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GCSE Applied Business; BTEC Level 2 Business Hi This GCE Economics e-Update has information on:

The January 2012 exam series Results Plus training a consultation on examinations Level 3 study skills survey New resources

The January 2012 exam series

Question Papers, Mark Schemes and Examiners' Reports are available on the qualification page. Grade boundaries are reported here. A summary is reproduced below.
Max. Mark 80 100 80 100 72 80 59 90 a* A 61 80 58 80 54 80 B 54 70 52 70 49 70 C 47 60 46 60 44 60 D 40 50 40 50 39 50 E 34 40 34 40 34 40 N 28 30 28 30 29 30 U 0 0 0 0 0 0

Unit 1 Raw Mark Unit 1 UMS Unit 2 Raw Mark Unit 2 UMS Unit 3 Raw Mark Unit 3 UMS

Results Plus training

A series of training events will be taking place around the country over the next few days. Please click here for more details.

Standards in education: a consultation on the future of examinations

With questions being asked about our education and exams system, Pearson has launched a consultation so you can join the debate about how the UK can lead the world on standards. Why not find out more and then log onto our forum, read opinions from others and post your comments? Please encourage your students, their parents and your colleagues to take part too.

Level 3 study skills survey

This survey is for teachers delivering Level 3 Business qualifications. The focus is on the importance of study skills to success at Level 3, and how to bridge the gap between Level 2 and Level 3. Respondents will be entered into a draw to win Pearson Education resources worth 75 pounds. Complete the survey

New resources
You might be able to adapt/edit/use these case studies and other resources:

Unit 1
Topic Topic Topic Topic 8 8 8 9 Case Case Case Case Study Study Study Study Airline taxes Motoring taxes Bus passes New Buy 2012

Unit 2
Topic Topic Topic Topic 1 8 8 8 Case Study Article Article Activity Market attractiveness Cutting red tape The problem with macro-economic models Comments from Mervyn King

Unit 3
Topic 2 Topics 2,4,11 Topic 7 Topic 11 Worksheet Case Study Case Study Case Study Mergers and Acquisitions Google and Motorola Consoles and barriers to entry Sea France

Unit 4
Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic 2 7 7 7 7 Case Study Slides Data Data Notes Yingli and US tariffs Government borrowing Public finances in Asia Public deficits Trying to make sense of the budget deficit

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