At Edelman we understand the significance of the environment to our people, our clients, and the communities in which we operate. We believe that every company has a clear responsibility to do its part to help protect our shared environment and conserve our precious natural resources. We recognize that reducing our impacts across all aspects of our business helps preserve our planet for future generations. As such, Edelman ensures that our business strategy is closely aligned with our policy on the environment, with committed leadership on environmental issues.

Every human activity has a measurable impact on the environment. Once measured, we can identify and act on a range of practical steps to reduce these impacts. Building on this understanding, our management team initiated the Edelman Global Carbon and Water Footprint Project in 2010, aimed at establishing accurate and reliable baselines to create a robust foundation for tackling our impacts meaningfully and with precision.

Our people are deeply committed to making positive change happen. Since 2008 we have instituted a range of programs across our network, including: Encouraging all of our offices to source paper supplies and office equipment from the most environmentally sound suppliers Requiring every office to monitor its carbon footprint on a monthly basis, tracking the following key indicators o Power o Water o Paper usage o Travel


To achieve meaningful impact reductions at scale, Edelman is currently moving from a decentralized approach to a formalized team structure to drive change across our organization. In 2012, Edelman is committed to: Delivering a set of measurable performance indicators across all aspects of our operations and their associated environmental impacts Developing clear targets and plans for reducing our impacts and communicate these commitments openly

Continuing to look for ways to reduce the adverse environmental impact of our purchasing decisions by buying goods and services from manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to the environment

Additionally, at Edelman we are dedicated to raising the awareness of our people, our clients, and other stakeholders about the opportunities to work, live, and play in a more sustainable manner. In 2012, we plan to share our learnings on sustainable practices through a program of education, outreach, and knowledge sharing activities.