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Office of the Director, Dually Appointed Administrator 15-791 Braidwood Road, Courtenay BC, Canada V9N 3S1

February 15th 2012 Original date of document: November 30th 2011

Court File Number: 35900-1 Court Location: Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.


This Notice is a matter of Public Record


Sent to: Robyn CRISANTI

845 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 4Z9

Breach of Trust: Harassment Trespassing Abduction & 93 hours unlawful Confinement To the attention of Robyn CRISANTI, I demand that you direct the local Servants operating in Breach to stand down including yourself. I have made it clear that I am operating under common law in this common law jurisdiction since May of 2010 by way of served affidavits and clear description of my role and purpose before Justice April Dark and Judges Brian SAUNDERSON and Peter DOHERTY. I will not tolerate illegal warrants and or unlawful detention at the hand of people who are operating outside the law. The failure to provide a valid contract between Brian D. Jones or the Public Prosecution Services Of Canada and I as per my request regarding the false presumption of jurisdiction along with the choice of ignoring law and the facts that I have communicated with Servants within the court room has resulted in your inclusion in this lawsuit for severe Breach of law in this common law jurisdiction. Failure to communicate the facts of law to these unlawful Servants operating in Breach will result in the expansion of your Bill in the present lawsuit for severe BREACH of law in this common law jurisdiction. I thank you Robyn CRISANTI for communicating the demand to stand down with all Servants concerned; otherwise you will also be sued personally. Support in any way of re-activation of illegal warrant will cost each Public Servants involved $ 6 936 936.00 and $ 500 000.00/day for unwanted service of detention or detainment. Even a partial day spent in jail over this unlawful and illegal matter will cost you $ 500 000.00/day from this day forward. Due to illegal refusal of local Justice and Judges to receive proper service of documents, by way of Registered mail recently I am giving all parties involved until the 22nd of February to contest or dispute, otherwise it is Our mutual understanding that we are all in agreement that this matter is now stricken from the record and resolved, aside from the damages done to me by paid Servants which will be remedied in the front of the Queens Bench. In the light and truth of the consciousness of Christ, sincerely, Patrik-Bernard:Kapuscinsky


Dually Appointed Administrator