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REMOTE-DELIVERED, ELECTRONIC PHYSICAL AND NEUROLOGICAL TORTURE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA By Max H. Williams What This Book Is About This book is about torture--physical and neurological torture. However, there is a particular twist to the torture that I describe: it is conducted by remote. So, no visible attackers; no visible weapons; no known motive, and usually no visible marks on the victims. The attackers commit the perfect crime. Wait! There is also another twist. Usually torture is conducted on prisoners of war by foreign captors. The torture portrayed in this book is carried out on civilians by or with the consent of their own government! Throughout this book, I make the point that if the U.S. Government does not actually engage in the torture, it nevertheless condones it and aids and protects the torturers. Victims represent the entire American population. They include both genders and all ages from very young children to the very elderly. They also include all races, ethnicities, levels of education, professions/occupations, religions, philosophies, states of health, political leanings, economic statuses, social strata, and life styles. Many of the victims are veterans. I am one of those victims. Victims range from the barely literate to the PhDs, from the atheistic or agnostic to the piously religious, from the welfare recipient to the well off, from the apolitical to the zealously partisan, and from single people of various life styles to the family-focused patriarchs and matriarchs. There appears to be no commonality that links the victims except that they are all victims of torture. Estimates of the numbers of victims range from 400,000 to several million. Probably nobody, including the attackers, knows the exact number. Many victims believe that the torture stems from human experimentation conducted by U.S. Government agencies, notably the CIA and the FBI, pharmaceutical companies, the military, and scientists working for the government. Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), expert witness testimony before Congress, descriptions of patents, and credible publications attest that the government has engaged in human experimentation for many years, particularly since World War II. Experimental mind control programs such as MKULTRA, conducted by the CIA in the U.S. and Canada from the 1950s to the 1970s, are now well known. Those crimes against humanity are still going on; however, today they are carried out in a large conspiratorial secrecy, they use more sophisticated devices/methods, and the perpetrators are protected now by lawthe Patriot Act. Non-consensual human experimentation constitutes torture. That principle was established in Nuremberg right after WWII, when the Allies, led largely by the Americans, tried, convicted, and hanged and imprisoned German leaders for their roles in human experimentation and other crimes. Ironically, at the very time the trials were being conducted, the Americans were carrying out secret medical experiments on Guatemalans. Since the promulgation of the Nuremberg Code, additional international acts have condemned non-consensual experimentation and torture: the Geneva Conventions and Accords, including the Convention

Against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Statute of the International Criminal Court, and others. Moreover, most countries have national laws against torture. Although the United States has laws against torture, it does not have ironclad laws defining human experimentation and making it illegal. Congress pays no heed to requests for such laws, which then allows human experimentation to continue with impunity. The torture also emerges during a period in U.S. history when a united citizenry is most needed against many chilling challenges from within and from abroad. Torture in the USA is particularly disturbing in that the United States of America touts itself as the Great Defender of universal human rights. The U.S. can no longer justifiably criticize other countries for their human rights violations. The official stance by the U.S. Government on human rights is duplicitous and proves that the USA simply uses human rights as a political tool. Carrying out 24/7 surveillance and remote torture on victims is costly. My attackers stated to me though our mutual telepathic communication system (much more about that later) that they had already spent over two million dollars on me. That was about two years ago. If the U.S. Government is indeed involved, the money used for torture is taxpayer money. Thus, the irony is that victims of torture are paying for their own torture. All of this is happening while todays reality of the United States unfolds. Consider the following distressing data: Confidence in the U.S. system of government has dropped to a new low in more than 35 years . . . . (Gary Langer, Economy, Gas, Partisanship and War Gang Up on Confidence in Government, March 15, 2011); A HYPERLINK "http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/26/us/politics/poll-finds-anxiety-on-theeconomy-fuels-volatility-in-the-2012-race.html?_r=1&hp" \t "_blank" recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows that 89 percent of Americans surveyed distrust government to do the right thing, and that 84 percent disapprove of Congress. (Sean Patrick, Americans Distrust Government, Disapprove of Congress, October 25, 2011); Ex-con superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, in his book on lobbying, describes the U.S. Government as a corrupted system. Nearly one in six in poverty in the U.S.; children hit hard, Census says. (Michael A. Fletcher, September 13, 2011 in The Washington Post 09/13/2011) About one out of every seven Americans receives public food assistance. This is happening while the U.S. spends billions on meaningless and solutionless wars. Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income (Hope Yen, Associated Press, December 15, 2011) The U.S. public debt on November 26, 2011 is $15,044.384,404,021. The estimated population of the United States is 311,739,687 so each citizen's share of this debt is $48,259.45. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.97 billion per day since September 28, 2007! (Online U.S.

NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK) The gap between the top 1% and everyone else [the 99%] hasn't been this bad since the Roaring Twenties. (Business Insider, November/December 2010) Due largely to the controlled U.S. media, the general public is not widely aware of the human rights violations that take place in the United States. In addition, law enforcement either knowingly or unwittingly cooperates with the attackers in labeling complainants mental cases and not investigating their complaints. On top of that, state legislatures and Congress and the entire court system do nothing for the victims or against the attackers. If the media, law enforcement, the legislatures, and the courts willfully cooperate with the attackers, as appears almost certain, their actions constitute one of the largest and most widespread conspiracies of all times, truly the great conspiracy. Types of Victims There are three types of surveillance and harassment victims, who have come to call themselves targeted individuals (Tis) or simply targets: (1) Those who receive remotedelivered physical and neurological attacks. (2) Those who are physically gang stalked by organized stalkers on the ground. The on-ground stalking entails a variety of criminal acts committed on the victim, including monitoring his location and harassing him on foot and in vehicles, covertly entering his domicile, tampering with his food, introducing gases and odors into his dwelling, harassing him in his work place, vandalizing his vehicle and other property, and strangers making rude signals and engaging in rude behavior with him wherever he goes. (3) Those who endure the remote-operated physical and neurological torture as well as the on-site stalking. This paper deals mainly with remote-operated electronic and mind control assault, which I henceforth shall call remote electronic assault, or simply REA. I wrote this book for two audiences: the targets, or the victims, and especially the targets who have only recently discovered their targeting, and also for the public. Public awareness of REA is long overdue. In The Silent Massacre, I discuss my particular case, inform readers of what I know for certain about the REA, and speculate about other facets of it. I want other targets to know that although we have not yet learned how to shield ourselves from the remote torture, they can learn to minimalize the effects of that torture and live relatively normal lives. Despite my targeting, I go on with my life, and I enjoy life. Knowledge is defense. What I have learned about targeting has not only empowered me to withstand the physical and neurological torture but also largely to defeat it. I want to impart my knowledge of targeting to help other victims live contentedly and without fear despite their targeting. The Government and Targeting The secrecy involved in the attacks, the control of publicity concerning those attacks, the lack of cooperation of law enforcement in locating and identifying the attackers, the human resources required, and the enormous cost of carrying out the attacks strongly implicate the U.S. Government. Only governments can mobilize the enormous outlay of funds and successfully camouflage the use of those funds. Only governments have the sophisticated,

highly-classified equipment and computers required for electronic abuse and mind control. Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of attackers who actually administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology. It is easily proved that the intelligence community in the United States operates with an almost limitless secret budget without Congressional oversight. I clearly recognize that the secret device(s) and method(s), after decades of usage, may have been purloined by those involved and passed on to other entities. It is also possible that other scientists discovered the device(s) and method(s) either collaterally or independently. Efforts from many sources went into the development of electronic stalking and mind control. With so many pure and applied scientists, social scientists, CIA/military propagandists, intelligence agents, high-ranking government officials, and medical personnel involved in the development, the secret could have been stolen and used for many originally-unintended purposes. Nevertheless, no non-government entity could carry out electronic stalking without government knowledge of it. U.S. Government intelligence and military units continually scan the air waves for suspicious radio frequencies, particularly since 9/11, and they regularly identify unauthorized air wave frequencies. Thus, even mega corporations, laboratories, and individual scientists would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of the government and with government protection. Several countries, including the United States of America, have experimented with directed energy weaponry (DEW) and mind control for many years. Once-secret documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act prove that the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community have electronically targeted American citizens without their knowledge and consent for almost three-quarters of a century. Targets Learn to Unite Fortunately for TIs, the internet brings together targeted individuals of electronic torture and mind control from all conceivable backgrounds. Race and ethnicity, color, gender, religion, politics, philosophical views, and all other human characteristics and thought become insignificant as targets unite to do battle with their unseen enemies. The internet provides a link among the many targets of electronic stalking and mind control. Working together, we shall eventually identify the devices and methods used in the remote torture, learn the identity of the perpetrators, and bring down the cowardly perpetrators. The attackers also recognize the value of the internet; consequently, they fill the internet with a massive amount of misinformation on electronic stalking and mind control activities and work relentlessly toward curtailing targets use of the internet. The governments super computer system, called Echelon, sweeps the internet and monitors our phone calls, looking for any signs of unrest against the status quo in the name of War on Terrorism. Congress is also currently trying to pass acts that will regulate, control, and tax internet users. In the following chapters, I often use several terms concerning the REA. I shall define briefly three of those terms. Perpetrators (perps). Many targets use the term perpetrator, or perp, in a generic sense to

refer to all of the persons involved in electronic stalking and mind control. I prefer to differentiate between the perps and the other assailants. The perpetrators, to me, are the powerbrokers that sponsor the REA. That group probably represents one or more of the following: (1) national law enforcement and intelligence agencies or a coalition of those entities, which operate under the executive branch of the U. S. Government; (2) a Radical Right or other so-called civic organization or PAC powerful enough to command the support and protection of the executive branches of all levels of government; or (3) a foreign power, working with the knowledge and acquiescence of the U. S. Government or a group in the U.S. that promotes the interests of that foreign government. Attackers work for the powerbrokers in actually employing the still-secret device(s) and methods to carry out the torture and mind control on targets by remote. Accomplices support the attackers by engaging in on-site organized stalking, spreading rumors, and interfering with the targets' communications and their daily lives. The attackers and their accomplices seek to neutralize TIs in any possible way. Interfering with the targets ability to communicate aids the attackers in neutralizing the targets. My attackers, who have had access to my computer for years, tried their best to prevent my writing this paper. They especially interfered with the sections dealing with the perpetrators and the psychiatrists by continually deleting my text, keeping me from saving the text to the computer, causing countless other mechanical problems, and distracting me with their voiceto-skull telepathy (more about that later). But they failed to silence me. Their downfall will come from public awareness, and I shall do my part to educate the public. The Discovery In looking back, I now know that I have been targeted since no later than the mid-1970s and very probably even from the early 1960s. However, I did not actually realize that I was targeted until 2005, when my assailants started bombarding me with electrical-like jolts, strong vibrations, and other physical torture. The first electronic vibrations struck me with such force that I could hardly stand on my feet. On that occasion, my attackers were almost certainly in an adjoining hotel room, using some type of handheld device that reacted with something peculiar to my body. Only a few days later, I began hearing voices from unseen speakers. I later learned that only I could hear those voices. The physical electronic effects were intended to frighten me, throw me into a state of panic and confusion, destabilize my body, and inflict pain, all of which they initially did. I gradually learned, however, that those effects were used by the attackers to soften or sensitize or pre-condition me for the real objective mind control. I also later learned that victims are normally targeted for years before they finally realize it. Some targets suffer physical attacks for long periods and visit doctors frequently without realizing that their symptoms are not natural consequences. Other targets die, sometimes probably from the consequences of their torture, without ever having discovered that they were targeted. Four days after the first all-out electronic attacks, the attackers, began "talking" to me subliminally through my brain. I later discovered that TIs call that communication voice-toskull, or V2K. It is also sometimes called synthetic telepathy, microwave hearing, or subliminal communication. Of course, only the victim can hear the talking, which, by design,

is intended to make the victim sound crazy. At the time that the electronic attack hurled me into reality, I was sixty-eight years old and in exceptional physical and mental health. I knew full well that I was not delusional. The voices first occurred as I drove in Texas near the Mexican border. The vehicle radio was not on. At first the voices sounded like they came from the door panel on the drivers side. I thought that someone for some reason had perhaps planted a bug in the door. I later learned that targets can be located using their cell phones. However, at that time, I did not use a cell phone. During that trip, when I reached Houston I spent the night with a sister who lived there. After retiring, I heard voices that seemed to come from right outside the window of the room in which I was sleeping. When I went outside with a flashlight to investigate the voices, naturally there was nobody there. When I arrived at my destination in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I sought out a private detective who did a bug sweep on my vehicle without finding anything. At that time, the voices that seemed to come from the vehicle were very weak. The detective found nothing. Still convinced that there was some type of microphone in the vehicle, I believed that the private investigator was simply incompetent. Shortly after visiting the private detective, I figured out that the voices were not coming from the vehicle but from my own body. Having had much dental work performed overseas, I at first suspected that a bug might be hidden in a tooth. A few days later, I went to a dentist and requested that he take full x-rays of my teeth and mouth. He saw nothing unusual in the xrays. I did not see anything either at the time, as I was looking for a clearly visible, well-defined object; however, later, in May of 2009, I took a much closer look at those x-rays. In the roof of my mouth were two tiny specks of what looked to be the same metallic substance used for fillings. In my gums was a very slender, light-colored, cylindrical-shaped sliver of some object. Those objects are still unidentified, as I can get no doctor to examine more closely those specks. A different dentist later told me that if a microchip were embedded in the mouth, it would probably be injected into the soft tissue, i.e., the roof of the mouth or the gums, and not the teeth. However, logic tells me that the best place to implant microchips in the mouth is to build them into the posts that secure for crowns. The metal used in the crowns, which surround the posts, would then keep an x-ray from revealing the hidden microchips. Few targets can afford to have their crowns removed, even temporarily, to test for microchips. The first few months of electronic and mind control attacks threw me into a state of confusion. I was completely disoriented, as I could not understand what was happening. I later discovered that all targets go through that stage of initial bewilderment and befuddlement without having anywhere to turn for help. Depending on the target, that first stage can last from six months or less to over a year, sometimes much longer. Indeed many targets fail to get over the trauma of that first stage of targeting, and they live in constant fear. As an historian and former government employee, I understood the value of documentation.

Thus, on the very day that the electronic effects first pounded me, I started recording a detailed journal in which I recount my experiences and my thoughts concerning them. I later realized that my attackers could utilize my journal as a written record of the effects of their torture, could adjust their effects on my mind and body accordingly, and could circulate a written copy of my journal among themselves. Despite that, I felt that it was more important to keep a record of those occurrences than to attempt to shield myself by not keeping it. The journal today comprises ten volumes and well over fifteen hundred pages of single spaced typescript. I do not yet know how the perpetrators of the electronic and mind control assault hooked my brain by remote; however, I suspect that I was implanted with a microchip or several microchips over the years. I have had many inoculations, much dental work, and several minor medical procedures performed in various locations. Locating the microchips is a major problem, for they can be inserted in any part of the body, either only slightly below the surface of the skin or very deep into the muscle tissue. I have determined that there are probably nineteen or twenty locations on and in my body where microchips could have been implanted. Not being able to pin down the location makes finding the devices much more difficult. In addition, if doctors know that a victim wants an x-ray, CT Scan, or MRI to look for a microchip, they will not write orders for those searches. In fact, they will ordinarily advise the authorities of your purpose in wanting those pictures, in effect suggesting that you are paranoid schizophrenic. As the reader will later see, whatever method was used to hook my brain had been employed in my case perhaps by the early- or mid-1970s and no later than the mid-1980s. More recently, I have recalled conditions and events that indicate that I could have been targeted even in the early 1960s. If the latter date proves correct, it would probably implicate the military doctors and other military medical personnel who gave me shots and inoculations when I served in the Active Army Reserves. I believe that American soldiers are routinely implanted with microchips to locate them if they become stranded, taken prisoner, or go AWOL. I also believe that they are implanted with microchips to study their reaction to the effects of war and the stress of serving in the armed forces. The latter purpose would fall under neurological experimentation. Other readers probably wonder, as I do, how our U.S. rescue forces are able to locate lost servicemen who have become separated from their units during battle. I believe that it is done electronically. Theories of Methods Used in REA We know that electronic and mind control assault operates by remote, but we know little about its delivery system. The delivery has to be either satellite-driven, land-based, or a combination of the two. The debate about which one it is goes on. Likewise, there is still some question about whether the delivery system requires a device implanted in the human body or can be delivered without that implanted device. Remote means that some object is used to make contact with the human body over a distance through the air. Whatever is beamed into the body does not waft aimlessly through space but follows a line of trajectory, or a frequency. Anything that makes a sound or a movement creates a frequency. There are thousands, probably millions, of frequencies.

Almost anything today can be controlled by remote using particular radio frequencies. Today remote-controlled objects are also used in guiding satellites and unmanned space ships, sending and operating military spy drones, changing TV functions, opening garage doors, turning on light switches, and working almost any other motorized or electrical object. It would be difficult today for an American to live without remote devices. Electromagnetism may play a role in the targeting. A field of electromagnetism seems to envelope the targets surroundings. In my case, it appears to cover my house and the pastures and fields immediately around it, as whenever I am outside, the attackers voices, or V2K, come through stronger and clearer. Once again, we do not know whether that electromagnetic field is projected by satellite, from a land site, or from a hidden device in or near the victims house. Notwithstanding, what if there were some type device that could make contact with that electromagnetic field that surrounds the target and then operate within that field to attack us along our particular brain frequencies? If that were true, distance would be no object and a person could be pinpointed among several nearby people for electronic assault. Satellites now possess amazing capabilities, all performed by remote, and they may very well be utilized in electronic assaults and mind control. In a 2003 article called Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance, John Fleming wrote about the use of satellites in REA assault. Discussing the realities of satellite-driven REA, Fleming said: The victims movements will be known, his conversations heard, his thoughts picked clean, and his whole life subjected to bogus moralizing, should his tormentor diabolically use the information gained. A sadist could harass his target with sound bites, or audio messages, directly broadcast into his room; with physical assault with a laser; with subliminal audio messages that disturb his sleep or manipulate persons around him into saying something that emotionally distresses him . . . . The satellite-guided GPS almost certainly figures somehow in the electronic assault and mind control activities. Programs such as Google Earth can locate and zoom in on houses and other objects on maps. That a victim can be targeted regardless of his location and movement argues that a satellite is very likely involved. For a satellite to be able to follow and pinpoint the target wherever he goes, however, probably requires an object, a substance, or a special condition in the targets body or, as suggested above, a device that can operate within and upon the electromagnetic field around the target. The voices that many targets hear may be piggybacked over the GPS into that electromagnetic field. Targets know that the intelligence community and other agencies possess through-the-wall surveillance capability. If satellites are used, distance is no object. Our torture could be carried out from other countries just as easily as from the United States. China, India, Israel, Russia, and other countries possess that capability. Consider the use of drones in warfare. Today (November, 2009), the United States often sends drones, or unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs), to strike targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Forward observers identify the target, get permission to call in, and then communicate with the drone operators. Those drones are guided by computer software by remote from facilities in the United States, usually Fort Meade, Maryland, from thousands of miles away through the GPS with pinpoint precision. In early December 2011, the Iranians tricked one of the U.S. drones into landing in their territory by blocking the U.S.-controlled GPS and then using its own GPS to cause it to land in

Iran. The Iranians outsmarted the Americans by using the Americans own technology. As I write, the Iranians are dissecting the drone to learn all of its secrets, including what type information that it gains in its surveillance. The use of satellites, however, does not prove that the attacks come from a great distance. Satellites can also be used along with the GPS from nearby. Attackers who live near targets can utilize satellites and the satellite-driven GPS, using the same devices and methods, just as easily as attackers who operate thousands of miles away. Information concerning weaponry capable of being used by satellite for physical and neurological torture is purposely vague about distances. Eventually we shall know from what range our attackers operate. It will probably vary from case to case. Many targets believe that our electronic harassment comes from U. S. Government facilities near Fairbanks, Alaska called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP. I doubt that. This paper does not explore in depth the methods used to zero in on a person body and mind by remote. There are many schools of thought on that subject. Here are some of them. One theory believes that ones voice can be recorded, transferred to a computer, and the computer then used to locate the particular voice and lock onto that voices brain. Experiments show that that can indeed be done. Voices give off distinct vibrations that are as peculiar to a person as his fingerprints and DNA. One day when the attackers were vibrating me mercilessly, I tensed my throat, and the vibrations stopped. That caused me to remember an incident that occurred when I served in Africa in the 1980s. One day while working in my office, the secretary from the embassy political section, the office that serves as a front for our CIA agents, called me to ask some question that anyone could have answered. I hardly knew the caller; thus, I instantly realized that the real purpose of her call was to record my voice. However, I believed that it was probably for security purposes in case of kidnapping or being held hostage at some point. Voices are very distinctive, and they can certainly be used to distinguish one voice from another. That our intelligence community was recording voices in the 1980s makes me believe that there may be some validity to the theory that perpetrators of REA may be able to hook our brains, or at least determine our locations, by zeroing in on our voices. Some evidence also suggests that targets minds can be hooked if the attackers know the targets DNA. If that is true, targets would not necessarily have to have a microchip or other object or substance in his body to be hooked. There may be some remote device that with the aid of the GPS will locate a person and hook him using his DNA. If DNA can be utilized, society is in deep trouble, for obtaining DNA samples of people is a very simple matter. Even touching a glass or a can will leave useable traces of DNA. It is reported that since 1979 all hospitals in the United States have been required to send DNA samples of all babies born in the U. S. to the Federal Government. I do not know the office or agency that is supposed to keep that data. If that information is true, it adds credence to DNA perhaps being involved in REA. In addition, I believe that the DNA of all prisoners and persons who have spent time in jail as well as anyone who has undergone treatment in hospitals have been collected for the DNA data bank. DNA samples are easily collected. It is

reasonable to believe that the intelligence community has asked large companies to submit samples of DNA of its employees. Scientists have become obsessed with the possibilities of the use of DNA, as its uniqueness narrows the subject down to one in millions of people. By using computers with the DNA of persons, it is entirely conceivable that those scientists have developed a method of targeting individuals using DNA. Still another theory talks about small devices (nano-microchips) made so small that they can fit between molecules of water and other liquids and be injected into the body in shots and inoculations. Patents taken out by scientists describe that very procedure. Those same nanomicrochips can probably also be ingested by the target in swallowing food and beverages, after which the chips attach themselves to the lining of the stomach. Only the finest equipment, which is normally not available in regular medical facilities, could locate those barely visible objects. There is also evidence that even human breath or breathing somehow figures in electronic torture and mind control. Every movement, even breathing, gives off a frequency. I later found out that when I hold my breath for a few seconds, the vibrations temporarily cease. Yet, we do not know whether breathing in itself has any connection with hooking a targets brain. The breathing theory does not explain how a target can be pinpointed while in the close presence of others. In addition, MRI and other machines have been successfully combined with computers and used by remote along radio frequencies to move digits and limbs, detect emotions, and detect lying, racism, and even identify which image a person is looking at, suggesting [that] one could visualize scenes from a persons dreams or memory (Hospital Soup.com, June 10, 2008). The uses of a device such as that are endless if used on the brains wave lengths or frequencies. Yet, those actions probably require an implant in the person on whom the actions are performed. Similarly, neurotransmitters can be used by remote to communicate with brain cells through electrical impulses. That device can tap into the brains functions that cause body movement, thought, feelings (emotions), and communication. It could probably also influence the thalamus, or the inner part of the brain, which regulates body temperature and controls urges such as eating, sleeping, and sexual behavior, all of which figure among many targets REA effects. Laser guns may play a role in REA. A CNN news program on February 23, 2009, reported that 148 incidents of lasers aimed at airplanes had already been reported since the beginning of the year. In the last incident, the laser was green in color and about the size of a pencil. If a laser beam can be focused to such a fine point over several miles of distance, imagine what it could do when trained on an individual or an object from a closer distance over a period of time. Mounting evidence suggests that a substance or an object can also be introduced sexually into a targets body to hook his or her brain. Several of my correspondents mention that their REA began after having had an intimate relationship with somebody. Those relationships may have been set-ups. Spies and undercover agents have used sex for centuries to entrap

individuals. Some such object (nano-microchips) or substance could possibly be introduced into targets vaginally, orally, or anally through sexual contact. Some targets believe that the perpetrators device enters through the targets eyes to carry out the electronic attacks on the targets bodies. Presumably that would happen after the targets are already hooked. One target whom I know wears professional goggles that she says help keep out the light used by the assailants. Another target also believes that he is attacked using light. He describes the lights as very bright street lamp-type elevated lights that seem to rotate. He believes that his attackers piggyback their laser, or whatever the remote device might be, on the beams of light. Although those targets may be correct, I suspect that they have been led to believe that through mind control. Remote cognitive neural monitoring is one of the most recent theories. That theory has the targets minds being located and hooked using some type frequency by remote that somehow connects with the brain without anything being implanted in the targets. I believe that theory is pure disinformation, disseminated by the very elements who are carrying out the remote torture. Why do I believe that? Use your brain. If it were that simple to hook a persons brain, all the drug lords and pushers, heads of crime syndicates, crooked politicians, white collar crooks, prostitutes, child porn makers and distributors, foreign and domestic terrorists, bank robbers, embezzlers, money launderers, and other criminals would already have been caught and sent to prison. That has not happened; therefore, in my opinion, that theory, which has caught on in the targeted community and is believed by many targets, is not valid. Let me repeat: remote cognitive neural monitoring, in my opinion, is not a valid theory. Other theories include wiring in the ear that connects with the brain and pins that penetrate the skull. If those ideas are valid, the procedures would have to be done in medical facilities or at least while the target is under sedation. If true, this further indicts the medical community for its complicity in electronic and mind control assault. All that said, pick a theory. In truth, we do not yet actually know how high-tech assailants can focus on a single individual and capture that persons mind; neither do we know what instruments are used in the process. Both are highly guarded secrets shrouded in deception. In fact, there may be several methods of hooking the target as well as several methods of administering the electronic and mind control effects. However, the only proven method thus far is through implanted microchips. Whatever device is used to hook the brain, it has the capability of using that system on diverse targets in a variety of circumstances in all types of locations. A super computer necessarily has to be used along with the device, and that computer uses programs with an amazing range of capabilities. Only the government, research institutions, and megabusinesses and organizations would probably be able to own such computers and be able to acquire some of the more sophisticated computer programs. We shall later see some of its capabilities and the effects they have on the human body and mind. Microchips, the Most Plausible Agent of REA Microchips have been used for many years in animals, fowls, and fishes to track their migratory patterns and learn more about their body functions and habits. Scientists call those microchips satellite tags. Microchips both transmit and receive frequencies. At first,

scientists working with those non-human creatures were mainly interested in the transmissions. Then, they began experimenting with the receptive qualities of the microchips. The carrier of those microchips can be monitored by satellite for thousands of miles. Much of the work with non-humans was probably experimental with the intention of later using the devices on humans. Although targets will read and hear about several methods supposedly capable of hooking their minds, the only proven method is through surreptitiously implanting a microchip or a nano-microchip in the targets body. Scores of patents dealing with microchips in the human body and operated by remote have indeed been filed, many of which, in the wrong hands, could be utilized for electronic abuse. I have read of only a handful of people who have located microchips in their bodies and had them surgically removed. To my knowledge, in only one case was the microchip identified and traced to the manufacturer. My efforts to contact those individuals failed; however, their cases are well documented. I know other targets who have located foreign objects in their bodies but have not been able to find surgeons who would remove them. We know that many forms of microchips have been developed for the human body for many purposes, all of them capable of being controlled by remote. If indeed microchips turn out to be instrumental in a targets electronic assault and mind control, it directly implicates the medical profession. Only persons in the medical field, intelligence agents, and perhaps law enforcement are able legally to acquire microchips. Those microchips had to have been implanted at some point by a dentist, a doctor, an anesthesiologist, a nurse, or somebody else in that field unless a target is somehow sedated by a knowledgeable person who implants the microchip. Those cases have indeed occurred. Since syringes are generally used for the implantations, nurses are particularly suspect in committing that crime. If a doctor, nurse, or another member of the medical profession would implant a microchip in a patient, he would also probably not hesitate, if given orders, to inject that patient with live cancer cells, Hepatitis C, or AIDS. That, of course, does not mean that every doctor and nurse engages in that sordid practice. I got a letter in early 2010 from the mother of a victim in Scotland who stated that her son was implanted with a microchip while he was in jail. He could later feel the lump where the microchip had been implanted. For months he suffered relentless electronic and neurological attacks. A local doctor later saw the microchip on his scanners and removed it. The victim instantly improved. Afterward, the doctor refused to discuss it with the victim and his mother, telling them that he found nothing. Most microchips cannot be located by the sense of touch. Targets require some object, substance, or characteristic in their body that will attract frequencies used by their remote attackers. Otherwise, if the electronic and mind control assault is delivered along a frequency, how does the effect distinguish that particular person? A target can receive vibrations while in the presence of other people without the others feeling it. Certain voice inflections and tones of narrators on TV also cause jolts in a targets body without others sitting nearby feeling them. Something on or about the victims body has to act as the receiver for some device that delivers those effects. The microchip has been around since the 1970s. Since then, many versions of microchips

have been invented and manufactured. One such microchip was invented by Peter Seth Edelstein of Menlo Park, CA and Benjamin Theodore Nordell II of San Mateo, CA and patented on September 5, 2006 under the name Method and Apparatus for Locating and Tracking Persons (Patent No. US 7,102,508 B2). The patent was sold by the inventors to Persephone, Inc. of Menlo Park, CA. Interestingly, my online search for Persephone turned up very little on that company. It very well may be only a front for Department of Defense contractors who carry out experiments and invent and improve gadgets for the DOD. At any rate, it is not a highly visible organization. Although the ostensible purpose of the above patented device is to locate and track persons who are lost or kidnapped, it lends itself to many more devious and sinister purposes. Descriptions of patents of this type are purposely made very vague; however, reading between the lines, we can glean the following information about that particular patent as it relates to targeted individuals. the device is indeed a microchip; the microchip can be implanted in virtually every part of the human body, even in body cavities (use your imagination); the microchips serve as both transmitters and receivers; those microchips are encased in a substance that does not irritate the flesh around them; the remote operators [the attackers] use a handheld device, probably a small radio or a cell phone, that in conjunction with cell phone towers "activates" the microchips; the users, or attackers, also communicate with each other by cell phone; -- the users do not have to be physically present in a single location to coordinate their efforts but can instead use "conference calls from various locations;" the microchips CAN be shut off by the initiators; -- the microchip lasts indefinitely, as it can be continually recharged by the targets own body; the microchips software can indeed see the targets body and even the organs inside his body; the microchip can be programmed with a vast variety of software that renders many of the physical and neurological effects (the voices, etc.) experienced by targets; those effects can be programmed to occur whenever the programmer wishes; users/operators of the microchip can monitor several targets at the same time by remote. Distance was not mentioned in the patent. In the drawing that accompanied the patent, communication is depicted by three cell phone-looking towers. Patents, however, are often written in a vague and misleading manner, especially those patents that can also be used for unethical, intelligence, or military purposes. Thus, the communication system shown could be the triangulation of satellites. The use of satellites would make the patent workable at any distance. Even regular radio frequencies patched from one area to another would allow the attackers to operate from a far distance. The triangulation could also conceivably be within the targets body. To achieve the effects, the attackers may need to implant three different microchips within the body. All three of them may have different functions but work off each other.

Likewise, the device used to communicate with the microchip was not mentioned specifically. Although the three towers were shown in the figure demonstrating how the patent works, the narrative did not state whether the device was a radio tuner, cell phone, land line phone, or some type of scanner/radio. The microchips computer software determines its effectiveness. By adding new software, the microchip can be adapted by remote to the targets evolving situation and change in location. Additional software, tailored for the particular target, can be introduced into the microchip by remote at any time. That software can be continually refigured and reprogrammed as necessary, based on the targets actions and reactions.

To be used in the human body by remote, microchips must have a unique identification (ID) such as a symbol, a number, a word, or a combination of those. There is even some evidence that a targets DNA profile, or a distinct part of it, may be inscribed on the microchip. The targets ID has to be known and entered into the handlers device for a match before it can be contacted by remote. Once the codes are matched on the microchip and the device used by the attackers, the devices computer software, without which the device is useless, acts through contact with the microchip to carry out its various and many purposes. There must also be a radio frequency to connect the sender to the receiver, becoming an RFID (radio frequency identification), much like that used in store scanners at the check-out counters. The device used by the handler who operates the device and software must be reasonably small and portable (battery operated). The name of that device is carefully avoided in the patents; however, it will probably be a common or perhaps customized cell phone, a small radio or scanner, laptop computer, or a similar object that has both receiving and transmitting features. Logically, only one handler has use of the computer that controls all the functions of the software on the target through the implanted microchip; otherwise, the computer commands could conflict and negate each other. Nevertheless, other attackers using those handheld devices can doubtlessly locate the target using the device. The attackers trainer manual doubtlessly instructs them to vary their methods of attack on their targets. Some targets may get the V2K and no neighborhood stalking; others may outwardly receive only the electronic effects, i.e. jolts, vibrations, and pin pricks; still others may get a combination of electronic effects, V2K, and organized physical stalking. That is totally by design, for if the same technique were used on every target, it would be far easier to research that technique, develop shielding for it, and possibly trace it to its origin. Introduction of the microchip into a targets body can be performed in a variety of manners: through shots and inoculations, through medical procedures, through tiny projectiles (microscopic darts), and drugging the victim first and then administering the microchip. Apparently many targets are tagged using the latter method. Hypnosis often accompanies the act so that the target will not remember being drugged. Although hidden microchips have been recovered from the bodies of unknowing and involuntary targets, their detection and removal has proven very difficult, as doctors very reluctantly write orders for the use of instruments that can detect those microchips. Moreover, todays microchips are purposely made too small to detect and with materials designed to conceal them. Regardless of whatever other device(s) and method(s) might be used to perform REA on involuntary targets, we know that microchips can be and are used for that purpose. Most microchips, like implanted medical devices such as hip replacements and pacemakers, are probably not expected to last beyond a certain period of time. That argues that targets are implanted with multiple microchips so that if one stops functioning, another one will continue. Continuity in electronic stalking and mind control is very important. Many targets receive both voices as well as physical effects from their attackers. There is increasing evidence that the voices and the physical assaults may stem from two different remote weapons. For example, in my case I not only receive electronic effects but also get the voices. If the voices come from an illegally implanted microchip, why did hundreds of

holes appear in sheets of aluminum foil I had placed over my bedroom windows? This suggests that if indeed microchips are used, they must function in consonance with the electromagnetism and directed energy weapons. We have been led to believe that microchips are cylindrical capsule-looking devices about the size of an oft-quoted grain of rice. That may no longer be true. Today scientists have the capability of manufacturing a microchip in many forms and shapes and from many substances. A microchip may now look like a very thin wire no longer than perhaps a quarter of an inch. Another possible microchip will look like a mole and will probably be attached to the sub-dermis with very short wires that serve as antennas. Nano-microchips can also probably be ingested orally. Microchips have evolved from the traditional, capsule-like ones often pictured in articles about the Verichip on the internet. Today microchips take many shapes, forms, and sizes. There is proof that microchips in the form of tiny darts smaller than a human hair and less than a quarter of an inch long can be shot into a target from a distance. The voices can be projected into the target using a microchip or other object or substance. The voices are projected via the implant into the target's nervous system and thus his auditory canal. If that is the method, the voices would be directed to the target using the GPS to the targets surroundings and his microchip would pick up the signal from the electromagnetic field. The magnetic field may not even be necessary. Animals and sea creatures implanted with microchips can be tracked from thousands of miles away. With implanted microchips, only the target would hear the transmissions. Targets have long searched for ways to shield themselves from the targeting effects. There is no effective shield. Why? Because, in my opinion, the attacks come from inside ones body via microchips rather than from outside. That being the case, any shielding is useless. Testing for Microchips Both of the methods described above may be utilized by the attackers, depending on the situation of the target and whether he is implanted with a microchip. I suggest that organizations that represent targets set up a massive program to examine every alleged victim for foreign objects or substances in his body. That can be carried out by examining targets by x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or some other instrument. The test will either locate one or more microchips or will rule out the possibility of implanted microchips. The outcome of the tests may show that some victims do indeed have implanted microchips while others do not. If microchips cannot be found on the victim examined, his REA will probably be carried out from a relatively close distance. Some victims may be targeted by both the internal method as well as the external method. At any rate, the testing will either confirm or lay to rest the microchip theory. If microchips are eliminated as a method, targets can focus their efforts on determining the device(s) and methods used on them externally and bringing those who are doing it to justice, presuming that justice will be forthcoming. The latter is doubtful under the powerbrokers who control the current form of government.

I definitely feel that there is at least one microchip in my body. Some of my symptoms could only come from within the body, for example, the unusual salivation, the cramps, the gastric disturbances, and the pin pricks. Those effects can probably be caused only by specialized software. That software must operate in conjunction with a code from an object within the body that responds to a computerized command doubtlessly a microchip. Let me repeat that despite the many theories, so far ONLY microchips are PROVEN capable of interacting with victims to produce physical and mental torture. In my case, most of the symptoms occur on and around my head, which leads me to believe that if there is indeed an object in my body probably located in that region. Here are some of the effects on my head: tinnitus (ringing in the ears); tops of ears oozing a colorless fluid; sensation of bubbles popping in mouth; salivating from the mouth at any time; pin pricks on the eyes and a loss of vision; the top of the nose coating over with a thick crust; tingling on the skin (as a result a brown spot has appeared on the right outside nostril and a sore-type depression, on the right side of my chin); clicking on my head and in my left ear; frequent, long-lasting, pin-like prick on the back of my neck; the sensation of flies crawling on my face; a psoriasis-like area on my cheek near the left eye; a very sharp sensation on or in several teeth (as if a dentist drill had hit a nerve); a heavy pounding, throbbing in the back of my head; an unnaturally intense itching in the corners of my eyes and on my eyelids; pin-like pricks in the depths of my ears that cause me to shudder violently; air that pushes my lips out as if I were snoring through my mouth; scratching of the throat, which causes either sneezing or coughing; a tingling inside my nostril that induces sneezing; blockage in my esophagus that makes it difficult to swallow; constant itching inside my nostrils that makes me want to pick my nose; and of course the voices that occur in my brain or ears. (More about symptoms later.) Do Medical Personnel Play Roles in Targeting? I have corresponded with hundreds of other victims of remote-delivered electronic attacks, and many of them state that they began experiencing their symptoms after undergoing surgery or having dental work done. Because of the large number of people who have told me that, there does indeed appear to be a connection between surgery and dental work and targeting. Their many similar complaints would not likely be simply coincidence. What better opportunity could exist for implanting a microchip or some other type pf foreign object in ones body than through a medical procedure? The incision made in the procedure provides the perfect site for implanting a microchip. However, that possibility opens doors for many questions. Is the surgeon implanting the microchip on his own so that perhaps he or other colleagues can later experiment on the patient? Do pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturing companies, and other businesses associated with medicine pay the surgeons or their helpers to implant those devices? Is there a master list circulated in the medical community of those Americans who have been approved by the government for implantation of microchips? Are the implanters given immunity for that work, which violates both the Hippocratic Oath and various laws? Also, consider this possibility. If microchips are not actually physically implanted in the patients during surgery, since the patient is completely immobilized and under anesthesia,

could the physicians implant some other foreign substance in the patients body that will be absorbed into the blood and remain there? Or is there some other yet highly classified method, other than implanting microchips, that can be administered to a patient under anesthesia with the same results? Are the incidences of victims claiming that their targeting started after medical treatment proof of medical collaboration in the conspiracy, merely coincidences, or deception on the part of the attackers? The attackers are masters of deceit. We cannot rule out deception on the part of the attackers to make it look as if patients may have been implanted during surgery or dental work when in reality they had been targeted long before then. However, I can see no advantage on the attackers part in establishing the possibility of that occurrence. Yet, we know that the attackers go to great length to deceive targets about the means and purposes of their attacks. Likewise, many targets have had extensive dental work, after which they began to complain of REA symptoms. The metal amalgam used in making crowns and filling teeth could easily be employed to hide a tiny microchip. Curiously, years ago, dental patients complained about metal fillings receiving music from radio stations. Dentists supposedly stopped using that particular amalgam; however, it is probably still available. We cannot say with certainty that patients who seemingly become victims of REA directly after medical procedures and dental work are also victims of unscrupulous medical practice, or malpractice. However, coincidences of surgery prior to discovery of targeting are very high. Time will probably tell whether the medical community are willing accomplices in The Great Conspiracy. That doctors refuse to write orders for MRIs, x-rays, and CT scans does indeed cast suspicions on the medical community, especially if a victim tells doctors that they are trying to located an unlawfully implanted microchip. Doctors routinely refer those patients to psychiatrists and notify the authorities. Considering the billions and billions of dollars that are spent on health care, much of it wasted or misspent, what would be in the harm in writing orders for patients who think that they are implanted with a microchip? Yet, even if the patient offers to pay for the exams himself, doctors will not write the orders. Logic would suggest that there is a deeper reason for that refusal. Torture Software and How It Is Used Regardless of how a target is hooked, to perform electronic stalking and mind control on that target requires a computer and computer software. The software is used for both electronic physical and neurological assault. Much of the software utilized can be bought off the shelves in retail stores. Other software, particularly that used for neurological assault, is specialized and probably can only be procured by medical personnel and authorized persons in the military-intelligence-law enforcement-industrial complex. That computers and software are used for those purposes strongly argues that targets carry some type of foreign object in their bodies for them to act upon. Once a microchip is implanted, the attackers, using its I.D, can employ dozens of software programs with that microchip. The various programs can speed up the heartbeat, slow down the heartbeat, cause sensations on the skin, make the digits on the hands and feet twitch,

actually shut down organs, and perform many other functions. Ostensibly the software was invented to do good, but it can just as easily do bad. Physical Effects Everybody has seen movies in which scientists manipulate radioactive and other devices from behind glass walls with instruments by remote. Nowadays doctors can do the same thing, except at a much greater distance. Physicians can monitor and adjust their patients' heart beat rate, blood pressure, and other bodily functions by remote over hundreds, probably thousands of miles. I know a person in south Louisiana whose heart doctor lives and practices in Houston. Whenever the person experiences an irregular heartbeat, he simply calls the doctor who then monitors the patient's heart using his computer software and adjusts the heartbeat rate by remote. The doctor's device must necessarily key in the ID number or symbol on the patient's pacemaker to be able to do that. It is only too logical that the same device that the physician uses to regulate a heartbeat can also be used to cause the opposite effect, an irregular heartbeat. My attackers often attempt to interfere with my normal heartbeat while repeating subliminally through the V2K, Heart attack. Targets call that faux heart attacks, or induced heart attacks. Many other targets also suffer from irregular heartbeats caused by their attackers. Those targets only very rarely wear pacemakers, which argues that they must host some other type of receiver-transmitter in their body that carries an ID that can connect with similar software. In addition to the software that causes faux heart attacks, the attackers possess software that allows them to cause severe gastric problems, including the formation of much stomach gas or air on the targets' stomachs, and to light up the interior of targets' stomachs, intestines, and esophagi. I suggest that the attackers employ software used for performing colonoscopies. Although a doctor who does a colonoscopy operates from nearby, the device nevertheless operates by remote. If a device operates by remote, the device could just as easily be located hundreds or thousands of miles away. The attackers use software that provides a light that allows them to view our organs and the inside of our throats and stomachs by remote. Moreover, the attackers can perform sodomy on targets, as they have on me and on many of my correspondents both male and female. When that occurs, it feels exactly like the tube used for the colonoscopy. If a device can function from a few feet away by remote, what is to prevent its performing that same sensation from many miles away? Doctors also perform eye, nose, and sinus surgery using computers by remote. Once again, normally the computer and the computer software are in the same room with the patient. However, it could easily be used by remote over a great distance. Likewise, hearing technicians who fit hearing aids check and adjust the hearing by remote. That could be done a thousand miles away as easily as from the desk in front of the hearing aid recipient. Prostate problems are often treated by instruments run off computers using specially designed software. Many male targets complain that their attackers cause them pain in the groin and cause unnatural erections. By stimulating parts of the penis or vagina and the colon by remote, the attackers can cause erections in men and unnatural orgasms in women. Playing with the targets' sexual organs by remote is seemingly one of the favorite activities of

the attackers. There is also various specialized dental software that allows the user to view the patient's teeth and mouth in great detail by remote. Those programs work with x-rays of the patient's mouth. Dentists normally use a simple laptop computer for that purpose. I suspect that a dentist, using the dental records of a particular person, could locate with his dental software that person wherever he might be. The same type program can be used with x-rays of any part of the patient's body, either internal or external. Many targets complain that their attackers are able to focus on particular teeth to make them feel like they are being drilled without an anesthesia. Although that computer software is normally used only a few feet from the patient, it can also be used from many miles away. Today there is specialized computer software that can affect practically every part of the body by remote. Through such a software program, actions can be carried out on the lungs, liver, and kidneys by remote using highly specialized computer software. Renal and kidney failure can thus be induced by remote. Several forms of cancer procedures can also be done by remote. In the hands of the wrong people, that software can just as easily be used for medical torture instead of medical healing. An MRI machine, functioning by remote, can view our entire body. It requires little imagination to think that if attackers can view our bodies, they can also perform many effects on our bodies. The sophistication of medical software and its range of activities are truly impressive. In addition to performing the physical effects, the same software can also doubtlessly indicate with precision a target's location, especially if it has the I.D. number of an implanted microchip. Neurological Effects In addition to the physical effects caused by remote-operated computers and computer software, those devices can also assail the mind. We do not yet know how our enemies invade our minds. However, once they do so, they must use computer programs for their neurological torture, thought-mining, neural programming, and interrogations. Most of the computer software is probably secret, difficult to obtain, and highly classified. The attackers' software allows them with the stroke of a particular key on their computer keyboard to send various messages and loop play tapes to the targets' minds. They can not only send the recordings and loop play tapes to the victims mind but they can also send multiple recordings and tapes that literally inundate the victims mind. Whether or not the target hears the attackers' voices, the voices are always there. One software program that the attackers use works as an interrogation tool and lie detector. The attackers ask the target a question and the target thinks the answer to their question without being aware of it or without being able to resist. The attackers' software can further determine whether the target's answer is true or false. Other software can analyze the targets' voices and heartbeat to detect emotions such as anger, sadness, untruthfulness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and others. One such program measures target's pulse to accomplish that same purpose. The pulse rate tells the attackers whether the target is lying, being deceptive, excited, or exhibits other emotions.

The same software or perhaps a similar version of it can cause a target to reveal data that he would not voluntarily tell another soul. When he hears a particular word or sees a particular object that reminds him of that secret, the software somehow alerts the attackers. They then proceed to question the target about that secret until finally the attackers know every detail. There is also software that programs the targets to think certain things or react in a certain manner when he hears particular words. Those words can be persons' names, places, or objects. The attackers particularly like to use that programming in a sexual context. For example, a male target is supposed to experience an arousal when he hears certain people's names or sees a particular scene. That software is re-enforced by the attackers' subliminal talking into the victim's subconscious. All of the software used for neurological assault is re-enforced by the attackers' synthetic telepathy or subliminal talking to the targets' subconscious. Not all targets can hear those voices; nevertheless, targets who receive electronic harassment also receive the voices whether or not they hear them. The subliminal talking itself may be the result of computer software, for in their synthetic telepathy the attackers most certainly use software to disguise their voices, make distinctive sounds, and project sounds to particular areas. Most targets who hear the voices also suffer from induced tinnitus. I have often pondered the origin of the tinnitus. Although the tinnitus could be intentional simply to annoy the target and affect his hearing, it could also be unintentional, i.e., a side effect of either the device that hooks our brain or of some of the software used by the attackers. In my case, I hear a change of tone in my tinnitus (to a much higher or lower pitch) whenever the attackers attempt to cause a faux heart attack. Programmable Software All or most of the software mentioned above is programmable. The attackers can use their computers to schedule the various physical and psychological effects to function at particular times of the day or night. They can also program the neurological software to be triggered by certain target thoughts, actions, colors, and code words that they hear on TV, radio, and in conversation. They can also use habitual locations of targets to trigger those effects. For example, when I stand in front of my commode, my legs are struck with pin prick-type sensations. Neither electronic harassment nor mind control could be carried out without the use of computers and computer software. The sophistication of the software requires the participation of medical personnel and thus implicates doctors, nurses, and other health workers in the electronic stalking and mind control scheme. If not, medical personnel had to have trained the attackers to use those programs. In addition, the software that allows the attackers to perform mind control on targets requires training provided by law enforcement and intelligence. Thus, there can be little doubt that personnel in the medical field, law enforcement, and U. S. intelligence are somehow involved in the overall electronic stalking and mind control scheme although their participation may be rogue-type actions. Many targets claim that they receive directed conversation from family members, friends, and other people. I suspect that those people are being manipulated by the same attackers

who manipulate the targets. Evidence suggests that millions and millions of Americans are already hooked but most of them are not subjected to electronic stalking and mind control. However, their frequencies have been identified, catalogued, and entered into a megacomputer. The computer programs used by the attackers may be able to connect the minds of the targets with those of other people to achieve the directed conversation. Those engaging in the directed conversation may be completely unaware of it or unable to resist using it. On the other hand, directed conversation perhaps does not exist; and the targets subconscious is only told subliminally that he will hear that conversation. Then again, the people directing the conversation may be accomplices. Automated Computer-to-Brain Interfacing As the number of targets increase, the powerbrokers must find, hire, and train an increasing number of attackers. The powerbrokers fear, however, that as the number of attackers increases, so does the possibility of the secret becoming known. Moreover, lack of manpower in the USA is a great disadvantage in training attackers when comparing that country with China, India, and other more populous nations. Thus, the powerbrokers wish to limit the manpower necessary to control the targets. To do that, I believe that the powerbrokers are presently experimenting with the development of a super computer and software that can interface with targets minds through automation without the use of human attackers. Large businesses already use computers that interact by phone with customers voices. Some of that programming is very realistic. Remember that mainstream American technology is always twenty to thirty years behind that known and employed by the Department of Defense. If human thoughts can be translated into actual words and those words processed through super computers, computer-target interfacing is a realistic goal. I further believe that those super computers are being designed to connect to and work with the massive data bases kept on targets already established for that purpose. That data base may be the Echelon system, which is already in usage by the U. S. Government to glean information on American citizens. Echelon scans the data and spits out information fetched out of the data by using key search words. Much of the attackers psychological material is already automated in the form of the previously recorded messages played to targets subconscious. It is not farfetched to believe that in the future, human attackers will either be altogether unnecessary or drastically reduced in number. My attackers consistently use certain expressions in their subliminal talking, such as Thats true, or simply True; and Thats good or only Good. They also often use the word Dad. The speakers are always the same voices. For a long time, I wondered why the attackers used those expressions, sometimes when they seemed irrelevant to what I was thinking. Now I believe that they are computer-generated expressions that alert the computer to mark certain thoughts of the targets. Those thoughts are then analyzed by the computer and categorized in special areas for future automated use. The attackers also carry out their mind control on targets through code expressions that cause targets to act or react in a presupposed manner. Although most targets cannot hear those codes, their minds do. Once targets get used to hearing and responding to those codes, a computer can take over the work of the attackers. Incredible, you say? Perhaps, but

one cannot overestimate the evil designs of the powerbrokers and the super high-tech equipment in their possession for putting those designs into action. The attackers themselves are probably totally unaware of the reason behind their using the codes and other expressions. They only follow the established protocol laid out in the training manual. A part of the entire scheme is to ensure that the various units work independently without knowing what other units are doing. That is the way a conspiracy normally works. Only the powerbrokers most trusted lieutenants have access to the combined knowledge of those various operational units. I also believe that the U.S. Government and other governments are working on a phone system that will electronically extract information from the phone owner. Here is the way it will work. A caller will telephone the phone owner, hypnotize him (or previously hypnotize him) using particular words or methods, and use pre-determined codes to ask the person questions. The person who answers will provide answers to the questions posed to him. He will be told under hypnosis not to remember the phone call. After the conversation ends, the phone owners memory will blank out completely his ever having received such a call. Psychiatrists would probably label paranoid anyone with ideas such as machine-to-mind interfacing and hypnotic info-gathering by phone. On the other hand, perhaps those methods only barely touch upon the possibilities concerning the subject of electronic stalking and mind control. Early Tell-Tale Signs of Targeting The attackers work on their victims for years before the victims realize that they are targeted. In the 1990s, I experienced several strange symptoms that I now know were the attackers work. Although at the time I thought that those symptoms were odd, I did not connect them to any evil source. Who would? Those symptoms follow. -- The muscles in the calves of my legs pulsed unnaturally in a rippling manner. That symptom continues to this day. There is absolutely no physical explanation for that strange occurrence. There seems to be no particular pattern to the pulsing. Moreover, weather and other conditions do not seem to affect the pulsations. I believe that the strange pulsing has something to do with the electromagnetic force or frequencies of whatever device is used by the attackers to connect with my mind and body. -- The tops of both ears began to exude a colorless fluid that became crusty. Likewise, there is no physical explanation for that condition, which still continues whether I use sun screen or not. Other victims have also mentioned the fluid coming from the tops of their ears. Also, the top of my nose forms a crust. I remove it with a soapy bath cloth one day and the next day it reappears. Sun screen does not prevent its doing that. I do not have particularly sensitive skin. -- I also experienced the sensation of something crawling on my skin or underneath my skin, normally on my face. Unable to sleep well at night, I sought out a dermatologist. The doctor called that condition dermatitis and told me that it had no known cure. Strangely, he said that he also had dermatitis. That condition gradually went away and did not return until the electronic effects and mind control activities became obvious in December of 2005! I now

know that the dermatitis in the mid-1990s was the work of the attackers, probably telling my brain that I felt insects crawling on my face, i.e., psychology reinforced by post-hypnotic suggestion. -- I became weak and lethargic for no apparent reason. That malady is often called chronic fatigue syndrome. Such was my lack of energy that oftentimes my son would have to help me up from my chair. Even then, I was unsteady on my feet. I was still in my fifties. Despite those odd conditions, I failed to see anything sinister in them. Over time, I regained my strength, and today I am again exceptionally fit. I later learned that the attackers device can cause chronic fatigue. Other targets complain of the same effect. I suspect that directed energy weaponry may even be the cause of the relatively new chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). -- I also often had restless legs at night when I retired. That symptom is a favorite with the attackers, and it appears to have some kind of relationship to the pin pricks and vibrations. That appears to be a connection between restless legs and the spinal column. The restless sensation first begins at the small of the back, or spine, and then continues down the leg, in my case usually the right one, to the bottom of the foot. Oftentimes, when the sensation reaches the foot, the foot will twitch or jump. -- My legs and feet often cramped badly while driving and on other occasions. That had never happened before. I later learned that cramping was almost always a symptom of targets. Cramping became a vital part of my targeting in the beginning and continues to this day. However, today I can control the cramping by control my mind, and it does not at all bother me. -- I noticed that food seemed not to empty into my stomach but got stuck in my esophagus. I do not take large bites, and I am a slow eater; yet, the food did not go down easily. Also, while driving I was often struck with what seemed like a hiatal hernia. I learned that if I kept a beverage in the vehicle and took a swallow, that sensation disappeared. Again, other victims mention that symptom. At the time, I thought little about those symptoms. Now, however, I know that they were signs that I was a target even back in the early 1990s. At first, targets normally ascribe their ailments and physical problems to simply bad luck, quirks of nature, lack of exercise, genetics, a poor diet, or advancing age. It literally takes years for most targets to realize that their symptoms are induced by remote by people who want to harm them. Once the target does become aware that the effects are unnatural, he has no defense against the torture, and his frustration, anger, and anxiety mount. Nobody believes him. Law enforcement will not investigate his claims. When that scenario develops, the attackers have achieved what they wanted and anticipated. On the other hand, many targets die without ever knowing that they have been targeted. Capabilities of the Attackers The only fact that we know for certain about electronic assault and mind control relates to the symptoms, or the effects on the victim. Targeted individuals are well aware of the capabilities of the assailants, but for those readers who may be reading about electronic stalking and mind control for the first time, I describe below fifteen capabilities of the attackers.

(1) Inflict a myriad of torture techniques on the body. Many of those effects may perhaps be done through the use of silent directed sound and various PC software used over the voice-to-brain communication. Others may be psychological or aided by psychological suggestions through the attackers subliminal voices into the targets brain (more about the voices later). Those effects include the following. -- sensation of pin pricks in the eyes, shoulders, face, feet, elbows, and other areas. The pin prick can be instantaneous or can be prolonged. In my case, the attackers have long caused an enduring pin prick on the rear of my neck. At first I thought that the sensation was an irritation on the neck caused by shirt labels; however, when it kept hurting in the absence of labels, I knew that it was only one of the attackers bag of tricks. In addition, the sensation was not in the same location as the shirt labels. They can also cause the entire lower legs to feel like they are being struck by pins. In recent months, they have pin pricked the depths of my auditory canal in my right ear, causing me to shiver violently. They have also frequently pricked underneath the toenail on my right foot, causing the toenail to recede for a quarter of an inch between it and the skin, much like laser is used for ingrown toenails. -- intense pressure on the bridge of the nose. -- restless legs. A sensation begins in the small of the back and extends into the extremities, causing the restless legs syndrome. I can feel that sensation coming on as the attackers apply their vibrations to my body. Sometimes when that happens, the legs will jerk involuntarily. -- electrical jolts. These affect the entire body and feel much like the shock that one gets from touching a low voltage electrical fence. I suspect that the jolts work along with previous hypnotic instructions to the target. For example, when a target feels the jolts, he is supposed to open his mind to the attackers. -- tremors, or vibrations. These can affect the whole body or be focused on specific parts of the body. They can range from very mild to violent. (I believe that the jolts and vibrations may partially be pre-hypnotic suggestions causing the target to think that he feels jolts and vibrations whenever the attackers whisper the code word. In other words, those physical effects may instead be psychological effects resulting in physical reactions. I have asked other people to touch my legs and body when they were vibrating, and they felt nothing.) -- zapping in/on the head. These sound much like sparks from a welders torch or like childrens sparklers used as fireworks on holidays. -- a heaviness in the chest that makes one feel somewhat tired. -- clicking in the left ear. (In my case, it is always in the left ear, never in the right one.) -- severe cramping, mainly in the calves of the legs. -- numbness in the limbs from the base of the spinal column to the toes. -- coughing (I can feel an unnatural scratching in the inside of my throat), and sneezing (likewise, I can feel an artificial tickling in the inside of my nostrils and on a particular area of my throat. Apparently, the attackers have mapped out the various areas of the throat that produce those symptoms.) -- induced erections, by vibrating very lightly the inside of the urethra and the groin. Those erections usually occur while the attackers whisper the names of friends and relatives, very obviously attempting to cause the target psychologically to associate the sexual sensation with those people. -- stomach aches and pains, indigestion, nausea, and dizziness.

-- gas on the stomach and in the intestines. -- sodomizing and virtual rape, using some unknown force to probe the anal cavity and the vagina (perhaps directed sound waves, which cause a strong vibration and throbbing sensation that can focus on a particular very small area, usually on the anus). It could also be purely psychological suggestion. -- lethargy and listlessness. I suspect that many people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are actually victims of REA. CFS was not identified until the 1980s. -- tinnitus. I had never suffered from tinnitus before the electronic stalking began. It hit me the day the stalking became overt, and I have had that condition ever since then. The tone of the ear ringing changes often in a very noticeable manner, sometimes reaching a very high pitch. -- inability to urinate or frequent urination. I had two prostate procedures in 2001, although the prostate was not enlarged, because I had the urge to urinate but could not do so. Now I know that it was the work of the attackers who use the REA techniques, for since the attackers became overt in 2005, they have continued making the bladder often seem full. Now I can hear them saying subliminally to my subconscious, Dont piss. It now has absolutely no effect. -- constipation. Likewise, I often used to have a problem defecating. Since I have developed an ability to hear the attackers whispers, I hear them repeating, Dont shit. The brain learns over a period of time to react to their commands. However, knowing now what causes the constipation, I am no longer affected by it. I now defecate without any problem. In this case, knowledge is freedom. -- sleep deprivation. All of this leads to sleep deprivation, which then becomes a symptom itself. This is designed to weaken the victims body as well as his mind and cause him to have motor, household, and other accidents. In addition, it makes the victim more vulnerable to mind control. Conversely, the attackers device can also make targets incredibly sleepy and actually cause his eyes to close involuntarily. There also appears to be a particular form of vibration that will wire the target to keep him awake at night. -- the sensation of crawling insects on the face and neck. -- intense itching. This can be any place on the body. They often will make it seem like a mosquito bite or a fire ant bite. The itching is normally on the hands or the feet. -- twitching of the fingers. The attackers not only want to annoy you but also convince you that you are developing Parkinsons disease. -- partial loss of sight. The attackers do something to the eyes that make them feel as if a grain of sand is underneath the eyelid. They also cause pin pricks in the eyes. I have lost much sight in my left eye as a result. I do not wear glasses to read or to drive. Until a few months ago, I could read the TV captions clearly. Now I have to be very close to the TV set to see the captions and I often have double vision and blurred vision, especially in the left eye. In addition, the lips and mouths of speakers on TV are not in sync with their words. I also recently discovered while watching Wheel of Fortune on TV that the movements of objects on TV are likewise not in sync. When the participants in that program spun the wheel, the result on my TV (or in my vision) was about two clicks of the Wheel of Fortune off what they should have been. -- Destabilization of hand-to-eye coordination, causing targets to strike their hands against objects, misstep, bump against objects, stumble, and misjudge their distances. -- inability to open left eye in the morning. The attackers often do something to my left eye during the night. In the morning when I wake up, I can hardly open the left eye. -- twitching eye lid, usually the left eye. The attackers cause this because of my taunting

them, telling them that certain actions and things are amazing and adding but then anything is amazing to the pervs. Just being able to open both eyes at the same time is utterly amazing to them. -- throbbing in the head. This has something to do with mining the brain or it is part of the psychological conditioning to make the target believe that he must reveal his thoughts. -- aches and pains in various parts of the body. I am very physically active; thus, the attackers attempt to cripple my knees and my right arm and hand (I am right handed) to keep me from being able to work. They can also cause arthritic-type pain in the hands, pains in the lower back, and extreme pain in the legs by striking the sciatic nerve. -- unnatural salivation. The pervs device can cause me to salivate at night while I sleep as well as during the day when I am active. For no reason, spittle will sometimes seep from the corner of my mouth. I can feel the sensation when it issues from my gums. -- conversely, dry mouth. -- tingling vibration focused on the outside of the right side of the nostril (it can, of course, focus on any location). As a result of the vibrations (or perhaps lasering) on that area, a small brown bump has appeared at that location. That bump remains very sensitive and often runs and forms a scab. It was later found to be cancerous. -- involuntary physical movements. For example, when I type my emails and computer documents, the pervs software, which constantly pummels my brain, causes me to reverse certain consonants and vowels, slowing down considerably my typing speed. Other targets have suffered serious falls, when the devices caused their knees to buckle. The attackers device can also cause the arms and legs to flail and jerk involuntarily. I have awoken while sleeping when one of my arms flailed into the head board. Occasionally, when I nod on the sofa, the attackers cause one of my legs to jerk involuntarily. -- heart flutters and irregular palpitations. In particular, the attackers cause the heart to beat at a far greater than normal rate, or at least they lend the perception that it is beating rapidly through psychological or perhaps post-hypnotic suggestions. The attackers want the target to believe that his heart is overworking and that he may suffer a heart attack, stroke, or chronic heart problems. -- extreme sensitivity to light. Now, I must wear sunglasses at all times whenever Im outside because of my eyes sensitivity to glare. -- pressure on the bladder, causing the victim to want to urinate very often. Because of that sensation, I underwent two painful and costly prostate procedures with a urologist before I knew the real cause of the problem. The pervs still apply pressure on the bladder; however, now that I know that it is their evil work, it does not bother me. -- sores in various areas. The attackers continually vibrate (or laser) the outside of my right nostril, which remains continually sensitive. That area scabs over, loses its scab, and then scabs over again. A brown mole-like bump appeared at that point, which became an indentation. The attackers have telepathically referred to it as the mark of the beast or mark of the lamb. A spot has also developed on my chin, where I often feel the tingling and stinging of their lasering. -- high and sudden temperature rises in the body. Those may be psychologically induced, as I have heard the attackers remark 123 degrees. That term may be post-hypnotic code, causing my mind to imagine that my body will reach 123 degrees. The feet and lower legs, in particular, are normally very warm. stopped-up ear canals. A hearing specialist whom I once visited told me that my hearing



canals were sucked-in. I now know that that is induced by the attackers' device(s). That condition hinders my hearing and allows the attackers' programmed material that I hear to have greater effect. pressure (causing numbness) on bridge of nose, the kidneys, and the prostate. intense itching on the scalp. This is sometimes preceded or followed by pin pricks on the scalp. constriction in the esophagus and hiatal hernia. faux heart beat that occurs on the back opposite the heart or on the head. This is purely neurological, as I can tell my mind that there is absolutely no connection between my real heart beat and the beat that feels like it is a heart beat. It immediately stops. That throblike faux heart beat occurs as I sit watching TV or using the computer. electrical-like buzz in the groin and on the right hip. This vibration is different from the body vibration and appears to be designed to stimulate the penis and vagina to cause sexual reactions. artificial heating of the body. Microwaves are supposed to cause the body to heat. acute pain on hands and feet. In the latter, attackers like to concentrate on the callused part of the sole, usually the part near the smallest toe. tops of feet, including the toes, feel rigid and numb.

A target recently (2011) informed me that the attackers infect the hair follicles in her head by entering her home in her absence and sprinkling some type of powder in the rooms. The powder reacts with her hair. The roots become infected, and the only way that she can relieve the pain is by plucking out the infected hairs That effect is very unusual. My physical symptoms include most of those listed above. Other targeted individuals have experienced other symptoms, perhaps in addition to some of those I have listed. For example, many other victims develop psoriasis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other physical ailments. It is only logical that if scientists know what causes diseases, they can cause those diseases. For example, by playing with a targets immune system, they can cause psoriasis and by learning to manipulate muscles and muscle tissue, they can cause fibromyalgia. Scientists must know what causes a disease to find a cure for that disease. Thus, they can also perform the reverse, causing the disease. Non-targets will have difficulty in believing that those scientists exist whose purposes are less than noble. Targets know that they exist. Gastric problems are one of the favorites of the attackers, for they are seemingly easy to promote. By vibrating the bowels and also whispering to the victims brains, attackers can cause frequent bowel movements. Making victims defecate often is psychological as well as physical. That action humiliates victims and keeps them from leaving home, further isolating them. Conversely, attackers can also constipate victims using similar physical and neurological means. Constipation makes victims feel bad in general and also makes them more prone to anxiety and listlessness. My attackers often cause a pain near my right hand on the other side of my arm from my wrist bone. I can only believe that they seek to cause carpal tunnel syndrome, which they believe will interfere with my writing. However, now I am acutely aware of their aims, their tactics, and many of their methods, so I can successfully ameliorate those pains through my own form of mind control.

Most, if not all, of the symptoms and ailments listed above, can be delivered by remote through an assortment of software used by a computer that connects to involuntarily implanted microchips. The computer software is aided by the unheard subliminal voices of the attackers, which themselves may be rendered through the same software. The specialized software coupled with the synthetic telepathy subject victims to incredulous electronic and neurological torture. The physical symptoms named above are a very deliberate and important part of the attackers protocol. The objective is to make the target continually aware of his seemingly hopeless situation. That in turn causes sleep deprivation and anxiety. The feeling of hopelessness, sleep deprivation, and anxiety lay the groundwork for mind control, the ultimate aim. Many targets seek to escape those physical symptoms and their neurological attacks by relocating to another site, even to a different country. As far as I know, no target has ever succeeded in escaping those REA activities. Moreover, those effects, including the V2K, occur whenever targets are in airplanes or when they are far underground. That fact implies that at least some portion of the REA attacks is made via satellite and that there must be some way to contact the subject, i.e., implant. The electronic jolts and vibrations also affect domesticated animals. My attackers can beam their frequencies (or whatever it might be) in broad waves that cover very wide areas, including my yard and the adjoining pasture. My dog, which is an outside pet, is much affected by the electronic assault methods despite her being in excellent health and getting regular checkups by the veterinarian. She often trembles violently and appears frightened. At times, she pants heavily, gulping for air, and almost collapses. She very often also shakes her head as if she is trying to get something out of or off her head. I have taken her to the vet twice for that symptom, and he diagnosed her both times with an ear infection and prescribed her medicine. Despite that, after almost three years, she still shakes her head. My cat, on the other hand, does not seem to be affected by the electronic effects. Gender could not be a factor, as they are both spayed females. Jolts and Vibrations Almost every victim of electronic stalking and mind control mentions electrical-like jolts, or shocks, and vibrations when discussing his symptoms. The jolts and vibrations not only cause targets discomfort and remind the targets that they are being monitored but they also serve a neurological purpose. It took me a very long time to learn that those sensations are essential elements of mind control. Here are some of my thoughts about them. Jolts This effect is felt physically; however, it may also be aided by psychological suggestion. This sensation may work along with post hypnotic suggestions planted in the targets subconscious through the attackers subliminal voices to prepare the victims mind for interrogation and programming. The targets subconscious has been previously advised by the attackers that when they feel the jolts, they will open their minds and thoughts to the attackers. Thence, the attackers are able to exploit more easily the targets mind.

Vibrations Vibrations may be partially psychological or, if not, be augmented psychologically. Usually a jolt precedes the vibrations. I believe that the target may have already been conditioned by hypnotic pre-suggestion to believe that following the jolts, he will feel vibrations. Likewise, he has been further conditioned, or sensitized, that once he feels the vibrations, he is supposed to open up his mind and thoughts to the attackers. In addition, the vibrations sap the energy from a targets body. It is well known that microwaves are capable of rendering a person lethargic to the point of being unable to exert the least amount of work. Indeed, those microwave vibrations can make a target so weak that he can hardly stand and walk. The vibrations signal the targets brain that he will submit to the attackers voices. Then, those voices instruct him how he is supposed to react. For example, while vibrating a target, the attackers will often tell the target that he will go to sleep. While he is sleeping, the attackers interrogate him, probably with the fMRI. They also tell the victim that when he wakes, he will have no memory of the interrogation. Vibrations are not simply conducted at random but are deliberately aimed at specific parts of the human body at varying intensities to accomplish specific purposes. Stomach vibrations, for example, cause much discomfort and gas on the stomach. That lends itself to attackers causing anxiety and disquiet in the target. Vibrations in the groin area cause sexual arousals or make that area vulnerable to sexual arousals caused by other interventions. The vibrations can focus on the penis or the vagina, causing a tickling sensation. Those around the heart, combined with pin pricks by the attackers in that location, help to reinforce the targets idea that he is experiencing a heart attack. Vibrations in the duodenum cause gastric disturbances and indigestion, which likewise help induce anxiety in the victim. Once again, the vibrations alone do not cause those effects. The attackers verbal instructions during the vibrations determine how a target reacts to the vibrations. Very importantly, prolonged vibrations on the torso can cause constipation and can even cause blockage of bowel movements. The attackers will normally vibrate that area while the target sleeps. The vibrations harden the stool. That plus the inaudible voices to the targets subconscious telling him that he will be unable to have a bowel movement can send the target to the emergency room to have the compaction removed physically. Taking stool softener gel caps after each meal lessens the possibility of extreme constipation. I have noted that the vibrations also vary in intensity, in duration, and in the way they are applied. This suggests that different vibrations have different functions. The length, location(s), and intensity of the vibrations probably contribute to the attackers desired effects. Although it may be possible to deliver the jolts and vibrations from a long distance by satellite, they can also be directed from a far shorter distance. When I first experienced the vibrations, I was in a hotel room. I could hear the occupants in the adjoining room laughing and giggling; thus, I presume that they were behind the vibrations, perhaps using some type of handheld device. They were about twenty feet from me, and the vibrations were extremely intense. Regardless of the origin of and the method behind the jolts and vibrations, they have a powerful psychological effect, causing the victim anxiety. Targets should keep in mind that one of the main objectives of the attackers is either to drive him insane or to convince others

that he is insane. The attackers ability to produce extreme anxiety in their victims causes the latter to seek out psychiatrists. The resulting psychiatric attention effectively ends the targets credibility concerning mind control. None of the attackers actions is solely to harass you physically. Every symptom that a target feels, smells, sees, tastes, or hears takes him closer to mind control, the ultimate objective in causing the victim to self-destruct. Knowing that fact can help a target defend himself against the attackers objective. The jolts and vibrations serve several purposes: (1) to remind the victim that he is targeted and monitored ceaselessly; (2) to disturb his rest and sleep, resulting in sleep deprivation, one of the attackers principal tools; (3) to cause apprehension and continual uneasiness, contributing to anxiety; (4) to condition, or sensitize, the target to cooperate with the attackers. The latter will normally consist of interrogations, data gathering, and subliminal commands by the attackers. Targets can use their minds to counter the purposes of the jolts and vibrations. After all, their targeting is aimed at their minds. First of all, they should realize that the jolts and vibrations themselves are not normally lethal. The exception is when they act in consonance with the attackers subliminal voices suggesting that the target is suffering a heart attack and other harmful conditions. Knowing that, targets can instruct their minds that when they feel the jolts and vibrations, those minds will not cooperate with the attackers intentions. Moreover, they can instruct their minds that they will not succumb to the negative suggestions of the attackers. Targets can learn to use their own brand of psychology to thwart the neurological assault of the attackers. (2) Monitor movements. The attackers not only know ones vehicular movements but they can also view him and follow his movements on his property and even inside his house. Once they hook the target with their equipment, they have ready access to him at all times. Their torture follows the target wherever he goes, even to other states and abroad. Many targets believe that cell phones may play a role in monitoring their movements; however, if they are correct, that use is not universal. It is true, however, that many TIs trace the origin of their electronic torture and mind control to the early 2000s, when cell phone usage was becoming increasingly more popular. In my opinion, the cell phone itself is not a device used in targets torture but only a useful tool of the people who do so. I have intentionally gone days without using or being near cell phones, and my physical and neurological attacks continued unabated. It is also true that cell phones have to be used in gang stalking, which goes right along with REA. In fact, the stalkers could not coordinate their harassment against targets without the use of cell phones or some type of walkie-talkie. Cellular phones may even somehow be used with the device that renders the electronics effects on victims. It is known that cell phones carried on ones person near credit cards can cause those cards to malfunction and wear out quickly. Credit cards are one of the hundreds of items that operate through the RFID (radio frequency identification). The cell phone, however, has nothing to do with the voices and other physical and neurological effects. I have purposely left my cell phone behind on various occasions to

determine whether it might figure in the REA. It simply does not. I have gone days without being around a cell phone. If it is used at all, it may be used in locating some targets. However, its main usage is for the attackers convenient communication concerning the target. The attackers appear to be able to map out your house or apartment. They probably first locate your residence, using Google Earth or some other program of that type, and then learn the configuration of the structure. Once they have the layout of your house or apartment, they seem to divide it into grids, probably with the help of an architectural-type computer program. Then, they slowly zoom in on various locations where you habitually sit, stand, or lie and program those locations on their device. In my case, they first located the chair in the living room where I sit, then the lavatory and commode in the bathroom where I stand. Finally, they had programmed every area of the house, and they were able to jolt me and vibrate me in any location inside my house. We know that devices and methods exist for accomplishing those actions. The attackers seemingly make a grid map of the targets dwelling. Then, they track the target within his dwelling and learn his habitual locations within the dwelling. Using the grid map and their computer software, the attackers can program their device to perform various effects on the target in those locations. Their computer would probably use a Microsoft tool bar. The attackers probably only have to highlight that particular grid on their screen and then open Tools on the tool bar to choose from a variety of physical and psychological effects with which to hit the target. Likewise, in my opinion, cell towers and electrical power lines in themselves are not used specifically for electronic torture. Nevertheless, like the cell phone, the cell towers and power lines perhaps somehow aid the attackers in their operations. (3) Hear and record ones conversations along with those with whom one talks. This can be done even in a moving vehicle or while on foot in a rural area. The harassers occasionally record and play back to the victim excerpts of some of those conversations in his brain. The attackers can also record a persons voice and then later simulate that same voice. (4) See through the victims eyes. Ones eyes are controlled by his brain; thus, by controlling the victims brain, the attackers can probably also see whatever the victim sees. Not only that but with their specialized software they can also see what he thinks. Nevertheless, some of what the attackers lead the victims to believe that they can see may be another example of deception through psychological trickery. For example, the attackers often comment on what I am watching on TV or what I am doing in the house. They may know that because of my brains processes, as the brain is in constant motion as I watch TV and do chores around the house. Someday we shall know. (5) View the victims interior and zoom in on any part or organ of the body, even in the darkness. EKG, CT scans, and functional MRIs can be performed by remote. The attackers probably use the GPS with directed sound to see and torture the targets body by remote. NASA has long used similar telescopic instruments for carrying out delicate space operations. Although the attackers can target specific areas both on and in the body, that capability is greatly enhanced by communication with the targets brains, i. e., using synthetic telepathy.

(6) Inject holographic pictures or images into a victims thoughts. In my case, the attackers have shown images of my son drowning, pictures of what Christians believe to be that of Jesus, pictures of family members and friends, sometimes in suggestive poses, and countless numbers of unknown individuals in induced dreams and thoughts. Some of the unknown individuals in the dreams may be images of the attackers and their accomplices themselves, which they display for the fun of it. They are safe in doing this, as the victim usually will not know them and the victim will also very quickly forget those images due to the attackers ability to blank out their memories. In addition, their computer software can cause targets brains to view all people and all situations in sexual and negative contexts. Again, this is pure mind control. I may be an unusual target, for I can not only talk back to the attackers but can also project images back to them. I often show images of piles of writhing poisonous snakes, many of them poised to strike. Ive also shown them huge explosions followed by fire and smoke. I can show them a kaleidoscope of colors, turning and twisting, and blankets of symbols such as those used on the keyboard. I also show them my idea of their appearances, which are, of course, very unflattering. (7) Induce dreams, stage scenarios, and engage in subliminal interrogations. The reader will see later that the attackers have the capability to read a target's thoughts and project voices into his hearing. Those activities are best carried out while the target sleeps. While the target is in the dream stage, the attackers cause him not only to view dreams but also to participate in them. Indeed, the attackers describe situations and talk the target through them. They do not perform that simply for fun but to make suggestions to the target that re-enforce their objectives. I have often awoken from induced dreams in which the attackers are telling me what is happening and allowing my imagination to embellish the dream. Attackers also interrogate the target while he is in the dream state. They do that in very subtle ways. For example, they will introduce particular words and expressions and allow the target's mind to being processing that thought. As the target contemplates those words and expressions, the attackers question him about his thoughts about those particular key words and expressions. They also begin sentences and then suddenly quit, leaving the target to finish the sentences. The attackers also implant false memories in victims. Their objective apparently is to instill in victims guilt, shame, and remorse, which help the attackers achieve their psychological mastery over the victims. (8) Cause the target financial problems, ruin his credit, and drive him into bankruptcy. Keep in mind that most targets live on fixed incomes and most of them have to live frugally. Yet, the attackers employ a bag of tricks designed to drain the target financially through the following actions. -- Making the target spend thousands of dollars on remedies and gadgets that supposedly neutralize or ameliorate the effects of REA and causing him to hire detectives to investigate the REA. -- Causing the target to make mathematical errors on his taxes and other documents that result in substantial losses. -- Affecting the targets judgment that ends in his making faulty and costly decisions.

-- Destroying expensive household and other items, making targets have to replace them. In my case, they have ruined two printers, two blenders, and other household items. Their device, however, can only affect machines that have small motors or batteries. My coffee makers, which have no motor, are not affected. -- Distracting the target so that he forgets to pay bills on time, leading to his paying costly penalties. -- Creating problems with the electrical system and mechanical devices, especially computers and printers, which make targets have to hire technicians to repair. I have had to hire PC technicians many times paying from $95 to $250 a visit. -- Urging the targets through their voice-to-brain subliminal suggestions to buy expensive needless items. -- Fomenting personal and other problems that require that targets hire lawyers. A TI correspondent wrote about her taking videos of neighbors overtly harassing her and then being arrested for that action. She had to hire a lawyer to get out of jail. Of course, nothing happened to the harassers. Moreover, now that law abiding citizen has an arrest record that will follow her to the grave. -- Sending targets to hospital emergency rooms due to physical problems they cause with their devices. One TI correspondent rushed to the ER on at least three occasions when the attackers caused her throat to constrict, keeping her from breathing. Most medical insurance policies do not pay the total costs. -- Ruining the targets credit. The manipulators and their accomplices will steal credit card and other statements from the targets mail boxes or lose them in the postal system, causing targets to pay late fees; by whispering into the targets brains, make them forget to pay bills; and interfere with the targets online payments to cause them bill payment problems. The attackers have changed my passwords many times to hinder my paying my bills and preparing online tax returns. -- Robbing targets of their time by harassing them continually with electronic assault and mind control, thus keeping them from tending to their business affairs. Very often targets lose their jobs because of the REA distractions in their lives. I have spent countless hours taking notes, recording them in my journal, corresponding with other TIs, researching on the internet, and trying objects and ways to neutralize the REA effects, time that I could have spent on home improvement projects and other useful activities. I am a very able genealogical researcher, and I used to spend hours a day at that pastime. Now I very seldom do family research because of the many distractions that affect my concentration. Causing targets financial ruin is one of the aims of the attackers. Broke people are usually harmless and defenseless. Many of the targets with whom I have corresponded have depleted their savings and have gone into bankruptcy because of the attackers. Others have been forced into homeless shelters and still others have become virtually street people. The attackers set out to break targets financially, and they often do. The IRS is often used by the attackers to further their schemes. In a case that I know of, the IRS charged a medium-income person one million dollars in back taxes. The man had never made that amount in his whole working life. Through trumped-up charges, the IRS sent the man to prison. Then, they targeted his wife with gang stalking and electronic attacks. Never believe that the IRS is not political and is not the willing tool of the powerbrokers. (9) Knock out and interfere with the function of battery-operated or electrical household items. In my case, the attackers have changed radio stations, caused halogen

flashlights to blink and go out, caused the tiny lights in a fingerprint reader used for PC security to quiver, caused interference in TV programs, burned out electrical wall outlets, caused microwaves not to function, burned out watch batteries while the watch was on my wrist, changed the functions of certain keys on the keyboard of the computer, and burned out the batteries in my smoke detectors, flashlights, and other objects that use batteries all by remote. In addition, they have ruined six computer printers, two Weedeaters, three blenders, a food chopper, and other electrical appliances, battery-operated, and motor-driven objects. Their device can even cause the ink in ballpoint pens to congeal or dry up so that the pens will not write. They can also make inanimate objects move. Once, as I stood in the kitchen, the attackers caused the loose cap on a gallon container of milk to flap upward several times. They probably thought that would rattle me. Instead, I ridiculed them by telling them that they were unable to flip the cap completely off. All of this suggests that the attackers use directed silent sound beamed in by a radio frequency and guided by the GPS to complement the software used with microchips. For some reason, their device seemingly cannot disarm appliances that do not have motors, such as a simple electric coffee maker, which operates through only a heated coil. They can, however, damage the functions on the more elaborate electric coffee makers. (10) Manipulate the targets computer and telephones (more about that in a following section). (11) Discredit the target by making him appear insane or demented. They will also spread rumors about the target designed to isolate him from neighbors. Those rumors will usually suggest that the target is a drug pusher or user, a child molester (one of their favorites), a wife-beater, a common street walker or male prostitute, a rip-off artist, a closet drunkard, a white collar thief, a racist, an anti-Semite (another of their favorites), a suspected domestic terrorist, and others. In addition to socially isolating the target, the attackers also seek to cause the target anxiety and other psychological problems that drive him to a psychiatrist, who then diagnoses him as schizophrenic. The attackers know that once the target sees a psychiatrist and it becomes a matter of record, the targets sanity becomes an issue. Afterward, whatever the target says will be treated as incredulous. This is important to the attackers, as they know that the target will be discredited if he seeks out law enforcement. Many of my target correspondents had already undergone treatment for mental disorders before they discovered that their problems were caused by exterior forces. (12) Monitor and manipulate the targets emotions. Their software allows them to use the targets pulse rate and probably other methods to record emotions such as anxiety, panic, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness, and others. The emotions actually appear in the form of words that surface in your thoughts, e.g., frustration, loneliness, anger. In addition, the attackers continually whisper those words into your brain, which actually causes those emotions. Attackers use loop play tapes of their talking whose design is to play on the targets emotions. (More about subconscious talking later.) Moreover, their computer software is programmed to alert the attackers when targets think of certain topics. In my case, a computerized female voice will say in a reproving manner, Max! At that point, the attackers cease their continual general talking and instead concentrate on

that topic. A voice on the computer often says Good when I think along the lines desired by the attackers. I retort that the attackers would not know good if it dropped on top of them. Those verbal observations are probably automated and come from the computer software that the attackers synchronize for the targets. This re-enforces the conditioning of targets that the attackers attempt to accomplish. Monitoring victims emotions will also indicate whether they are lying when the attackers ask targets questions. In addition, the attackers employ a particular type of software that exacts the true answers. I often tell them wrong answers. I can project to them false images and wrong answers to their questioning without their detecting them. However, if I do so, I must concentrate on that action. Unless I am very alert, my mind signals them the true answers. For example, I take vitamins. If I tell the attackers that I am now taking zinc and I am actually taking niacin, after I think zinc, my mind will then think niacin. (13) Cause mood swings. Attackers will try to tear down a victims self-esteem by filling him with guilt and constantly belittling him. They will often fill the victim with emotions that cause moods that range from explosive anger to total complacency. Those mood swings are seen by many observers as a mental disorder. (14) READ A VICTIMS THOUGHTS. There is irrefutable proof that university, medical, independent researchers, and defense contractor scientists have developed various devices and methods that, when operated with computer programs, are capable of reading human thought. Many of those methods have been patented. Scientists know that certain radio frequencies can pick up the natural frequencies of the human brain. My attackers at first made me believe that their equipment picked up only a few one- and twosyllable words of my thoughts. I even heard them talking excitedly about picking up those fragmentary thoughts. That was total deception. They have had the ability to pick up complete thoughts for many years. Their discovery was only a part of the mind game, which must be very amusing to the attackers. In reality their device actually intercepts a targets thoughts BEFORE those thoughts fully develop in the targets conscious. The attackers always hear the targets thoughts a few words before the target becomes conscious of their thoughts. For some time, my attackers have repeated my thoughts in their subliminal talking. At first I thought that their repetitions of my thoughts was simply another psychological tool thrown into the equation to annoy me. However, I now believe that perhaps the attackers are repeating my thoughts for the benefit of accomplices or their superiors who are listening on radios, cell phones, and other instruments. Or they are making recordings of what they hear on their ear phones. People think without realizing that they are thinking. They cannot help thinking. That is quite natural. But, strangely, once targets are aware that the attackers can read their thoughts, the targets subconsciously articulate those thoughts carefully, knowing that somebody else is listening. Instead of simply thinking naturally, targets become very conscious of their thoughts and will make sure that those thoughts are very clear. They will even explain those thoughts. Moreover, whenever they handle or use an object, they will think the name of that object. Certain software used by the perpetrators causes targets to articulate those thoughts and

even visualize them. When I take my vitamins, for example, the software makes me form the thought of each one and name the particular vitamin as I take them. When I think of a person, the software will cause me to visualize that person. One of the major objectives of the attackers mind reading ability is to interrogate the victim. Their device and software include a remote lie detector. The attackers interrogate the target through their subliminal voices to his brain (whether or not the target hears the voices), and the software indicates whether his answers are true or not. Knowing about the attackers lie detectors, the target can often deceive them by introducing several answers. As the attackers try to get the target to identify the correct answer, the target can totally confuse the attackers by introducing incongruent information. The target can also have just as much fun playing that game as the attackers! I enjoy frustrating the attackers who think that they control my life. The attackers software also allows the attackers not only to hear targets thoughts but also to see those thoughts. Of course, some of the targets thoughts are not his own but are induced by the attackers. As a targets thoughts occur, the attackers computer program will use the targets thoughts or his induced thoughts to steer him in a particular direction to a specific topic. The attackers reinforce the computers capability by whispering instructions to the target. Sometimes the attackers will say only one word to the targets brain. That word can be the name of a person, the name of a food that they want you to eat, or the name of a topic that they want the target to think about. I have learned that whenever I get a sudden thought while watching TV or puttering, that thought is usually an induced handler topic. Thus, I intentionally get off of that thought. The attackers want targets eventually to be unable to distinguish their own thoughts from the attackers induced thoughts. Their objective is to control that persons mind and actions. I have learned to separate out my natural thoughts from the attackers induced thoughts that they want me to repeat as if they were mine. With practice, all targets can develop that defensive ability. I often tell my attackers telepathically, if your thoughts and commands just happen to coincide with my natural thoughts and actions, it is mere coincidence, you assholes. I have already mentioned that mind control cannot be achieved without the subliminal voices. Likewise, it cannot be accomplished without the computer programs that the attackers use. Those programs not only make sound effects, simulate voices, and perform other readily discernible sounds but they also program many of the mind control functions. For example, the computer can program a targets thoughts to view people in a negative context. A targets thoughts about a specific person can be programmed in a specific way, and they can also be programmed differently for particular persons. Programmed thoughts about others are often sexual; they can also make the target believe that a person is stealing from him, that another person is poisoning him, that a person is talking about him behind his back, etc. They can also program the target to act and react in certain ways. The programmed thoughts and actions aid the attackers in totally isolating the target from society and convincing him and others that he is crazy. The attackers probably hear ones thoughts using a headset attached to a computer. My

attackers have tried to make me believe that my thoughts also appear on their computer in written form and can be printed out. To convince me of that, the attackers subliminally exaggerate the pronunciation of some words, for example the, as if they are second graders reading from a book. I do NOT believe that ones thoughts can yet be made to appear as prose. In the future, however, that will almost certainly be possible. The attackers equipment and software can also see and record the very images that your thoughts see. In other words, they can also see what you see in your thoughts on their monitor. Science fiction? Hardly. Knowing that they can see my thoughts, I have learned to project images, scenes, and actions to the attackers. Sometimes when I hear good jitterbug music, I show myself dancing. They comment on the dancing steps. The mind reading capability not only gives stalkers access to everything in the victims mind but also provides them massive amounts of information about friends and family members of victims. The stalkers feverishly exploit this information 24/7. In my case, the stalkers constantly whisper the names of my son, two sisters, friends and acquaintances, and even people whom I do not really know but who might creep into my thoughts to gather information about those individuals. Knowing my thoughts also gives the stalkers my computer passwords (and thus control over my communications), information about my business matters, and previous knowledge of my actions and movements. While dozing, I have awoken to thoughts that I knew were not my own. The attackers were introducing past events, places, and people into my mind. The purpose was not to mine information. They already knew that information. Their real motive was to make me remember the event, place, or person to instill guilt/humiliation and/or to let me know that they had that information. That is supposed to rattle me. It doesnt. The attackers equipment and software also have the capability of inducing dreams and thoughts while the victim sleeps. In those dreams and thoughts, the attackers introduce certain people, some of whom the victim knows, though not always very well, and others who are unknown to the victim. In the dreams, they set up particular scenarios in which the victim is the principal actor, doubtlessly to study his interaction with the other actors. In those skits, the attackers actually direct the actors while looking for signs of phobias, sexual foibles, anxiety, health problems, and other human conditions and characteristics that they can exploit. In addition to the induced dreams and thoughts, the attackers start sentences and then stop, letting the victim finish those sentences. And they also flash photos before the victims eyes while he is in a dream-like state of consciousness and ask him questions about those people. I have awoken suddenly to see pictures being passed in rapid succession before my eyes. Their monitors register the victims pulse rate, emotions (including his sexual inclinations toward other people and his level of anxiety), whether the victim is telling the truth about questions he is being asked, his dislike of or fondness for certain people, places, or objects, and many other physical and psychological reactions. The attackers objective is to instill fear and anxiety in the targets. (15) Transmit voices into the brain that only the victim can hear. Targets usually refer to this as voice-to-skull (V2K) and sometimes as subliminal speech, synthetic communication, telepathic communication, or microwave hearing. Because of the importance of the voices in

REA, I devote several following sections to that topic. The Voices Nobody quite understands how people can be made to hear voices. The device/method is still a highly classified secret. That subliminal or telepathic (non-auditory) communication occurs, however, is a proven fact. The U.S. Government has been interested in that topic since the 1950s. Likewise, the Russians have long been interested in telepathic communication and have even attempted to train their astronauts to communicate non-verbally. Keep in mind that only targets can hear the voices. That is part of the clever scheme to keep targets from having witnesses and presenting evidence. However, a few targets have devised ways to record the silent voices and turn them into readily heard ones. One of those targets wrote me that he had succeeded in capturing the voices over a DVR and then using a program to make the voices clearly audible. I later did just that. When I first heard the voices in December of 2005, I was driving on the highway. The radio in the vehicle was turned off, as it normally is when I drive. The voices seemed to come from near the drivers side door panel. My first thought was that a device, or a bug, had been planted in the vehicle and was somehow being used to project the voices. A sweep of the vehicle by a private detective the following day did not reveal a bug. Still, it took me a couple of more days to realize that the voices were coming by remote to or within my body and not from a bug in the vehicle. It took me several years to learn that there are actually three types of voices: (1) projected voices, which can be projected into the targets surroundings probably by using directed sound via satellite; (2) audible voices, or those heard in the targets head or brain (V2K); and (3) Inaudible voices, those spoken at so low a volume and in such a manner that they cannot be picked up by a targets conscious but are heard by a targets subconscious. Discussions of each one of the voices follow. Projected voices Ample evidence argues that a microchip is not required for attackers to project the voices to targets. When Bush the younger attacked Iraq in 2003, the American invaders used a device on the Iraqi troops known as the Voice of God. The Iraqi soldiers heard Allah telling them, in Arabic, to throw down their arms and surrender. They did so by the hundreds. Thus, it is a known fact that the U. S. military has the capability of projecting to targets voice-to-skull talk. Targets who are able to hear the attackers voices recognize that the Voice of God device used on the Iraqis is very similar to the device used on them. That the voice was used on thousands of Iraqi troops at the same time means that the device employed can focus on a single individual, as in the case of targets, or on a crowd of people. However, the U. S. and its allies fighting in Afghanistan apparently have been unable to utilize the voice of god in that country. Perhaps the Afghans have been advised about that trickery by Iraqis and other Arabs who have joined them. If the reason is not the Afghans knowledge of that neurological action, the device that produces the voice of god must require some type of special environment. Why does the voice of god work in Iraq when it does not work in Afghanistan? Both countries are arid and neither country has a well-established

electrical/communication system. Could geography play a role in using the device? When the voice of god was beamed in on the Iraqi soldiers, there were few cell towers in Iraq to use as relays and also few cell phones, radios, TVs, and other devices that in vast rural areas could be used as conductors. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that Iraqi soldiers had been implanted with microchips. Furthermore, the highflying American aircraft would have been too high to project those voices through conventional speakers, and the lower-flying attack planes would have been too occupied and fast- moving to pull off anything like the voice of god. In my opinion, the only answer for the voice of god is that it was projected by remote via a surveillance or spy satellite from a great distance. It is my guess that the voices originated at the HAARP facility in Alaska or perhaps even at one of the many U. S. military installations around the globe. That synthetic telepathy was practiced on the Iraqi troops in 2003 proves that that method had already been tried and tested, probably on American citizens in America. Distance would not be a factor. That capability could come from near or far, for example, from Fort Meade, Maryland. What condition is required for targets to hear the voices? The answer is still highly classified; however, I suspect that first the targets immediate surroundings must be enveloped with an electromagnetic (EM) field. The attackers can undoubtedly either create an electromagnetic field or use a natural electromagnetic field wherever the target goes. To locate and focus upon that particular area would probably also require the use of the GPS unless the device were used from very near the target. The voices are projected into that EM field following the device's trajectory, either using the same device, or perhaps by or with a computer. The voices permeate that entire area. The target can hear them wherever he is; yet, others cannot. The Voice of God messages beamed in on Iraqi troops suggests that V2K operates separately and perhaps independently from the remainder of the electronic effects. Any electrical outlet, appliance, or other source of energy aids the voices by increasing the volume. However, those sources of energy only enhance the voices to make them more audible. Even if all the electrical and other energy sources are eliminated, the voices can still be heard, though not as hard and clear. If this is the method, the question remains unanswered about how a target can hear the voices when he has other family members and visitors in his presence in that environment. My attackers use V2K on me while I am working in the yard beside some other person. The other person, of course, does not hear those sounds. That method also does not explain how the target can hear the voices wherever he goes, in an airplane, a vehicle, a cavern, or the inner recesses of a large building. That suggests some type of embedded object in the targets body. The voices that I call projected voices occur in a victims surroundings. They are apparently somehow beamed into the ambience. Motors and other devices help resonate those voices. When I am cutting grass with the tractor in the pasture, the voices can be heard over the noise of the motor. I believe that the voices may be piggybacked over the GPS, as the GPS can be used to track vehicles and also zoom in on houses. The voices that I receive apparently come from an

external source, as they are louder and clearer when I am outside, and I can also muffle them partially by using earplugs. However, the attackers apparently have to adjust their device or perform some function with it, for whenever I go into the yard or the pasture, at first the voices are scarcely telepathically audible. Then, after a few minutes, the voices get increasingly stronger. I am guessing that the voices are probably projected to the electromagnetic field that envelops the house and grounds and then find their way inside my house through various electrical appliances and objects. The voices are definitely louder and clearer when an electrical heat, a/c unit, refrigerator, or any other electrical appliance is connected. That would certainly be possible using the GPS, as the perpetrators can use an architectural program to produce a grid of the inside layout of the house. Audible Voices The audible voices, or regular V2K, are heard in or near the head, as opposed to the projected voices, which come from the environment. These voices are those of the actual attackers using V2K to convince the target that he is crazy, lie about family and friends, confuse him, and attempt to keep him from engaging in any meaningful activities. However, those same attackers also play V2K recordings. If the target listens and takes note, he will learn to distinguish the recordings from the real time voices. In my case, I have discovered that the V2K voices come through as loud and clear as voices over the radio or TV; however, the attackers intentionally lower the volume. This is for psychological effect, as we know that the lower in volume someone speaks to us, the harder we have to listen. Moreover, the attackers want us to believe that the voices are coming for a very long distance and they very well may be. Occasionally, however, the voices will spike and will sound very loud for a second or two as if the speakers were standing beside me. What does it mean that the voices occasionally come through so clearly? I do not yet know. It could mean that the voices come from very nearby. It may mean that the s in-between the whispered recordings, making it all sound like real-time whispering. Therefore, the whispers are a labor-saving tactic on the part of the attackers. It took me years to form an opinion about the origin of my V2K. If the Voice of God story is true and not disinformation, the military can indeed project voices to targets brains or ears, probably the latter. However, in the case of targets who receive both the electronic effects and the V2K, I believe that the voices come from the same involuntarily implanted microchip. We know that the attackers use a variety of software that carries out its functions via the microchip. In my opinion, projecting voices using software with microchips would be as simple as using the software that produce the physical and neurological effects. I would guess that the voices probably arrive to the brain over nerve endings. Two-Way V2K Over time, many targets who hear the voices learn that they can also talk back to the attackers. Finally, the two parties establish a hostile dialogue. Once I found out that I could also speak to the attackers telepathically, I used that two-way avenue to ridicule, taunt, and demean them. Behind those voices are humans. I determined to make them feel as bad as

they attempted to make me feel. One day soon the entire secret of the voices will be revealedthe sources, the locations, the frequenciesand that will in turn reveal the identity of the perpetrators. The discovery of the perpetrators will also reveal the software with which they accomplish the mindreading, the lie detections, the other neurological trickery, and the physical effects. Once the secret behind the voices has been made public, the whole apparatus will break down, for the perpetrators cannot perform their dirty work without the use of the voices. Inaudible Voices The inaudible voices normally are not heard even by those targets who hear the regular V2K. The inaudible voices can be either real-time whispers, or pre-recordings. Very often they take the form of loop play tapes to the victims subconscious, instead of to his conscious, telling him what to say and how to act, making deviant sexual suggestions, and deprecating the victim in many other ways. They also attempt to program the target by repeating messages. These voices, audible only to a victims subconscious, are used to create schizophrenic and paranoid symptoms in the target. Attackers using the silent voices try to create multiple personalities in the target by telling him over and over that he is various persons. The target will usually know those persons whose personalities the attackers attempt to impose in them. The attackers will also use the audible voices to attempt to create multiple personalities. My V2K speakers will often say, Hes something else. The expression is said in such a way that it suggests that the victim has done something spectacular. What it really is doing is suggesting that I am somebody else. The inaudible voices, those not heard consciously by targets, are far more dangerous than the audible ones. The device used for mind control on targets imposes thoughts in the minds of those targets to make them act irrationally. Targets do not at all feel that those thoughts are irrational or that they are compelled to perform those deeds and acts. The thoughts appear perfectly natural though often very negative in nature and perhaps aggressive. Those actions that cause targets to look crazy are a direct result of attackers whispering and talking subliminally into the targets subconscious. Using the inaudible voices, the attackers cause severe anxiety or other nervous conditions in victims by filling their subconscious full of garbage. This drives many victims to see a psychiatrist. That is exactly what the attackers want, for after the victims visit a psychiatrist, their complaints of electronic torture are not credible. After the targets have seen a psychiatrist, the attackers can then begin their full electronic assault, knowing that nobody will believe the targets. All targets of electronic stalking know about the V2K, or the audible voices. However, they will not be aware of the inaudible ones. I was targeted for years before I accidentally discovered the subconscious voices, and I have learned how to pick up those voices. The attackers do not want that information disseminated, for once targets learn about the inaudible voices, they cannot be psychologically manipulated and they can live without fear of the attackers. I have learned to do so. Remember that MIND CONTROL CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT THOSE TWO TYPES OF VOICES, especially the inaudible voice.

The voices represent the master element in mind control. Every target who is electronically harassed by remote is also subjected to mind control. Mind control is achieved by voices of the attackers instructing the targets subconscious and programming him through suggestions to his brain. The voices can be projected into both the subconscious as well as the conscious. That is not theory; it is fact. I hear both of those two types of voices. Readers who receive electronic and mind control effects, and especially those who can hear the audible voices, read the following few paragraphs very carefully. As already stated, in addition to the audible telepathic talking (audible only to the target), mind control targets should be aware that their attackers also continually speak into their brains in voices so low in volume that the targets consciousness does not pick them up. The victim is completely unaware of those inaudible voices, which makes them all the more dangerous. It took me years to hear those subconscious voices. Many targets never hear them. Nevertheless, they are there. The subconscious talking by attackers makes that capability one of their most formidable weapons in mind control. Through their sub-conscious talking, the attackers control what you think of and how you react to people, including your spouse, parents, siblings, and children. They control how you perform on your job site, how you view your job, and how you interact with your colleagues. They also control your daily life: what TV programs you watch and your opinions about them; what newspapers you read and how you interpret that news; where and how you grocery shop; even when you go to the bathroom and what and how much you eat. Only those targets who hear the attackers voices can know the extent to which the attackers consummate evil influences targets thoughts and actions. I discovered what I call the inaudible voices strictly by accident. One night, I noticed that whenever my beard stubble brushed against the pillow, causing friction, I could hear voices in addition to those voices that I already heard via the V2K. I experimented by intentionally brushing the hairs of the beard against my pillow, and each time the attackers voices became more intelligible. Finally I caught a word and then a phrase. After many attempts, I distinctly heard a Deep South-sounding voice saying, Youre horny. Only that short sentence was repeated time after time. Then, I realized that it was not an actual real-time voice but the recording of a voice over a loop-play tape continually telling my subconscious that I was horny. As most targets know, the voyeur attackers are fixated on sex. I have no idea how many years the attackers had pummeled my mind with those loop play tapes before I discovered their presence. Over the next few months, I discovered an additional voice being projected into my subconscious through a similar loop-play tape. That discovery, like the first one, was also accidental and occurred while in bed. One night when I turned from my back onto my side, my ear brushed the pillow. In the quietness of the night, the ear brushing the pillow caused me to hear a human-like sound. After repeatedly brushing the outside of my ear canal with the palm of my hand, I began to distinguish a word. After performing that action many times using various strokes and angles, I very clearly heard a voice repeatedly telling me, Trust me. As in the first case, the voice came over a loop play tape.

A later incident revealed still a third subconscious loop play tape. Here is what happened. I keep the hairs at the entrance to my ear canal closely clipped. One night when I scratched my itching ear, my finger touched the clipped hairs, and I caught the sound of a voice. By repeatedly touching and moving my finger over the clipped hairs, I could finally make out what the voice was saying. The voice was saying, You want me. Like the other voices, this one also came over a loop play tape. On the surface, the expression you want me appears to be sexual in nature. However, I later learned that in addition to the sexual connotation, the statement You want me also applied to food. The attackers objective was to cause me to become out of shape and fat. Before discovering the expression You want me, I noticed that when I grocery shopped, I came back home with many sweets and mainly carbohydrates. After learning the attackers intention, I started grocery shopping more carefully. Many targets tell me that they gain much weight after being targeted. That is the reason. The attackers are urging you to eat more than you should and consume high caloric foods through the voices into your subconscious. The loop play tape You want me also applies to tobacco products or anything else that can be harmful to ones health. I like to smoke an occasional cigar. At one point, I found myself craving and chain smoking the cigars. Now I know the reason. Whatever the you want me suggests, it will be to the detriment of the target. Months after discovering the subliminal talking to my subconscious, I again found another area that revealed the attackers voices. This time, I intentionally played with the beard stubble between my nose and my mouth with my first and second fingers to see whether that area could detect the voices. Gradually, the friction from rubbing the stubble produced sounds. By repeatedly massaging that area, the sound took shape. A voice on a loop play tape repeated, I hate you. On still another occasion, I discovered the voices as I scrambled eggs in a teflon skillet and stirred them with a regular metallic spoon. The bottom of the skillet had concentric, slightly ridged circles in the bottom. As I scraped the bottom of the skillet with the metal spoon, I heard voices. By moving the spoon across the skillet over and over, I could finally determine what the voices were saying: Slow it down, which is a code expression whose meaning I do not yet know. Another voice was repeating black on white. That may have been an attempt to make my subconscious believe that blacks were behind my REA activities. Both expressions came over loop play tapes. I also found that I often heard their voices when I slid a hard object over another hard object, like a china cup over a ceramic counter top, creating friction. Even when I exercise on my weight machine, I hear words coming from the friction caused by the pulleys. I also hear the hidden voices whenever I rub my hand over my pillow at night while my ear in on the pillow. The friction apparently picks up the subconscious voices and makes them audible, much like an old phonograph needle on a record. The attackers occasionally change the wordings of the loop play tapes. The only loop play tapes to my subconscious that have remained unchanged are the ones saying, Youre horny and You want me. Those tapes play continually 24/7. The loop play tapes try to program a target without his knowledge. For some time, the attackers have played loop play tapes in an attempt to create multiple personalities, an old MKUltra objective, telling me that Youre Joe

or Youre Ted. In every case, I know the persons whose names the attackers are using to try to form multiple personalities. I let the attackers know that I am aware of their objective by replying, No, you bastards, Im His Majesty the Most Worshipful Max Harrison Williams the Magnificent. Always have been, am now, and always will be. Over time, I discovered that dozens, perhaps scores of synthetic voices bearing short messages continually hammer my brain in the form of loop play tapes. The attackers are obviously attempting to befuddle my mind with the many simultaneous tapes. They are also trying to program me into associating sex with the names of family members and friends of both genders, including my son and my little granddaughter, as they attempt to cause erections when they call those names. That action is obviously intended to cause me to avoid those people, thus isolating me from my support group. I tell the attackers contemptuously, Theres no association, morons! But such is the evil and perverse nature of the monsters who serve as attackers. That the attackers can aim so many loop-playing tapes at my brain simultaneously indicates the sophistication of the methods used in mind control. This implies that the main handler operates a very good computer. Without a computer, mind control could not be achieved. I urge mind control targets to test themselves to find out whether they are being influenced by the inaudible voices. One way is to experiment with your ears. Place the palm of your dominant hand (that will usually be the right hand) over your ear with the large part of your palm well below your ear. Then, while pressing on your ear, swipe your palm upward a few inches. Do this repeatedly, experimenting with the pressure of your hand on your ear and the position of your hand. At first, you will pick up only an unintelligible sssssh sound. However, by repeating the process many times and listening very closely, you will begin to distinguish words. The words will consist of a phrase or short sentence, which is repeated over an unending loop play tape. You can hear the words in either ear. How the Inaudible Voices Are Used The inaudible, or subconscious, voices take many forms, and their uses are almost limitless. Here are some of them. -- Giving victims negative commands. Their commands are often very subtle, for example: If I were you, Id . . . ; I think that you should . . . .; and Why dont you . . . . In addition to the commands, the attackers, by employing the inaudible whispers, cause victims to misplace items, blank out names, dates and events, make errors while calculating and writing, say things out of context while talking with others, and act in strange ways that are completely alien to their usual demeanor and behavior. They also employ the inaudible voices to cause, for example, a targeted driver to take the wrong highway exit when he knows very well the location of the correct exit. The perpetrators also attempt to ruin the health and looks of targets by encouraging binge eating. They whisper to victims that they are voraciously hungry or that they should eat more sweets than usual. Their aim is to get the target hopelessly out of shape and debilitated. Their whispered commands are often sinister, causing targets to harm themselves. Some targets have actually committed suicide as a result of suggestions by the attackers and holographic images to that effect.

The power of suggestion to the brains subconscious is truly amazing. The attackers condition targets for mind control by inducing dreams in which the victims plays out whatever role the attackers assign him. On one occasion while I slept, the attackers caused me to believe that I was an elderly Confederate veteran of the Civil War reminiscing about his experiences in the battle of Gettysburg. I was telling about my horse being shot and going down, about my being wounded, and about seeing comrades blown to bits with cannon balls. I woke from the dream with real tears in my eyes. Attackers use known traits of victims in issuing their commands. For example, I am a strong believer in politeness, and I try to instill that quality in my grandchildren. Thus, knowing that, the attackers preface their commands with please. Thus, instead of simply saying, go to sleep, they will say, Please go to sleep. Or they often say, Id appreciate it if . . . . -- Making statements about the victims family members and friends intended to cause estrangement of relations between them and the victims and thus isolate the victim. In my case, the attackers continually mention my son, to whom I am very close, and my two sisters, always while attempting to cause an involuntary erection. Such is the evil nature of the REA assailants. I telepathically tell the attackers that they cannot damage my relationship with my son, that my love for him and his family is undying, eternal, and unconditional. Despite that, they continue to attempt to cause me to think of them in a different manner and instill guilt in me. Usually family members believe that a target is delusional. If they do believe that their relative is being harassed, they are placed in a very difficult position. If they support the target, they perhaps put themselves and their family in danger of also being attacked. If they do not support the loved one, they are effectively isolating that individual from his family support system on which people have always relied. Many of the targets are parents and grandparents. If they are ostracized, they must live without the emotional support of their family members. Moreover, their grandchildren must grow up without seeing and interacting with their grandparents. It is a no-win situation for the target and his family members. I know a target who has not seen either one of her two children or her several grandchildren in over a decade. -- Causing victims to think in negative terms about almost everybody and everything. Their device(s) cause absurd thoughts in victims. For example, I have an elderly first cousin whom I like but to whom I am not particularly close. We rarely visit. Yet, one day while thinking about calling her, the thought of being an heir of hers surged into my mind. My cousin has three children, several grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. That negativity colors many of my normal thoughts. Their software also causes me to hear negative and suggestive words in place of ordinary words when I watch TV or listen to the radio. -- Blanking out certain thoughts. The attackers whispering can not only cause targets to think about the topics that they project into targets minds but also cause targets to fail to think about important matters. The attackers delight in making targets forget appointments with people, leave items behind that they intended to take with them, and forget where they place common household items. The attackers also apparently enjoy causing targets to remember people whose names the attackers have blanked out of the targets minds. After the target

tries hard for several minutes to remember the name, the attackers will suddenly allow the target to remember that name. This creates a psychological dependency on the attackers for information. -- Making threats. My attackers have often told me that they were going to burn down my house. On other occasions, they have told me that they were going to cause my son accidents, going to send the death squad, and going to cause renal failure. I simply laugh at them. -- Introducing deviant sexual ideas and feelings that victims would dismiss and reject if they were conscious of them. The attackers continually emphasize incest, necrophilia, and other sordid sexual acts in their talking. I cared for my bedridden mother for eight months before she died; on one occasion, the psychopaths who attempt to control my mind showed me a holographic picture of my climbing into bed with her just after she died. The evil and sickness of the attackers is sometimes unbelievable. -- Creating in victims a lack of confidence in themselves by disparaging their capabilities and accentuating their faults. Whenever I work on home improvement projects or assemble items, the attackers ridicule, taunt, and curse during the efforts, telling me that Im doing it wrong. Indeed, they do their best through their voices to my brain to cause me to make errors. Knowing that and hearing their constant voices, I am very careful in what I do. Although they do sometimes cause me to make errors, they cannot stop me from starting and finishing projects--successfully. -- Sending victims on wild goose chases and believing things that are not true. This has happened to me on various occasions. Once, for example, the attackers sent telepathic thoughts about the owner of a defunct radio station in another city that I suspected may have been a clandestine site of the local operations center, and I actually went and located his house. On another occasion they convinced me that surveillance bugs were hidden throughout my house, and I took screws out of receptacles and other items. On still another occasion, they convinced me that I had psychic powers that allowed me to determine the locations of implanted devices on other targets. I even informed some of those targets where their devices were located. I later learned that the attackers amuse themselves by causing targets to believe that they possess special powers. They also made me believe that my nephews business computer had been hacked to obtain his business transactions and accounts and that one of his employees was responsible. I even told my nephew about it, which made him question my sanity. In addition, they caused me to believe that a particular local Pentecostal church was responsible for the electronic and mind control activities employed against me. The attackers even provided a fake name of the minister of that church. On another occasion, they provided me the name of an FBI agent in Houston, a fake one, of course, with whom I was supposed to get in touch. I attempted to enlist the help of still another nephew who lives in Houston in getting in touch with that agent. After having contacted the nephew, I realized that it was a ruse. The damage that they sought, however, had already been done, for that nephew was sure that I was losing it. The attackers still attempt to delude me. However, experience is very valuable. I now know to question whatever thought comes to mind. In traveling, I must be very careful, for the attackers will cause me to make errors in driving, for example, turning at the wrong exit or

missing an exit ramp. At home while carpentering, I measure twice and concentrate on remembering the number, as the attackers will introduce a different number in my mind. -- Convincing the target that he is crazy. One of the aims of the handler sociopaths is to cause the target to think that he is losing his mind. My attackers very often remark subliminally, Hes crazy. I tell the attackers who monitor me that if I am crazy everybody should be crazy, for I am very content with my life. On the other hand, I tell them that they endure a shitty existence. -- Inducing anxiety. (More about anxiety later.) -- Extracting information. By asking questions with their whispers, the attackers can learn information not only about the target but also about his relatives and friends. For example, whenever the target thinks of a person, he will usually first think his given name. Let us say that the person who comes to the targets mind is named Joe. All the attackers have to do is ask to the targets subconscious, Joe who? The target then tells the attackers Joes surname. I have attempted to resist telling the attackers surnames; yet, there is something in the human brain that makes him think of the last name whenever someone asks Who? The attackers computer also has a lie detector program as well as a program that compels the speaker to tell the truth when he is asked a question, a type of mechanical truth serum. The attackers, of course, know that and use it to their advantage in obtaining information about many people whom the target knows. Although the attackers know your social security, credit card, and driver license numbers, your email passwords, and your checking and savings account numbers, they will normally not use that information for criminal purposes. They have strict orders from the powerbrokers not to do anything that can be traced. Thus, the attackers are not swindlers and con-guys though they may try to convince the target that they are. My attackers often suggest that for a certain sum of money, they will let off. That is pure deception. I answer them by saying, Let off? Im not about to let YOU bastards off the hook! -- Getting the target to trust them. That was borne out in the subconscious voices that I discovered, saying continually through the loop play tape, Trust me. My attackers also continually tell me in the audible subliminal talking to trust them. I laugh at them and ridicule them for thinking that I might ever possibly trust them. Trust psychopathic criminals? Never. -- Causing targets to see holographic images. Most targets who receive the voices also complain that they see horrible holographic depictions. The attackers also used that conditioning technique on me, causing me to see my son drowning and other heartrending scenes. I marveled at the ability of the attackers to project holographic pictures to my brain until I learned their secret. I later learned by holographic images derive from the attackers subconscious telling the target what is happening. The target then draws upon his knowledge and experience to embellish and visualize that occurrence, creating the holographic images. In other words, the holographic images stem from a targets own brain. One night as I prayed to The Great Spirit, images of Jesus (as seen in depictions of that person) popped into my mind. As soon as they appeared, I wiped them out by superimposing a smiley face over the image. Then, I heard the Shitface voice whispering, Jesus, Jesus . . . . At last, now I know how the holographic images are projected into the brain: the

attackers whisper what they want you to see and tell you to view them. The target actually manufactures his own holographic images. Here is how it works. The attackers describe what is happening. The targets subconscious listens to the attackers descriptions, and it conjures up a mental picture that fantasizes whatever subject the attackers want the target to see. In my case, when the attackers whispered Jesus, my brain went back to my youth, when I used to see pictures in Protestant churches of what Christians imagined was the man called Jesus. It was a picture of a bearded man in a purple robe kneeling with an aura of light around his head. When attackers induce a holographic image, the targets mind goes back to movies he has seen, childhood impressions, things that he has heard, and real life experiences to build that holographic image that the attackers want him to see. Now, whenever the attackers attempt to project a holographic image into my mind, I simply say, either subliminally or aloud, Thats bullshit. The image immediately dissipates, as it cannot exist if a target closes his mind to it. Attackers use the subconscious voices on the target long before they start employing their electronic torture tricks on him. After mining the targets memories and thoughts and gathering information from all other sources, they use the voices to convince the target that he is crazy. The target is supposed to (1) commit suicide, (2) seek out a psychiatrist, or (3) act or say something that will allow authorities to make him get a psychological evaluation. All three actions neutralize the target: The first action physically eliminates the target; the second two actions destroy the targets credibility. However, knowing is conquering. After I had been made to look ridiculous several times by my attackers, I learned to discipline my mind from falling for the attackers subconscious commands. I am now very careful about what I do and how I go about it. The attackers also used to delight in making me forget to take items with me when I left the house and forget where I had placed other items. I used to sometimes lock my keys in the vehicle. Now I make a concentrated effort to ensure that when I leave the house I have everything I intended to take with me. I also now rarely misplace items in the house because I am much more alert. My memory has actually improved. Before I discovered the hidden voices, I suffered a bout of extreme anxiety attacks, underwent two painful prostate procedures, and made many judgment errors. Now that I know the cause of those situations, they will never happen again. Let me repeat that targets who get the electronic harassment also get the voices. Although you may not hear the voices, know that they are being projected into your subconscious. The subliminal loop play tapes leave no doubt at all in my mind that psychiatrists and psychologists played a major role in developing the protocol for the mind control element of REA. Psychologists probably even serve as attackers in some cases and advisors in others. Tactics Using the Voices The attackers will oftentimes disguise their voices. The attackers who attempt to manipulate me use three human voices, and one voice in particular, 24/7. Simulations can easily be made by computer programs readily available in any computer store. Various attackers will alternate using the same several voices. Moreover, using their specialized software, they can mimic regional accents in a very authentic manner.

One of the talkers will sometimes simulate the voice of the target himself. That is purposeful. Remember that psychiatrists and psychologists designed the attackers software. The designers knew that a target would be more comfortable and would relate more easily to a person using the same accent and the same type voice. It is also a taunting mockery of the target. Monitoring a target requires constant vigilance and alertness, meaning that the attackers cannot perform longer than three or four hours at a time. That suggests that in most cases the attackers must work in shifts, each shift using the same voices. The objective of using the same voices on each shift is to make the target think that the same three or four voices that he hears are monitoring him twenty-four hours a day. The attackers use simulations of voices not only to deceive the target into thinking that many people are continually monitoring him but they also disguise their voices to keep targets from possibly identifying them. Moreover, using the same voices allows the attackers to employ many pre-recorded materials, recorded in the same voices. The attackers must follow a very detailed training manual. Probably ninety per cent of that manual is pure psychology. At first, the attackers normally use the voices only to depreciate the victims with ugly names and talking, and then they gradually begin to talk directly to the victim. In my case, there are three principal voices as well as a far-off, shrill-sounding voice that sounds like a female shouting. All of that is deception. The shrill far-sounding voice is synthesized to sound shrill and distant, and one single person can use all three voices. In addition, several attackers rotate in shifts, using the same three voices. Moreover, males can assume female voices and vice versa. The attackers can also hit certain keys on their computer to repeat often-used phrases and sentences and to start loop play tapes. The attackers can program certain actions to take place at certain times. Voices with particular messages are played to the targets subconscious as he sleeps. They can also program their device to send jolts to targets whenever those targets are immobile for longer than, say, ten minutes, and they can program the hours at which targets will receive the jolts and vibrations and the circumstances under which they receive them. They can perhaps even pre-determine the strength of those vibrations, based upon the targets thoughts. Even much of the subliminal talking of the attackers is automated. Many of the subliminal voices that targets hear are pre-recorded and played back either continually or at programmed times. The automation allows the attackers freedom of movement and limits the manpower required for monitoring targets. With automation, one single handler can efficiently monitor a target for many hours at a time. It is also highly probable that the attackers have a handheld device that allows them to perform their tricks while on the go. From the outset, the attackers will attempt to make the victims believe that their targeting must be their fault, and they will attempt to fill the victims with guilt. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a court system set up to handle crime, and it has functioned for millennia. Victims must always keep in mind that the attackers are the criminals, not the victims. The attackers seek to establish a personal type of relationship with the target. That does not mean that the relationship is amicable. What the attackers want targets to think is that the attackers know them and have known them for years. That is an important psychological point

for the attackers as they ply their neurological software, including the voices. My attackers often tell me that they went to school with me. Although they most certainly did not go to school with me, that ties them to me psychologically from an early age. Using the V2K, the attackers capitalize on the simplest actions of the target. For example, if a target has the natural thought of hanging up his coat and start to do so, the attackers will order him to hang up his coat. Thus, the target appears to respond to the command by the attackers. That is a ploy on the part of the attackers to establish a dependence of the target on their orders and instructions, thus re-enforcing mind control. The attackers constantly repeat certain phrases to the target and make suggestions to him, oftentimes of a sexual nature. As they make those suggestions, they mention names of family members and friends of the target. After hearing those suggestions day after day, finally, the target expects to hear those phrases and expects to hear the innuendos. The next step is for the target to start relating to those suggestions and believing them. That is psychological conditioning or sensitizing. I believe that many of the aberrant acts that we see in the media stem from subliminal suggestions that perpetrators of REA make to targets, most of whom do not know that they are targeted. Attackers will also introduce into the targets mind a list of words that are supposed to instill guilt, shock, doubt, and shame into the targets thoughts. The target is instructed subliminally that when he hears words on TV, the radio, and in person that sound similar to those imposed upon his mind by the attackers, he will instead hear the latter. It took me a long time to figure out what was happening. Afterward, it didnt matter what words I heard. Many targets believe that the perpetrators of the REA also have the ability to communicate with third persons, or persons who ordinarily might interact on a daily basis with the target. They believe that persons are instructed subliminally to say certain things and use certain words that cause the target to believe that they are accomplices out to do the target harm. This is called directed conversation. Those third parties are not aware of their brain manipulation. Unlike willing and paid accomplices, those third parties unknowingly do the attackers evil work. I still have not decided whether or not this is accurate. I tend to think that because victims brains are being manipulated, they also believe that others in their surroundings can be manipulated by the attackers. A few years ago, the attackers started repeating my thoughts back to me (2008). There are several possible explanations for the attackers doing that: (1) They are recording those thoughts on a digital voice recorder, which they probably forward to another location. (2) They are repeating the thoughts to others either present or also monitoring me by phone who cannot hear those thoughts. The thoughts are probably picked up over earphones attached to the computer. Perhaps only one person can listen at a time; thus, they repeat the thoughts to others. (3) They simply seek to annoy me and continually remind me of their capability of hearing my thoughts. (4) The continual repetitions heighten anxiety. The objective may be a combination of all of those possible scenarios. As the target forms thoughts in his mind, the attackers computer apparently provides the attackers dates, biographical facts, and other information to add to and embellish the targets thoughts. The purpose of this is to intimidate the target into believing that the attackers are all-

knowing. The attackers, in fact, often blank out data in the targets mind so that they can supply the information to him. That action seeks to establish a target's dependence on his attackers. The attackers include all professions and occupations. For example, if the target is a carpenter, one of the attackers on every shift will be very knowledgeable of carpentry. Very curiously, the attackers use many odd means to project their voices. When I shower, the attackers cause voices to come over the falling water. The second I turn off the water, the voices stop. The voices obviously are not actually in the water. The water only provides an energy source, which picks up the loop play tapes and other recordings from that area that are playing at the time. Once again, that hints at directed sound. They can even cause my stomach to growl and inject words and phrases into the resulting growling sound. Sometimes when I push or pull an object and friction occurs, I can hear the attackers voices. I gradually learned that the voices are also recorded on loop play tapes and played continually to my subconscious, constantly re-enforcing the attackers objectives. In the case of the stomachs growling, I used to think that the attackers projected their voices into my stomach. However, I later decided that the many voices and recordings of voices instead are projected into the electromagnetism that surrounds my house and surroundings. When the attackers cause my stomach to growl, either the noise or the friction picks up the voices. I may be wrong. The attackers can also inject their real-time voices into the growling. The same case applies to running water and the various appliances. The attackers know that those sounds pick up the frequencies with the voices. The attackers may also know several major languages. If not, their computer software can interpret those languages. That type software has been available for years and is in fact used to make actors in movies appear to be speaking different languages from the original ones used in making the films. Latinos, Afro-Americans, and East Indians have physically cooperated with the attackers in harassing me at various times; however, they were probably simply accomplices and not a part of the REA teams. One night I woke suddenly to hear the voice of a young-sounding, male East Indian saying to me, (A name) is in the bathroom vomiting. The name was my oldest and best friend, who was in his last battle against stomach cancer. The attackers had been trying for some time to create multiple personalities in me using the names of friends and relatives, including that particular friend. The voice of the East Indian was a real-time voice, and the speaker obviously did not realize that I had awoken. I have East Indian friends and have traveled in India; thus, I instantly recognized the unusual pronunciation of English by the East Indian. Accidentally hearing that sentence by the East Indian causes me to think that perhaps the powerbrokers who mastermind the electronic stalking and mind control projects may outsource some of their targeting. My microchip may even have been manufactured in India although it is more likely that it was manufactured in Israel. The attackers can also simulate the projection of voices. Once a worker was repairing the roof of an adjacent building, and I heard him talking about me. However, strangely nobody else was near him. I later discovered that the attackers can use a targets V2K to make him think that voices also come from outside his body. They can manipulate the V2K for it to sound as if it is coming from afar. That is pure deception. It is done with their software via the method

used for V2K. As in the case of the electronic torture, the voices will follow the target wherever he goes. That suggests that satellites may somehow be used to project the voices. In a 2003 article named Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance, author John Fleming writes that satellites are employed for manipulating a person's mind with an audio subliminal message (a sound too low for the ear to consciously detect but which affects the unconscious). In trying thereby to get a person to do what you want him to do, it does not matter if the target is asleep or awake. At least one target with whom I have communicated believes that targeting is now an industry. The crime world has somehow obtained the secret of targeting, and they hire out those services. I do not believe that is the case, for if it were, the FBI would not hesitate in looking for the criminals. It is my understanding that satellite use, except for the GPS, requires knowledge of the nomenclature of the satellite and its codes/signals. If that is true, individuals and renegade groups would not be able to make use of them unless they were provided the codes/signals. If satellites are not used, then some other wide-ranging object such as radio towers and cell phones may very likely provide the constant contact required for conveying the electronic effects and the voices, i.e., mind control. Targets often debate whether their electronic torture and mind control is conducted via satellite or by local assailants. The answer is probably both. One group of assailants probably hooks the targets in some yet unknown manner and then uses a satellite to turn them over to local attackers. A field of electromagnetism around the target may be necessary to relay the electronic effects and V2K. I get the V2K continually 24/7, with only very short intermittent periods of quiet. For a long time, I have thought that the electronic effects and voices were projected by satellite. However, I acknowledge that they could also come from a local source, perhaps through directed sound Targets who hear the voices know that the voices can also be projected over household motors such as air conditioner/heating units, space heaters, and even grass cutters or tractors used outside. Motors create motion, and the motion in turn causes vibrations, or frequencies. Even the sound and motion of running water, as in a shower, creates frequencies. I believe that the attackers voices are projected into a field of electromagnetism that surrounds a target and the voices then find an outlet in anything that produces a vibration, or a frequency, including our brain. Even the sound and vibration of a targets breathing provide frequencies that may allow the reception of the voices. If I am correct, (a) the voices come over a field of electromagnetism that blankets ones domicile and surroundings rather than focusing directly on a targets skull and (b) the directed voices require some object or substance in the targets body to allow him to hear the voices; otherwise, anybody near him could hear the same voices. The voices are crucial to mind control. Mind control cannot be carried out without them. In using the voices, the attackers seek several objectives: (1) Make the target doubt his sanity. (2) Cause the target not to be able to distinguish his own thoughts from the thoughts sent to him by the subliminal voices. The thoughts inserted and injected into the targets mind

through the subliminal voices mingle with the targets own thoughts. The brain cannot readily separate the natural thoughts from the inserted thoughts. This, of course, influences the targets actions immensely. Those actions are normally negative and adversely affect his well being. (3) Distract the target. By constantly filling his mind with ugly, directed, and oftentimes meaningless garbage, the attackers confuse the targets mind. That makes him very vulnerable to mind control actions. The attackers do not have to be skillful psychologists to do this. Most of the content injected is crude and extraneous. (4) Cause the target to hear words and phrases intentionally programmed for him to hear while watching TV and listening to normal conversation. Usually those words and phrases that he is programmed to hear will be either very negative thoughts, suggestions of suicide, or nasty sexual suggestions. He is led to believe that they are his own thoughts although they are not; thus, this is similar to Number 2 above. For those targets who receive the voices, your attackers will attempt to appear helpful and make you believe that what they are telling you is for your own good and that you will be better off if you follow their advice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What they are trying to do is gain your confidence to get you accustomed to following their orders. The attackers are not there to do you good but to do you harm! The creation of multiple personalities is not just a meaningless, fun exercise for the attackers; indeed, it has a very real objective. The targets additional personalities are not random identities but those of other people whom the targets know. The reasoning is that the target and his other personalities might share some of the same characteristics, thoughts, and ideas. The creation of multiple personalities was one of the objectives of the CIA-sponsored MKULTRA Project. Codes in V2K In talking to the victims brain, the attackers use code words and expressions. Many of the codes are embedded in their statements and not readily recognized as code; others are very obviously code. Regardless of how the codes are stated, they signal to the targets brain certain reactions that the attackers expect of him. That suggests that the target was hypnotized at some point. If a victim notices the context, or situation, in which the attackers use the codes and his mind responds to their codes, it is not difficult to figure out the meaning of most of those codes. The target must have been previously hypnotized; otherwise, the codes would be meaningless to him and he would not respond. Early in my targeting, a voice seemed to be instructing the other attackers on some facet of mind control. That voice said to the others (paraphrased), First you start out in a simple manner, asking the target How old are you? I gradually learned that that was not at all an instructor teaching other attackers mind control techniques but instead a code that opened my mind to the attackers use of age progression in plying me with questions concerning various phases of my life. I have awoken many times to hear a handler telling me that I was a certain age and asking me questions. The attackers can also make the target focus on time periods in the lives of other family members and friends. The codes that the attackers use are used for particular mind control objectives. For example,

in my case: I scream, or ice cream, both pronounced the same, instills anxiety. I was supposed to think that the code was ice cream; however, I later deduced the real meaning: I scream, designed to induce anxiety. The code come in, spoken as if they were inviting someone into their home, opens up the victims mind to questioning; The expression beats the shit out of me makes the victim feel an urge to defecate; and I see you and I hear you prepare the victim psychologically for brain mining by the attackers. Go git im causes an involuntary erection. All attackers may have their own codes. The code words and expressions used by the attackers strongly hint that the attackers employ hypnotic pre-suggestions to trigger thoughts and actions in targets. The codes consist of proper names, place names, objects, phrases, and sentences. Several times I have awoken suddenly during the night, when the attackers have not yet realized that I was awake, to hear very weird music and the drone of a kind of singing, or chanting, using particular words. On one occasion, a male was chanting, and I heard the word vibrate or vibration and my code name Estados Unidos. Other Uses of the Voices The REA assailants are also able to project voices and other sounds through objects near the victim, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near him. Their sounds can take the form of knocking on the walls, wind and rain, dogs barking, falling stacks of lumber, and birds cooing or singing. Some of those sounds might be heard by others if they were present; however, the stalkers are careful not to make the noises if there are visitors. I live alone, as many victims do, and my dog often barks at some of the noises that the stalkers project into the yard and pasture. One can buy computer programs that make those same sounds. The stalkers can send their voices through a radio, even when the radio is turned off. They can also make you think that people at nearby tables in restaurants and other public places are talking about you by projecting voices into your ears/brain that seem to come from their direction. (Directed sound again?) In applying their evil, the electronic stalkers make use of equipment that changes their voices to hide their identity. Voice changing programs are readily available on the internet for purchase. They can also duplicate the voices of people with whom you often talk. The attackers also bombard your brain with loop play tapes using words that they want you to hear on TV and radio. Probably through hypnosis, the attackers instruct the targets that they will hear those words whenever the syntax, syllables, prefixes and suffixes in the language used on TV and radio sound similar to the loop play words. I discovered that while watching TV. The speakers were saying words that I knew had no relation to their subject matter. It took over a year to figure out that the attackers were, in effect, substituting their words for words used by the speakers. The attackers voices have also programmed me to reverse many of the letters in words that I type, for example, placing a particular vowel before a particular consonant or vice versa. I used to type accurately. Now I have to be very careful in typing and then go back and review what I have written before sending anything by email. Usually simple words like about become aobut.

V2K Can Be Recorded Several targets have succeeded in recording their attackers V2K. I am one of those who have done so. Let me hasten to mention that I did not initiate that action, for I am not at all technically inclined. Here is what happened. A target with whom I corresponded first told me about capturing the sounds of his attackers. He explained that he had bought a small digital voice recorder, had recorded the ambience around him, and then had used a program called Audacity to enhance any sounds that the recordings might have picked up. He was astounded to hear words, phrases, and expressions spoken by his attackers. I followed his advice and his instructions, first buying a small Olympus DVR. In a location far from appliances and other distractions, I recorded the silence around me. Then, I sent the recordings by computer to my target friend, as my attackers had muted the volume on my PC and I had not yet gotten a technician to correct it. The other target listened to my tapes and heard many distinguishable words. Some of the words and phrases that he heard on my recordings were instantly meaningful to me; others had little significance to my knowledge to the targeting. The other target had sent his recordings to a nationally renown sound expert, who had verified the findings of my target friend. At his suggestion, I also sent my recordings to that same technician. Three paragraphs of the technicians report follow.
Dr. Max H. Williams states that he has been a victim of remote-delivered electronic physical and neurological attacks by unknown parties using unknown devices since no later than summer of 2005. In December, 2005, he began to hear voices that were not his. Others around him could not, however, hear those voices. Advised by another victim that there was a method to record the voices, Dr. Williams decided to make that effort. In January, 2011, Dr. Williams bought an Olympus digital voice recorder and recorded the ambience around him to determine whether he might be able to pick up the voices. He contacted me on February 1st, 2011 and asked if I would listen to fourteen sample recordings of various lengths, taken at various times, and analyze them. I decided to take his case. . . . I went into the audio structure a bit deeper and found amazing vocal patterns that I have only heard on two other cases in my ten years of experience. The actual Hz (Hertz) levels contained in one of his files were of a paranormal nature in that they were not of the normal sample rate pattern of Dr. Williamss recording device. Those frequencies found were, in my opinion, of a man-made or unknown origin. The actual frequency numbers and settings were, in fact, in my opinion, deliberate to Dr. Williams. I was able to isolate the following frequencies in the area surrounding Dr. Williams: The right channel frequency is 1429.32 Hz and the left channel is 1438.36 Hz. The actual location of the transmissions is unknown, but I believe that they may be very close to his vicinity. In analyzing the recordings, I discovered one dominate male voice captured at a decibel level of 46.7 and was able to amplify this voice to an understandable level. Although I could not clearly hear the entire statement of this male voice, I was able to hear certain words. The actual voice message that I heard is quite clear and appears to be giving Mr. Williams some kind of instruction.

That technician is costly to hire. Short of that part of the recording process, the cost is not great. My small digital tape recorder that the other target recommended cost a little over a hundred dollars at Best Buy. The Audacity program can be downloaded free of charge. If it is

no longer free, it will not be expensive. What is it worth to capture the voices of your attackers? I cannot say. However, now I have a statement from a recognized audio expert certifying that there are indeed voices in my surroundings, which means that I am not delusional. The certification may also be of some value should the local or other authorities ever attempt to force me to undergo psychiatric treatment. Even if a target cannot afford the assistance of a technician, he can study and analyze his own recordings. In so doing, he may hear some subliminal communication from his attackers that might prove meaningful in determining the identity of his assailants. Summation of Capabilities Of those fifteen capabilities discussed above, Number 14, mind reading, and Number 15, voices, loom above the others in conquering the victims mind and spirit. In fact, hearing voices and having minds read sound so incredible that most victims do not talk about their experiences. Those who do so are usually believed to be delusional. After all, if one hears voices and believes that people can read his thoughts, he must be crazy. And that is exactly what psychiatrists tell victims, that they suffer from dementia or paranoia-schizophrenia. Several targets with whom I have corresponded claim that their attackers can inject mindaltering and body-function drugs into their bodies. While that may be possible, it presupposes that those drugs have already been deposited somewhere in their bodies and poised for release at some point. That probably can actually be done. However, I suspect that the targets attackers deceive them into believing that those drugs are being administered by playing with their minds. Again, post-hypnotic suggestions may figure in that belief. I consider myself very fortunate to know that I am targeted and to be able to hear both the audible and the inaudible voices. Once a target realizes that he is targeted, he can counter many of the attackers induced actions and symptoms. It is far better for a victim to know that he is targeted than for him to suffer strange symptoms and act in a bizarre manner that causes him and others to question his sanity without knowing the reason. Remote-Induced Ailments and Conditions Through the use of unknown and unseen instruments employed by remote and also the use of neurological assault, conducted mainly with the voices, the attackers can induce a variety of ailments, diseases, and conditions in targets. Many of the symptoms of electronic stalking and mind control have already been listed. Some of the induced effects are physical and can either be visibly seen, detected by medical instruments, or measured. Other effects are purely psychological and cannot be detected. Several conditions have both physical and psychological origins. I discuss below some of those handler-induced effects under three headings: (1) physical, (2) psychological, and (3) a combination of both physical and psychological. Physical Using unknown and unseen instruments by remote, the attackers can slowly debilitate a target physically. One of their instruments acts as a type of laser. By continually lasering

certain parts and organs of the targets body, the attackers can induce various kinds of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, and skin cancer. The tactic involves repeated assault so that the cells do not have time to repair themselves, thus causing cancer. The attackers induced basal cell carcinoma on my right nostril in that manner. Night after night after I retired and lay still in bed, I felt a laser-like beam passing over my face. The laser felt like it was perhaps a quarter of an inch in diameter. After exploring my face for a while, it would focus on my right nostril and remain there for several seconds. Sometimes I felt a pin prick sensation when it focused on that spot. After feeling the laser on my nostril for several months, a small mole-like knot somewhat darker in color than the remaining skin appeared there. I knew of course that the attackers had caused the small knot. I visited a dermatologist to see if my suspicions were correct. Surely enough, a biopsy found that the spot was cancerous. In looking back in my journal, I found fifty-two references to the lasering before the dermatologist diagnosed the spot as cancerous. One target with whom I communicate had his intestines perforated by probably the same laser-like instrument. As a result, doctors had to perform a very serious operation on the target to remove most of those intestines. Afterward, he could no longer work and make a living for himself. Attackers can also cause appendicitis, fibromyalgia, hiatal hernias, herniated disks, arthritis, poor eyesight, poor hearing, and other detectable ailments and conditions. There is a wide pattern of physical assaults on targets bodies by remote. Targets are virtually helpless against those attacks. Psychological The attackers neurological weaponry also causes many ailments, diseases, and conditions of a psychological nature that are not detectable. One of the main psychologically-induced conditions is what doctors refer to as Alzheimers disease. The attackers induce that condition in a methodical fashion. They first begin working on the target by blanking out the names of certain persons, places, or objects in the targets mind. Thus, when talking with others the victim will often pause and search for a word. The attackers gradually blank out more and more words, causing the victim to become increasingly less functional. Then they blank out familiar locations. Those victims often forget where their houses are located while driving and end up having to be rescued and taken home. They later even forget the locations of the bathroom and how to perform their bodily functions. They forget the names of family members and friends. Many of those people who today are diagnosed with Alzheimers are victims, not patients. Many targets know for a fact that their attackers can blank out thoughts in their minds. That has frequently happened to me although I have learned largely to override the attackers effects. The attackers use a computer to enter words, places, objects, people, and many thoughts familiar to the victim into their data system, and they then program their software to blank out those thoughts in a slow manner that makes the victim look like a sufferer of dementia. The blanked-out thoughts gradually destroy the victims mind, resulting in the disease commonly called Alzheimers. The attackers subliminal suggestions and commands to the victim augment the effect of the computer software.

Someday scientists will know that many, if not most of the Alzheimer sufferers are instead victims of electronic stalking and mind control. And they will know that the disease is not natural but is induced by remote. Scientists will know, but will the powerbrokers and their controlled media allow that knowledge to be revealed? Just as targets know about the attackers ability to blank out thought, they also know that the attackers directed energy weapons can sap the energy of targets and cause complete lethargy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a fairly recent phenomenon that first appeared in the 1970s. I would be willing to bet my last dollar that it is an induced condition. Likewise, dermatitis, another relatively recent condition, is probably also a result of the attackers lasers. The attackers neurological assault, mainly through the hidden voices, can also cause targets to exhibit signs of behavior usually associated with schizophrenia and paranoia. Psychiatrists will someday realize, if they do not already, that schizophrenic and paranoid conditions can be and are regularly induced by the attackers remote subliminal voices. Combination Some conditions appear to be caused by a combination of the attackers directed energy weapons as well as psychological suggestions delivered through the attackers telepathic voices to the victims brains. One such condition is commonly called a pinched nerve. The attackers can use their instruments to locate a victims sciatic nerve, fix that location on the computer software, and relentlessly strike that nerve, causing the victim great pain and debilitation. In addition to the attackers using their instruments to cause a pinched nerve, they re-enforce the condition by continually telling the victim subliminally that he is experiencing great pain. Many patients who are told by doctors that they have a pinched nerve are instead only victims of electronic stalking and mind control. Other conditions such as restless legs also have both a physical and psychological origin. The attackers can touch the spine in a particular location in such a way that it causes the sensation of restless legs. At the same time, the attackers tell the victim through synthetic telepathy that he is feeling the restless legs sensation. Induced Alzheimers Disease Whether or not Alzheimers is a bona fide disease is questionable, for Alzheimers can be and is continually induced by victims attackers. How does it happen? Mind control. The process is slow and methodical. The attackers start out by blanking out words in the victims thoughts. The blanked-out word will be somebodys name, a place, or an object. Then, the attackers will provide that word to the victim through the whispers to his subconscious. He suddenly remembers the word that he thinks he has forgotten. That method creates a dependency on the attackers to supply words that the victim believes he has forgotten. Finally, after many months of causing the victim to forget words, the attackers begin causing the victim to lose his train of thought while both thinking to himself and especially in talking with others. They do that repeatedly, convincing the victim as well as those around him that he is losing his mind. They keep blanking out more and more thoughts. One day, the victim

forgets where he lives, and he drives aimlessly around looking for his house. Relatives later find him on the other side of the city. They take his keys away from him and stop him from driving. He then forgets where the bathroom is in his house. Much later, he has problems using his knife and fork when he eats. By that time, he and his relatives and friends believe that he has an advanced case of Alzheimers. He takes very expensive medicine that is supposed to help him. It does little to stop his slide into oblivion. In the end, he becomes little more than a vegetable, breathing but not living. I am certain that one of my brothers-in-law was a victim of induced Alzheimers. He was a brilliant chemist who started his career with an oil company. He worked over the years with several oil companies. Later, he bought land and developed a mobile home, or trailer, park on it. In the latter work, he made enemies when he had to repossess trailers or force renters to pay their rent. At some point, he was hooked by either somebody in the oil companies or somebody who had something to do with the trailer park. I knew nothing about targeting at the time. I watched as he slowly lost his mind. He finally had to be led to the table, where he tried to eat with his hands. He had to be led to his bedroom and be put to bed. He had to be bathed. He died in that mindless condition. Natural dementia has been around probably as long as humans have existed. However, Alzheimers is a post-World War II disease that can be either natural dementia, which is probably genetic, or induced. Each decade, we see more and more Alzheimers. If Alzheimers is induced, who benefits from it? First of all, it benefits the pharmaceutical companies that provide the medicines used to treat it. Despite those medicines, I have yet to see them halt the advance of Alzheimers, which is further proof that it is induced. Secondly, it is a way to neutralize somebody in a seemingly natural manner. The Israelis neutralized Yasser Arafat through induced Alzheimers. During the last six months of his life, he increasingly lost his ability to think. By the time he died, he was practically a zombie. I repeat that Alzheimers can be and is induced. It is induced through the software that is used with the device that hooks the victim. Through that software, the attackers whisper to the victim that he is losing his mind, and they blank out and supply thoughts with the same whispers. Finally they blank out increasingly more of the persons memory. He eventually loses his ability to think. The Attackers Use of Neurological Trickery By using psychological trickery, the attackers convince targets that their attackers are far smarter than they actually are. Here is one example of that duplicity. When using synthetic telepathy on a target, attackers will often induce a thought or intercept a targets natural thought about a person, place, or object. They will then blank out of the targets conscious some aspect that the target was thinking concerning that person, place, or object. The targets subconscious knows the missing, or blanked out, information, but not his conscious. Since the attackers can read the targets mind and thoughts, they pluck the answer out of the targets subconscious and then tell him the answer. That makes the target believe that the answer came from his attackers and that they possess a vast store of knowledge, whereas they got the answer from the target himself. The target gives them the

answer; not the reverse. Let me give you an example of that trickery. While watching TV one evening, I saw a story about Rock Creek Park, a sprawling, wooded acreage in Washington, DC where many residents bike, jog, and walk. I remembered that a young Washington resident was murdered in Rock Creek Park. She was an aide to a Congressman, and the Congressman was under suspicion for a long while. Although I knew the name of the woman, when the name surfaced in my conscious, it came up Sandra Levy. The attackers had blanked out the young womans given name. However, they had either seen or heard her real name in my subconscious. When they told me Chandra, I was astounded. For a time I believed that they actually had that knowledge and may have even been from the Washington area. After years of studying the attackers and analyzing their actions, however, I later realized that the attackers were using the method of blanking out and filling in. They had blanked out my thought and had then made it look like their thought. They also use that method for other purposes. For example, one day I looked in the fridge for some pickle relish that I knew was there, yet I did not see it. Then I looked in all of the kitchen cabinets. I still did not see it. Several days later I found the pickle relish in the fridge exactly where I knew it should have been The attackers wanted me to think that either I was losing my mind or that somebody had secretly entered my house, taken the relish, and then reentered my house to replace it (gaslighting). In reality, the attackers had told my subconscious that I would not see the pickle relish, so I did not see it. I have noticed that in my case the attackers can only temporarily blank out a thought, and that thought will eventually return. Such are the neurological tricks that the attackers play. Knowing what the target is thinking, the attackers also attempt to impress the victim with their knowledge. By using their high-speed computers, they research very quickly topics that come to the targets mind to tell him information about the topics. They even sometimes guide the target psychologically to particular topics that they have already sought information on for the same purpose. The attackers aim is to make the target feel that they are super intelligent and informed. They usually are not. In actuality, they retrieve most of what they know from the targets own minds and from the internet. Most attackers have only very average minds, and many of them are undereducated for the work that they pretend to do. Such is the neurological trickery that the attackers employ. A large percentage of the effects of electronic stalking and mind control represent neurological tampering with the targets mind. If a target has unusual difficulty in swallowing food, if he has severe indigestion, or if he feels sudden strange aches and pain, those occurrences are often the results of attackers using the subconscious voices instructing his mind that he is experiencing those problems. Whenever I feel that the attackers are causing a particular problem using their psychological tricks, I tell my mind to correct that problem. It does. Try it. Whenever you are hit the next time with some of those annoying and sometimes frightening occurrences, tell your mind to find the area of your brain that the attackers are using to do them and then tell it to stop the resulting effects. You are the owner of your mind. You have to learn to use your good mind against the attackers neurological trickery, a version of fighting fire with fire.

Before I go to sleep, I ask my mind to protect me and to remember the induced dreams, staged scenarios, and other incidents that occur while I sleep. Recently while sleeping, I suddenly woke choking. The attackers had told my mind as I slept that I had swallowed some type of small white ball. I woke trying to get the ball out of my throat. As I gasped and coughed trying to get the object unstuck, my mind signaled me that there was nothing in my throat. The effects stopped instantly. My mind even recalled hearing the attackers instructions while I slept, telling me that I was choking and describing the object caught in my throat. Another psychological trick on the part of the attackers is making targets believe that they see them at all times, including when they use the bathroom. Because of that deception, many targets are afraid to bathe and perform their bodily functions. It is true that the attackers device(s) can view a targets movements and his locations throughout his dwelling, but the figure that they see is probably a tiny dot or shadowy figure on their monitor. Since they know the targets dwelling very well and can follow that dot, they do indeed know when he is in the bathroom. They also hear the targets thought that he is going to the bathroom. It may be true that the attackers can see what a target sees through his own eyes. However, if so they cannot see his entire body, for the target himself cannot see his entire body. Nevertheless, the attackers can read the targets subconscious thoughts and his thoughts determine his actions. For example, a targets brain must register the thought of shampooing his hair before the target actually performs that action. They cannot see the target actually shampooing his hair because the target himself cannot see that. Yet, the attackers know exactly what the target is doing in real time. They can often tell him the brand of shampoo he is using because the target subconsciously noted the brand name and the attackers read that thought. More trickery. I suggest that if a target is sensitive about the voyeurs watching him in the bathroom, he may want to use only a plug-in night light instead of the overhead light when he bathes and does his bodily functions. If you believe that the attackers can see through your own eyes, avoid looking at your private parts. If your eyes do not see them, the attackers eyes most certainly will not be able to see them unless there is a hidden camera in your bathroom. That, of course, is a very different issue. I am beginning to doubt that the attackers can see what a target sees through the latters eyes. That capability certainly seems to exist, but it may depend on how a target is hooked, whether the attackers have that particular software, and whether the attackers are trained to use it. In my case, the attackers have a parallel computer that acts as my computer. Technicians might call it a shared or a ghost computer. I believe that they also have a parallel, or shared, satellite system that acts as my TV. Using the same satellite TV provider that I do, the attackers use their TV as if it were mine. When I watch TV, my brain registers what channel I am turning to, so the attackers turn to that same channel. Thus, they can see and hear what I see and hear. I doubt, however, that they are viewing the TV from my eyes, for one night when I turned off the TV, I could still hear the audio part of the program that I had been watching. The attackers must have left their TV on and my hearing picked it up.

Here is another reason that I doubt that they see through my eyes. In 2009, the attackers set about destroying much of my eyesight. Before they started attacking my eyes with pin pricks, I could read the TV captions perfectly. Now the captions are largely blurred and I have difficulty reading them. Whenever I read the captions and get a word wrong, the attackers correct that word. Use logic. If they saw the captions through my eyesight, they would see only the same blur that I see and would be unable to correct the words that I read incorrectly. The attackers have the capability of blanking out words and substituting other words. For example, a friend of mind once told me something about her boyfriend, calling him Tim. I later referred to Tim, and she corrected me. It was Steve. Now, there is little resemblance between the word Tim and Steve. The attackers were trying to give my friend the perception that I could not remember his name and that I was perhaps losing my memory. In another instance, on a TV program one night an Afro-American character commented that there were no other whites around. He was the only Afro-American there, so the attackers caused me to hear white instead of black. Synthetic telepathy to a targets subconscious also engages in trickery by getting the target accustomed to obeying the attackers commands. Here is how it works. Whenever I defecate, for example, my attackers always tell me to wash my hands. They know, of course, that I never fail to wash my hands after bowel movements. I also use a large amount of black pepper on my food, so the attackers always tell me to add black pepper. Those commands concerning a targets routine actions are Psychology 101 material, meant to accustom the target to obeying the attackers instructions. Every thought, perception, idea, feelings, emotion, what one senses, and even his ambulatory ability and other physical functions emanate in the brain. The scientists who developed the device/method used in electronic stalking and mind control and the scientists who wrote the trainer manual for that process were acutely aware that the brain controls everything that we do. That knowledge drives a large part of the torture that targets are subjected to, much of which is purely psychological in origin. And that very deeply implicates psychiatrists and psychologists in the torture matrix. Anxiety, One of the Attackers Main Tools Inducing anxiety in victims is one of the attackers objectives. Targets should be aware that anxiety is an altogether induced symptom, created by the attackers whispering and playing loop play tapes to the victims subconscious. I define anxiety as a high state of nervousness, a feeling of un-wellbeing, and a sense of unsettledness in a person. It places one on edge, full of fright but not knowing what is frightening him. It robs the victim of sleep, for he is even afraid to sleep. It keeps him from eating because he thinks that the food will choke him to death or it does the opposite, causes him to stuff himself with food when he does not want or need it. He is apprehensive, depressed, defensive, disoriented, disgruntled, and unfocused. He is unable to concentrate. He cannot make plans, and even if he can, he cannot executive them. In my opinion, anxiety is the worst possible condition short of death itself. One must experience it to know what I am talking about. The attackers know a victims most vulnerable emotional moments, which are usually the

result of some traumatic negative action like a divorce, a house foreclosure, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. They play up that loss with the hidden voices, causing the victim extreme anxiety. Indeed, he often does go over the edge into full panic, for the anxiety will eventually become panic, which drives a victim to a psychiatrist, gets him committed to a psychiatric clinic, or causes him to take some other drastic action such as suicide. I have always been a very positive, upbeat, optimistic person. Nevertheless, not knowing about the attackers subconscious communication at the time, I became a victim of anxiety in the summer of 1999, not long after my mother died. One day I was sitting in the patio when I suddenly panicked. I had never experienced panic attacks. The anxiety worsened over several months. The psychological panics occurred daily. I woke up in the morning from almost sleepless nights dreading for another nightfall to come, for the panics were even more severe at night. I developed a fear of water, although I shower daily and sometimes even two or three times in hot weather. That did not keep me from bathing; however, I dreaded to see it rain, and could not stand the thought of getting wet in the rain. I could not eat a filling meal, as it triggered still more anxiety. I began losing weight and looking haggard. Finally, I asked my nephews wife, who was a nurse, to make me an appointment with a psychiatrist to find out what was going on. I saw the psychiatrist twice and took two prescriptions of Prozac. Then, a greater force took over, and I gradually rose above that problem. The psychiatrist dismissed me after two visits, telling me that I did not need him. That turned out to be very true. In a few months, I quit the drugs completely and have not taken them since then. And I shall never take prescription drugs again, certainly not for anxiety. After that bout with anxiety, the attackers later attempted at other times to induce anxiety, usually when a good friend or loved one died. They went to great effort to cause anxiety when an aunt, the last of ten aunts and uncles, died. It did not work because I had already learned what they were doing. Then, they tried again when one of my oldest friends died. That did not work, either. Now that I know that my anxiety was caused by the attackers subconscious talking over loop play tapes, I will never again allow the attackers to induce panic attacks. I was supposed to commit suicide back in 1999; instead, I cheated them out of that objective. Despite their failures, the attackers still continually attempt to cause anxiety. One of their favorite techniques to induce anxiety is to cause the target to remember people in his past of whom he was very fond, people who through the years have either died or become lost to the target. Then, they whisper their names to the target and cause him to lament their deaths or disappearances from his life. Remembering those losses incites panic in the target. The attackers also use physical effects caused by their computer software to create anxiety. For example, they create a heavy pressure on the bridge of my nose that is supposed to induce anxiety. However, targets should be aware that the silent voices to a victims subconscious are the main cause of anxiety in targeted individuals. For the Skeptics: U.S. Patents On Subliminal Suggestion & Mind Control Patents show that all of the symptoms and effects of mind control that I have discussed above

are not only possible but that many have also been utilized for decades. A fellow target sent me the following list of patents. That person writes: These are just a portion of the patents available on the web that deal with mind control, mental and emotional influencing, perception engineering and brain functioning performed remotely and/or directly through the electronic media and other venues and methods of application. Keep in mind that these are patents filed in the public domain. Unknown and black ops technology created within the military industrial complex obviously remain hidden. Clearly, the ability to control the mental processes, attitudes, fears and perceptions of mass America is far more advanced than the average American understands or would like to believe. Method & Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as to Person's Emotional State Stirbl, et al. Abstract: In a method for remotely determining information relating to a person's emotional state, a waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and a predetermined intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject. Waveform energy emitted from the subject is detected and automatically analyzed to derive information relating to the individual's emotional state. Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and perspiration level are measured and compared with reference values to provide information utilizable in evaluating interviewee's responses or possibly criminal intent in security sensitive areas. USP # 5,522,386 (June 4, 1996) Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields from Monitors Loos, Hendricus Abstract: Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be embedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. USP # 6,488,617 (December 3, 2002) Method and Device for Producing a Desired Brain State Katz, Bruce Abstract ~ A method and device for the production of a desired brain state in an individual contain means for monitoring and analyzing the brain state while a set of one or more magnets produce fields that alter this state. A computational

system alters various parameters of the magnetic fields in order to close the gap between the actual and desired brain state. This feedback process operates continuously until the gap is minimized and/or removed. USP # 6,487,531 (November 26, 2002) Signal Injection Coupling into the Human Vocal Tract Tosaya, Carol Abstract ~ A means and method are provided for enhancing or replacing the natural excitation of the human vocal tract by artificial excitation means, wherein the artificially created acoustics present additional spectral, temporal, or phase data useful for (1) enhancing the machine recognition robustness of audible speech or (2) enabling more robust machine-recognition of relatively inaudible mouthed or whispered speech. The artificial excitation (a) may be arranged to be audible or inaudible, (b) may be designed to be non-interfering with another user's similar means, (c) may be used in one or both of a vocal contentenhancement mode or a complimentary vocal tract-probing mode, and/or (d) may be used for the recognition of audible or inaudible continuous speech or isolated spoken commands. USP # 6,430,443 (August 6, 2002) Method and Apparatus for Treating Auditory Hallucinations Karell, Manuel Abstract ~ Stimulating one or more vestibulocochlear nerves or cochlea or cochlear regions will treat, prevent and control auditory hallucinations. USP # 6,426,919 (July 30, 2002) Portable and Hand-Held Device for Making Humanly Audible Sounds Gerosa, William Abstract ~ A portable and hand-held device for making humanly audible sounds responsive to the detecting of ultrasonic sounds. The device includes a hand-held housing and circuitry that is contained in the housing. The circuitry includes a microphone that receives the ultrasonic sound, a first low voltage audio power amplifier that strengthens the signal from the microphone, a second low voltage audio power amplifier that further strengthens the signal from the first low voltage audio power amplifier, a 7-stage ripple carry binary counter that lowers the frequency of the signal from the second low voltage audio power amplifier so as to be humanly audible, a third low voltage audio power amplifier that strengthens the signal from the 7-stage ripple carry binary counter, and a speaker that generates a humanly audible sound from the third low voltage audio power amplifier. USP # 6,292,688 (September 18, 2001) Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Neurological Response to Emotion-Inducing Stimuli Patton, Richard Abstract ~ A method of determining the extent of the emotional response of a test subject to stimulus having a time-varying visual content, for example, an

advertising presentation. The test subject is positioned to observe the presentation for a given duration, and a path of communication is established between the subject and a brain wave detector/analyzer. The intensity component of each of at least two different brain wave frequencies is measured during the exposure, and each frequency is associated with a particular emotion. While the subject views the presentation, periodic variations in the intensity component of the brain waves of each of the particular frequencies selected is measured. The change rates in the intensity at regular periods during the duration are also measured. The intensity change rates are then used to construct a graph of plural coordinate points, and these coordinate points graphically establish the composite emotional reaction of the subject as the presentation continues. USP # 6,258,022 (July 10,2001) Behavior Modification Rose, John Abstract ~ Behavior modification of a human subject takes place under hypnosis, when the subject is in a relaxed state. A machine plays back a video or audio recording, during which the subject is instructed to activate a device to create a perceptible stimulation which is linked, through the hypnosis, with a visualization of enhanced or improved performance. After the hypnosis, the user can reactivate the device at will, whenever the improved performance, such as an improved sporting performance, is desired. This will again create the perceptible stimulation and thus induce the required visualization. USP # 6,239,705 (May 29,2001) Intra-Oral Electronic Tracking Device Glen, Jeffrey Abstract ~ An improved stealthy, non-surgical, biocompatable electronic tracking device is provided in which a housing is placed intra-orally. The housing contains microcircuitry. The microcircuitry comprises a receiver, a passive mode to active mode activator, a signal decoder for determining positional fix, a transmitter, an antenna, and a power supply. Optionally, an amplifier may be utilized to boost signal strength. The power supply energizes the receiver. Upon receiving a coded activating signal, the positional fix signal decoder is energized, determining a positional fix. The transmitter subsequently transmits through the antenna a position locating signal to be received by a remote locator. In another embodiment of the present invention, the microcircuitry comprises a receiver, a passive mode to active mode activator, a transmitter, an antenna and a power supply. Optionally, an amplifier may be utilized to boost signal strength. The power supply energizes the receiver. Upon receiving a coded activating signal, the transmitter is energized. The transmitter subsequently transmits through the antenna a homing signal to be received by a remote locator. USP # 6,167,304 December 26, 2000) Pulse Variability in Electric Field Manipulation of Nervous Systems Loos, Hendricus

Abstract ~ Apparatus and method for manipulating the nervous system of a subject by applying to the skin a pulsing external electric field which, although too weak to cause classical nerve stimulation, modulates the normal spontaneous spiking patterns of certain kinds of afferent nerves. For certain pulse frequencies the electric field stimulation can excite in the nervous system resonances with observable physiological consequences. Pulse variability is introduced for the purpose of thwarting habituation of the nervous system to the repetitive stimulation, or to alleviate the need for precise tuning to a resonance frequency, or to control pathological oscillatory neural activities such as tremors or seizures. Pulse generators with stochastic and deterministic pulse variability are disclosed, and the output of an effective generator of the latter type is characterized. USP # 6,135,944 (October 24, 2000) Method of Inducing Harmonious States of Being Bowman, Gerard D., et al. Abstract: A method of inducing harmonious states of being using vibrational stimuli, preferably sound, comprised of a multitude of frequencies expressing a specific pattern of relationship. Two base signals are modulated by a set of ratios to generate a plurality of harmonics. The harmonics are combined to form a "fractal" arrangement. USP # 6,122,322 (September 19, 2000) Subliminal Message Protection Jandel, Magnus Abstract ~ The present invention relates to a method and to a system for detecting a first context change between two frames. When a second context change between a further two frames occurs within a predetermined time interval, the frames accommodated within the two context changes are defined as a subliminal message. An alarm is sent to an observer upon detection of a subliminal message. USP # 6,091,994 (July 18, 2000) Pulsative Manipulation of Nervous Systems Loos, Hendricus Abstract ~ Method and apparatus for manipulating the nervous system by imparting subliminal pulsative cooling to the subject's skin at a frequency that is suitable for the excitation of a sensory resonance. At present, two major sensory resonances are known, with frequencies near 1/2 Hz and 2.4 Hz. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance causes relaxation, sleepiness, ptosis of the eyelids, a tonic smile, a "knot" in the stomach, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise frequency used. The 2.4 Hz resonance causes the slowing of certain cortical activities, and is characterized by a large increase of the time needed to silently count backward from 100 to 60, with the eyes closed. The invention can be used by the general public for inducing relaxation, sleep, or sexual excitement, and clinically for the control and perhaps a treatment of tremors, seizures, and autonomic system disorders such as panic attacks. Embodiments shown are a pulsed fan to impart subliminal cooling pulses to the subject's skin, and a silent device which induces periodically varying flow past the subject's skin, the flow

being induced by pulsative rising warm air plumes that are caused by a thin resistive wire which is periodically heated by electric current pulses. USP # 6,081,744 (June 27, 2000) Electric Fringe Field Generator for Manipulating Nervous Systems Loos, Hendricus Abstract ~ Apparatus and method for manipulating the nervous system of a subject through afferent nerves, modulated by externally applied weak fluctuating electric fields, tuned to certain frequencies such as to excite a resonance in neural circuits. Depending on the frequency chosen, excitation of such resonances causes in a human subject relaxation, sleepiness, sexual excitement, or the slowing of certain cortical processes. The electric field used for stimulation of the subject is induced by a pair of field electrodes charged to opposite polarity and placed such that the subject is entirely outside the space between the field electrodes. Such configuration allows for very compact devices where the field electrodes and a battery-powered voltage generator are contained in a small casing, such as a powder box. The stimulation by the weak external electric field relies on frequency modulation of spontaneous spiking patterns of afferent nerves. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps the treatment of tremors and seizures, and disorders of the autonomic nervous system, such as panic attacks. USP # 6,052,336 (April 18, 2000) Apparatus and Method of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound as a Carrier Lowrey, Austin, III Abstract ~ An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. If the signals are amplitude modulated, a square root function of the information input signal is produced prior to modulation. The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound. USP # 6,039,688 (March 21, 2000) Therapeutic Behavior Modification Program, Compliance Monitoring and Feedback System Douglas, Peter, et al. Abstract ~ A therapeutic behavior modification program, compliance monitoring and feedback system includes a server-based relational database and one or more microprocessors electronically coupled to the server. The system enables development of a therapeutic behavior modification program having a series of milestones for an individual to achieve lifestyle changes necessary to maintain his or her health or recover from ailments or medical procedures. The program may be modified by a physician or trained case advisor prior to implementation. The system monitors the individual's compliance with the program by prompting the individual to enter health-related data, correlating the individual's entered data

with the milestones in the behavior modification program and generating compliance data indicative of the individual's progress toward achievement of the program milestones. The system also includes an integrated system of graphical system interfaces for motivating the individual to comply with the program. Through the interfaces, the individual can access the database to review the compliance data and obtain health information from a remote source such as selected sites on the Internet. The system also provides an electronic calendar integrated with the behavior modification program for signaling the individual to take action pursuant to the behavior modification program in which the calendar accesses the relational database and integrates requirements of the program with the individual's daily schedule, and an electronic journal for enabling the individual to enter personal health-related information into the system on a regular basis. In addition, the system includes an electronic meeting room for linking the individual to a plurality of other individuals having related behavior modification programs for facilitating group peer support sessions for compliance with the program. The system enables motivational media presentations to be made to the individuals in the electronic meeting room as part of the group support session to facilitate interactive group discussion about the presentations. The entire system is designed around a community of support motif including a graphical electronic navigator operable by the individual to control the microprocessor for accessing different parts of the system. USP # 6,017,302 (January 25, 2000) Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation of Nervous Systems Loos, Hendricus Abstract ~ In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply subliminal range. Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak subaudio acoustic radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures, and anxiety disorders. There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with subaudio frequency. USP # 6,011,991 (January 4, 2000) Communication System & Method Including Brain Wave Analysis... Mardirossian, Aris Abstract: A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote

location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal. USP # 6,006,188 (December 21, 1999) Speech Signal Processing for Determining Psychological or Physiological Characteristics Bogdashevsky, Rostislav, et al. Abstract ~ A speech-based system for assessing the psychological, physiological, or other characteristics of a test subject is described. The system includes a knowledge base that stores one or more speech models, where each speech model corresponds to a characteristic of a group of reference subjects. Signal processing circuitry, which may be implemented in hardware, software and/or firmware, compares the test speech parameters of a test subject with the speech models. In one embodiment, each speech model is represented by a statistical time-ordered series of frequency representations of the speech of the reference subjects. The speech model is independent of a priori knowledge of style parameters associated with the voice or speech. The system includes speech parameterization circuitry for generating the test parameters in response to the test subject's speech. This circuitry includes speech acquisition circuitry, which may be located remotely from the knowledge base. The system further includes output circuitry for outputting at least one indicator of a characteristic in response to the comparison performed by the signal processing circuitry. The characteristic may be time-varying, in which case the output circuitry outputs the characteristic in a time-varying manner. The output circuitry also may output a ranking of each output characteristic. In one embodiment, one or more characteristics may indicate the degree of sincerity of the test subject, where the degree of sincerity may vary with time. The system may also be employed to determine the effectiveness of treatment for a psychological or physiological disorder by comparing psychological or physiological characteristics, respectively, before and after treatment. USP # 5,954,630 (September 21, 1999) FM Theta-Inducing Audible Sound Masaki, Kazumi, et al. Abstract ~ An audible sound of modulated wave where a very low-frequency wave of about 20 hertz or lower is superposed on an audio low-frequency wave effectively stimulates Fm theta in human brain waves to improve attention and concentration during mental tasks when auditorily administered. The audible sound is also effective in stimulation of human alpha wave when the very lowfrequency wave lies within the range of about 2-10 hertz. Such audible sound is artificially obtainable by generating an electric signal which contains such a modulated wave, and transducing it into audible sound wave. USP # 5,954,629 (September 21, 1999) Brain Wave Inducing System

Yanagidaira, Masatoshi, et al. Abstract ~ Sensors are provided for detecting brain waves of a user, and a bandpass filter is provided for extracting a particular brain waves including an .alpha. wave included in a detected brain wave. The band-pass filter comprises a first band-pass filter having a narrow pass band, and a second band-pass filter having a wide pass band. One of the first and second band-pass filters is selected, and a stimulation signal is produced in dependency on an .alpha. wave extracted by a selected band-pass filter. In accordance with the stimulation signal, a stimulation light is emitted to the user in order to induce the user to relax or sleeping state. USP # 5,935,054 (August 10, 1999) Magnetic Excitation of Sensory Resonances Loos, H. Abstract - The invention pertains to influencing the nervous system of a subject by a weak externally applied magnetic field with a frequency near 1/2 Hz. In a range of amplitudes, such fields can excite the 1/2 sensory resonance, which is the physiological effect involved in "rocking the baby". USP # 5,922,016 (July 13, 1999) Apparatus for Electric Stimulation of Auditory Nerves of a Human Being Wagner, Hermann Abstract ~ Apparatus for electric stimulation and diagnostics of auditory nerves of a human being, e.g. for determination of sensation level (SL), most conformable level (MCL) and uncomfortable level (UCL) audibility curves, includes a stimulator detachably secured to a human being for sending a signal into a human ear, and an electrode placed within the human ear and electrically connected to the stimulator by an electric conductor for conducting the signals from the stimulator into the ear. A control unit is operatively connected to the stimulator for instructing the stimulator as to characteristics of the generated signals being transmitted to the ear. USP # 5,868,103 (February 9, 1999) Method and Apparatus for Controlling an Animal Boyd, Randal Abstract - An apparatus for controlling an animal wherein the animal receives a control stimulus of the release of a substance having an adverse effect upon the animal as a corrective measure. The apparatus includes a transmitter for producing a transmitted field, and a releasable collar for attaching to the neck of the animal. The collar includes a receiver for receiving the transmitted field and for producing a received signal, a control circuit for determining when the received signal indicates that the animal requires a corrective measure and for producing a control signal, a container for containing the substance having an adverse effect upon the animal, and a mechanism for releasing the substance from the container into the presence of the animal upon the production of the control signal by the control circuit. In use, the transmitter is set to produce the transmitted field and the collar is attached to the neck of the animal. As the

animal moves about, the receiver in the collar receives the transmitted field and produces a received signal. The control circuit determines when the received signal indicates that the animal requires a corrective measure. A control signal is produced by the control circuit when the determination is made that the animal requires a corrective measure. Upon the production of the control signal, the substance having an adverse effect upon the animal is released from the container and into the presence of the animal. USP # 5,784,124 (July 21, 1998) Supraliminal Method of Education. D'Alitalia, Joseph A., et al. Abstract - A method of behavior modification involves having a patient view supraliminal video messages superimposed upon an underlying video presentation. The video messages incorporate messages wherein at least some of the messages link a desired modified behavior to positive feelings of the patient. A supraliminal message generator and superimposer iteratively selects individual messages for display from the sequence of messages, decompressing the messages as required, and places the selected messages in a buffer memory of a video generation device. A processor of the supraliminal message generator and superimposer then fades the selected message from an invisible level to a visible level on the video display, and then fades the selected message from the visible level back to the invisible level. USP # 5,649,061 (July 15, 1997) Device and Method for Estimating a Mental Decision Smyth, Christopher Abstract ~ A device and method for estimating a mental decision to select a visual cue from the viewer's eye fixation and corresponding single event evoked cerebral potential. The device comprises an eyetracker, an electronic biosignal processor and a digital computer. The eyetracker determines the instantaneous viewing direction from oculometric measurements and a head position and orientation sensor. The electronic processor continually estimates the cerebral electroencephalogramic potential from scalp surface measurements following corrections for electrooculogramic, electromyogramic and electrocardiogramic artifacts. The digital computer analyzes the viewing direction data for a fixation and then extracts the corresponding single event evoked cerebral potential. The fixation properties, such as duration, start and end pupil sizes, end state (saccade or blink) and gaze fixation count, and the parametric representation of the evoked potential are all inputs to an artificial neural network for outputting an estimate of the selection interest in the gaze point of regard. The artificial neural network is trained off-line prior to application to represent the mental decisions of the viewer. The device can be used to control computerized machinery from a video display by ocular gaze point of regard alone, by determining which visual cue the viewer is looking at and then using the estimation of the task-related selection as a selector switch. USP # 5,644,363 (July 1, 1997) Apparatus for Superimposing Visual Subliminal Instructions on a Video Signal Mead, Talbert

Abstract - A subliminal video instructional device comprises circuitry for receiving an underlying video signal and presenting this signal to horizontal and vertical synchronization detection circuits, circuitry for generating a subliminal video message synchronized to the underlying video signal, and circuitry for adding the subliminal video message to the underlying video signal to create a combination video signal. USP # 5,586,967 (December 24, 1996) Method & Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages to Achieve Alpha & Theta Brainwave States Davis, Mark E. Abstract - A method and recording for the use in achieving alpha and theta brainwave states and effecting positive emotional states in humans, is provided which includes a medium having a musical composition thereon with an initial tempo decreasing to a final tempo and verbal phrases recorded in synchrony with the decreasing tempo. USP # 5,562,597 (October 8, 1996) Method & Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress Van Dick, Robert C. Abstract - Physiological stress in a human subject is treated by generating a weak electromagnetic field about a quartz crystal. The crystal is stimulated by applying electrical pulses of pulse widths between 0.1 and 50 microseconds each at a pulse repetition rate of between 0.5K and 10K pulses per second to a conductor positioned adjacent to the quartz crystal thereby generating a weak electromagnetic field. A subject is positioned within the weak electromagnetic field for a period of time sufficient to reduce stress. USP # 5,551,879 (September 3, 1996) Dream State Teaching Machine Raynie, Arthur D. Abstract ~ A device for enhancing lucidity in the dream state of an individual. The device includes electronic circuitry incorporated into a headband for the user to wear while sleeping. The circuitry includes a detector for fitting adjacent to the eye of the sleeping individual, for detecting Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occurs during the dream state. The detector emits a signal that is evaluated by additional circuitry to determine whether or not REM sleep is occurring. If REM sleep is occurring, a signal is generated to operate a recorded, which typically plays prerecorded messages through the headphones engaging the ear of the sleeping individual. USP # 5,539,705 (July 23, 1996) Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communication System M. A. Akerman, M., et al. Abstract - A wireless communication system, undetectable by radio-frequency methods, for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustic pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids

and solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustic pressure waves back to the original audio signal. This invention was made with government support under Contract DE-ACO5-840R2l400, awarded by the US Department of Energy to Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. USP # 5,507,291 (April 16, 1996) Apparatus for Determination of the Condition of the Vegetative Part of the Nervous System Lerner, Eduard Abstract - Apparatus for use in the determination of the condition of the vegetative part of the nervous system and/or of sensory functions of an organism, i.e. a human being or animal. The apparatus comprises devices for generating and supplying to said organism at least one sensory stimulus chosen from a group of sensory stimuli, such as visual, sound, olfactory, gustatory, tactile or pain stimuli, and devices for measuring the skin potential and the evoked response of the organism to a stimulus. The measured data are processed by processing devices for automatically controlling the supply of at least one stimulus for providing a non-rhythmical sequence of stimuli. Preferably, pairs of stimuli are supplied for developing a conditioned reflex. USP # 5,480,374 (January 2, 1996) Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress Van Dick, Robert Abstract ~ Physiological stress in a human subject is treated by generating a weak electromagnetic field about a grounded electrode by the application of pulses of between 5 and 50 microseconds each at a pulse rate of between 0.5K and 10K pulses per second to a power electrode, the power electrode and grounded electrode being coupled to high voltage pulse generation means. A subject is positioned within the weak electromagnetic field for a period of time sufficient to cause an increase in his or her alpha or theta brain wave levels. USP # 5,479,941 (January 2, 1996) Device for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness Harner, Michael Abstract ~ A rotating device for producing altered states of consciousness in a subject is provided. The subject's body rotates about a point in the center of the body support means at a speed between about 10 and about 60 revolutions per minute. In a preferred embodiment the direction of rotation is periodically reversed. USP # 5,392,788 (February 28, 1995) Method and Device for Interpreting Concepts and Conceptual Thought... Hudspeth, William J. Abstract ~ A system for acquisition and decoding of EP and SP signals is provided which comprises a transducer for presenting stimuli to a subject, EEG transducers for recording brainwave signals from the subject, a computer for controlling and synchronizing stimuli presented to the subject and for concurrently

recording brainwave signals, and either interpreting signals using a model for conceptual perceptional and emotional thought to correspond EEG signals to thought of the subject or comparing signals to normative EEG signals from a normative population to diagnose and locate the origin of brain dysfunctional underlying perception, conception, and emotion. USP # 5,356,368 (October 18, 1994) Method & Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness Monroe, Robert E. Abstract: Improved methods and apparatus for entraining human brain patterns, employing frequency following response (FFR) techniques, facilitate attainment of desired states of consciousness. In one embodiment, a plurality of electroencephalogram (EEG) waveforms, characteristic of a given state of consciousness, are combined to yield an EEG waveform to which subjects may be susceptible more readily. In another embodiment, sleep patterns are reproduced based on observed brain patterns during portions of a sleep cycle; entrainment principles are applied to induce sleep. In yet another embodiment, entrainment principles are applied in the work environment, to induce and maintain a desired level of consciousness. A portable device also is described. USP # 5,352,181 (October 4, 1994) Method & Recording for Producing Sounds and Messages Davis, Mark E. Abstract: A method and recording for use in achieving Alpha and Theta brain wave states and effecting positive emotional states in humans to enhance learning and self-improvement, is provided which includes a medium having a musical composition recorded thereon with an initial tempo decreasing to a final tempo and verbal phrases, comprising between approximately 4 and approximately 8 words, recorded in synchrony with the decreasing initial tempo. USP # 5,330,414 (July 19, 1994) Brain Wave Inducing Apparatus Yasushi, Mitsuo Abstract: A random signal generator outputs a random noise signal to a band pass filter which selectively passes frequency components in the frequency range of a desired brain wave from a subject. The output of the band pass filter is supplied to an automatic level controller. The automatic level controller sets the output of band pass filter to a predetermined amplitude. Then, the output of the automatic level controller is fed to a stimulating light generator, which converts the output of the automatic level controller into a light signal for stimulating the subject in order to induce the desired brain wave from the subject. The light signal is then emitted into the subject's eyes. USP # 5,289,438 (February 22, 1994) Method & System for Altering Consciousness

Gall, James Abstract: A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. The relationship between the frequencies of the several stimuli is exhibited by the equation g = 2.sup.n/4 .multidot.f where: f = frequency of one stimulus; g = frequency of the other stimuli or stimulus; and n = a positive or negative integer which is different for each other stimulus. USP # 5,245,666 (September 14, 1993) Personal Subliminal Messaging System Mikell, Bruce T. Abstract ~ A personal subliminal messaging system includes a wide range linear subliminal modulator (43), a digital audio recording or play device (46), a microphone (51) to pick up the sound at the ear, and an earpiece (50) to deliver the subliminal message. The sound level at the user's ear is detected and measured. After risetime and decay conditioning of the varying dc control signal, the wide range linear modulator (43) uses this signal to control the level of the message to the earpiece (50). The user adjusts the system for a liminal of a subliminal level. The psychoacoustic phenomena of Post Masking is used to increase the integrity of the message in subliminal messaging systems. USP # 5,270,800 (December 14, 1993) Subliminal Message Generator Sweet. Robert L. Abstract: A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver permits complete control of subliminal messages and their manner of presentation. A video synchronization detector enables a video display generator to generate a video message signal corresponding to a received alphanumeric text message in synchronism with a received television signal. A video mixer selects either the received video signal or the video message signal for output. The messages produced by the video message generator are user selectable via a keyboard input. A message memory stores a plurality of alphanumeric text messages specified by user commands for use as subliminal messages. This message memory preferably includes a read only memory storing predetermined sets of alphanumeric text messages directed to differing topics. The sets of predetermined alphanumeric text messages preferably include several positive affirmations directed to the left brain and an equal number of positive affirmations directed to the right brain that are alternately presented subliminally. The left brain messages are presented in a linear text mode, while the right brain messages are presented in a three dimensional perspective mode. The user can control the length and spacing of the subliminal presentations to accommodate differing conscious thresholds. Alternative embodiments include a combined cable television converter and subliminal message generator, a combine television receiver and subliminal message generator and a computer capable of presenting subliminal messages. USP # 5,224,864 (July 6, 1993)

Method of Recording and Reproducing Subliminal Signals that are 180 Degrees Out of Phase Woith, Blake F. Abstract ~ A subliminal recording includes both subliminal message and mask signals applied to both tracks of a two track recording medium. The subliminal message signals are identical in content, and are recorded in an out-of-phase relationship. The mask signals are recorded in phase. The resulting recording may be utilized in the conventional manner for subliminal recordings. By combining the composite signals in an inverted relationship, the mask signals cancel while the subliminal message signals are additive, thus allowing the presence of the subliminal message signal to be confirmed on the recording. USP # 5,221,962 (June 22, 1993) Subliminal Device having Manual Adjustment of Perception Level of Subliminal Messages Backus, Alan L., et al. Abstract: A method and apparatus for presenting subliminal visual and/or audio messages which allows user verification of message content and presence, as well as proper adjustment of message obviousness while accounting for ambient conditions and user sensitivities is disclosed. This method and apparatus also presents synchronized reinforced sensory input of subliminal messages. This is performed by simultaneously overlaying images received from a VCR over a plurality of television signals. This apparatus directs overlay images over RF television signals having both audio and video components USP # 5,215,468 (June 1, 1993) Method and Apparatus for Introducing Subliminal Changes to Audio Stimuli Lauffer, Martha A., et al. Abstract ~ A method and apparatus for introducing gradual changes to an audio signal so that the changes are subliminal. The changes can involve tempo and volume, for example, and can take the form of a gentle gradient having ever increasing/decreasing ramp-like changes over a sufficient duration, or a more complex program involving several gentle gradients. In the preferred embodiment, an enhanced audio play-back device such as a portable audio cassette recorder can be programmed to subliminally alter the characteristics of a standard pre-recorded tape containing music, for example. As a motivational tool during walking, jogging or other repetitive exercise, the tempo is gradually increased over a period of time to encourage a corresponding gradual (and subliminal) increase in physical exertion by a user whose rate of movement is proportional to the tempo of the music. The tempo can be either manually changed in conjunction with a subliminal program, or by itself in an override mode, or by itself in a version of the present-inventive audio play-back device which allows only manual tempo alternation. In an alternate embodiment, a special pre-recorded tape contains subliminal changes in tempo, for example, for play-back on a standard audio cassette recorder (which operates at one speed, only) to cause the same effect as the preferred embodiment. USP # 5,213,562

(May 25, 1993) Method of Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness Monroe, Robert A. Abstract: A method having applicability in replication of desired consciousness states; in the training of an individual to replicate such a state of consciousness without further audio stimulation; and in the transferring of such states from one human being to another through the imposition of one individual's EEG, superimposed on desired stereo signals, on another individual, by inducement of a binaural beat phenomenon. USP # 5,194,008 (March 16, 1993) Subliminal Image Modulation Projection and Detection System and Method Mohan, William L., et al. Abstract ~ Weapon training simulation system including a computer operated video display scene whereon is projected a plurality of visual targets. The computer controls the display scene and the targets, whether stationary or moving, and processes data of a point of aim sensor apparatus associated with a weapon operated by a trainee. The sensor apparatus is sensitive to non-visible or subliminal modulated areas having a controlled contrast of brightness between the target scene and the targets. The sensor apparatus locates a specific subliminal modulated area and the computer determines the location of a target image on the display scene with respect to the sensor apparatus USP # 5,175,571 (December 29, 1992) Glasses with Subliminal Message Tanefsky, Faye, et al. Abstract ~ A pair of subliminal imaging spectacles is provided with a matched pair of visual subliminal images designed and placed so as to merge into one image due to the stereoscopic effect of human vision and thus to impart a subliminal message to the wearer. USP # 5,170,381 (December 8, 1992) Method for Mixing Audio Subliminal Recordings Taylor, Eldon, et al. Abstract ~ Audio subliminal recordings are made in which in addition to using a primary carrier, such as music, two audio channels are used to deliver subliminal messages to the brain. On one channel, accessing the left brain hemisphere, the message delivered is meaningfully spoken, forward-masked, permissive affirmations delivered in a round-robin manner by a male voice, a female voice and a child's voice. On the other channel, accessing the right brain, directive messages, in the same voices, are recorded in backward-masked (or metacontrast). The three voices are recording in round-robin fashion with full echo reverberation. The audio tracks are mixed using a special processor which converts sound frequencies to electrical impulses and tracks the subliminal message to synchronize the subliminal message in stereo with the primary carrier. The processor maintains constant gain differential between the primary

carrier and the subliminal verbiage and, with the subliminal verbiage being recorded with round-robin, full echo reverberation, ensures that none of a message is lost. The primary carrier should be continuous music without breaks or great differences in movements. USP # 5,159,703 (October 27, 1992) Silent Subliminal Presentation System Lowery, Oliver Abstract: A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. USP # 5,151,080 (September 29, 1992) Method & Apparatus for Inducing & Establishing a Changed State of Consciousness Bick, Claus Abstract: An electroacoustic device includes a sound generator as well as a system for producing synthetic human speech, connected to a modulation stage for superimposing the output signals thereof. The superimposed output signals are applied via an amplifier stage to one of a headphone system or loudspeaker system. USP # 5,135,468 (August 4, 1992) Method & Apparatus of Varying the Brain State of a Person by Means of an Audio Signal Meissner, Juergen P. Abstract: A method of varying the brain state of a person includes the steps of supplying the first audio signal to one ear of the person, supplying a second audio signal to the other ear of the person, and substantially continuously varying the frequency of at least one of the first and second audio signals to vary the brain state of the person. USP # 5,134,484 (July 28, 1992) Superimposing Method & Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages Willson, Joseph Abstract: Data to be displayed is combined with a composite video signal. The data is stored in a memory in digital form. Each byte of the data is read out in sequential fashion to determine: the recurrence display rate of the data according to the frame sync pulses of the video signal; the location of the data within the video image according to the line sync pulses of the video signal; and the location of the data display within the video image according to the position information. Synchronization of the data with the video image is derived from the sync pulses of the composite video signal. A similar technique is employed to combine sound data with an audio signal. Data to be displayed may be presented as a subliminal message or may persist for a given time interval. The data may be derived from a variety of sources including a prerecorded or live video signal. The message may

be a reminder message displayed upon a television screen to remind the viewer of an appointment. The data may be stored in a variety of different memory devices capable of high speed data retrieval. The data may be generated locally on-line or off-line and transferred to memory which stores the data necessary to create the message. USP # 5,128,765 (July 7, 1992) System for Implementing the Synchronized Superimposition of Subliminal Signals Dingwall, Robert Abstract ~ An apparatus and system for the controlled delivery of a subliminal video and/or audio message on to a source signal from a video tape player or similar. The source signal is divided into audio and video portions. A video processor reads sychronization information from the source signal. A controller transmits a stored subliminal image at designated times to a mixer amplifier fully synchronized with the source signal. Concurrently, an audio subliminal message is applied to the source audio at a volume level regulated at some fraction to the source audio. The combined signals are transmitted to a monitor for undistracted viewing. USP # 5,123,899 (June 23, 1992) Method & System for Altering Consciousness Gall, James Abstract: A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. The relationship between the frequencies of the several stimuli is exhibited by the equation g = s.sup.n/4 .multidot.f where: f = frequency of one stimulus; g = frequency of the other stimuli of stimulus; and n=a positive or negative integer which is different for each other stimulus. USP # 5,052,401 (October 1, 1991) Product Detector for a Steady Visual Evoked Potential Stimulator and Product Detector Sherwin, Gary Abstract ~ An automated visual testing system is disclosed which presents an alternating steady state visual stimulus to a patient through an optical system that modifies the stimulus image. As the image changes, the patient produces evoked potentials that change. The evoked potentials are detected by a product detector which produces the amplitude of the evoked potentials. The product detector includes filters which isolate the patient's evoked potentials, a modulator which detects the response using the stimulus source frequency and a demodulator that determines the amplitude of the response. The product detector detects the level of the steady state evoked potential signals even in the presence of substantial background noise and extraneous electroencephalograhic signals. These detectors can be used to monitor the evoked potential produced by visual, aural or somatic steady state stimuli. The components described above can be used to produce a system that can determine to which of several different displays an observer is paying attention by providing images that blink at different frequencies and product detectors for each of the stimulus frequencies. The

product detector producing the highest output indicates the display upon which the observer is focused. USP # 5,047,994 (September 10, 1991) Supersonic Bone Conduction Hearing Aid and Method Lenhardt, Martin, et al. Abstract ~ A supersonic bone conduction hearing aid that receives conventional audiometric frequencies and converts them to supersonic frequencies for connection to the human sensory system by vibration bone conduction. The hearing is believed to use channels of communications to the brain that are not normally used for hearing. These alternative channels do not deteriorate significantly with age as does the normal hearing channels. The supersonic bone conduction frequencies are discerned as frequencies in the audiometric range of frequencies. USP # 5,036,858 (August 6, 1991) Method & Apparatus for Changing Brain Wave Frequency Carter, John L., et al. Abstract: A method for changing brain wave frequency to a desired frequency determines a current brain wave frequency of a user, generates two frequencies with a frequency difference of a magnitude between that of the current actual brain wave frequency and the desired frequency but always within a predetermined range of the current actual brain wave frequency, and produces an output to the user corresponding to the two frequencies. One apparatus to accomplish the method has a computer processor, a computer memory, EEG electrodes along with an amplifier, a programmable timing generator responsive to the computer processor for generating the two frequencies, audio amplifiers and a beat frequency generator driving a visual frequency amplifier. USP # 5,027,208 (June 25,1991) Therapeutic Subliminal Imaging System Dwyer, Jr., Joseph, et al. Abstract ~ A therapeutic subliminal imaging system wherein a selected subliminal message is synchronized with and added to an existing video signal containing a supraliminal message. A television receiver or video recorder can be used to provide the supraliminal message and a video processing circuit varies the intensity of that perceptible message to incorporate one or more subliminal images. USP # 5,017,143 (May 21, 1991) Method and Apparatus for Producing Subliminal Images Backus, Alan, et al. Abstract ~ A method and apparatus to produce more effective visual subliminal communications. Graphic and/or text images, presented for durations of less than a video frame, at organized rhythmic intervals, the rhythmic intervals intended to affect user receptivity, moods or behavior. Subliminal graphic images having translucent visual values locally dependent on background values in order to maintain desired levels of visual contrast. USP # 4,958,638 (September 25,

1990) Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitor Sharpe, Steven, et al. Abstract ~ An apparatus for measuring simultaneous physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiration without physically connecting electrodes or other sensors to the body. A beam of frequency modulated continuous wave radio frequency energy is directed towards the body of a subject. The reflected signal contains phase information representing the movement of the surface of the body, from which respiration and heartbeat information can be obtained. The reflected phase modulated energy is received and demodulated by the apparatus using synchronous quadrature detection. The quadrature signals so obtained are then signal processed to obtain the heartbeat and respiratory information of interest. USP # 4,924,744 (May 15, 1990) Apparatus for Generating Sound through Low Frequency and Noise Modulation Lenzen, Reiner Abstract ~ In an apparatus for generating sound, there are provided a plurality of channels for generating sounds. Each of the channels includes a memory for storing waveform data, and at least one of the channels includes a noise generator so that various kinds of sounds including rhythm sound-effects sound, effects sound-vibrato etc. are generated. There is further provided a controller by which voice sound signal is passed through the channels so that artificial sound, voice sound etc. are generated. There is still further provided a circuit for adjusting an amplitude level of a whole sound which is obtained by mixing output sounds of the channels so that far and near sound is produced. Further, each of the channels includes left and right attenuators which divide a channel sound into left and right channel sounds. Still further, the apparatus comprises a low frequency oscillator for controlling a depth of frequency modulation, and a controller for writing sampling data of a predetermined waveform into serial addresses of a memory. USP # 4,889,526 (December 26, 1989) Non-Invasive Method & Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals Rauscher, Elizabeth A. Abstract: This invention incorporates the discovery of new principles which utilize magnetic and electric fields generated by time varying square wave currents of precise repetition, width, shape and magnitude to move through coils and cutaneously applied conductive eletrodes in order to stimulate the nervous system and reduce pain in humans. Timer means, adjustment means, and means to deliver current to the coils and conductive eletrodes are described, as well as a theoretical model of the process. The invention incorporates the concept of two cyclic expanding and collapsing magnetic fields which generate precise wave forms in conjunction with each other to create a beat frequency which in turn causes the ion flow in the nervous system of the human body to be efficiently moved along the nerve path where the locus of the pain exists to thereby reduce the pain. The wave forms are created either in one or more coils,

one or more pairs of electrodes, or a combination of the two. USP # 4,883,067 (November 28, 1989) Method & Apparatus for Translating the EEG into Music Knispel, Joel, et al. Abstract: A method and apparatus for applying a musical feedback signal to the human brain, or any other brain, to induce controllable psychological and physiological responses. A signal representing the ongoing electroencephalographic (EEG) signal of a brain preferably is obtained from the electrode location on the scalp known as CZ or P3 in clinical notation. A signal processor converts the ongoing EEG into electrical signals which are converted into music by synthesizers. The music is acoustically fed back to the brain after a time delay calculated to shift the phase of the feedback in order to reinforce specific or desired ongoing EEG activity from the scalp position of interest. The music is comprised of at least one voice that follows the moment-by-moment contour of the EEG in real time to reinforce the desired EEG activity. The music drives the brain into resonance with the music to provide a closed loop or physiological feedback effect. Preferably, the musical feedback comprises additional voices that embody psychoacoustic principles as well as provide the content and direction normally supplied by the therapist in conventional biofeedback. The invention contemplates numerous applications for the results obtained. USP # 4,877,027 (October 31, 1989) Hearing System Brunkan, Wayne B. Abstract: Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of 10 to 20 uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated. USP # 4,858,612 (August 22, 1989) Hearing Device Stocklin, Philip L. Abstract: A method and apparatus for stimulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown and secribed. A microphone is used to transform sound signals into eletrical signals which are in turn analyzed and processed to provide controls for generating a plurality of microwave signals at different frequencies. the multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mamal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone. USP # 4,834,701 (May 30, 1989)

Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave Masaki, Kazumi Abstract: Frequency reduction in human brain wave is inducible by allowing human brain to perceive 4-16 hertz beat sound. Such beat sound can be easily produced with an apparatus, comprising at least one sound source generating a set of low-frequency signals different each other in frequency by 4-16 hertz. Electroencephalographic study revealed that the beat sound is effective to reduce beta-rhythm into alpha-rhythm, as well as to retain alpha-rhythm. USP # 4,821,326 (April 11, 1989) Non-Audible Speech Generation Method & Apparatus MacLeod, Norman Abstract: A non-audible speech generation apparatus adn method for producing non-audible seech signals which includes an ultasonic transducer or vibrator for projecting a series of glottal shaped ultrasonic pulses to the vocal track of a speaker. The glottal pulses, in the approximate frequency spectrum extending from 15 kilohertz to 105 kilohertz, contains harmonics of approximately 30 times the grequency of the acoustical harmonicsgenerated by the vocal cords, but which may nevertheless be amplitude modulated to produce non-auduble speech by the speaker's silently mouthing of words. The ultrasonic speech is then received by an ultasonic transducer disposed outside of the speaker's mouth and electronically communicated to a translation device which down converts the ultrasonics signals to corresponding signals in the audible frquency range and synthesizes the signals into artificial speech. USP # 4,777,529 (October 11, 1988) Auditory Subliminal Programming System Schultz, Richard M., et al. Abstract: An auditory subliminal programming system includes a subliminal message encoder that generates fixed frequency security tones and combines them with a subliminal message signal to produce an encoded subliminal message signal which is recorded on audio tape or the like. A corresponding subliminal decoder/mixer is connected as part of a user's conventional stereo system and receives as inputs an audio program selected by the user and the encoded subliminal message. The decoder/mixer filters the security tones, if present, from the subliminal message and combines the message signals with selected low frequency signals associated with enhanced relaxation and concentration to produce a composite auditory subliminal signal. The decoder/mixer combines the composite subliminal signal with the selected audio program signals to form composite signals only if it detects the presence of the security tones in the subliminal message signal. The decoder/mixer outputs the composite signal to the audio inputs of a conventional audio amplifier where it is amplified and broadcast by conventional audio speakers. USP # 4,734,037 (March 29, 1988)

Message Screen McClure, J. Patrick Abstract: A transparent sheet is disclosed having a message thereon. The sheet has a first side adapted to be attached facing a plate which is normally viewed by a viewer and a second side facing the viewer. The message is arranged to be readably intelligible from the second side but is not liminally visible to the viewer when viewed from a normal viewing distance from the second side under normal viewing conditions. The message has a subliminal effect upon the viewer when viewed from the normal viewing distance from the second side under normal viewing conditions. A viewer can electively subject him or herself to subliminal messages while viewing television at leisure. USP # 4,717,343 (January 5, 1988) Method of Changing a Person's Behavior Densky, Alan B. Abstract: A method of conditioning a person's unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the person's behavior which does not require the services of a trained therapist. Instead the person to be treated views a program of video pictures appearing on a screen. The program as viewed by the person's unconscious mind acts to condition the person's thought patterns in a manner which alters that person's behavior in a positive way. USP # 4,699,153 (October 13, 1987) System for Assessing Verbal Psychobiological Correlates Shevrin, Howard, et al. Abstract: A system for assessing psychobiological conditions of a subject utilizes a plurality of words which are selected to be in four categories as critical stimuli. The words are presented by a tachistoscope to the subject in subliminal and supraliminal modes of operation. Subliminal stimulation of the subject is achieved by presenting the selected words for an exposure period of approximately one millisecond. The supraliminal exposure time is approximately thirty milliseconds. Prior to stimulation, the subject is diagnosed in accordance with conventional psychoanalytical techniques to establish the presence and nature of a pathological condition. The words are selected and categorized in four groups: pleasant words, unpleasant words, words related to a diagnosed conscious pathological condition, and words related to a diagnosed unconscious pathological condition. The brain wave responses which are evoked by the stimulation are collected via electrodes and analyzed in accordance with a transinformation technique which is based on information signal theory for establishing a probabilistic value which corresponds to the information content of the evoked responses. USP # 4,692,118 (September 8, 1987) Video Subconscious Display Attachment Mould, Richard E. Abstract: An apparatus and method for introducing messages to the subconscious mind is disclosed, which includes a panel positioned adjacent a

television screen, with the panel having non-distractive messages imprinted thereon, such that as the subject consciously focuses his attention on the video screen, his subconscious mind records the message from the panel that is within his peripheral vision. USP # 4,616,261 (October 7, 1986) Method & Apparatus for Generating Subliminal Visual Messages Crawford, James R., et al. Abstract: A system for generating a subliminal message during the display of a normal television program on a television receiver utilizes a personal computer to generate an RF carrier modulated with video signals encoding the subliminal message. The computer runs under the control of an application program which stores the subliminal message and also controls the computer to cause it to generate timing signals that are provided to a single pole double-throw switch. The source of the normal television program and the video output of the computer are connected to the two switch inputs and the switch output is connected to the television receiver antenna system. The timing signals cause the switch to normally display the conventional television program and to periodically switch to the computer output to generate the subliminal message. The video output of the computer includes horizontal and vertical synchronizing signals which are of substantially the same frequency as the synchronizing signals incorporated within the normal program source but of an arbitrary phase. USP # 4,573,449 (March 4, 1986) Method for Stimulating the Falling Asleep and/or Relaxing Behavior of a Person Warnke, Egon F. Abstract: A method and apparatus is provided with which a person suffering from sleeplessness can be more easily relaxed and may more rapidly fall asleep. In particular, sound pulses are emitted by an electro-acoustic transducer, according to the cadence of which, the person seeking to fall asleep is induced to breathe in and out over a predetermined period of time. By suitably selecting the pulse sequence frequency, the pitch and the amplitude of the sound pulses may be adjusted thereby enhancing the process of falling asleep. USP # 4,508,105 (April 2, 1985) Shadow Generating Apparatus Whitten, Glen, et al. Abstract ~ Disclosed is an apparatus for inducing various brain wave patterns through visual stimulation. The apparatus comprises a pair of spectacles or other viewing apparatus having a liquid crystal display embedded in each lens. By repetitively activating and deactivating the liquid crystals, shadows are generated which are perceived by the subject individual wearing the viewing apparatus. Responding to the frequency of shadow generation, the subject's brain is thereby induced to generate sympathetic brain wave frequencies. The apparatus finds particular utility in the generation of alpha waves. Because learning is enhanced when the brain is in the alpha state, activities such as listening to tapes or lectures and the like can be carried out with greater facility. Shadow generation is

accomplished through the use of a timing mechanism for each liquid crystal display and the frequency for each is adjustable over a wide range, permitting synchronous or asynchronous timing. USP # 4,395,600 (July 26, 1983) Auditory Subliminal Message System & Method Lundy, Rene R., et al. Abstract: Ambient audio signals from the customer shopping area within a store are sensed and fed to a signal processing circuit that produces a control signal which varies with variations in the amplitude of the sensed audio signals. A control circuit adjusts the amplitude of an auditory subliminal anti-shoplifting message to increase with increasing amplitudes of sensed audio signals and decrease with decreasing amplitudes of sensed audio signals. This amplitude controlled subliminal message may be mixed with background music and transmitted to the shopping area. To reduce distortion of the subliminal message, its amplitude is controlled to increase at a first rate slower than the rate of increase of the amplitude of ambient audio signals from the area. Also, the amplitude of the subliminal message is controlled to decrease at a second rate faster than the first rate with decreasing ambient audio signal amplitudes to minimize the possibility of the subliminal message becoming supraliminal upon rapid declines in ambient audio signal amplitudes in the area. A masking signal is provided with an amplitude which is also controlled in response to the amplitude of sensed ambient audio signals. This masking signal may be combined with the auditory subliminal message to provide a composite signal fed to, and controlled by, the control circuit. USP # 4,388,918 (June 21, 1983) How Targeting Affects Victims Looks What only a few targets realize is that their attackers not only want them to appear mentally disturbed but also physically unappealing. I can only imagine that the attackers receive much sick pleasure out of doing that. However, another reason for wanting targets unattractive is to socially isolate them. Here again psychology plays a role, as a target becomes very selfconscious about his/her looks and stays home alone to avoid people. The methods for affecting the looks of targets are truly diabolical and evil and demonstrate years of study of causes and effects. Here are some of the ways that the attackers accomplish their objective of making targets unattractive. -- Cause targets either to gain an enormous amount of weight or lose enough weight to look emaciated. They prefer to make targets gain weight. They do this by playing loop play tapes to the victims subconscious, making suggestions about food and about the victim being hungry. They can even cause the victims stomach to feel empty when it is not. Loop play tapes played to targets brains constantly urge targets to eat sweets and greasy un-nutritious foods. The attackers even show the targets pictures of food in their minds. Moreover, they manipulate the targets senses of taste and smell to choose unhealthy foods over healthy ones. All of this is done neurologically. -- Cause burn marks and sores on a targets face and arms, the most visible parts of his/her body. This type of electronic harassment suggests some type of laser. I know of several cases in which the faces and arms of very attractive women became scarred and damaged

through that process. -- Cause wrinkles on victims faces. I am well preserved for a seventy-four year-old man. Friends often remark about my lack of wrinkles. A niece noted that my forehead had no wrinkles but was perfectly smooth. The perverted attackers set out to change that by causing wrinkles on my forehead. Readers who are not targets will have a hard time believing this. However, many targets can attest to the truth of that assertion. In the spring of 2011, I noticed that my forehead seemed to be under a load of pressure. The entire forehead felt like something was pressing on it. I knew that the pressure was not natural but was induced by the attackers. Finally, the reason for the pressure was revealed to me. For months the attackers had told me through the V2K that I had a frown on my face. I often woke at night hearing them repeating that. Then, I discovered the presence of a loop play tape making the same statement time after time after time. I am a smiler, not a frowner. In the morning when I get up, I hear the attackers telling me that I am frowning. The attackers were using the power of suggestion to try to cause me to frown and thus form wrinkles on my forehead. To help them achieve their objective, the attackers caused constipation by restricting the muscles in the lower part of my large intestines near the anus to prevent defecation. At the same time, I heard the attackers repeating, Dont shit. You wont be able to shit. Making a target very physically uncomfortable helps the attackers to convince targets to frown, thus causing the wrinkles. Although I am still relatively free of forehead and other face wrinkles, the attackers are continually attempting to cause them. -- Reshape a targets nose by making it longer and wider. Yes, that is what I said. By applying continual pressure on the bridge of the nose with facets of their device, the attackers can actually cause a victims nose to become both longer and wider. The principle is much the same as that of braces on teeth: the continual pressure on the teeth, actually move the teeth. Likewise, continual pressure on the cartilage of the nose, moves the cartilage forward and outward. The attackers often place that type of pressure on my nose. I laugh at them and tell them that thanks to them, Ill have a very British nose! -- Cause a target, usually a male, hair loss. The attackers can kill the hair roots on the scalp using their device, causing the loss of hair and preventing its re-growth. -- Cause a target unsightly psoriasis, usually on very conspicuous places on the body, especially the face and arms. This is different from the burn marks and sores previously mentioned, for psoriasis covers a much larger area and gives an appearance of leprosy or some other equally ugly skin disease. Psoriasis is one of the attackers favorite induced conditions. This is done physically by whatever the device might be that the attackers employ aided by psychological suggestion through the subconscious voices. -- Cause the target to look worn and haggard. This is done through both physical and neurological suggestions that deprive the target of sleep. Dark circles underneath the eyes, wrinkles and frown lines, sunken cheeks, and pursed lips are all signs of sleep deprivation and make the target unappealing and personally uninviting.

-- Cause targets to believe that their bodies exude offensive odors. One target from the United Kingdom wrote that he was ashamed to go around people, for he smelled very bad. He probably had no body odor. Yet, the attackers made him believe that he stank through neurological suggestions to his mind. -- Cause a target to lose much of his/her eyesight and thus force him/her to wear glasses. The attackers can damage targets eyes through aiming pin pricks (again perhaps fine lasers) into particular sections of the targets eyes. With repetitive pinpoint precision, the attackers can cause a target nearsightedness or farsightedness or an astigmatism in only a matter of days or weeks. -- Cause targets to walk in a strange manner by striking pain in targets spinal columns. The pain causes targets to stoop as they walk or to assume very bad posture in sitting. -- Cause targets to neglect their personal hygiene. The attackers make targets believe that they are seen in the shower, when they are using the bathroom, and wherever else they might be. Targets are reluctant to disrobe because they believe that the voyeurs are watching them; thus, they stop bathing. The attackers can also cause targets not to bathe by making targets actually fear water. I enjoy my frequent showers, telling the attackers to watch me all that they wish. After all, they cant disclose what they see to anybody except another sicko. I defy them in every possible manner. -- Cause targets to appear odd by appearing in ball caps lined with foil and several layers of clothes, even in warm weather, to attempt to shield themselves from the electronic effects. The attackers bolster this capability by continually telling the target how ugly and stupid he or she is, damaging their self-esteem. After all, probably over ninety per cent of what the attackers do is psychological. The reader may give little importance to the above information about targets appearances. Nevertheless, appearances are very important, as they affect a targets sense of self-worth and his psychological outlook. The attackers do not attempt to make targets unattractive simply for the fun of it. They know that if a target is made to look or feel unattractive, that target becomes insecure and anxiety prone. Their objective is purely psychological to isolate the target from others and increase anxiety. However, what targets should realize is that other people really do not care much at all about a targets looks as long as the target is clean and dressed in a normal manner. Victims Allow Targeting to Become a Way of Life An objective of the attackers is to cause targets to focus on their targeting during every waking moment, either in thinking about, researching it, or talking with other targets by phone and email about it. Such is the all-consuming nature of the electronic and mind control assault that targets mold their lives around it. Targets continually search for the perpetrators, the methods used, and shielding that might protect them from the REA. Doing so creates an obsession that permeates and dominates their entire life. Indeed, their defense against REA becomes a way of life, a life style as it were.

Target friends of mine wear padded clothing, aluminum in their caps, and special socks and stockings. Most of them try to hide those protective items; others wear them openly, thereby making them appear mentally disturbed to unknowing viewers. They put up shielding devices in their abodes, sometimes using metal sheeting, rubber coverings, and thick foam-filled objects. They use a particular lighting system. They cover electrical outlets. They place cardboard, insulated cloths, and other strange items over the floor. Some targets use a special type of paint to cover their bedroom walls. No shielding device to date has proved permanently effective against REA. Many targets spend most of their waking hours writing emails and messaging about their REA experiences and theories. I do not condemn them for that, as they work zealously on trying to end their suffering from the cowardly perpetrators. Nevertheless, that activity limits their ability to go on with their lives and makes that endeavor the focal point of their lives, practically isolating themselves, just as the perpetrators seek to do. Targets lives must maintain balance. Its often said that when schoolteachers get together, they invariably talk about their academic life. The same truism applies to targets of electronic and mind control assault. Whenever targets visit each other, REA provides often the sole topic of conversation. That is quite natural, for the only thing that many targets have in common is their REA. In fact, REA brings together people who, were it not for that commonality, would probably never meet. It is impossible for targets to dismiss what is occurring to them. However, they can control the extent to which they allow it to affect their lives. Although I think about REA during all of my waking hours and although I get the attackers V2K both when Im awake and while I sleep, I have determined not to let that outwardly affect my life. My house looks no different from those of non-targeted people. I do not wear bizarre items either at home or when I leave the house. I do not continually talk about REA even with those few friends and family members who know about it. I continue with a life style that is normal for me. REA attacks often affect the targets personal hygiene. Many targets believe that the attackers can see them when they shower and perform their bodily functions; thus, many targets will not disrobe completely to bathe. My attackers tell me that they see me in the bathroom, which automatically causes me to doubt that they actually can do so since they are chronic liars. I laugh at them and tell them, Well, hell yes you can see me, you idiots. Anybody with eyes can see me. Here I stand in full view! Instead of spending the largest part of their lives with developing or finding shielding and contemplating REA, targets might best use that time (1) to strengthen family ties and bonds of friendship; (2) to concentrate on their work, if they are employed; (3) to look for work if they are not employed and are employable; (4) to engage in home improvement projects; (5) to train their minds to concentrate on the positive elements of life, and (6) to provide moral support to less fortunate targets. We targets must not allow electronic stalking and mind control to become a way of life but rather only one facet of our lives. Targets and Non-targets Shortly after starting my journal, I began researching the topic of REA and communicating with many other victims. Almost invariably those victims, like I, had ignored signs of electronic

stalking and had not realized for a very long time that they were targeted. That is one of the techniques that the stalkers use. The electronic torture and mind control activities are progressive. Electronic and mind control stalkers begin very slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the electronic and mind control effects until finally they are too obvious for targets to ignore. Although many of the effects are similar, they do vary from target to target. Many of the targets, for example, do not hear the voices. Nevertheless, the voices are there. (More about voices later.) Targets include all races, ethnicities, both genders as well as both same-gender sex preferences, ages, physical conditions, all sizes and weights, religions and beliefs about religions, social backgrounds, educational backgrounds, levels of I.Q., all types of philosophies and schools of thought, both liberals and conservatives, occupations and professions, all incomes or degrees of wealth (excluding the very wealthy), political thought, all attitudes toward the government, all attitudes about war and peace, veterans and nonveterans, and others. I have studied many cases of TIs, looking for commonalities among the targets. Here are several possible commonalities among targets. There may be others. Physically-invasive medical actions. All targets have had some type of surgical procedure (either minor or major or routine), shots and inoculations, or dental work. That may be indicative of complicity of the medicine profession in the conspiracy of silent torture by remote. Diversity. Some TIs believe that inventors and researchers working under the auspices of the U. S. military and intelligence establishment selected them for experiments carried out to test various neurological and perhaps biological warfare patents and hypotheses. That belief is not farfetched. Thus, the many differences that I find among the targets may be purposeful, for the experimenters will want a diverse sampling of the entire U. S. population. Diversity and variation are required for the validity of the testing. The results of the experiments must reflect and rest upon tests covering elements of the entire population. Adopted targets. Quite a few targets who I know or with whom Ive communicated are adopted. There appears to be some experimentation being conducted on adopted children versus natural children, probably testing the environmental versus the hereditary theory. Twins. Some targets believe that experimenters are interested in how the brains work in siblings, especially twins. If that is true, that harkens back to Mengeles experiments with twins in Germany before and during WWII. Despite those possible commonalities named above, I have found no one single common characteristic or condition among targets that stands out. The absence of a principal commonality may be important, for it either re-enforces the idea that a government uses the entire range of the American population for experimentation or suggests that the attacks on targets come from more than one single source. Moreover, it suggests that many of the targets are simply decoys who draw attention away from the real targets (more about decoys in a following section). Most of the targets are probably just ordinary law-abiding citizens who mind their own

business. However, other targets such as whistle blowers, dissidents, free thinkers, Survivalists, and others may be considered threats to the system. There are probably even those targets who pose genuine security threats. Other targets who in the past were not security threats will become real security threats due to their torture as they are driven unwittingly to commit crimes or commit them in desperation. Unfortunately, many ethics-deprived citizens, particularly in the inner cities, have seen targeting as a way of making money without working for it. Those people feign symptoms of targeting to be declared mentally unstable. They are then provided state funding for the mentally disabled. According to stories told by actual targets, those pretended targets also sometimes become accomplices of the perpetrators. There does indeed appear to be a national REA program directed against homosexuals and lesbians in the United States, Canada, and perhaps other countries. I believe that program is subterfuge, or deception, on the part of the powerbrokers. The powerbrokers probably employ Radical Right attackers to harass gays to confuse and distort the larger picture. The attackers are not aware that the real reason behind the REA is to wipe out any dissent against the powerbrokers, who represent the U.S. Government, or the status quo. The principal targets are the anti-government and the anti-Zionist elements of the population. If experimentation is indeed a reason for targeting, the powerbrokers perhaps choose targets who they believe might have something to hide. They count on the skeletons in the closet to keep the targets silent, a form of unspoken blackmail. A few targets have served time in prison for non-violent crimes. Others have experimented with drugs. Many are closet homosexuals. Those are not facts that targets likely want known. The attackers count on that and instill further guilt to traumatize targets psychologically. Notwithstanding, I believe that the aim of the powerbrokers is to hook the minds of the overwhelming portion of the American population. Despite their minds being hooked, most Americans will not be affected. Most of them will never be subjected to electronic torture and mind control, for most Americans are compliant, non-thinking, pleasure and material seekers. Nevertheless, being hooked means that they remain at the instant whim of the powerbrokers. With the whole population placed under that system, the powerbrokers can pick and choose targets as they please or as the situation arises. That FEMA has established secret concentration camps throughout the United States is no longer simply rumor. The occupants have probably already been chosen. REA is not peculiar to the United States. People in countries all over the world are reporting electronic and neurological assaults. Many Western targets live in Canada and the United Kingdom. In Asia thousands of Chinese, Indian, and Australian targets are beginning to surface. Most African countries appear to have few targets. Nevertheless, targets who travel to Africa will probably continue to suffer the effect of their REA. Strangely and perhaps suspiciously, the following Americans appear largely exempt as a class from electronic harassment and mind control. Congresspersons and high ranking U. S. Government officials, including ambassadors. Lower ranking employees and ex-employees of government, however, are often targeted, especially whistleblowers and those discontented with the status quo.

Governors and other high ranking state-level officials. Clergy. However, members of Protestant Fundamentalist, Roman Catholic, Jewish, and other churches often become targets. Some of those victims complain that their churches may be involved in their harassment. Law enforcement officers. Although I have heard obliquely of police officers being electronically assaulted, I have never actually corresponded with or read a complaint by a law enforcement target. The exclusion also applies to prison authorities, U. S. marshals, Border Patrol, DEA, the entire U. S. intelligence community, including the Secret Service, sheriffs, and sheriffs deputies. CEOs and very successful businesspersons. High ranking military officials. On the other hand, enlisted personnel are often targets. The medical community. I have recently learned that there are two doctors who claim to be targeted. I have spoken with one of them. If they are genuine, they are indeed exceptions. The wealthy. I have never known of a millionaire having been victimized by REA. Most of the targets are middle-class workers, small business owners, retirees, and sometimes financiallyand socially-marginal persons. Judges and lawyers. The perpetrators know that judges and lawyers possess credibility and also know the laws and would thus be able to leverage law enforcement into action. Persons with considerable expertise in radio and electronics, who could perhaps eventually figure out what device is being used and how. There are two logical and plausible reasons why most of those particular people are not targeted: (1) Those non-targets are a part of the conspiracy, either directly or indirectly, and thus protected. (2) The perpetrators know that those targeted groups would possess the intellectual credibility and the power to command investigations of their attacks. Perhaps some members of those groups are indeed targeted but have noticed no symptoms that reveal that fact. If they are targeted, the attackers would make every effort not to alert them to any tell-tale signs. Foreign countries have attempted to influence U. S. domestic and foreign policy for many years both directly and through domestic political action committees (PACs). Several foreign countries now have the capability to perform electronic stalking and mind control activities for that purpose. Logically, those foreign countries will target the following Americans: (1) the sitting president and possible candidates for the presidency; (2) key members of Congress; (3) top U. S. military brass; (4) CEOs of large companies, particularly those firms with defense contracts; (5) selected clergy; (6) writers, producers, and media personnel; and (7) other influential persons. Can there be any doubt, then, that our CIA-FBI and other intelligence services know about electronic stalking and mind control and protect those probable targets from that activity, especially those seen in Numbers 1-3? Psychological Triggering Whether targets get only organized stalking or electronic stalking and mind control, they all report the use of words, signs, sights, smells, tastes, and other things that trigger certain emotions. The attackers employ triggers as a part of their neurological scheme. For those triggers to work, the targets first have to be sensitized, or pre-conditioned, to them. Preconditioning to those triggers is probably accomplished through hypnosis or the subconscious voices. Triggering is purely psychological.

In my case, the attackers use names of people and places to trigger emotions. They have also programmed particular locations within the house to trigger those emotions. Those specific locations trigger loop play tapes that are designed to evoke certain emotions, which normally include suspicion of others, anger, doubt, hatred, sexual thoughts, and others. They also use trigger expressions such as (the name of a person) is just crazy about you. While repeating that sentence, the attackers vibrate the private parts. They are clearly attempting to create erotic feelings for that person, who in most cases is a good friend or a close relative. Some targets are triggered by colors, various forms of lights, numbers, signs and gestures made by perp accomplices (and probably innocently by other people), certain pictures and words on TV, car honking, and a variety of other ways. To non-targets those triggers appear perfectly normal, as they are unaware of the frequency and consistency of those triggers in targets lives. Attackers consider triggering very important to their psychological objectives by repeating the same themes. The Nazis used repetition to condition the German people. The triggering reminds targets that they are indeed targeted, that they are continually monitored, and that they are powerless to prevent or stop the harassment. Conditioning targets to notice and react to triggering aids the attackers efforts to isolate the targets, for targets become very sensitized to those triggers, making them suspicious of strangers and even relatives and friends. Targets begin avoiding those people or act in very odd ways around them. Thus, triggers play a psychological role in targets eventual estrangement from society. Some targets have had success in detriggering triggers using the same psychology that the attackers employ. The targets sometimes use the triggers intentionally very frequently to diminish the emotional effect of them. Others use psychological disassociation, by telling themselves repeatedly that there is no association between the triggers and what the triggers are supposed to do. The Essence of Mind Control As already stated, if a target receives remote-operated electronic effects, he probably also receives the hidden voices and thus mind manipulation. However, he may not at first hear those voices. Some targets never hear the voices. Nevertheless, they are there. Attackers hook targets minds and hear their thoughts for years before they start the actual mind manipulation. In addition to mining the targets thoughts and watching their activities, the perpetrators interview people who know the targets, their family members, and their friends. The object is to reconstruct the targets entire life, identify all relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the target, and learn any smut and dishonesty connected to the target to later make him feel guilt. Finally, armed with all of the data that they have retrieved from the targets own minds, along with the targets files and records obtained from various sources, the attackers begin their assault. Friends and relatives of the targets often unwittingly divulge information about the targets through friendly conversations with the perpetrators accomplices. In addition, sometimes the accomplices pose as law enforcement officers and private detectives to intimidate people

into telling all they know about targets. Actual law enforcement officers also doubtlessly cooperate in some cases. Only with the total of this knowledge about the target can mind control be used effectively. Mind control follows a well established plan, based far more on psychology than on electronic assault. There are three phases to that plan. (1) First, is the intelligence gathering stage mentioned above. (2) Next, the attackers condition, or sensitize, the victim by assaulting him with the various symptoms and conditions caused by their directed energy weapons. It is during this phase that the victim is conditioned to respond to the various codes introduced probably through hypnotism. (3) And finally the attackers start their telepathic interrogations, induced dreams, scripted scenarios, and other mind manipulation methods. In the last phase, the attackers often pepper the targets with the audible voices (V2K), which only the target hears. Their aim is to neutralize the victim by (1) rendering him incapable of functioning in society, (2) causing him to commit suicide, or (3) murdering him in planned accidents or through induced diseases such as cancer Mind control is achieved through a combination of psychological trickery and electronic effects. The electronic effects are largely utilized to re-enforce the psychological aspects of mind control. Although the electronic effects are painful and sometimes even debilitating, they are usually bearable. As long as people have control of their minds, they can normally handle pain. On the other hand, mind control seeks to dominate both the mind and the body of targets, to gain absolute control over those persons and manipulate their every thought and action. Make no mistake about it; attackers are highly trained in both psychology and computer/electronics. Their backgrounds may not have been psychology; yet, they have been taught how to apply it. They are probably far more adept at applying and understanding the electronics than the psychology. However, whoever wrote the ultra-secret training manual, probably a team of psychiatrists and intelligence interrogators, were masters in psychological application. Mind control seeks to disenfranchise the target of his ability to function through a series of clever psychological tactics. We have already mentioned several of those. Here are some others. (1) Knowledge of surveillance. After a long period of observation and mining the targets thoughts, the attackers let targets know that they are objects of electronic surveillance. They reveal that they know intimate details of the targets. The total loss of privacy of thought unnerves the targets and makes them still more vulnerable to other psychological and electronic attacks. (2) Loss of control of thought. Not only do attackers know the targets thoughts but they also plant thoughts in those targets. Targets find themselves thinking of subjects and performing acts that they ordinarily would not think or do. Those thoughts occur at strange times. Certain thoughts and reactions occur time after time. Many of them are sexual in nature. Targets may at first believe that those thoughts and actions are their own and they may be somewhat

puzzled by them; however, they eventually learn that those thoughts and actions stem from subconscious suggestions made to the targets mind through V2K. (3) Making the target appear crazy. Through subliminal whispering, attackers make targets very forgetful. They forget names of people whom they know well. They forget where they place objects. They forget to do things on their list of things-to-do. By projecting voices, attackers convince targets that others are talking about them. All of that makes targets think that they are losing their minds or developing Alzheimers. Those same actions suggest to observers the same message. All true TIs are acutely aware of that mind control objective. (4) Assigning guilt. The attackers computer can cause targets to hear certain words entered into the attackers computer whenever they watch TV or converse with others. The words triggered usually deal with sex, violence, and other negative topics. Targets start believing that they are actually thinking those words. That causes them guilt, which aids the attackers in instilling and re-enforcing that very guilt. Mind reading and subliminal talking programs leading to mind manipulation are perfected, in full usage, and being carried out on a massive scale both in the United States and abroad. Nevertheless, many areas of the targets mind still remain to be probed and studied. Involuntary brain mapping and neurological experiments concerning those areas doubtlessly continue. Searching for Shielding and Remedies After one discovers that he has become hooked, he naturally grasps at ways to ward off the electronic and psychological abuse and neutralize the source. Targets calls that shielding. That effort becomes costly. Most targets are simply plain, low- to mid-income people, and dealing with electronic assault and mind control places a great strain on their financial resources. The attackers know this and encourage targets to spend their money on useless gadgets and remedies. The actions that I took to find a way to detect and neutralize whatever causes the electronic effects and voices (mind control) are too numerous to describe in detail. I will only summarize some of those actions. -- Services. (1) Paid $300 to a private detective to look for a bug in my vehicle and (2) $750 to another P.I. to provide information about a person I had reason to suspect. (3) Had about $3,000 of dental work performed to re-do that which had been done abroad. (4) Had x-rays and a CT Scan made. This totaled well over $5,000. (5) Paid $1,200 for analysis of DVR recordings. (6) Paid $250 for a psychiatric evaluation. -- Gadgets. (1) Installed an NCH Tone Generator program in my computer. (2) Bought and wore a small stone medallion that was said to afford some kind of protection. (3) Purchased a Walkman-type device called the Jammer, which was useless. (4) Bought a Spy Audio Jammer that produced static supposed to keep outsiders from listening to telephone conversations. (5) Purchased a dozen small objects composed of metal shavings and crystals held together with heavy glue called Orgone Blasters. (6) Ordered and used a small device called the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer, whose manufacturer should be jailed for fraud. (7) Bought and used two devices, the RF Bug Detector and the Zap Checker, Model ZC185, to

detect and measure electromagnetism. (8) Bought an expensive radio scanner that I thought might interfere with the attackers frequencies. (9) Bought and used neodymium magnets. (10) Bought a 2-way mirror to keep in front of PC monitor. (1) Many other objects, programs, and devices. I spent several thousand dollars on those items and materials. (11) Tried wearing a cap invented by a TI, which was supposed to lessen the V2K. That invention was provided free of charge for testing. (12) Bought a TV-advertised remedy for tinnitus at $160 (at this writing, the treatment has not arrived). (13) Tried a free trial version of a cap composed of small metal discs believed to counter the REA. It did not. (14) Bought a product called Quietus, which is supposed to eliminate tinnitus. It cost $179 and did nothing. (15) Purchased a small digital voice recorder to record the environment around me, $118, and a LessEMF generator that is supposed to reduce electromagnetism, $190. -- Experiments. (1) Walked the outside perimeter of my house with small radio. If it lost its station and started buzzing, it was supposed to mean that my attack was land based. The stations remained clear. (2) Used ear plugs. (3) Exchanged a mattress with springs for one without them. (4) Encased head with aluminum foil at night and wore a ball cap lined with foil. (5) Turned several radios on at the same time tuned to different frequencies. (6) Coated a cotton cloth with peanut butter, wrapped it in plastic, and wore it over my head at night. (7) Took massive amounts of recommended vitamins and minerals. (8) Took for about nine months a chelating substance called Detoxamin, which cost over $1,000. (9) Constructed a Faraday Cage of chicken wire with an outside copper grounding rod. (10) Made and used a blanket made of heavy aluminum foil to sleep underneath. (11) Placed aluminum foil over the bedroom windows. (12) Used two 3 volt watch batteries, the positive side taped to one ear and the negative side, to the other ear, at night. (13) Deliberately exposed myself to lightning during electrical storms. (14) Tried recommended isometric exercises. (15) Turned off the main breaker at night, cutting off all electricity within the house. (16) Placed ceramic tiles underneath my mattress. (17) Used Dramamine tablets daily. (18) Bought Orgone blasters. (19) Bought copper Brillo pads, unwound them, and wore the copper mesh under a cap. It accomplished nothing. (20) Bought a headband with small microphones to mute the V2K while I slept, $30. Those efforts and expenditures yielded little or no result. My advice to other targets is save your time and money and treat yourself to a night out on the town. Several web sites advertise electronic and other objects and machines that are supposed to neutralize the electronic effects and mind control assault. In large part, those sellers are opportunists who are making a load of money scamming desperate victims. Instead, I have learned to use my mind to counter the electronic effects. I urge all targets to experiment with using their own minds against their attackers attempting to capture their minds. Scientists tell us that humans use only about ten per cent of their brains. Targets must learn to develop parts of the remaining ninety per cent. Although the electronic harassment no longer bothers me, the subliminal voices endure. I have not yet found any satisfactory way of neutralizing those voices. Nevertheless, they bother me less every day. After reading about targets rushing to the emergency room time after time because of the attackers electronic torture, I determined early in my harassment situation that I would not follow that path. Instead, I deal with the electronic assault and mind control and defy the attackers. My guiding principle is Whatever happens happens. Be sure that a breakthrough will occur that exposes how electronic stalking and mind control operates and the evil persons

behind them. As I often telepathically tell my attackers, The secret will come out, you bastards. Nothing lasts forever. And time is on my side. The Perpetrators of REA Many targets believe that the U.S. Government targets U. S. citizens with electronic stalking and mind control for experimental purposes. Although I do not doubt for a second that the government engages in REA, either directly or indirectly, I do not believe that in my case it is necessarily the U.S. Government. Here is why I say that. I have intentionally conveyed radical and terrorist thoughts to my attackers that would have gotten me arrested for questioning if they worked with the U.S. Government. For example, I have talked (through synthetic telepathy) to my attackers about blowing up cell towers, bridges, and other infrastructure, about joining the Hezbollah or al Qaeda, about detonating a bomb at a law enforcement convention, and many other alarming illegal and terrorist activities. If my attackers were government agents, they would be obligated to pass on that information, leading to my arrest under the Patriot Act. Yet, I have never been approached by law enforcement or U. S. intelligence about those plans. My research leads me to believe that my attackers work for Israel with the acquiescence of my own government, for the attackers enjoy the protection of all levels of law enforcement and government. The actual attackers may be a pro-Israel Christian Fundamentalist group, a pro-Israel PAC or benevolent society, American agents who willingly perform Israel's missions in the United States, or other elements of a Radical Right. Israeli agents and their accomplices operate within the United States with almost complete freedom and impunity. Targets often form an idea about who their perpetrators by thinking back and connecting the dots. That is what I did. Still, our opinions cannot be supported by fact, which is obviously the aim of the attackers and their powerbrokers. In actuality, we have little proof about the actual perpetrators of REA, or the perps, and how they operate. What we think that we know is only conjecture before the courts. Nevertheless, logic, research, and experience lead targets to their own conclusions. Here are mine. I believe that probably two different groups are involved in hooking the minds of targets and carrying out the REA on those targets. Those groups operate on two different levels. (1) The first group represents national and perhaps international leadership, or the powerbrokers. This group controls the device(s) and methods used for that purpose and keep those devices and methods as a closely guarded secret. That probably means that the hightech and sophisticated hooking process belongs to the intelligence agencies and the military or to those who are somehow connected with their operations. The FBI knows about REA yet does nothing to stop it, so it must necessarily be a part of the first group. The FBI field offices doubtlessly form the nuclei for the fusion centers. Several cities and towns fall within the region that comprises each fusion center. The FBI ensures that the target is hooked and then turns him over to the nearest or most feasible group of attackers along with the targets files. The attackers are encouraged to add to that information and use the totality of that data in their mind control (V2K) activities. The head of each group

of attackers answers to the field office in whose jurisdiction his group falls. The attackers may be local or they may be thousands of miles away. The CIA is also doubtlessly involved in the first group. On March 2, 2010, a story came out in the Washington Times that suggests that the CIA is a loosely-run intelligence operations riddled with corruption. In the article, a CIA communications-technology specialist named Todd Brandon Fehrmann was trying to sell stolen high-tech CIA equipment to a private individual. Those state-of-the-art items included several handheld spectrum analyzers high-technology devices with military applications that can measure and check cell-phone signals and equipment . . . . The article quoted Anritsu, the manufacturer of the devices, as explaining that the analyzers have several uses, including measuring cell phone base-station signals, mapping signal strength to determine where to place antennas, base stations and signal repeaters. That type equipment could very obviously be used for electronic stalking and mind control. The members of the first group play only a leadership role and are very few in number. The device(s) and methods used to hook targets brains to torture and exert mind control over those targets are a closely guarded secret. Only high-level Federal officials in the intelligence agencies, high executive branch officials, and the military would have knowledge of and control over those device(s) and methods and be able to keep them secret over a long period of time. Although most of the decision-making personnel and many of the mid-level employees and lower level personnel in those organizations know about the electronic and mind control devices and methods, they do not know the precise instruments or how they work. We do not yet know what devices and methods the masterminds use to hook targets. In my case, the constant factor is the tinnitus, which, since the inception of the current EMSC, has never faltered. Although the tone occasionally changes, the ringing is always present. Thus, I believe that there is a direct connection between the device that hooks and keeps the target hooked and the tinnitus. Even the voices that I get 24/7 and the jolts and vibrations and other physical effects are not continual; yet, the tinnitus is. However, after a target is hooked, he has to be accessed somehow by the people who actually carry out the electronic and mind control assault. The target probably possesses some object or substance in his body peculiar to that person that allows the second group, or the attackers, to locate him. That characteristic may be an identification number, much like objects scanned in stores. Once hooked, the targets remain hooked. In fact, the attackers probably cannot change the frequency and almost certainly cannot cut off the frequency. Only the first group can do that. Those persons who control the device(s) and methods used in electronic and mind control assault are the masterminds, who probably also select many of the targets found on the hit list. In addition to targets that they place on the hit list, they probably add other targets recommended by big business, friendly foreign countries, heads of religious groups, highranking politicians, and other parties. We know far less about the masterminds than we do the second group, which actually employs the REA. However, make no mistake about it. The same person, persons, organization, or government

unit that have the power to hook a target also have the finances and personnel to keep that target hooked for life. I know of no target who has been freed from his REA torture. That continuity hints that an organization rather than an individual calls the shots, as an organization can carry out a sustained action over a very long period of time. My attackers have told me, Weve spent a lot of money on you. (2) The second group consists of the rank-and-file conspirators, including the actual attackers, who may be (a) ex-military and military-connected personnel and (b) ex-law enforcement and their extra-oficio employees on the state and local levels. The second group performs the actual work on the targets once those targets are hooked. Their activity depends mainly on the adroit use of computers and their software by the attackers as well as in providing the V2K. The second group makes few decisions. It is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the electronic and mind control activities. It employs the actual electronic effects and mind control assaults on targets after the masterminds hook those targets. This group is very large in number and varied in its make-up and modus operandi. Let us examine some of those possible second groups, or attackers. -- Fusion Centers In the last years of the Bush administration, the Department of Homeland Security created Fusion Centers that share information and intelligence [with state and local organizations] within their jurisdictions as well as with the federal government. At this time (2009), there are about sixty centers and plans to create still others. Those sixty centers probably coincide with the sixty FBI field offices. The heads of the field offices probably select the sub-groups that serve as attackers. Those sub-groups then assign the actual individual attackers. Only the heads of those groups have contact with the authorities. The attackers themselves do not communicate with law enforcement and intelligence agents. The word fusion means melting together. The Centers do indeed fuse units widely dispersed over the entire national territory of the United States of America. Big Brother has you covered. DHS intelligence officers operate in Fusion Centers in twenty-four states, including my state of Louisiana, and also in the District of Columbia. Plans call for more than a hundred federal professionals at those centers by the end of this year (2009). Much of the communication between the DHS and the centers is classified secret. -- Infragard Units Michael Rothschilds article in the February issue of The Progressive called FBI Deputizes Business identifies businesses as possible perpetrators of electronic torture and mind control. The article states that the FBI formed a group of businesses called the Infragard in 1996 under the Clinton administration (1992-2000) ostensibly to stem and PRE-EMPT any perceived terrorist threat within the United States. The meaning of terrorist threat is at best very vague and gives those essentially FBI-sponsored vigilante groups the legal right to attack American citizens with absolute immunity. Law enforcement not only permits those groups to operate but probably also assists them.

A series of programs called Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura aired over TruTV in December, 2009 and January, 2010 exposing many shady dealings of the U. S. Government. One of those early January programs dealt with the Infragard. Probably to offset much public criticism of that organization due to the Conspiracy Theories, the Department of Justice started a web page on the Infragard on January 14, 2010. As one might imagine, the Infraguard operates under the FBI field offices as do the fusion centers. The Infragard web site has a link that is supposed to pull up the locations of the local chapters of the Infragard; however, when I tried to access those locations, it would not allow me to pull up that page. One of the pages of the Infragard Web site outlines its Code of Ethics. Of the seven points made in the Code of Ethics, two of them state that members will not knowingly be a part of any illegal or improper activities. The last point reads: Protect and respect the privacy rights [underscoring is mine], civil rights, and physical and intellectual property rights of others. Thus, if Infragard members are involved in electronic stalking and mind control activites, they clearly violate their own code of ethics. Interestingly, there is no penalty, such as expulsion or being legally charged with a crime, if members violate the code. Thus, the code is meaningless. I did some online research on the Infragard. Their web page encouraged readers to contact them, so I did. Here is my email.
Sirs: I have been a target of electronic stalking and mind control activities carried out by unknown persons by remote for many years. Many fellow targets believe that members of Intragard may participate in those illegal activities although their code of ethics requires them to respect the privacy and civil rights of other citizens. Can you state categorically that neither the Infragard nor its members conduct domestic spying and electronic harassment on other American citizens? Thank you.

As the reader might imagine, I never heard back from the Infragard. Bush recognized the Infragard in his post-9/11 attack on democracy as a key element in quelling any opposition or suspected opposition to his regime within the United States. FBI Director Robert Mueller called those civilian groups the first line of defense. It does not require a molecular physicist to imagine the abuses that are certain to accompany any such para-law enforcement program. Many of those Infragard businesses are Fortune 500 firms, including companies that hold defense contracts with the U. S. Government. Telecommunications providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and others, the U. S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and the satellite TV providers also are often named by targets as perpetrator organizations. Other businesses are small independently-owned companies. The tentacles of the Infragard organizations reach into the smallest towns and even into rural communities. In sparsely populated areas such as many parts of the Deep South, Infragard probably depends on small firms and businesses owned by ultra-conservatives and even approved individuals to spy on and exert mind control upon selected targets. The Infragards weapons include monitoring targets computers and telephonic communication, physically spying on and investigating those targets, stalking them, interfering with their mail, monitoring the targets business and business contacts, entering the targets homes in their absence, and vandalizing their property.

The Infragard and the Fusion Centers count on local groups and law enforcement to support the governments increasing surveillance of and interference with American citizens everyday activities. Those organizations along with the FBI and other intelligence and law enforcement operatives represent an overwhelming presence of Big Brother in the lives of all Americans. Although surveillance alone does not constitute electronic and mind control assault, it would be a simple matter to take constant surveillance to the next step in parceling targets out to vigilante-type groups of trained attackers for physical and neurological torture. The FBI itself simply does not have to manpower to provide agents as attackers. Moreover, the government has absolutely nothing to gain from torturing people electronically. The FBI probably monitors only the most serious terrorist threats and turns over other targets on the watch list to its cooperating civilian groups. Psychological studies clearly prove that many people welcome an opportunity to stalk and perform their evil on helpless targets. Perhaps they get that opportunity through helping the FBI and the intelligence community. Those citizen criminals doubtlessly get a high from their sudden empowerment to employ voyeurism, electronic torture, and mind control on others by remote with complete anonymity and even protected by law enforcement. For the sake of argument, let us consider that the FBI is NOT involved in electronic torture and mind control but knows about it. If the FBI is unwilling to apprehend the criminals who perform the REA, they might at least warn the American public about that activity as they often do about identity theft and other crimes that are not nearly as serious. The fact that they do not advise Americans of that criminal activity further clearly indicates that the FBI has something to hide and is in fact deeply immersed in that odious felony against American citizens on American soil. -- Department of Homeland Security The DHS heads the fusion centers. It is probably also deeply involved in the Infraguard program. It doubtlessly also uses FEMA for its domestic spying. The DHS organizational chart shows that it has a military advisor, an Intelligence and Analysis section, a Science and Technology section, and a National Cyber Security Center. The DHS thus contains all the units that targets know figure somehow in our electronic stalking and mind control. Now for the part that should jolt awake every American who cherishes his freedom of privacy, choice, and expression: One of the mandates of the DHS is to develop and deploy antiterrorism technologies by providing liability protections for providers. In other words, the scientists and other inventors and makers of equipment and know-how for carrying out electronic and mind control activities cannot be sued or prosecuted. How very convenient. Despite that presumed immunity, future court cases will decide against it. One need only look at the Department of Homeland Security web site to learn their objectives and capabilities. Here are some excerpts from that site in Homeland Securitys own words (the italics are mine). Homeland Security harnesses our nation's scientific and technological resources to provide Federal, state, and local officials with the technology and capabilities to protect the homeland.

Research is designed to counter threats to the homeland, both by evolutionary improvements to current capabilities and development of revolutionary, new capabilities. Homeland Securitys Advanced Research Project Agency engages industry, academia, government, and other sectors in innovative research and development, rapid prototyping, and technology transfer to meet operational needs. The Department partners with universities to bring together the nation's best experts and focus its most talented researchers on a variety of threats that include agricultural, chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological, explosive and cyber terrorism, as well as the behavioral aspects of terrorism. [This could mean the REA.] -- Neighborhood Watch/Community Watch. Those and similar local organizations have also been increasingly used for gathering information about fellow Americans. Contrary to their intended purposes, those groups sometimes operate as para-law enforcement bodies to carry out their own interpretations of the laws. With the passage of The Patriot Act, those sub-groups find it ever easy to stalk persons who do not fit their ideas of the norm. -- Christian Fundamentalists I am thoroughly convinced that Christian Fundamentalists participate in electronic stalking and mind control. However, I do not know whether those so-called Christians are acting alone or whether the churches themselves are actually involved. Ive corresponded with hundreds of other targets, and in a great many of their cases, they mention a Christian Fundamentalist preacher who they believe figures somehow in their ordeals. The aim of that group appears to be a social reconfiguration, in which every American is made to subscribe to their version of Judeo-Christian principles. That so-called Christian element may also be involved in my situation. Although ample evidence leads me to believe that the Israelis and pro-Israeli Intelligence agents first targeted me, they have probably long since turned me over to an extremist Right Wing group, probably religious nut cases, for monitoring me with the full knowledge of the pro-Israel FBI and perhaps unwitting but compliant law enforcement. The Israelis are masters at getting others to do their dirty work. In recalling past events and connecting the dots concerning my targeting, I remembered an incident in the fall of 2001 that could connect the Fundamentalists to my present targeting. Here is the story. A former high school classmate later became a born again Christian and a lay Baptist preacher. Our high school group held a class reunion in 2000, and that classmate began including me on a list of email recipients of a religious-oriented newsletter that he sent out. A pharmacist, he had become financially successful and he often traveled to Russia and other countries in his work as a lay-preacher. The recipients of his newsletter were mainly very religious church people, some of whom were well-off and well-connected. At first I did not mind getting those round-robin email messages. They usually dealt with the classmates trips abroad. Although the content of his newsletter showed a very religious bias and, to me, indicated a narrow-mindedness on the part of the writer, that did not particularly bother me. Rather, I was pleased that the classmate had become financially comfortable and had something in his life that he enjoyed doing.

The attacks on September 11, 2001 changed what otherwise might have continued as simply a communications link between the classmate and me. His next newsletter after that infamous event included an inflammatory and extremely anti-Moslem diatribe from one of his sons condemning the 9/11 attackers and Moslems in general. I felt compelled to answer that statement, for not to answer suggested that I agreed with his beliefs. Thus, for the first time after being included on the list, I wrote back, saying that though I abhorred the deaths caused by the attacks, I could understand the motive that drove the attackers. I explained that the 9/11 attackers saw us as the enemy because of a shortsighted U.S. foreign policy that always favored Israel against the Arabs. I stated further that only Israel stood to gain from the 9/11 attacks, as it would cause us to go to war against the Arabs and Moslems. That, of course, happened. I received a vicious reply from that son in which he practically equated me with Benedict Arnold. We engaged in two or three sharp exchanges that were circulated to all of the names on the long mailing list. Many of the addressees were well-known Christians, some of them with ties to high-ranking office holders and other government officials. The writers father, my old classmate, who obviously sided with his sons views, accused me of using his email newsletter to push my own agenda, while it appeared to me the opposite. I reminded him that I had not asked to be placed on his list of recipients but that as long as I was there I had to speak out against rhetoric that was hateful, misleading, and uninformed. I asked him to remove my name from his email addressees. A short while after that I began noticing signs that my computer had been hacked. I received an email over an additional email account that I used from a person using a different given name but the same family name. He left no doubt who he was. He wanted me to know that he had illegal access to my computer. Yet, he was supposedly a devout Christian. Of course, it is also possible that my real attackers made it appear that that particular person was doing the hacking. At any rate, my classmate and his family are born again Christian Fundamentalists, who do not distinguish todays Israelis from the Old Testament Israelites. They identify very closely with Israel. Like other Fundamentalist religious groups, they hold seminars in Israel at institutions that they establish there, and they host group trips to the Holy Land. They believe that the Israelis are Gods chosen people. I do not mean to imply that the classmate and his family may be my attackers, as I had already been targeted long before the 9/11 incident. However, that people of the Religious Right align themselves closely with Israel means, in my opinion, that they could be used by that country for its own purposes, even in the USA. Moreover, they are the type to report to the FBI an email such as mine, which blamed 9/11 on the USs acquiescence to and support of Israels schemes and policies against the Arabs. They did not need to report it, however, for I am very open in my criticism of US subservience to Israel. Evangelist Pat Robertson is one of the best known spokespersons for Israel and also one of Israels most devoted supporters. He even made a trip to Israel when it invaded Lebanon in 2007 to provide encouragement to the Israeli army. Readers may also recall that Robertson suggested that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela be assassinated. Nut cases such as Robertson abound on every hand. George W. Bush is also a born again Christian. Many

targets trace their REA to the period 2000-2008, the Bush administration years. Every facet of society in the United States of America falls under the influence of JudeoChristian theology. If you do not believe that, watch programs such as Jeopardy on TV. References to events in the Bible make up a large percentage of the questions asked. Most of our given names are of Biblical origin. Towns, counties, communities, and churches take their names from those found in the Bible. Much of our legal system is based on Biblical law. Yet, we condemn Moslems for their theocracies. With an overwhelming percentage of the population Christian, it is little wonder that the powerbrokers take advantage of the Fundamentalists in furthering their aims. The Fundamentalists seemingly consider themselves more patriotic than most American citizens. Although I had been monitored probably by pro-Israeli government entities for years, my doubtful patriotism and anti-Zionist views conveyed through my emails in the classmates newsletter might have also triggered the inclusion of the Christian Fundamentalists in my REA. As tools of Israel, they probably would not find targeting other Americans for electronic and mind control assault inconsistent with their religious beliefs. Some researchers believe that the NSAs aim is to Christianize the population through the voices conducted in REA. I believe that conversion to Christianity is only a part of the overall plan to make all Americans conformists and to wipe out non-conformists. Supposedly, Christians will be more compliant with and less questioning of what the powerbrokers do and the wars that they wage. Indeed, my attackers continually ply me with Christian sayings and Bible references, scream at me that I am going to hell, tell me that the Israelis are my friends, a real joke, and show me holographic images of Jesus. That is either sickness or deception. It very well may be the latter, for when I exasperate the attackers, which I often do, they lose their Christian demeanor to call me a son-of-a-bitch and curse and rant. I tell them that they are about as Christian as an earthworm. The Radical Right Mary Mapes is a former CBS producer who broke the story about the Abu Ghraib torture and other abuses. She was fired by CBS because of the Far Right backlash after 60 Minutes aired her story about then-President George W. Bush's draft dodging during the Vietnam War. [She could have also mentioned Dick Cheneys five deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam.] As a result of her expose, right wing Bush supporters clearly an oxymoron waged a letter writing and internet blogging campaign probably unparalleled since the advent of the internet. Mary called that group The Radical Right. Such campaigns are not spontaneous; they are orchestrated. I believe that Mary was correct about a Radical Right. However, I also believe that it is used as a tool of the powerbrokers who seek to control this country. The powerbrokers are probably unconcerned by many of the causes that the Radical Right stand for. Yet, they meld those elements, some of which are even at odds with other members of the group, into a formidable pressure group for the powerbrokers' ends. Some, or perhaps even most of the various groups, have legitimate purposes. Many, or perhaps most of them, may be well meaning. However, they are duped or mislead into doing what they perceive is best for the United States of America by the powerbrokers, who do not

have the best interests of the USA or its people at heart. I believe that the Radical Right represents many socio-economic and religious components, composed of the following: (1) many of the Christian Fundamentalist churches, (2) Pro-Lifers, including many members of the Roman Catholic Church; (3) the businesses that participate in the InfraGard, including the media and the banking industry; (4) law enforcement on every level; (5) the intelligence community, both domestic and foreign; (6) many PACs and civic organizations; and (7) higher echelons of all three branches of government on the Federal, state, and local levels, including the state attorneys general. That does not, of course, mean that every member of those groups represents the Radical Right. Although the membership includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and other political parties, the guiding principles of the Republican Party probably dominate. An anomaly is the university system. Universities are basically liberal in their philosophies. However, they submit to the powerbrokers and the Radical Right due to the Federal funding that they usually receive from one avenue or another. Moreover, many university science laboratories work in conjunction with the powerbrokers in providing research furthering biological and neurological warfare. More than eighty universities and research institutes took part in the MKULTRA program from the 1950s into the 1970s. In my opinion, the Radical Right probably comprises easily a fourth of the US population. Several characteristics of the Radical Right give it power. First of all, it exercises control over the American society through the influence of the executive, judicial, and legislative processes. Secondly, it is highly organized. And thirdly, it reaches into the farthest corners of the national territory. The aims of the powerbrokers may not necessarily represent the aims of many groups of the Radical Right; nevertheless, the powerbrokers largely call the shots. The powerbrokers behind the Radical Right decide who the friends and foes of the US are, and they also decide when, where, and how we fight our almost continuous wars. They manipulate the stock market and control the Federal Reserve Bank. They make our laws, including, for example, the Patriot Act. They determine what we watch on TV, what we buy and sell, and how much of our income we pay in taxes. Those same powerbrokers also decide who actually fights our continuous wars. Years ago the powerbrokers had Congress to pass laws outlawing conscription. Today the U.S. Armed Forces is now completely voluntary. What does that mean? It means that only young men from the poor and the lower middle classes, many of them Latinos and other ethnicities, volunteer for service and thus fight those wars. A volunteer army eliminates the powerbrokers family members from service, exactly what it was intended to do. From a TI perspective, it appears that the overall aim of the powerbrokers and their Radical Right is to fashion the US into its own view of a Judeo-Christian society. That means eliminating all freethinkers, whistle blowers, and liberal elements who pose a threat to those views. Conformity is their final objective. There is to be no dissent. However, since the US still supposedly operates under a time-honored Constitution, the Radical Right has to pursue its goals in an oblique manner not inconsistent with the written guarantees of that Constitution; thus, the advent of organized stalking and electronic stalking and mind control activities by unseen persons using unknown devices by remote that increasing numbers of Americans endure and that others face.

A facet of that objective appears to be a type of social cleansing. In addition to those targets already named, other persons engaging in family planning and abortion, in alternative life styles, in the drug culture, in liberal causes, and ex-cons and those who are seen as hopelessly disadvantaged, uneducated, and financially dependent are deemed expendables. I suspect that the entire American population is undergoing systematic targeting by the powerbrokers to accomplish their objective. At their whim and order, any citizen can find himself on the expendable list and subjected to relentless electronic torture and mind control, the ultimate aim of which is his complete neutralization, including death. The Radical Right organizations appear to emphasize the recruitment of members who are young, educated, and technically gifted. They especially look for members who possess computer skills, a knowledge of telephone and other communications, and a proficiency in electronics. Although not requisites, members of the Radical Right are more likely than not middle-class white males who are Christians or perhaps Jews. Others are not necessarily excluded but probably find that they are subjected to greater scrutiny than other members. Four young men who recently (January, 2010) attempted to compromise Senator Mary Landrieu's communications system in her New Orleans office probably typify the members who are recruited by the Radical Right groups. The men, all in their mid-twenties, have close ties to powerful Republicans, and two of them have connections with Israel. One of the young men, who had performed ex-oficio services for the CIA, had spent time in Israel. The four lawbreakers probably do not consider themselves either Rightists or Radicals. Indeed, if asked about their political leanings, they would probably call themselves Conservatives or Moderates. In the Radical Right's twisted concept of Utopian society, the family unit is the basis. I believe that is one of the reasons why the preponderance of REA targets, including many elderly people and divorcees, are single. Moreover, single people and those living alone are more vulnerable to the powerbrokers' electronic and neurological weapons and probably more easily managed. Once those undesirables are hooked, the powerbrokers seek to either brand them as mentally incapable or cause them to commit suicide. In either case, they are neutralized. If either one or both of those efforts fail, the victim, or target, will be hounded until he loses his job or livelihood, becomes financially insolvent, and bereft of options concerning his future. At that point, once prostrated, if the target is considered recoverable and worth the effort, he will undergo a sustained re-education program through electronic stalking and mind control methods. The recent economic crash may not have been altogether unforeseen, unplanned, and unpreventable. The crash plunged millions of middle-class Americans suddenly into bankruptcy and financial ruin. Imagine the opportunities presented to the powerbrokers either to neutralize or re-educate many of those people who currently do not subscribe to the JudeoChristian concepts of the Radical Right. My attackers often tell me subliminally, That hardheaded son-of-a-bitch does not understand what we're doing. I reply subliminally, Oh, yes I do understand what you're trying to do, you sorry bastards. I understand all too well. That is why I live to bring you sacks of shit down. I intend to be one of those incorrigible subjects who will not bend under any circumstances.

The Great Spirit accepts me for who I am. That is who I intend to remain for as long as I live. I know that I am an obstacle to their objective, and I am very proud of that fact. I have already learned how to ward off the worst of the attackers' electronic attacks; I hope to earn soon how to eliminate the V2K. I want to be among those who finally expose the cowardly and evil electronic stalking and mind control apparatus and bring it crashing down with a thunderous thud on the heads of the attackers. That will most definitely happen. I often tell the attackers, Time is on MY side. A Master Plan One morning in early 2010, the attackers said something to me through their synthetic telepathy about a master plan. As usual, I laughed at them and ridiculed them, telling them that I had no interest in a master plan. One of the attackers whom I call Shitface insisted, You dont understand. YOU are a part of that master plan. I laughed again and replied, I also have a master plan, and you are NOT a part of it. The attackers were probably engaging in their usual deception and lying when they talked about a master plan. On the other hand, there may be a group or groups in the United States that seek to establish a sick version of Utopia in which many people will be excluded. Electronic stalking and mind control may be the vehicle for the genocide required to establish that homogeneous society. If that is correct, the master plan will almost certainly be a United States of America governed by the Radical Rights Judeo-Christian teachings. Does that sound too right winged to be true? Not really. I know Evangelicals who, I am sure, would welcome the creation of a Fundamentalist Christian-type government theocracy in the United States similar to those in the Islamic republics. You probably do, also. Is there a movement afoot to put such a master plan into effect? If so, such a theocracy would almost certainly exclude Moslems, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and perhaps Roman Catholics and Orthodox Jews on religious pretexts. On the social level, it would probably also exclude divorcees, lesbians, homosexuals, welfare recipients, the very poor, social activists, and any other person who poses a threat to their intended master plan. Dual Electronic Stalking Systems I believe that the U. S. Government does target Americans for experiments and other reasons. Indeed much existing and emerging information supports that belief. However, after many years of victimizing Americans through the military, intelligence community, the FBI and other Federal agencies, perhaps the penal system, and probably approved research institutes, the powerbrokers may have lost control of that secret means and methods. Today those device(s) and methods have probably fallen into the hands of other elements who pursue their own agendas. Thus, there is a dual, or parallel, system of electronic stalking and mind control that pervades the USA, on the one hand the U.S. Government and on the other hand, rogue elements of various types. Moreover, I believe that high officials in the U.S. Government approve various people to be sold or let out to various groups, companies, and even countries. This is not an official government action but one made by top persons in the government privy to top secret projects. Those whose names are on the secret list can be experimented upon, tortured, or

otherwise neutralized. Use your reasoning ability. Why do the FBI and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies refuse to investigate targets complaints of electronic stalking and mind control? I suggest that they cannot investigate targets' claims of REA without taking the risk of exposing their own program of REA. Thus, the governmental powerbrokers instruct law enforcement, state attorneys-general, and others not to interfere. In the meantime, the non-government forces' use of electronic stalking and mind control has proliferated. Today various nongovernment groups and organizations probably cooperate loosely with each other to carry out their own objectives and to help each other using the secret device(s) and methods. The non-government groups are probably Far Rightists. As U. S. demographics change and minorities become more visible, as gay rights and abortion rights groups get increasing recognition and power, as generational have-nots become more restive, as white collar and other criminals get more daring, as the disparity between rich and poor grows wider, radical groups have formed to seek to maintain the status quo. It is always the ultra-conservatives and radical rightists who wish to slow down social, political, religious, and economic change. Despite the oratory skills and the liberal leanings of the current president, it is an inescapable fact that the executive and upper echelons of government represent the powerbrokers. In addition, the non-governmental abusers of Americans' rights also represent the powerbrokers. Any way that a researcher views the situation, he will probably conclude that the powerbrokers that represent one group or another sponsor both the government REA program and the non-government rogue REA programs. This means that the proliferation of electronic stalking and mind control can be viewed as a conflict of social classes, with the shrinking middle class and the growing lower income strata pitted against the powerbrokers and those whom they approve. The Executive Branch and the Constitution If the U.S. Government is involved in remote-delivered electronic physical and neurological torture, it must be carried out through the executive branch. Most Americans today know that American civil and human rights have deteriorated in recent years. The erosion of those rights appears to be in direct proportion to the growth of power of the executive branch. This paper does not purport to provide a history of the evolution of our Constitutional government; however, I believe that I can make the case that the Constitutional checks and balances system contrived by our Founding Fathers no longer works. Despite the best efforts of the founders of this nation to institute a government composed of three equal branches, the executive branch by the beginning of this century and this millennium had managed to achieve dominance over the other two. There is no longer a balance of power. The executive branch far outweighs the other two branches. The executive branch contains some powerful elements that have allowed it to gain dominance over the remainder of the government: The President heads the Armed Forces and through his appointees supervises the intelligence and Federal law enforcement agencies, which include offices that operate in secrecy with no supervision from Congress; he liaises with heads of foreign governments, including the United Nations; and he interacts directly with universities, research institutes, and manufacturers and contractors for the government. He also is the boss of a plethora of unelected personnel that run the government

regardless of what party is in power (although Civil Service discourages the patronage system, it also builds and perpetuates power). In recent years, the Presidents power to pardon has become a powerful tool of that branch. The framers of the Constitution intended that power of the president to be used to pardon those who had not taken up arms against Great Britain or those who had actually fought on the side of the Mother Country (Tories). However, since that period, successive presidents have seized upon that power to pardon common criminals and white collar criminals, thus using it as a political tool. The size of the legislative and judicial branches and their aides has remained relatively constant. On the other hand, the executive branch has grown into an insatiable monster, employing millions of people, either directly or indirectly, in scores of agencies, bureaus, and offices. The executive branch is today one of the largest employers in the United States. The takeover of the executive branch did not happen overnight. The powerbrokers have very often used war or the threat of war as a pretext that allowed that branch to rise above the remaining two branches and to reduce or eliminate rights guaranteed to Americans under the Bill of Rights. The attack on the Twin Towers caused Congress to give George W. Bush unprecedented powers. Once again, this paper is not a primer on American rights. However, to make my case that presidents have striven to strengthen the executive branch and curtail American rights, I offer a few illustrative points about several chief executives. Woodrow Wilson (1912-1920) Started a secret group called MI-8, or the Black Chamber, the forerunner of the National Security Agency (NSA). That organization spied on friends and foes alike. During WWI, Congress passed the Espionage Act in 1917 and the Sedition Act in 1918 to discourage opposition to the war. In its September 2006 internet edition, the UT [University of Texas at Austin] Watch called those acts the most serious attacks on the civil liberties of Americans since the short-lived Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. UT further states: Wilson tried to strengthen the Espionage Act with a provision giving broad censorship powers directly to the president. Wilson allowed his postmaster general to use his new censorship powers to suppress all mail that was socialist, anti-British, pro-Irish, or that in any other way might, in his view, have threatened the war effort. Wilson established The Creel Committee on Public Information, which asked all Americans to "report the man who . . . cries for peace, or belittles our efforts to win the war." Send their names to the Justice Department in Washington. A 1995 UT Watch report sums up the Wilson administrations American rights record: After World War I, the Wilson administration's attacks on civil liberties increased, now with anticommunism as the excuse. Neither before nor since these campaigns has the United States come closer to being a police state.* That summation was written, of course, before the events of September 11, 2001. Franklin Roosevelt (1932-1945) As early as 1939, Roosevelt allowed British agents to wiretap Americans who were believed to be aiding the Nazi cause. (The War Years: Part 1, The Failure of the FBI)

Afraid that the U.S. would be drawn into the war in Europe, Congress passed the Neutrality Act. Yet, despite the intentions of Congress, FDR conspired with Winston Churchill to undermine the Congressional act and restrict American rights. Once the U.S. entered the conflict, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which incarcerated Japanese citizens. The wording on that order carefully avoided its real purpose, stating that the Armed Forces could designate military zones "from which any or all persons may be excluded." Later, Roosevelt inspired the formation of the National Committee for Religious Recovery, which allied business and religion against the threat of Communism (thus, providing a precedent for President Clintons Infragard). Roosevelts Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover put specified American citizens under surveillance and created secret files on many citizens. Approved the development of the Atomic Bomb, a secret kept from even his vice president as well members of Congress. Harry Truman (1945-1952) Created the National Security Agency, believed by many targets to be the government unit responsible for most of the electronic stalking and mind control. William J. Clinton (1992-2000) Established the Infragard, using businesses and other Americans to spy on Americans. George W. Bush (2000-2008) Little needs to be said about the usurpation of our rights under Bush. Reeling from the surprise attacks of September 11, 2001, the legislative branch, the Congress, capitulated to the executive branch when it passed the Patriot Act, giving the President unprecedented and unrestrained powers. The language of that act was vague enough to allow the President total leeway in waging the so-called War on Terror. There was not one single limitation on the Presidents power in those statutes. For almost five years, under the ubiquitous Patriot Act, Bushs team acted legally in carrying out their illegal activities. Then on August 17, 2006, a lone and little-known United States District Court judge challenged his power. Without going into the circumstances, I shall simply quote from Judge Anna Diggs Taylors decision, as seen in Anthony D. Romeros In Defense of Our America: It was never the intent of the framers [of the Constitution] to give the president such unfettered control, particularly when his actions blatantly disregard the parameters clearly enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The three separate branches of government were developed as a check and balance for one another. Judge Taylor ruled that not only did wiretapping violate the principle of the separation of powers but it also clearly conflicted with Amendments I and IV. The judges ruling was aimed at the presidency but it applied to all areas of law enforcement on all levels of government. Several of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights deal with violation of individual and personal rights under the Patriot Act: I (freedom of speech), II (freedom from unlawful search), IV (full faith and credit), V (due process of law), VI (accused to be informed of the nature of his crime), VII (trial by jury under the rules of common law), VIII (cruel and unusual punishment), IX (other rights not spelled out are not to be abridged). Among the latter would be the freedom of privacy of thought, of which targets who receive the

attackers mind control effects have been totally deprived. The Supreme Court and other courts have remained strangely mute in defense of our personal rights. In December, 2005, Bush addressed the nation on that issue, acknowledging that activity. Understandably, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales vigorously defended the administrations illegally spying on Americans. Since then, little has changed. In effect, the executive branch stood down the judicial branch and won. It is not that the Constitution has failed; it is that it has been ignored and undermined by power-hungry factions both inside and outside the Federal Government. Judge Taylors decision had no effect on the excesses of the Bush administration. Two years after Judge Taylors cease and desist order, Bush on July 17, 2007, signed an Executive Order that allows Federal authorities to seize assets of dissenting citizens who "directly or indirectly" hinder Bushs Iraq War agenda. If Bushs tactics against war protestors were not a sufficient threat to American rights, on October 23, 2007, the House of Representatives passed legislation called The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, which allows law enforcement to arrest individuals whom they suspect hold radical ideas BEFORE they turn violent. With powers that broad, it is not difficult to perceive that they also allow using hightech surveillance and neurological weaponry on those targets to determine whether they are violent or about to turn violent. Subsequent legislation such as the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, which gives the executive branch the authority to spy on citizens email and other communication, has given Bushs successor increasing power. Under President Obama, the takeover of Americans personal rights is complete. The executive branch is winner over the other two branches when it pertains to the protection of American rights. In civics class many years ago, I learned that the executive branch only enforced the laws passed by the legislative branch and interpreted by the judicial branch. Yet, many of our personal rights have been curtailed merely by executive orders. Although I am not a Constitutional lawyer, it appears that executive orders can only apply to the executive branch; otherwise, they encroach upon the powers granted to the other two branches of government. Yet, the president continues to churn out executive orders that have comprehensive applications. All Presidents apparently believe that the American people should trust them in taking the necessary actions to protect them. We have trusted them. The result is that we have traded the protection of our bodies for the loss of our rights. It is ironic that my attackers tell me subliminally on a daily basis, Trust us. Yeah, sure. The Actual Attackers The attackers themselves are only trained hirelings, perhaps ex-government employees and Far Rightists. They do not know the intricacies of how targets are hooked; they only know how to carry out the techniques of electronic torture and mind control on the targets. If attackers work under the aegis of the FBI, as many targets believe, they probably will have security clearances and will be sworn to secrecy. That probably means that if the perpetrators use civilians, those civilians are retired law enforcement officers, ex-military, and ex- and retired local, state, and Federal and state government employees. The civilians will probably

be deputized as Federal Marshals, Special Agents, or given some such title. The attackers who think that they control my life have told me subliminally that they are protected. Indeed, under the Patriot Act, those deputies would not be subject to prosecution. However, once tested before the court, that provision of the Patriot Act will almost certainly be struck down. People cannot be deputized to break the law before the fact on peers who have not been charged with a crime. The test case will probably go to the Federal District Court or even to the Supreme Court before it is finally decided against the attackers. That may be the break that targets look for in determining who is doing the REA and how. Handling targeted individuals has actually become an underground occupation. Attackers are selected on the basis of their proven loyalty to the hierarchy (ex-military and ex-police), potential years of service (although probably retired, the attackers must be young enough to produce for a number of years), their various professional qualities and capabilities (specialists in computers and electronics, agents with previous psychological operations, or psyche ops, experience, and telecommunications engineers), and their psychological profiles. In some cases, religious leaders may be selected for their Right Wing views and then trained and sworn to secrecy. Moreover, the attackers do not work casually in their off-hours; their work is full time. Why do I say that? Well, because each shift of attackers has to advise the other shifts about what they did to the target and what his actions and reactions were. That requires much coordination among the shifts. The off-duty shifts must either listen to the recordings or watch the videos of the preceding shifts so that no gap will occur in the continual psychological harassment of the victims. Nevertheless, they will sometimes goof. For example, knowing how close I am to my little granddaughter I babysat her the first year of her life -- my attackers continually tried for months to convince me through the V2K that my son, her father, was molesting her. Then, months later, another shift of attackers told me that my son was going to heaven but I was not! Some inconsistency! So, you see their work is full of imperfections. Through our two-way subliminal communication, I call the attackers the fk ups. One of the attackers recently told me that I had cost them a lot of money. I laughed and told them I was only beginning, that I was not only going to break them but was also going to bring them down. Attackers for the most part are of only average intelligence and sometimes far below average and largely uninformed. They are probably recruited from Far Right groups that believe in their twisted manner of thinking that they are somehow aiding the USA or from extypes who do it for the money. Although they are paid for their services, they perform their sadistic activities with fervor. Most of them have probably been duped into believing that they are performing a public service in carrying out their criminal activities. In my particular case, the attackers are obviously of Deep South origin and possess very limited intellectual capacity. If they are not from my locality, they are from a very similar locality. Whenever I ridicule them mercilessly, which is frequent, they very often retort in childish manners. They cannot digest what I say and reply quickly and cleverly. Perhaps they believe that since they are the unseen attackers, they have a decided advantage over me. Indeed they do. However, I go about my life in the same way that I always have without letting

their electronic and neurological outwardly affect my life. When attackers are selected and hired, they are advised that their job is for life. They take an oath, which includes swearing not to divulge their operations at any date and giving their complete fidelity to the system. They are permanent employees in the most literal sense. Thus, some of the attackers who began their work decades ago will probably already be in their seventies by now, perhaps even in their eighties. Since it is very difficult for attackers to do their work without their spouses knowledge, the spouses are also very often hired as attackers. In other words, there are almost certainly many husband and wife teams of attackers. I believe that entire dysfunctional families may be recruited as attackers. The attackers earlier experience and their training after their selection prepare them to carry out their work systematically and perfunctorily without any touch of human emotions. Their work is work. Like murder-for-hire killers, the attackers carry out their assignments. Allowing any emotion or empathy for their targets to enter into their work would emasculate their mission, which is to neutralize the target totally one way or another. The attackers must necessarily work in teams, and the members of those teams will not change, for they depend on continuity to capitalize on their knowledge of the target -- his contacts, his business affairs, his behavior pattern, and his thoughts. A team will consist of at least six attackers working three eight-hour shifts. In rare cases, there may be only one handler per shift using recorded tapes and other programs to make it appear that there are many persons involved. In many cases, there are a larger total number of attackers working shorter shifts of four to six hours each. I now feel certain that the groups of attackers, at least in my case, probably operate in shifts from several areas many miles apart. One of those groups, probably a local one, has the major responsibility for harassing me. All of the groups of attackers probably watch my activities and communicate with each other perhaps by closed circuit TV, cell phone, or some other means. The several groups of attackers are chosen to cover every phase of a targets life. Through interviews with people who know my family and from extracting my memories, they have intimate knowledge of the rural community in which I was raised, which is located in an adjoining parish, and they also know about my entire family. There is also at least one member of my attackers who is Spanish speaking, as I speak, read, and write Spanish. The Spanish used in that group is not translated Spanish but spoken Spanish. It would make sense in my case for one group to know Spanish, for I lived for years in Latin America. The attackers give each target an identification code name. Because of my familiarity with Latin America, mine is Estados Unidos (United States). They may also be trying to make me believe that my attackers are Hispanics. To cover all aspects of my life, which the attackers have admirably done I reluctantly give the evildoers that credit would require groups familiar with: the community in which I was born and spent the first fourteen years of my life; with the Washington, DC metropolitan area; with my university studies; with my career and the colleagues with whom I worked; with my military record; and with the countries in which I had lived and the languages used in those countries. The attackers with that knowledge could not possibly be gathered into a single group. Therefore, I am reasonably sure that several groups act in consonance by remote. The coverage provided by the round-the-clock handler groups probably explains why I get no

obvious neighborhood stalking. Using deception, the attackers will attempt to convince the target that the REA network is far broader and more influential than it actually is. Their voice simulations and recordings give targets the perception that at least three or four attackers are present at all times; whereas, oftentimes probably a single individual is manipulating the simulated voices. Moreover, if the target receives the voice-to-skull (V2K) talking from the attackers, the attackers will take credit for any negative event that happens in the everyday life of the target though many of those actions are simply natural occurrences. Using the computer software, the attackers will also try to appear far more intelligent and informed than they actually are. Rapid communication is indispensable to the attackers and their accomplices. That probably means that they use cell phones or walkie-talkies, which make the attackers very mobile. In addition, the attackers and their helpers make heavy use of the internet for their criminal activities. A photo is made of the target before or early in the harassment process, and that photo is circulated in round-robin fashion over the internet by email. Everybody who uses the internet knows how that works: Photos of the targets, including pictures of his vehicle and house, are sent by accomplices to all of the addresses on their email accounts. Those addressees in turn send the same message to their list of addresses. It exponentially widens until literally thousands of people have received the message with the photos. That internet network works marvelously for the attackers, for wherever the target goes, he is recognized and harassed. There is a psychological impetus behind the group effort to harass the target. Many of the participants, or secondary accomplices, are persons just having a little fun. Many people who often use the internet and who have time on their hands seize the opportunity to participate in a harassment scheme. It is exciting for them. It gives them power. To some participants, such an action stimulates them sexually. They do not ponder the effect that their actions might have on the target. Moreover, the attackers will have disseminated scandalous rumors about the target along with the photos. Enlisting unwitting accomplices in an internet harassment scheme is far easier than most targets imagine. My attackers have attempted through their 24/7 voices, or V2K, to make me believe that they represent particular groups. First, they pretended to be Christians. In addition, they have purported to be extortionists, law enforcement, vigilantes, the military, various ethnic groups, political groups, and other people and organizations. The attackers often tell targets that they are CIA or FBI. If that happens, it is absolutely false. If the CIA and FBI were involved in electronic stalking and mind control, they most certainly would not divulge that to the targets. Attackers utilize their mind control methods at maximum efficiency at night once targets go to sleep. Thus, I believe that the best-educated and most knowledgeable attackers and those who are most adroit at using psychology probably operate on the night shift. The day-shift attackers are probably much more proficient in dealing with matters involving the professions, trades, and occupations, i.e., everyday activities of the target, than they are at exercising mind control. It is very important for all attackers to know everything possible about the target. Thus, members of the handler team will know each other well, and they will discuss the targets among themselves. Attackers may even consist of husband and wife teams or several family

members working together. There is evidence that the attackers can operate from several different locations in consonance with each other; however, if that is true, one of the attackers in one of the locations must operate the super computer that performs much of their electronic and mind control functions. The attackers psychological harassment can be effective only if they also know what family members and friends think about the targets. Therefore, they may indeed also hook the minds of those people surrounding the targets. If not, they will directly and indirectly devise ways to talk with those family members and friends to pry information from them. I have seen much evidence of that from things that the attackers have said. One of the attackers who does the V2K on me is a female whose voice sounds much farther away than the others. That, of course, is probably deception through sound distortion. Moreover, it may be a recording, as the attackers very often play recordings. The attackers may not necessarily know all of the accomplices who assist them in neighborhood stalking and other activities. The accomplices are probably contacted by cell phones using codes to advise them of the targets location and to advise them of their tasks. The female voice may not even be female at all due to the capability of the attackers to simulate voices. The attackers operational sites will probably differ from locality to locality, depending on the identity of the attackers. If renegade or regular law enforcement are directly involved, secure departments of police stations and sheriffs offices may be utilized. As law enforcement facilities operate 24/7, round-the-clock activities by attackers would go unnoticed. If individuals outside of law enforcement work as attackers, their operational sites may be located in safe sections of churches, businesses, communications providers facilities, and private residences. Every TI knows that his attackers are professionally trained in the application of their electronic torture and mind control methods. The entire electronic stalking and mind control scheme took years in the making and involved experts in many fields. Attackers will be completely aware of the importance of psychology in torturing the victim. It is abundantly clear that psychologists and psychiatrists had a hand in developing those skills and training those attackers. It is known that that group assisted the CIA and the US military in developing interrogation and torture methods used against Guantnamo detainees, a program approved by The American Psychological Association. Attackers are well trained in operating the various mind control and electronic torture computer programs, in psychology and human behavior, and in interrogation techniques. They are also briefed about the targets and either provided written information about the targets or allowed to take notes on them. Details used by attackers in mind control on the targets would be impossible to remember without recording them in some manner. Information revealed by attackers show clearly that they have access to government and other files on the targets. Ive recently come to believe that at least one of the attackers is either in the medical field or has been given some training in physiology. I can feel some device (call it laser for the moment) probing certain areas. The operator is looking for the sciatic nerve, various optic nerves, the urethra of the penis, certain organs, particular muscles, and other key areas on the body. That person probably uses a type of dial or pointer to ferret out the exact spot on

the targets body that he wants to affect. The attackers use a combination of specialized computer software along with subliminal talking to accomplish the mind control portion of REA. Neither the computer software nor the subliminal talking alone can conduct mind control. First, the software programs must be employed for the attackers to detect lying, force targets to tell the truth, register their emotions, and soften the targets. Then, with the aid of the software, the attackers interrogate and continually ply their vicious hateful drivel through the voices, or V2K. Continuity is very important in carrying out mind control. The idea is to give the targets no respite from those activities. Their aim is to wear them down. They often do, and many of the targets commit suicide. Once the targets conditioning has been achieved, the attackers begin mining the victims thoughts and memories by asking questions, staging holographic scenarios for the target to act out, projecting pictures and images before the target to pick his thoughts about them, inducing dreams in which the target interacts with known and unknown other people, listening to his natural thoughts, and eavesdropping on his conversations with others. Through local accomplices, the attackers will locate old friends and relatives of the target and through guile and misrepresentation will extract information about the target. No area or time period in the targets life is left untouched by the interrogators. The attackers will mine those thoughts and memories for the slightest bit of information that will allow the attackers to manipulate that individual. The attackers, or interrogators, are trained to apply psychology . A paper on the NSAs interrogation techniques gives an example that explains the interrogation process and mind probing much better than I.
The subliminal message delivered to you could be "Mr. Jones, imagine that the IRS were auditing your taxes. Think back to a time you have cheated on your taxes and that you are worried that the IRS might find out in an audit. If you have never cheated on your taxes and have nothing to fear you will feel an itch on your right-hand ear lobe that will go away when you scratch it. If you can be caught by an IRS audit, you will feel an itch in the left nostril of your nose that will disappear after you itch [sic] it twice." From your perspective, you have just had a fleeting thought about your past tax returns and had an innocent itch (thought label). To the NSA On-Duty Officer (ODO), or interrogator, you have just communicated to him whether you have ever: 1) cheated on your taxes, and 2) If the IRS could catch you in an audit.

If the targets thoughts indicate that he has cheated on his taxes, the interrogator will delve more deeply into the matter to determine the item, date, and amount. The next step is for the interrogators to pass that information to a higher agent, who will advise higher-up officials in the IRS. That official in turn will order the appropriate IRS office to audit the targets tax return for that year. As a result, the target is likely to be heavily penalized and perhaps even imprisoned for tax evasion. That target has then been discredited by having to pay a large sum to the IRS or being made a felon. The target is effectively neutralized. In applying their neurological methods, the attackers will tell the targets stories about events in their early lives (which they probably gather primarily from the targets own thoughts). They will know every friend and acquaintance of the target, every relative, and every enemy. They will know the targets foibles and his virtues, his prejudices and his ideals, his likes and

dislikes, and his fears and strengths; his religious beliefs and how strongly he holds those beliefs; how he feels about the government and the governments leaders; his income, his investments, his net worth, the banks that he uses, his bank account balances down to the penny, his usual expenditures, including his utility and other accounts, his credit card numbers and the card balances and payments, and how he spends his money. They will also have copies of the targets FBI and Army records, his education records from Kindergarten through high school, and his college/university transcripts. They will know his sexual preference, his sexual habits, his sexual hang-ups, his sexual potency or impotency, and any sexual indiscretions. They will know what social clubs, political organizations, bars, restaurants, and churches that the target attends. They will know the people whom he visits and who visit him. Attackers are not chosen at random. Although computers can mimic accents to a certain extent, the effected speech will not be perfectly authentic. Thus, the attackers chosen will have total familiarity with the targets area and will know the sayings, the expressions, and the vernacular of that locality. My attackers speak with an exaggerated Deep South accent. That attackers fit that mode does not necessarily mean that they will still live in and operate from that area; their locations are yet to be determined. The backgrounds and educational levels of the attackers will also often approximate those of the target. I come from a rural background; thus, my attackers have a general knowledge of farming, crops, and rural life. They also have knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, drywall preparation, electricity, and other skills, as I am often engaged in home improvement projects. However, the attackers will try to give the target the impression that they know much more about his environment and work than they actually do. Attackers operate in pairs or in small groups working in shifts to complement each other in covering the entire spectrum of the targets everyday world. Knowing that I appreciate politeness, the attackers use politeness to persuade me to obey their commands. Sometimes to make me remain in bed longer in the morning, the attackers play a synthetic telepathy recording of a female saying, Please do not get up. Please remain in bed a while longer. The recording sounds like an automated announcement on a public transit, for example, Please remain seated until the train comes to a complete stop. One of them also often says, Id appreciate it if youd sleep late tomorrow morning. The attackers can actually cause somatic illnesses in targets through the power of suggestion. I woke early one morning to hear the female attacker repeating, Chest cold. Chest cold. Youre going to have a chest cold. If a target is unaware of those voices, in all likelihood he will develop a chest cold due to the power of suggestion. However, being able to hear the attackers wards off those psychologically-induced somatic illnesses. I did not get a chest cold. The people who carry out mind control through the voices will attempt to convince the targets that they are far greater in number than they actually are and more politically connected than they actually are. In early 2010, the attackers told me that I was going to be served a warrant by the local authorities. I told them that I had done nothing to receive a warrant, so let them come.

On another occasion, they told me that they were going to send the Death Squad later that night. I told them, Send those bastards on. I made a joke out of it, telling them that I was going to leave the outside doors unlocked that night because the members of the Death Squad would otherwise be too dumb to get inside. I did indeed leave the doors unlocked and showed the attackers before I retired that they were unlocked. . The attackers are psychopathic criminals who break many laws. Here are some of those criminal acts for which someday they will stand trial: (1) stalking with malicious intent, (2) physical and psychological harassment, (3) coercion (in attempting to make the victim do things that he/she does not want to do with their mind control methods), (4) psychological and virtual rape, (5) breaking and entering (which they often do to intimidate the victims by unlocking locked doors, turning back clocks, moving items in rooms, hiding other items, etc.), (6) burglary and theft (which they commit when they enter a victims home and take items to confuse and disorient the victim), (7) recording a victims conversations without his/her consent, (8) voyeurism (through their ability to view the victim), (9) assault and battery (by using electric shock, etc. against the victims), (10) slander (by circulating rumors and stories about their victims), (11) libel (when those rumors and stories are put into print in the form of emails, etc), (12) computer hacking, (13) phone tapping, (14) first degree murder (when a victim suffers a fatal car crash because of sleep deprivation), and (15) attempted murder (when their plans do not succeed), (16) in many cases, assisting a suicide, (17) torture, and (18) acts of terrorism. In addition, the attackers break many FCC laws regulating communication and the use of frequencies and the air ways. When the secret of electronic stalking and mind control is finally known and the criminals behind it brought to justice, the powerbrokers will attempt to use the Patriot Act and other Executive Orders and legislation to protect the attackers. They will not be successful. The courts will find that no government employee, nobody working for the government, nor any other individual, regardless of his job, can receive immunity from breaking the laws. Former Nazi concentration camp guards have unsuccessfully made the argument before the court that they were only acting under orders. Once the system that employs electronic stalking and mind control comes crashing down, the attackers and their known accomplices will become the fall guys. It will probably take several years to charge and convict them. In the meantime, the powerbrokers will be making their plans. Convicting the higher-ups will be much more difficult. To Dialogue or Not to Dialogue (with Your Attackers) Many targets who receive the V2K, or the voices, and have the ability to respond to the attackers do not do so. They believe that communicating with the attackers somehow makes it easier for the attackers to access their thoughts and manipulate those thoughts. That may be true; however, no proof exists for that idea. Each target who gets the V2K must decide whether he should dialogue with the attackers or not. I do communicate with the attackers using synthetic telepathy, as I want to encourage them to talk so that I can pick up clues about their identity. In addition, I get a large amount of satisfaction in vilifying the attackers in language that would embarrass Howard Stern. Although the attackers employ continual deception, they still leave hints about their locations and identities. I often record their remarks in my journal and study them for clues to their

identity and location. By verbally sparring with the attackers, I have gleaned much information by remembering and recording what they say and analyzing it. I may have misinterpreted some of that information; nevertheless, I feel that most of my conclusions are correct. I have learned that the attackers -- are truly inherently evil; -- have Deep South roots, although I am not fooled by their fake Gomer Pyle and Minnie Pearl accents; I listen closely to how the attackers pronounce words, the grammar that they use, and how they say something. On various occasions, my attackers have misused past participles (for example, have drank) and pronounced the word sheriff as shurf (typically Southern and perhaps Mid-Western rural).. -- probably come from or are only one generation away from rural USA; -- have a familiarity with the various trades; -- are augmented by others on weekends (perhaps for their entertainment); -- possess software that allows them to make one of those persons or recordings of a person appear to be talking at a distance (although that person is not distant); -- use their V2K voices on both the conscious and subconscious levels (I caveat this statement by admitting that some of the subconscious voices may be pre-recorded and played from a distance); -- seek to induce anxiety as a very high priority; -- have access to my various personnel files, including my military record; -- pretend to portray the U. S., Israel, and Judeo-Christianity in the most favorable light; -- have been in contact with friends and relatives that knew my family years ago or with accomplices who knew them; -- are funded and sponsored by an organization, most probably from the Radical Right, that probably works for a foreign country. They do NOT represent the United States Government although leaders in the government appear to know about them and protect them by not investigating; -- use their physical harassment to trigger responses and enhance their neurological objectives; -- must manipulate some type of device during their physical harassment (for as they talk, they sound distracted, as if they are adjusting or controlling some type of instrument); -- are not quick witted;

-- work in shifts; -- work in teams of from one to three persons, using prerecorded voices and loop-play tapes in addition to their own real-time simulated voices; -- have received basic training in the application of psychology although they perform poorly; -- follow an agenda that is probably political rather than socio-religious and financial; -- have only very limited influence among the middle- and high-income strata of society; -- procure their accomplices primarily from the low income and the very low income strata of society; -- have limited formal education and most of their education is technical in nature; -- possess poorly developed verbal skills; -- are mainly middle-aged although there are younger and older members of the group and accomplices; -- know each other well and are perhaps in some cases husband and wife teams; -- are not in the I. Q. range of rocket engineers (smile); -- are highly frustrated by their inability to exploit what they doubtlessly believe to be my vulnerable points; -- are awed by my prowess in turning their elementary psychology back on them; -- attempt to destroy my belief in and reliance on The Great Spirit and instead make me conform to the Christians Jesus Christ and their version of God; -- seek to achieve a sick version of behavior modification; -- lie consistently about everything (even when they know that I will soon find out the truth) to distract, deceive, and induce anxiety. Thus, although some targets disagree with me, I would encourage targets to dialogue with their attackers. Targets have little to lose, as the attackers know what they think anyway. Targets can play the same game that the attackers play by drawing them into conversational topics that reveal information about themselves. Yes, the attackers will attempt deception at every turn, but they are only human. They often let down their guard and divulge information unwittingly. I not only dialogue with the attackers to gather clues to their identity but I also use it to turn their use of basic psychology back upon them. Here is an example. They often ask me how old I am. That question is designed to make me very conscious of my age, seventy-three, which they believe will remind me of my date with mortality. By doing so, they seek to induce

anxiety. It does not happen. Instead, I ask them the same question followed by a statement such as, At your ages, your shitty health conditions, and your frustration at not being able to control me, you could have a fatal heart attack or a debilitating stroke at just any moment. I continue with, See what I mean? Time is on my side. I get healthier, stronger, and keener minded every day while you (censored) suffer every ailment known to sub-humans. My targeting has led me to develop a very colorful vocabulary, which I use only with the attackers, whom I refer to as the attackers, or the pervs. They sometimes tell me, You didnt used to use that dirty language. I reply, I didnt used to know you rotten sacks of st, either. They are correct. My language used to be gentlemanly. I was often referred to as the true Southern gentleman. My new expanded vocabulary probably comes as a result of (1) the attackers computerized neurological programs that cause me to think in negative terms as well as (2) my conscious attempt to express my utter contempt for the attackers and what they do. In the English language, expressions such as Leave me alone simply do not send the same message as, Fk off, you pools of buzzard puke. Some targets may believe that in using such language I have allowed the attackers to bring out the worst in me. On the contrary, I call it an effective psychological defense mechanism. As I often tell the attackers, I dont know why you m----- f------s have targeted me and it probably doesnt matter. The Great Spirit accepts me exactly the way I am language, character defects, political and social views, and all. So, fk yourselves. I am the youngest of four children in my family. The oldest child, my brother, died in 1997 at seventy-four. My older sister is eighty-six and the younger sister, seventy-eight. The attackers continually whisper that my eighty-six year old sister wants me. Naturally they are suggesting sex. They also tell me that my son wants me. That could be nothing but sexual in content. There is little defense against vile, warped, cowardly, remote-delivered V2K whispers like those except retorts such as I have mentioned. The Use of Hypnotism Hypnotic suggestions definitely play a role in the mind control portion of REA. The CIA and FBI have long been interested in the use of hypnotism for mind control purposes. We know that hypnotism can be performed by indirect means such as television and music and can also be administered while a target sleeps. It is very likely that early in the surveillance stage the attackers or somebody working with them perform hypnotism on the target that causes the target to react in a predetermined manner to certain post-hypnotic codes. The attackers then later use those codes through their subliminal talking to the targets subconscious that trigger the targets post-hypnotic actions and reactions. Probably from 50% to 75% of the communication from the attackers in my case involves some form of code. For code to function as intended, the target has to have been instructed beforehand about how the code is supposed to affect him. The post-hypnotic codes will be contained within normal-sounding statements and words spoken through V2K to targets. In my case, for example, the attackers through synthetic telepathy make code statements such as I see you, which is intended to open up my mind to the attackers questions and mind control activities.

Without hypnosis, or some similar hypnosis-type method, the attackers functions and effectiveness would be greatly reduced, for they could only listen to a targets thoughts and not be able to mine those thoughts. Certain trigger words and expressions represent posthypnotic commands to the target. When he hears those trigger words, he knows to cooperate with the attackers questioning and interrogations. He had to have been previously conditioned about the meanings of those trigger words; otherwise, those command codes would fall meaningless on the targets consciousness and sub-consciousness. Here is my idea about how hypnotism works. Early in a victims targeting, a hypnotist will convince the targets subconscious to make him respond to the attackers questions in the future. The hypnotist will make up a story that sounds plausible to the targets psyche. For example, he will tell the target that he is a storehouse of knowledge that could be used to save mankind. The target believes himself to be the savior of the human species, and he is convinced that he must impart that knowledge for the good of the world. Thus, whenever a target hears a question, regardless of the nature of that question, he responds as if his answer were critical for a waiting desperate world. The target will have been previously instructed through hypnosis to answer truthfully to any questions asked by the attackers. He will have also been told to visualize his thoughts. Thus, whenever he thinks of a person, he visualizes that persons face. The attackers then record that face and ask the target, Whos that? The target will normally answer with only a given name, let us say, Joe. The attackers next ask him, Joe who? The target answers, Joe Jones. Such is the tactic of the handler interrogators. Simply listening to a targets thoughts may not reveal the information that the attackers seek. However, using hypnosis, the attackers are able to mine the targets thoughts. Hypnotism is re-enforced by computer software, normally used by intelligence agencies, that determines whether a target is lying or being purposely vague, evasive, or deceitful. By asking the target questions, attackers not only extract information about the target but also about people whom the target knows. Intelligence officers use that technique on Moslem captives in the so-called War of Terrorism. Expert interrogators can extract an astonishing amount of information from a hypnotized target on his friends and acquaintances. Water boarding is used as only a tool to frighten prisoners. Indeed today water boarding is a useless torture method used by only the sadistic. The real information comes from the interrogators neurological gadgets and methods. The attackers can not only extract information from targets but they can also delete information in targets minds. My attackers often do that. They will often steer my mind to a particular scenario in which there are certain people whom I know. Yet, I cannot remember the name of one of them. After I try for several seconds to recall the name, the attackers supply the name. The idea is to establish a dependency on the attackers information. It also re-enforces the concept that the attackers possess all of the power and that the targets are helpless. My attackers often play mind games for those purposes and perhaps out of boredom--what could be more boring than monitoring somebody in the same setting day after day? They recently took my mind to the geography of Scandinavia. Geography is one of my favorite topics, and I know the countries and their capitals. Yet, as I thought about the countries of

Norway, Finland, and Sweden, they blanked out the capital of Sweden. Then, they asked me the capital. Later, by going through the alphabet, I remembered, that it was Stockholm. The attackers tried to make me believe that they had provided me the answer, which they will often do to attempt to establish your dependency on their input. Hypnotism is also used to make a target believe that he cannot hear or see well. To cause a target to become hard of hearing, the hypnotist will instruct the target that he will not hear certain common sounds, such as the th sound, the sh sound, or the shun (tion, cion, sion) sound. He will also tell the targets mind that it will not hear a particular vowel or that the vowel o will sound like the vowel a. He will even command the target to hear certain trigger words or planted words instead of the actual words. For example, first will sound like dirt, constitution like prostitution, and cyanide like suicide. The words substituted will normally have the same number of syllables. Likewise, the hypnotist will instruct the target that when he sees a lamp post light, it will look orange instead of white or that it will have three concentric rings around it. This naturally interferes with the targets eyesight. It causes the victim to believe that he is losing his sight or that he has an astigmatism or cataracts. Coordination between the Powerbrokers and the Attackers No stalking activity, whether conventional or electronic, can be carried out without a conspiracy. That conspiracy probably includes the following elements: (1) The powerbrokers, or masterminds. (2) Go-betweens, or liaison agents, representing the masterminds. Those go-betweens are probably heads of the FBI field offices, who probably coordinate with the Infragard and Fusion Centers. (3) Attackers, who actually carry out the electronic and mind control activities. (4) Accomplices, who play only support roles as ground stalkers and who may not even be aware of the electronic and mind control functions. Some of them are opportunity accomplices who may make certain signs and gestures to targets that they run into in stores. Others actually follow the targets in vehicles and harass them in other ways. Few of those accomplices are permanent members of the team. They come and go. The relentless remote-operated electronic assault and mind control activities, often accompanied and re-enforced by gang stalking, are enormously labor intensive and costly. It is not likely that a company or a business would spend those funds on a single individual. However, the company or group may receive secret funding from the federal government that is not kept on their regular books. Some PACs and religious groups, working under government protection and with government funding would provide excellent cover for statesponsored domestic terrorism. In addition to hooking the minds of the targets, attackers also invade the minds of the targets family members and close friends. Only the target is permanently monitored. The family members and friends are only sporadically monitored to fill in information about the target. The major organization, or the masterminds, probably allow the handler groups also to identify additional targets. Secondary Targets In almost every case of targeting, members of the targets family will also be victimized. Very

often, those secondary targets are innocent children. In my case, my grown son has also been subjected to electronic torture and mind control since no later than 2001 although he is still unaware of it. Here are some of his symptoms, which targets will readily recognize. -- His hands often cramp so badly that he cannot open his fist. Cramping is one of the favorite tools of the attackers. -- He has developed psoriasis, which targets often mention as an induced symptom. In 2001, his entire body was covered with psoriasis sores. -- He has itching spots on his feet, a very common handler symptom though there is no evidence of a mosquito or other insect bite. He has scratched those places so hard that they have bled and later formed sores. -- He is distracted and does not hear certain sounds. -- He has also developed an insatiable appetite that has led to an out-of-control eating disorder due to the subconscious voices of the attackers urging him to eat. That in turn has resulted in an enormous weight gain. -- He has short-term memory loss. While performing home improvement projects, he very often cannot remember the measures that he has taken. He has sudden striking pains in his back that appear to have no physical origin. He sometimes has to fight going to sleep as he drives. All of those symptoms are similar to those caused in targets by the attackers. My attackers often make threats concerning my son and attempt to make me believe things about him that I know are false. They have also told me telepathically on many occasions that he is in the hospital or the emergency room. Those terms are simply code employed by the attackers. I have not yet determined the precise meanings of those particular codes unless the attackers mean that he is under their surveillance and control. It is increasingly clear that the targeting covers two or more generations of targets either simultaneously or in succession. In looking back, I now also know that my aged mother was targeted. In addition, I believe that my little eight year-old granddaughter has been a target for at least the last three years. I visited my son and his family when she was about five. I slept at night in a bedroom adjoining hers. One night I heard her talking. I got up and peeked in the room several times when I heard her talking to make sure that she was okay. I thought at first that perhaps she had been talking in her sleep. Now I believe that she was talking with the perps through their subliminal voices to her subconscious while she slept. Of course, her talking could have been attacker deception playing her prerecorded taIking into my consciousness. However, if it is true that she is targeted, four generations of my family have been targeted within a period of not longer than ten or fifteen years, as my mother was almost certainly a target for her last ten years or so. Many other targets have reported similar situations. Targets suffer from brutal physical and psychological torture. Yet, they can get some small satisfaction out of the fact that the attackers, who are obviously already seriously disturbed individuals, gradually become more psychologically ill and socially maladjusted the longer they ply their evil work. They are psychopaths in the strictest terms. The attackers become consumed with the power that they think that they possess. Over the years the torture and voyeurism that the attackers employ weighs upon their degenerate minds. I enjoy telling my psycho attackers that I have complete freedom of

movement and action but, on the contrary, they have to spend their time focusing on me! Although the attackers obviously enjoy making people suffer and although they doubtlessly receive handsome salaries for their efforts, they become victims of their own sick activities, and their evil handiwork eventually leaves them as mentally affected as their targets. I often tell my attackers, I hope to hell that you bastards dont have children and grandchildren. If you do, theyre probably either in prison or the asylum or will shortly be there. The Attackers Strategy What happens when a victim is targeted for electronic stalking and mind control? Logic and experience tell me that the person or organization that orders the targeting will provide the attackers the targets FBI files, which include his military and employment records, and any other data they may possess. The FBI or other organizations will have watched that individual for years before he is officially targeted. They will have generated a massive amount of data on the target. In addition to that data, either the initiator of the targeting or the attackers will hire accomplices to work up a personal background on the target. Those accomplices will probably be professional private investigators, ex-law enforcement officers, ex-military, or ex-government employees. Sometimes they will pose as law enforcement officers and other times as old friends of the family. Oftentimes they will manage to run into people accidentally who know the victim or the victims family members, particularly those who have known several generations of that family, to collect anecdotes and stories about the victim and his family members. They probably wear a hidden tape recorder when they talk with those persons. At the same time, the attackers will begin mining the targets thoughts and communications to obtain the names of people, places, actions, and dates that figure in the targets life, particularly searching for foibles of the target upon which they later capitalize in their mind control activities. Thus, a targets memories contribute to the data that the attackers amass. Finally, all the accumulated data on the target is gathered into a comprehensive file on that person, computerized, and studied by a group composed mainly of psychiatrists, psychologists, professional interrogators, computer and media personnel, and propagandists. The team members look for certain weaknesses in the individual to form a suggested strategy for handling the target based on what they know about the target. That is almost everything about that individual. Effectively, that strategy seeks to eliminate the target as a functional human being; elimination sometimes means death by slow torture or the suicide of the target. Finally, a representative of the group will discuss the strategy with a spokesperson of the attackers, and the attackers begin using that strategy in a 24/7 attack on the targets body and brain. The strategy will include the following actions. (1) Attack the targets reputation and credibility. The investigation into the victims background by private investigators and persons posing as law enforcement officials first arouses suspicions those friends and neighbors who are interviewed. The attackers will appoint various accomplices to let drop certain knowledge about the targets to his friends and family members. That will be done in a very casual, natural-appearing manner. (2) Isolate the victim by casting suspicions, spreading rumors, interfering with his postal and email communications, causing problems between the target and his friends and family members, and making him look crazy.

(3) Ruin the target financially by causing him to make bad financial decisions, spend money on items to reduce the effects of the REA, lose his job or business due to the REA, and by using other tactics. (4) Create a level of frustration and helplessness that cause the target to become a recluse or even commit suicide. The strategy is not considered finished until the target is dead or incarcerated in a mental institution for the remainder of his life. (5) Determine through experimentation what electronic torture methods might be most effective in reenforcing their mind control methods. Anxiety, the Ultimate Weapon of the Attackers As we targets know, many victims of organized stalking, electronic stalking, and mind control commit suicide. That act does not result from the physical electromagnetic harassment or even from the neurological effects, including the synthetic telepathy voices. Any target can endure the physical pain and the psychological harassment. Instead, the suicides are caused by anxiety. I shall repeat ad nauseam that every target who gets the directed energy and electromagnetic attacks also gets the subconscious voices. I believe that victims of gang stalking are probably also electronically monitored and subjected to mind control. Most targets will not be able to hear those subconscious voices. However, I somehow learned to hear them. That I can hear those voices on a deeper level may be accidental, a special gift, or something sent to me by a Higher Power. Whatever the reason, I am very grateful for that ability. I have already mentioned that I was struck in the mid-1970s by something similar to anxiety and again in 1999 with extreme anxiety. At the time, I had no idea that I had been targeted since the 70s. The second round of anxiety can best be called a panic attack, which was the most horrible feeling that I have ever experienced in my life. It occurred during a period in my life when I was most vulnerable: my mother had just died; my remaining two siblings were angry with me over my executorship of the estate; I was selling my home; and I was trying to figure out what to do and where to go next. I asked a niece who is a nurse to recommend a psychiatrist. I made an appointment with that psychiatrist, and when after two visits he told me that I did not need him, I rose above the anxiety problem and went on with my life. That was before I realized that psychiatrists were accomplices of the powerbrokers. I do believe, however, that that particular psychiatrist was among the few who had not sold out to the system or at least had not sold out completely. In the meantime, in late 2005 I learned that I was a target. The attackers harassment program included electronic attacks and synthetic telepathy voices. I got the V2K 24/7. Naturally, I was supposed to hear those voices. Only much later did I learn to hear the voices of my attackers that I was NOT supposed to hear. Those voices I call them silent or subconscious voices were too low in volume for my conscious to hear. They were aimed at my subconscious to keep me from hearing them. After I began to catch the subconscious voices, which were usually conducted by repetitious loop play tapes, I realized that the attackers main objective was to cause anxiety. The attackers knew that my son and I enjoyed a particularly close relationship, and they set out to wreck that relationship while at the same time filling me with anxiety. They have failed in both objectives. Yet, they continue to send voices to my subconscious about my son and his

family, for example, that my son had drowned, that he had lung cancer, that he had been taken to the emergency room, that he was molesting his little daughter, that he was going bankrupt, that he was involved in prostitution, that my daughter-in-law had breast cancer, and anything else that they think will induce anxiety. But as the old expression goes, something happened on the way to the forum. I am no longer the vulnerable target of the mid-1970s and 1999. Now cognizant of what produced my previous anxiety and now able to hear the voices used to induce it, I am now an expert on anxiety. I not only can handle it but I can also anger and frustrate the attackers. I tell them, There is absolutely NOTHING that you can do to me physically or neurologically to induce anxiety. That pisses the attackers off, which give me a great deal of satisfaction. I am currently developing a free course for other targets about anxiety, or panic attacks, what causes them (the subconscious voices), how to deal with them, and how to go on with their lives. In addition, I believe that I can teach other targets to hear the subconscious voices. My purpose is to prevent targets from considering suicide as an option. Targets cannot yet stop the remote electronic stalking and mind control attacks, but they can learn to deal with those attacks. Interference with Targets Communication System Rule Number One in the attackers user manual probably reads Isolate the target. By hacking the computer and tapping the phones, the attackers are able to interfere with the targets communication system and thus harm his relationships with family members and friends. To a target, his communications system can be a life line. Once a targets communications are compromised, the attackers find it far easier to perform their electronic and mind control attacks on him. I live in a rural area where it is difficult to obtain fast speed internet service. When I found out that Hughes.net offered DSL in rural settings, I subscribed to their service, and the fee was deducted directly from my bank account. I was very pleased to be able to communicate with other TIs using high speed internet. The attackers, however, set out to remove that advantage. After several months, the attackers began using pop-ups with the Hughes.net logo telling me that there were problems with my payment. At the time, I believed that the pop-ups did indeed come from Hughes.net, and I finally became so annoyed that I canceled my service. Only later did I learn that the attackers were manipulating my computer and using the pop-ups with the Hughes.net logo. They knew that I would use the high speed computer to work against them, and they set out to take that tool away from me. They succeeded. I went back to using the much slower dial-up internet just what the attackers wanted. Hughes.net turned my account over to a collection company. However, when I sent that company entries from my journals describing the harassing pop-ups and my phone calls to the company, which did not resolve the issue, they dropped their demand. I feel sure that the powerbrokers instructed them to drop the matter, as they did not wantI have no way of knowing whether personnel who work for Hughes.net were involved in the internet interference. However, that they dropped their claims indicates that Hughes.net is aware of such interference.

After canceling the Hughes.net contract, I obtained dial-up internet service through a local provider. At first, although slow, it functioned reasonably smoothly and efficiently. Then, the attackers began their assault on my dial-up internet access, and it got increasingly slower. Everybody has his own idea about what constitutes slowness, so let me explain that when I say slow, I mean that it often takes from five to seven minutes to pull up a web page, sometimes longer. In addition, features that once functioned well began malfunctioning: the Reply button on emails often delays for several minutes or the reply space never appears; a pop-up often states, Internet Explorer cannot display the web page; sometimes new emails end up embedded in old emails; videos will not open or, if opened, will stop every few seconds and pause for a couple of minutes; the Delete Browsing History does not function; Sending takes several minutes; the mouse clicks do not open the web pages; and my emails often do not arrive to correspondents and vice versa. I have spent hundreds of dollars on technicians to correct the mal-functions. The installation of a more powerful modem helped only minimally. My defragmenter and other programs seemingly do not help. Deleting the browsing history does not improve the speed. The internet service becomes increasingly slower. The attackers are determined to interfere with my communication and make it difficult for me to use the internet. Their mission is to isolate me, frustrate me, take much of my time, and cause me to spend money on repairs. Several people in my same locality use an AT&T 3G satellite plug-in to speed up their internet communications. I ordered the small device and hired a PC technician to install it correctly. Although he successfully installed the program, he tried for hours to get it functioning and failed. His services cost me almost five hundred dollars. A few months later, I ordered the 3G device again and this time attempted to install it myself. Once again the program installed itself perfectly, but after spending hours on the phone with AT&T technicians, I could not get it to work. The device showed that it was getting a very strong signal, which means that it should have functioned correctly. Once when I called my internet provider to ask if they could improve the online performance, I mentioned that my PC had been hacked. The technician with whom I was speaking remarked, Its impossible to hack dial-up internet. I did not know whether to laugh or try to convince him about how wrong he was. I let it pass. Hacking probably is not the correct term to call what the attackers do with a targets computer. They actually take possession of it. They have somehow established a parallel, or shared, system whereby one of their computers literally becomes my computer. Not only are they able to manipulate the contents of my computer but they also have created ghost web sites for those that I frequently visit and for my emails accounts. Later, I contacted Hughes.net to explain about the hacking. I was able to re-subscribe to Hughes.net, which improves my ability to communicate with others. Although the attackers have tried to cause me once again to cancel Hughes.net, I continue using that company as an internet provider. I recently discovered that the attackers are able to intercept my emails and edit, substitute, or

delete my attachments. I sent a correspondent an attachment that contained two hundred pages. He wrote back that he had read all seventy pages. The attackers had intercepted my email and had deleted over a hundred pages of the attachment. Since discovering that handler capability, I have checked with correspondents about what they received from me. The attackers also interfere with my land line phone and cell phone. The first ring on both phones has a different tone from the following rings. Apparently the attackers listening device picks up after the first ring. I have many wrong numbers. When I advise them that they have the wrong number, instead of hanging up, they remain on the line, an old telephone trick that allows the caller to tap the phone if the answerer hangs up first. When I curtly ask them to hang up, I get a click, as if they have hung up, but get no dial tone, another old telephone trick. When I finally get ugly with the caller, he at last hangs up and I get a dial tone. The callers are apparently only accomplices wanting to get in on the attackers action. On the phone, the attackers often cause my voice to echo so that I can hardly hear the other person. Of course, the echo can only be heard on my end. The attackers also cause very noisy static and other strange noises. They have even interjected their voices, which probably only I can hear. On occasion, they have redirected my calls so that the call will be answered by their accomplices, just as they obviously did when I thought that I was talking with Hughes.net personnel. Very often they make it difficult to make and receive calls. Interference with the targets PC and telephone is designed not just to annoy the target but to isolate him socially and impose difficulty in conducting business. It also causes the target to question his sanity, especially if he has not learned to hear the voices. The social isolation, frustration, and doubts about a targets sanity lay the groundwork for the attackers neurological assaults and the targets anxiety. Before I got Hughes.net, I had dial-up internet service. My attackers used the telephone jack for some purpose when the computer was connected to that jack. While I used the PC, I played a small radio to drown out the V2K. There was always much static, and the radio will not pick up signals when facing certain directions, not always the same directions. Whenever I finished using the computer, I would disconnect it from the telephone jack. The second I disconnected the cord, the radio station immediately blared forth strong and clear. Attackers also interfere with the regular mail sent to and from post offices and through mail delivery companies. Targets snail mail often goes astray. If I have to use the post office, I pay a higher fee to obtain proof of mailing or delivery confirmation. Packages from UPS and FedEx often do not arrive. The Use of Sex as a Mind Control Tool Out of the hundreds of targets with whom I have communicated who can hear the voices and suffer from electronic and neurological torture, most of them reported that their targeting involved sex in some manner. That is for good reason, for sexuality is one of the most easily exploited human characteristics. Although targets may not have well-formed political, social, religious, and other ideas, they all have longstanding and ever-present sexual ideas. The attackers look for foibles, and the one foible that every human being has in common is sex. The psychiatrists and psychologists who helped write the user manual knew that well, and the

manual exploits that human feature. Remember the graphic sexual photos of Arab prisoners in Abu Garaib who were humiliated in that manner? Being stripped of their clothing and forced to pose in lewd ways was very purposeful. Sex is big business. If you do not think so, watch the frequency of Cialis, Viagra, birth control medicine and devices, and condom ads on TV. Moreover, notice that many ads show scantily-clad, good-looking young men and women when their appearance has little or nothing to do with the item being advertised. Many of the stand-up comedians use sex jokes and make innuendos about sex as parts of their acts. Thus, sexual thoughts, libido, and sexual activities are important reasons to pursue brain mapping, which means huge profits for pharmaceutical companies and researchers. Even more important to the powerbrokers, the information derived provides the intelligence community another weapon in its neurological warfare arsenal, as sex has been used for hundreds of years in espionage. It has brought down many powerful people, including many Congresspersons, Governors, religious leaders, and other public figures. It is also used as blackmail to force compliance from those individuals. Attackers find out a targets sexual thoughts and preferences, and they fully exploit that knowledge. However, although they are born voyeurs and get much pleasure out of harassing a target with induced sexual thoughts and images, sex is not their real objective. They know that their intimate knowledge of a targets sexual thoughts shatters a targets self-esteem, instills guilt, and forces him into silence and compliance. They use that as a tool to induce anxiety, confusion, fright, frustration, and humiliation in the target. A common thread often used by the attackers, particularly those who are obsessed with sex, suggests that the attackers are engaging in a sick version of behavior modification. What behavior can be more vile, harmful, and unlawful than that of the attackers? I have not heard from one single target whose behavior has been modified to the extent that he has been freed from his electronic and mind control assault. Moreover, if the attackers are supposed to be the models that targets become through behavior modification, that theme is a ridiculously treacherous, twisted, warped deception. Sexual thought wafts through the targets ideas on politics, religion, social problems, economics, and every other phase of human life. That is what makes sex a very important part of the attackers neurological assault protocol. Loop play tapes making sexual suggestions to a targets subconscious and sexual stimulation of the target by using computer software greatly influence the targets sexual thoughts. In my case, the Youre horny loop play tape is supposed to heighten any sexual thought. I have no idea how long that tape has played to my subconscious, but it has doubtlessly affected my sexual thoughts for years. Those actions are carefully and cleverly manipulated for their effect on the target. The perpetrators sometimes go to amazing lengths to ensnare their victims, sometimes even sending paid predators to seduce those victims. Many targets trace their targeting back to brief romantic encounters. Some targets even claim that the people who became their spouses were sent by the perpetrators. Although their allegations cannot be proved, espionage has been conducted during trysts and feigned romantic liaisons for hundreds, probably thousands of years.

Attackers instruct the target subliminally through hypnotic pre-suggestions that when he hears certain trigger words and phrases, he is to experience an arousal. In my case, the attackers use corny code words and expressions such as crazy, barbeque, go git im, and please dont do that to me to induce erections. Those trigger words and phrases are often used in conjunction with slight vibrations on the sexual organ to cause an arousal. The vibrations may also be partially psychologically induced. Targets glean information about targeting in strange ways. One evening in November 2011, Jay Leno on his nightly show made reference to the Israelis discovering that a very slight electrical charge on a mans penis helped cure impotency. He, of course, made a joke of it. The attackers also use an electrical charge to cause erections in concert with the attackers inaudible whisperings. I am very sensitive, and occasionally I can feel a very slight vibration on my penis as the attackers talk. By using my mind, I can prevent an erection. Also, in the evening before going to bed, I take a couple of aspirins, which are known to prevent erections. Causing unwanted erections in men and unwanted orgasms in women are a favorite tactic of the attackers. Loss of sexual control is demeaning to the victims and creates a feeling in them of utter helplessness. I know one targeted woman who has endured forced orgasms for thirtyfive years. It is a way for the attackers to assert psychological control over the victims by showing them their power. The attackers appear to be classic degenerate voyeurs, but their actions are very purposeful. They are following the attack protocol. I use my own brand of psychology against theirs. I often tell my attackers through our form of synthetic telepathy communication system, Learn some fking psychology, you turds, to know why you psychos are sitting there feeling like s t while doing the warped crap that youre doing. Because of the importance of sex in electronic targeting and in everyday life, sex is the focus of many experiments. I believe that many of the cases of sexual attacks on minors and infants are caused by attackers whose intentions are both to experiment on and to inflict harm on the target. In addition, it also appears that the experimenters are interested in transgender phenomena. In recent years, many people have undergone transgender transformations. Although some of those cases are probably natural, I believe that others are perhaps due to the influence of attackers, who have convinced them subliminally that they are in the wrong body. Farfetched? Hardly. Experimenters have carried out truly barbaric and inhuman sexual experiments on targets and captives, particularly since WWII. Today, neurological sexual experimentation has taken the place of physical sexual experimentation. Recently (March, 2010), in one of the online communication venues for targeted individuals, targets discussed whether or not their attackers could see them in the bathroom when they bathed and performed their bodily functions. Whether it is true or not, attackers convince targets that they can be seen while bathing and showering. They use that tool to humiliate the target and keep him from bathing regularly. Once again, sexuality enters the picture. The attackers use sex as a tool to isolate the target. They seek out the people with whom the target is closest and then use sexual innuendo and blatant lies to estrange the target from those persons. In my case, they often tell me that my son is molesting his daughter. I tended my little granddaughter the first year of her life while her mother finished her college studies,

and thus there is a very strong bond between us. The attackers know that. They hoped that I would discuss their accusation with my son and that that action would strain or end our relationship. I tell the attackers daily that they have failed miserably to convince me of their evil lies. As the attackers hammer away at my family relationships, I work just as hard to strengthen them. Humiliation of targets using sex causes a feeling of helplessness in targets. Male targets experience involuntary erections and female targets, artificially-induced orgasms. Both males and females are sodomized. Again, this is accomplished through a combination of psychology and electronic manipulation. Here is an example: I began experiencing a partial erection throughout the day and night, and I knew that that was not natural. Then, one day while washing my hair I brushed the small hairs at the entrance of the ear canal, and each time I did I heard, Youre horny. The subliminal voices were toned so low in volume that my conscious could not pick them up. While watching TV, I often feel the sensation of half-erection during programs and ads. That induced sensation appears to have no particular trigger and thus it could be preprogrammed to occur at certain times. Moreover, the images that are portrayed when the urges commence are varied and not even always suggestive topics and scenes. Whenever I feel those artificial urges, I also hear the attackers whispering the names of family members and friends. They are trying psychologically to associate those people with sex and thus embarrass me into avoiding them or acting strangely while around them. Their elementary psychology does not work! I often tell them, You scudsballs know no psychology; you cant associate or disassociate. In addition, attackers tell targets through their V2K to the subconscious that targets have to defecate or urinate. This causes them to lose control of their bowels and bladders. That condition, along with the partial erections, is clearly intended to humiliate the target and instill a feeling of despair and helplessness. In addition to using induced erections and orgasms as weapons, attackers also cause impotence in male targets. They accomplish that through the subconscious layer of synthetic telepathy, whispering to the targets that they cannot achieve an erection, that the object of their affection is diseased and ugly, that their lovers are their sisters or mothers or brothers or fathers, and a variety of other statements that cause targets not to be able to perform. Constant loop play tapes making those same suggestions enhance the attackers objective. The induced impotency causes frustration, humiliation, and anxiety in the target and leads to marital problems that often end in broken relationships and divorce. Many targeted correspondents tell me that their electronic stalking and mind control began after a brief romantic relationship. I believe that some type of device exists, perhaps a nanomicrochip, that can be introduced vaginally, anally, and perhaps through the male urethra. The instances of sexual interaction and later targeting are too numerous to be coincidental. The psychologists and others who devised the attackers user manual seized upon sex as a major tool in their neurological program, for sex can somehow be applied to any person, place, or object. Sex particularly lends itself to adaptation to the inaudible voices that permeate the targets thoughts. However, once a target knows about the sadistic use of sex in his targeting, he can use the same psychology that the attackers employ to weaken and

sometimes completely offset its effects. The Attackers Accomplices Accomplices help the attackers in various ways. Without the accomplices, the attackers would not be able to operate effectively. They may not be able to operate at all. If we are to believe that much of the electronic stalking and mind control is carried out through microchips implanted in unknowing targets, those small devices would very likely have to be implanted by medical personnel. There is much circumstantial evidence that doctors, nurses, and others do indeed implant microchips. They are perhaps misled into that crime by the powerbrokers, who explain that the microchips will only be used to track the targets. Regardless of the reason why the medical community cooperates, they are violating the Hippocratic Oath, various laws, and human rights in doing so. Other accomplices aid the attackers electronic and mind control assault by physically stalking the targets. Targets who receive the electronic and mind control effects also often complain of organized stalking in their neighborhoods and other places. The accomplices are normally people of all walks of life who have been enlisted by the attackers to participate in the REA by harassing the targets. They are often volunteers who get an adrenalin rush and a perverse sense of pleasure and power in being able to bother others. Some accomplices who live near the targets and render their fulltime services to harass them are paid salaries or receive other benefits from their help. Attackers are permanent personnel. On the other hand, accomplices are not necessarily permanent employees and they probably receive only on-the-job training. They usually only provide on-site organized stalking, and although they are often paid, they do not have any onhands dealings with the actual handler operations. The accomplices are intentionally kept out of the tight operations circle, for the greater the number of people that knows about the electronic and mind control operations, the greater the risk of discovery. Electronic and mind control assailants also often depend on local accomplices to help with their aims. I classify the accomplices as active and passive. The first group (the actives) participates in street theatrics, gaslighting, and gang stalking; the second group (the passives) knows what is going on but keeps quiet. Unknown persons have entered my house in my absence on several occasions and taken items and rearranged other items although that does not happen often in my case. I get very little overt harassment from organized stalkers. In October of 2008 while I was away on a several-day trip, someone entered my house and took from the center of my bed a round magnet with which I always sleep that measures two inches in diameter by a half inch in thickness. That magnet never leaves my bed and my house. When I change sheets, it goes right back into the bed. I later found the magnet in January, 2009 in the back of a little-used closet. Sometimes the intruders will enter again in the targets absence to replace the object in its original location to make him think that he is losing his mind, one of their main objectives. Targets call that tactic gas lighting. Accomplices of the REA perpetrators perform the actual foot work. Many of the accomplices work in legitimate businesses such as delivery organizations. In my case, UPS has failed to deliver at least five items that I ordered or that someone was sending to me. Two of the items were returned to the senders without my being notified. Never once did a UPS driver leave a

notice on my door or in my mailbox that he had attempted to deliver packages. Accomplices also work among law enforcement, in the postal system, telecommunications companies, especially local internet providers, and other legitimate businesses. The local helpers of the REA assailants usually do not forcefully enter houses of targets but use either a master key or an electronic device that opens any locks. Likewise, they will never steal any item of great value. After gaining entry, the accomplices will rearrange items in the house or place them in locations where the target would never put them. Their mission is: to make the victim think that he is going crazy (gas lighting); to let the target know that they have the power to enter whenever they wish; to remind the target that he is under constant watch; and to frighten or intimidate the target. Once, in my absence accomplices dropped a 9 volt battery and six AA batteries into my garbage disposal, which I later discovered when I turned on the disposal. The batteries had come from a night table drawer where I keep them. That meant that the accomplices had inspected every area of my house and had gone through all of my belongings. Covert entry does not often happen in my case; however, it occurs frequently in the case of many other targets. Items taken will often consist of anything that they believe might be helpful in their mind control efforts. For example, on one occasion, intruders stole from my desk a roster of an English-as-a-Second-Language class that I had taught. That theft probably represented additional sleuthing into people whom I know, as they often mention names when they talk to me through the V2K. Most of their information came from the attackers mining my thoughts and memories. Although the accomplices are not permanent employees and often are not even paid (except perhaps in favors in fixing traffic tickets, etc.), they play an important support role in electronic and mind control assault. Without the goon squads who openly harass some targets, burglarize their houses, sabotage their electricity, water, and appliances, surreptitiously enter their domiciles for gas lighting, strew rumors, collect extraneous information about the targets lives, and interfere with the targets communications, the attackers work would be much harder, perhaps even impossible. Communications companies and internet providers almost certainly cooperate with the powerbrokers and their handler employees. We see that in the way targets computers are manipulated by remote. Although the attackers include computer experts, even those experts could not perform many of the things done to the targets email and other computer material without going through the targets internet providers. Likewise, the telephone companies doubtlessly allow the attackers access to their facilities to accomplish many of their phone tricks. In all, I have experienced very little physical stalking, illegal entries, gaslighting, and other onsite activities. That may be due to my living in a very rural area with no nearby neighbors as well as the ability to protect myself. It could also indicate that my targeting largely comes from afar and is not local. Decoy Targets

Duck hunters understand the word decoy. Decoys are artificial ducks usually made of a light material that floats easily on water. At a distance, they look exactly like ducks. Hunters place them on water in areas where wild ducks are known to fly over to entice the ducks to land. The remote attackers use the same tactic. Most of the targets are decoys, which deceives both targets and the public about the real targets. Most of those decoy targets are just plain citizens, but among those citizens are certain groups. The targeting of homosexuals, for example, is probably a result of the powerbrokers false target, or decoy, tactic. That makes it look like homosexuals as a group are being targeted. The underlings who carry out the orders do indeed loathe homosexuals, and they carry out their tasks gleefully. They do not know the true targets. That does not mean that homosexuals are always decoys. Iconoclasts can be heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual. Thus, doubtlessly some homosexuals are true targets. The hodge-podge of targets is cleverly intentional, as it keeps researchers from identifying the real targets the social, economic, religious, and political non-conformists. Their targeting is designed to throw researchers off track. And it does. The major targets are the politically incorrect citizens, or non-conformists, who threaten the status quo, represented by the powerbrokers. Those political liabilities include whistleblowers, political and social activists, the militias, the survivalists, anti-government subversives, some arch-conservatives and some arch-liberals, anti-government writers and journalists, and others who rock the boat. In other words, they are non- conformists who threaten the status quo. Probably only one out of ten targets is a true target. The others are decoys. The distinction between the real targets and the decoy targets does not affect at all how the two groups are treated. Both groups are subjected to the same degree of organized stalking and electronic and neurological torture. Likewise, both true targets and decoy targets are subjects of experimentation. All targets are expected to spend the rest of their lives targeted. The powerbrokers want to eliminate their intended targets while at the same time obtaining valuable research data from both the true targets and the decoy victims. Using decoy targets to confuse the issue is a brilliant part of the attack plan. Deception Deception characterizes the electronic targeting. The powerbrokers seized upon September 11, 2001 and George W. Bushs subsequent actions to deceive targets into believing that their torture began after 2001. That is colossal deception. The fact is that most of those victims who claim to have been targeted in the period 2001-2010 were probably targeted years before then. However, the perpetrators waited until then to let them know that they were targeted, leading them to believe that they were only recently targeted. The attackers, or attackers, also use deception to thwart efforts to detect the assailants and their devices/methods. That deception begins with the targets physical harassment by remote. When a victim is struck with REA, he first believes that the objective is to torture him physically. Although the attackers gleefully apply those torture techniques, their real and end objective is mind control. Experimentation figures greatly in that objective.

One of the best examples of deception is seen in the voice-to-skull (V2K) contact between attackers and targets. The attackers use simulated voices and simulated accents. They also often change their voices and employ recordings of other voices to convince the target that there are several attackers present at all times. Computer programs that allow the attackers to achieve that deception are widely available. Attackers will also attempt to persuade the target through deception that they represent various ethnic, religious, political, racial, and other groups. They once told me that they were from south China. They have also used stereotypical Deep South black accents and Hispanic accents. I often get wrong number calls from black- and Latino-sounding people from various area codes in the United States. They very often pose as Christians and try to make the target believe that they are practicing behavior modification. In many cases, the attackers supposedly try to convert the targets into good Christians, which, considering the cruelty and unlawfulness of the criminals using the devices, is a real joke. Nevertheless, those tactics sometimes work. A few targets have even allowed themselves to become converted only to discover that their conversions did not end the effects of the REA. Again, total deception. In my case, the attackers often show me holographic pictures of a man in robes who is generally believed by Christians to be Jesus and tell me that I am going to hell. Again, that is total deception. I taunt them that the picture could not be authentic because it is not autographed. I have learned to project back to the attackers holographic pictures, so I often toss back their holographic picture of Christ showing him in drag, wearing spike high-heel shoes, earrings, and lipstick. The attackers pretend to be very affronted. That also is deception, for the attackers possess no shame, morals, or decency and certainly no religion. Moreover, the holographs themselves are deceptions (read about holographs in another section of this paper). The religious conversion ploy was noted by a whistleblower who worked with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) under a defense contract. That person wrote in an internet article: . . . the subject is unknowingly given hypnosis while the subject is completely awake and is tortured and punished with this hypnosis into a predetermined behavior by the National Security Agency; . . . the behavior is usually extremely religious, is called reborn by the church, with the subject's life-long goal of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The NSA uses this technology [electronic stalking and mind control] to resocialize (brainwash) the US civilian . . . population. There may indeed be a link between the U. S. Government and Fundamentalist churches. It is worthwhile noting that many Christian churches today receive government grants, an act once believed to violate the principle of separation of church and state, which began in the 1970s. Many so-called Christians are thinly disguised bigots. When I ask TIs to describe their symptoms, when those symptoms began, and their general physical environment, they very often mention that a hostile Fundamentalist minister lives next door, across the street, or very nearby. A law enforcement officer will also often live very close. Despite the deception, every target knows that the attackers themselves cannot possibly be true Christians and could not possibly be truly religious in any fashion. Christians do not torture people, break up families, cause people financial hardships, hack computers and tap

phones, intercept mail, stalk people, invade people's minds, and attack people sexually. Neither do good Moslems, Jews, Shintoists, Hindus, Buddhists, and others. If the scumbags who handle targets are Christians of any type, the spiritual world of Christianity has no validity. The attackers also cleverly use deception in confusing targets concerning shielding. They allow some types of shielding to be partially effective for some targets and not effective for others. They also allow some types of shielding to be effective for a few days only to disappoint the targets by resuming the electronic and neurological attacks a few days later. Targets argue over the shielding devices and methods. That is by design, its purpose being to delude targets about shielding. To my knowledge, no type of shielding has proven entirely protective for all targets. The attackers have the capability of deceiving targets through hacking their computers and tapping their phones. For example, when attackers use AT&T to call from a non-existent area code using a non-existent number, targets think that company cooperates with the attackers. I recently got a call from 111-111-1111. The phones Caller I.D. showed, Unknown name. Some of those communications providers probably do allow the use of their facilities by the attackers at the request of the Government; however, whether they approve or not, the attackers are able to use their communications systems. Attackers can even hack into targets email accounts to send messages that damage the reputation and credibility of those hapless victims. Several targets have accidentally found some of those fake messages on the internet while communicating with others. One of their favorite tricks is planting kiddie porn in targets computers through attachments not readily viewed. They can also intercept victims emails and edit, substitute, or delete their attachments. That has happened in my case. Extortion is another deception. My attackers have mentioned various amounts of money to me for payment to them on several occasions, suggesting that the payment would end the REA. That is absolute deception. In the first place, the protocol that the hireling attackers must follow probably prohibits that the attackers ask for or receive money from targets. And secondly, the attackers do not have the authority to determine when, if ever, a target is released from his torture. Only the powerbrokers who control the handler hirelings can do so. The corollary to the extortion deception is offering the victim rewards if he joins them. The attackers have urged me on several occasions to join them. I laugh at them. The attackers also deceive through playing good cop-bad cop. My attackers always deride my work efforts and methods in their subliminal talking as I carry out home improvement projects. They taunt and belittle me as I work. Then, after a few minutes of blustering and disparaging the activity, one of the attackers will make a very complimentary remark about some aspect of the work. I am supposed to warm up to the good cop and then cooperate with him in his mind control efforts. To an educated target, their psychology is insultingly juvenile. I call it pre-nursery school psychology. They also deceive targets into believing that they have been poisoned. Many targets complain that the food and beverage kept in the refrigerator taste strange, and they think that their attackers have poisoned it. The attackers often do toy with the targets senses, making their taste buds play tricks on them. Sometimes targets become ill after eating or drinking

something that had been previously opened and left in the fridge, re-enforcing their belief that they have been poisoned. The attackers do indeed have the capability of causing severe indigestion and other gastric problems, and they can even induce vomiting. They want targets to believe that somebody is entering their domicile and poisoning the food and drink. That is part of their psychological bag of tricks, and it is far too overt to fit into the attackers covert operations. Only rarely do attackers and their accomplices actually enter victims houses to tamper with their food. More deception. Attackers will often deceive targets into believing that they are law enforcement officers and intelligence agents. If the attackers were either, they certainly would not convey that to the targets. Whenever attackers identify themselves through V2K as local law enforcement or the FBI or CIA, targets can be sure that they are most definitely NOT. Their deception even involves national politics. In the 2008 Presidential Election, I supported Barrack Obama, and I was among only a handful of white voters in my area to do so. The attackers vociferously lambasted me subliminally for my views, instead lauding McCain and often praising George Bush and Dick Cheney. They wanted me to believe that they were proBush elements. The objectives of the attackers cut across all political, religion, and economic thought. Many targets believe that cell phones are used as weapons by their attackers and accomplices and that they are attacked from cell towers. I confess that at one time I also believed that; however, after studying the causes and effects, I believe that neither the cell phone nor the cell tower can be used as weapons although they are used to aid the attackers communication and perhaps their ability to locate us. There may even be a way for cell phone users to press certain numbers and signals to cause some physical effect on targets. If that is true, the cell phone itself does not actually do anything but only communicates with the attackers device(s), which delivers the effect. There is no doubt that the attackers use cell phones extensively, but as tools, not as weapons. I believe that information widely disseminated on the web about the role of the cell phone and cell towers in our REA is largely deliberate misinformation and deception. Lights are also often used to deceive targets. Several correspondents believe that lights shining from their neighbors houses are used on them as weapons. I suggest that that is intentional deception. The neighbors are probably only accomplices who focus the lights on the targets at the attackers bidding. The attackers then plant the idea in the targets psyche that his electronic and mind control effects stem from the lights. If the lights were causing the targets REA, all they would have to do is change locations to avoid those effects. If a target gets the V2K, his attackers will make him think that they do all of the talking that he hears in real time. That is absolutely false and deceptive. If a target notices, much of the attackers talking is repetitive. That is for good reason, for the attackers often use prerecorded drivel while they sit there and occasionally intersperse that material with their real time voices. In addition to playing the pre-recorded material interspersed with their real time voices, the attackers can also with the touch of a key or symbol on their computer keyboard cause

targets to hear pre-recorded words, phrases, and sentences. In my case, they often play the sound of a shrill female voice screaming at me. The voice, message, pitch, and cadence are always the same, a very obvious recording. Duplicity and deception are practiced in every form, particularly with those targets who hear the synthetic telepathy. For some time, my attackers have repeated my conscious thoughts back to me. In doing so, they use a voice similar to mine to try to make me think that it is an echo of my real voice. One day I intentionally relayed to them a thought but stopped suddenly at the first syllable of a four- or five-syllable word. The attackers did not realize my trick fast enough. The second voice finished that long word. So much for the echo! An exception to their repeating my exact words occurs when I pray to The Great Spirit. Every time I use the word day, the handler who is repeating my thoughts will say damned day. The word damned is code and is symbolic of my being on their hit list, thus damned, or condemned. Does that bother me? Not at all. Knowing the evil, sick nature of the attackers, I feel pride at being included on their hit list. I often tell them, Whatever you nut cases stand for, I am against it. Im on the opposite side. As already mentioned, the attackers have damaged my eyesight so that images on TV and the captions appear blurred. I thought for a long while that the damaged eyesight came from pin prick sensations that the attackers caused to my eyeballs, particularly the left one. However, I later realized that my failing eyesight is caused by either (1) a computer program that controls ones eyesight, perhaps a special microchip invented supposedly for the seeing impaired or (2) neurological suggestions to my subconscious that affect the eyesight. The attackers can accomplish the latter by instructing a targets subconscious for example that when it sees a number seven, it will look like a number one. They can use variables of that neurological method to make what a target sees to appear blurred and unintelligible. Remember that the name of the game is mind control. Deception is also used in organized stalking by accomplices of the attackers. Here is an example: You are being interviewed for a job and the interviewer is friendly and appears very interested in hiring you. Then, the interviewer suddenly gets a phone call, and when he hangs up, his demeanor changes. He icily informs you that he cannot hire you without giving you any other explanation. He abruptly ends the Interview. This is pure theatrics. The interviewer had been warned in advance to string you along and then dash your hopes for the job. That is the way the perps operate. Such is the nature and the planning of deception that it may have even been used in convincing targets that microchips are the basis of their electronic stalking and mind manipulation. A grand deception! The powerbrokers may have spread misinformation about microchips for years, knowing that finally targets were going to realize that their torture could have come from other devices. By the time the truth emerged about capabilities of hooking targets without using microchips, the myth of microchips will have become firmly established and difficult to dislodge. The perps attempt to delude the targets, especially those who receive the V2K, about their identity. That is, of course, intentional, and it is done in an oblique manner. The attackers will very rarely say that they are a specific group. If they do, they are lying. However, they will make statements, use expressions, and make insinuations that lead targets to believe that

they belong to various groups and organizations. Here are some of the ones they have tried to make me believe that they represent. -- Mexicans or U. S. Hispanics. The powerbrokers do indeed often use Latinos as accomplices; however, the powerbrokers are NOT Latinos. In my case, the attackers sought to deceive me into thinking that my assailants were Mexicans/Hispanics because of my strong stance on illegal immigration. -- Local law enforcement. The attackers have never stated that they are local police or sheriffs deputies; however, they often talk about an investigation. I tell them to investigate their asses off. -- CIA/FBI. I intentionally goad the attackers. When I think of the CIA, for example, I think, Waterboard those bastards to death. The attackers act incensed. Likewise, I often telepathically call the FBI the fuck-ups. Again, the attackers pretend to be offended. -- Extortionists. On several occasions, the attackers have demanded certain sums of money, promising on delivery that they would, Let me go. I reply, Its not a matter of letting ME go. No, its I whos not letting you scudsballs off the hook. I often add, You cowardly pieces of s t dont worry me at all; on the contrary, I worry the very hell out of you! -- U. S. veterans. I opposed both the 1991 and the 2003 Iraq wars. I also oppose our presence in Afghanistan. I often make telepathic insulting remarks about American politicians who have endorsed those wars and the officers who engage in them. One of the attackers once told me that he had served in Vietnam. I told him (through synthetic telepathy), You stupid jerk, no wonder we lost the f--king war. -- Foreigners. In addition to Mexicans, the attackers have told me that they are Chinese living in south China. -- Local posse comitatus. The attackers have often told me to leave the parish, that they were sending the death squad, and that they were going to burn my house down. I tell them, Bring it on, you cowardly little turds. Im not budging. -- Republicans. I was a Democrat for many years before switching to Independent. However, I supported Barrack Obama in the last election and I still support much of what his administration does. The attackers often ridicule me for my belief in President Obama, wanting me to think that they are Republicans and that they are anti-black. -- Evangelicals. One of the continual themes that the attackers peddle is born again type Christianity. They often remark, Youre going to hell. They make allusions to Jesus and other Christian symbols. I retort with, Yeah, you lovely, kind, upstanding, angelical assholes. You are such exemplary Christians! -- Blacks. Like Hispanics, blacks often participate as accomplices in organized stalking activities. The attackers often simulate Southern-type blacks in wrong number calls, and they project voices to me when Im in the presence of blacks, trying to make me think that the voices are those blacks.

-- White supremacists. The attackers often make remarks similar to KKK propaganda and berate me for friendships with blacks and others. -- East Indians. East Indians are occasionally accomplices. On several occasions, East Indians have entered the scene of my stalking. However, although Indian scientists probably do have electronic and mind control technology, the East Indians who figure in my stalking are probably simply pawns. -- Zionists. As the reader already knows, I am avowedly and fervently anti-Zionist. The attackers attempt to convince me that I am wrong and that Zionists, and Christianity and Judaism are the pillars that hold up the world. They often tell me, The Israelis are your friends. -- Anti-gays. The attackers often allude to friends who are gay, and they make fun of me when I correspond with gays. -- Behavioral modification experts. As already mentioned, if one of the attackers objectives is behavior modification, it is a sick modification. They often induce dreams depicting children and then, through their software and neurological whisperings, attempt to cause erections, thus associating the erections with the children. They also mention relatives of both genders while attempting to cause the arousals. There is no doubt in my mind that the attackers attempt to modify behavior, but they seek to develop a depraved behavior doubtlessly to attempt to discredit the targets. -- Neighbors. The attackers have called my attention to outside street lights at my neighbors and tried to make me believe that somehow the lights were responsible for my electronic stalking. They have also planted ideas in my mind that those same neighbors are plotting against me. -- Former neighbors. The attackers enjoy recounting anecdotes from my early life in the community where I grew up. They talk about people whom I knew back then. Learning that information is very easy. If their objective is to make me believe that former neighbors are part of the scheme, they have failed. -- Patriots and The Radical Right. I often ridicule anything that relates to the Far Right. I sing ridiculous words to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner. The attackers pretend to be affronted. -- Former classmates. One of the attackers favorite taunts is that they went to grammar school with me. In the Deep South where I grew up, we called elementary schools grammar schools. I ridicule them when they tell me something about grammar school by remarking, You nitwits, everybody knows that you didnt even go to grammar school. You couldnt have because you dont know any f--king grammar. They say the same thing about going to high school with me. The object is to make me suspicious of those former classmates and perhaps even avoid them. It does not work. Finally, the attackers dropped using grammar school as a reference and began using high school. The imbeciles do not stop to think that if they claim to have attended either grammar school or high school with me, it automatically eliminates them from being black or Hispanic or foreign. I

went to segregated all-white elementary and high schools, and in those days, there were no Indians, Hispanics, or any other ethnic group in my area. It also eliminates my current neighbors, for none of them went to school with me. Moreover, I know the classmates who went into law enforcement, the armed forces, and government work. There were very few who did so. The attackers would never allow targets to pin them down to such a small number of possibilities. As for the remainder of the deceptive groups, much of the population in my area could easily be Evangelicals, Republicans, White Supremacists, anti-gay, Zionists, and the types to participate in a posse comitatus. -- Pro-Israel Jews and/or Israelis. Building upon their perceived notion that I am anti-Semitic, the attackers often state in whispered voices so low in volume that my conscious can scarcely distinguish them, (My son, whom they call by name) is a Jew. I call that pre-nursery school psychology on their part. Their reasoning is that if I hate Jews, by associating my son with Jews, I will also hate him. Just another futile attempt on their part to drive a wedge between my son and me. Their statement also serves the reverse: if I love my son, Ill also love Jews. The disingenuous attempts by the attackers to use psychology are sometimes utterly amazing. My attackers also state in the same low voices that usually only my subconscious picks up, Israel is your friend. Yeah, sure. So are coral snakes, scorpions, and man eating sharks. -- Experimentalists. Particularly in their mind games, whenever I use my mind to thwart their efforts, a recorded voice will repeat, Good. Although I know that the voice is a recording, I usually reply, What would you sick bastards know about good? The attackers not only attempt to confuse targets concerning the attackers identities but they also try to confuse targets about the reasons that they are targeted. They will say and do things that will imply that you are targeted because, for example, you are unpatriotic, that you are some type of social deviant, that you have done something dishonest, that your religious beliefs condemn you to hell, that you are the wrong ethnic group, that your politics is not correct, and other reasons. That is a part of the targeting plan. If readers get the microwave telepathy, the above deceptions are probably all too familiar to them. Targets should not be confused by what the attackers tell them, as they are chronic liars. Lying and deception are a major part of the overall evil targeting scheme. Impostors and Disinformation Agents The powerbrokers employ an army of disinformation agents who flood the internet with erroneous and misleading information on REA. Every country has an intelligence agency with an operational section whose aim is to spread false propaganda over the media. The United States of America is no exception. The propaganda machine spreads misinformation over the internet through several types of plants. Some examples follow. Webmaster plants. Persons with web sites visited by many people pretend that they were abducted by aliens, tormented by people who look like lizards, and subjected to rituals performed by Reptilians. They link REA with UFOs. One of the favorite lies is that a group of families called the Illuminati or the Masons seek to control the world. More recently, the

misinformation agents have convinced many targets that they come from a particular genetic strain or blood line and were thus targeted before or from birth. Many of the TIs who actually believe those things are very well meaning and have been convinced of those inaccurate concepts through voice-to-brain emissions. That is exactly why we call that activity mind control. Internet blogger plants intentionally strew erroneous material in their online blogs. Members of various TI internet forums write pedantic, argumentative, and misrepresentative emails in the forums. In those emails, they refer viewers to lies disseminated in bogus web sites and other locations. Some of those TI plants relate convincing stories; however, usually they trip over their many lies and astute TIs can often identify them as impostors. Authors publish lies and misleading information in on-line articles, in magazines, and even in books about electronic assault and mind control. Not all of the information spread on the internet and in articles and books is false by any means. Even many of the people who disseminate misinformation and disinformation are very sincere. I do not pretend to be expert in determining which information is false and which is true; however, I have learned that much of it is utter deceptive. Electronic assault and mind control itself is incredible enough without being compounded by deliberate lies disseminated by the REA perpetrators. Let me be perfectly clear. The perpetrators of mind control are NOT aliens from outer space. NOT members of the so-called Illuminati. NOT men who can change to reptiles and lizards and other paranormal shapes. NOT ritualistic sex lords seeking sex slaves. NOT men seeking to wipe out particular blood lines and genetic groups. NOT the Masonic Order although some of them may be Masons. Targets who believe those deceptions have been successfully manipulated by the perpetrators. Even should the perpetrators be one or several of the above, the government has to know about their electronic activities. Hundreds of intelligence agents continually search the air waves for unrecognizable electronic signals. They could not fail to locate the frequencies over which the perps perform their electronic stalking and mind control. That proves to my satisfaction that the perpetrators pursue an agenda approved by the governments powerbrokers. The powerbrokers behind electronic torture and mind control fear the targets networking over the internet. Web sites dealing with REA are often subjected to internet intimidation by having their information deleted or otherwise compromised. Some targets have had to change the names of their sites several times because of that interference. The internet may well become the catalyst that exposes the REA devices and methods and who lies behind them. Experiments and the Government In the Cold War that followed upon World War II, the oligarchies that ruled the worlds governments saw the usefulness of mind control as a weapon. Although leaders at first probably perceived mind control as a neurological weapon to be used only on foreign

populations, they also recognized its value in quelling civil uprisings and controlling the domestic population. In the United States of America, although the CIA and other intelligencegathering and law enforcement agencies have intentionally destroyed most of the records that incriminate them, shreds of remaining evidence show that the Government has conducted mind control experiments on U. S. citizens on American soil since the 1940s. If the aim of the Federal Government is only surveillance of possible terrorists, there would be absolutely no need for the use of directed energy weaponry and mind control. Thus, there must be another explanation for the electronic effects and mind control activities. That explanation is doubtlessly experimentation. Some targets believe that the government is past the experimentation stage and is now employing the results of that experimentation. While the latter is probably true, there is no end to experimentation. Experiments are ongoing and never ending, as they lead to still more spin-off experiments. The government has the keenest interest in two principal areas, the genes and the brain. The former includes DNA studies. The government finances countless projects in research institutes and university labs to map every molecule of the human brain and determine its function. To do so requires experimentation. Much of that experimentation must be performed on unknowing and involuntary human subjects to be accurate. The Government as a whole does not conduct experiments. The U. S. Government consists of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The latter two can be eliminated as experimenters based on pure logic. Thus, if the Government is indeed involved in REA, it must be through the executive branch, which includes the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and all intelligence and law enforcement organizations. Fusion Centers, Neighborhood Watches, Infraguard, and other watchdog-type entities also fall under the executive branch of government. That the electronic stalking and mind control activities might emanate from the executive branch of the U. S. Government helps explain why the intelligence and law enforcement offices under that branch refuse to take action on targets complaints. That may also help to explain the experiments. The DOD continually searches within the business/manufacturing complex, including pharmaceutical companies, as well as academia for inventions that are applicable or adaptable for use in neurological warfare. Thus, those inventions have become very lucrative, as the DOD not only funds many of the research projects but also buys the resulting devices and methods, paying millions of dollars for the patents and copyrights or for the development of those patents and copyrights under defense contractors. From the 1950s to the 1970s, more than eighty U. S. institutions, both public and private, participated in developing devices and methods for controlling the human mind using public funding. The irony is that victims of electronic stalking and mind control are paying for their own torture. Each section of the brain and many tiny nuclei and cells of the brain determine all of the person's thoughts and bodily functions. The U.S., Russia, China, Israel, and other countries compete with each other in mapping the human brain. That purpose is not purely humanitarian but a competition for neurological dominance over the remainder of the world. Scientists work tirelessly toward that end, for knowing how the brain functions and malfunctions provides the basis of mind control.

The study of intelligence is important for brain mapping and thus mind control. An online article by Amanda Gardner, a Healthday Reporter, on February 26, 2010, describes what scientists have determined about intelligence. She quotes Jan Glascher, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of humanities and social sciences at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and lead author of a paper appearing in that week's issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, as saying that their studies show that "general intelligence relies on the connection between the frontal and the parietal [situated behind the frontal] parts of the brain. Those are "connections between the gray matter, or cell bodies, and the white matter, or connecting fibers between neurons. . . ." Paul Sanberg, professor of neurosurgery and director of the University of South Florida Center for Aging and Brain Repair in Tampa, states that studies such as those ". . . allows them to systemize [sic] and pinpoint areas important to intelligence." Learning those pinpoints is what the experiments are all about. To sell the software, devices, or methods to the U. S. Government for its neurological warfare and domestic control programs, the inventors must present credible evidence that they work. To do so requires that every patent or copyright be tested and re-tested in experiments to be deemed functional and useable. Those tests can only be carried out on human beings, and for the tests to be valid, the test subjects must be completely unaware of the testing. When proof of the successful testing is presented to the government, the inventors have to reveal the names of those targets who are tested and present a profile of those persons. Thus, some government agency probably retains the names of those victims in its files. Interest in brain mapping makes a good case that experimentation is one of the causes of electronic stalking and mind control assault. In addition to specific persons chosen for testing because they possess some particular characteristic, other targets may simply be targets of opportunity. Still others be selected because they are considered anti-government, domestic terrorists, or likely to become domestic terrorists. Others may be alcoholics, drug addicts, and other categories of expendables that law enforcement would approve removing through a twisted concept of social cleansing. Our remote attackers use the same devices and techniques as those proven to be owned and used by the U. S. Government. If the U. S. Government does not engage directly in the electronic stalking and mind manipulation effects, it is certainly in collusion with those who do. I use the word collusion because if a person or organization aids and abets an illegal action, he or it is a collaborateur. That makes that person or organization equally guilty. A Rationale for Electronic Stalking and Mind Control Why would any person or organization spend so much money, time, and effort in hooking a target and then blitzing him by remote with continual and barbaric directed energy weapons, electromagnetism, and mind control? Two reasons come to mind. The perpetrator(s) either wish to (1) neutralize the target or (2) use him for experimentation. The first reason, neutralization, comes in many forms: ostracizing him, making him unemployable, breaking him financially, causing him to commit suicide, or gradually murdering him with the accumulated and sustained effects of the electronic stalking. It is probably safe to say that all types of harassment, organized stalking as well as electronic

stalking and mind control, seek the neutralization of the target. The perpetrators decide whether only to harry the victim or eliminate him entirely. If units of the United States Government were involved in the neutralization of a target, there would be absolutely no need for the continual torture and mind control of the victim unless those units first wished to extract information from the target. Even then, isolating the victim and causing him much personal suffering appear far more drawn-out and probably less costeffective than would be necessary simply to retrieve information from that target. Unless rogue elements of the government who wish to inflict as much damage on the target as possible are involved, I believe that the government would deal far more directly with the victim in neutralizing him. Thus, it is my opinion that the U. S. Government is probably not interested in electronic stalking and mind control for only neutralization purposes. The perpetrators are far more likely to be nut cases representing the Radical Right, hate groups, perhaps certain Far Right rogue groups from the executive branch, foreign governments who have axes to grind with the particular targets, and vendetta cases involving the private (and sometimes public) sector(s). Nevertheless, intelligence and law enforcement know about those attacks and do nothing to prevent them. The second reason, experimentation, may not preclude eventual neutralization. However, the perpetrators are more interested, at least initially, in using the target to test their electronic and mind control theories. Mapping the brain is a high priority. They obviously view the target as expendable, so if the victim dies or commits suicide as a result of the experiments, they simply replace him with another target. When we ask the question Who would gain the greatest benefit from experimentation?, the U. S. Government now enters the picture. The government stands to advance greatly its neurological and biological warfare program through experimentation on involuntary targets. So do foreign powers using American citizens as targets. In addition to the government(s), the private sector and the public education sector also often require testing on human subjects to perfect and market their products, especially those dealing even remotely with mind control. On the other hand, the Radical Right, hate groups, Far Right rogue government groups, and those seeking vendettas, would have little interest in experimentation. Their sole aim is to make life unbearable for the target and eventually neutralize him. In attempting to determine the identity of their perps, targets would do well to consider these points. The Experimentation Process If indeed experimentation is one of the causes of electronic stalking and mind control, it must be carried out through several sequential steps. -- First of all, teams of psychiatrists, psychologists, electrical and other engineers, radio experts, physicists, medical personnel, propagandists, and others representing scientific equipment manufacturers, research institutes, and universities must gather information on and conduct research into the most efficient, quickest, and most cost-effective form of neurological enslavement. The teams work independently on specific segments of neurological forms of capturing the brain. The purpose is that few scientists involved will know the entire process. -- Then, the many research results must be packaged into a useable method for application

by an ultra-secret group of professionals in every field. Although the private sector has the means to perform the research and produce the devices and other results of the research, only an apparatus such as a government, with its wide range of authority, unlimited financial resources, and cover of secrecy can turn those efforts into a combined and viable product. That product is a mind control method for capturing the minds of humans for their total manipulation and control. The method had to first be spelled out in narrative, probably in the form of a user-type manual, much like instructions for using a machine or assembling an object. Those manuals are so highly classified and protected that only the highest government officials can access them. Most government officials do not know of their existence. The manual is probably recorded on a thumb-drive type device that cannot be copied and probably fewer than a half dozen of them exist. -- The product, or the neurological blueprint for conquering human minds, however, is meaningless without a delivery system that links the research results with the targets. Thus, a means must be developed to hook the human brain through some process. That process must be remote, as targets will not voluntarily submit to mental castration, and it must be silent and secret, so that targets will not realize that their minds have been hooked. We do not yet know what device or method is used to snare the human mind but we shall in the future. -- Once the delivery system is in place and the targets brains hooked, personnel must be trained to test the device(s)/method(s). The original trainers had to have been the scientists and others described in Number 2 above working directly under top governmental authorities. Those trainers at first probably trained only a small group who would serve as attackers to carry out the testing, or experiments, on human targets. Once those attackers learned the techniques of mind control and the device/method for applying them, they in turn trained others. The training was carried out using no written instructions and thus leaving no evidence. Trained attackers now doubtlessly number into the thousands or tens of thousands. -- The results of the research and the delivery system must then be tested. Every neurological objective must be tested on all of the targets, who serve as experimental control groups for that purpose. The mind control components tested represent thousands of individual experiments ranging from simple to very complex. That testing began in the 1950s, perhaps still earlier, and continues today. The testing is carried out in prolonged and ongoing experiments on selected targets and groups of targets. We shall discuss those experiments in the following text. -- The data is collected and categorized, examined, and graded on the extent of accomplishment of the desired neurological effects. The overall effect is analyzed by experts. Data processing centers with super computers are established to record all experimental results. The super computers use a series of key words to extract all meaningful information, categorize it under certain topics, provide racial, gender, and other statistics, and otherwise refine and edit that information in useable form. -- The analyses lead to continual ongoing corrections and readjustments of the neurological methods and the delivery system. Teams of experts continually work on perfecting the system.

-- Then, the methods and device(s) are retested, which means that attackers must receive occasional on-site instruction from representatives whose jobs are to update and retrain the attackers. The instructors also doubtlessly communicate with the attackers continually through secure email sites and telephone calls. The neurological experimentation activities required years of preparation. Many very intelligent people worked on the plan, doubtlessly including psychiatrists and psychologists, behavioral scientists and other scientists in all areas of research, very high level government bureaucrats, representatives of the U. S. intelligence community, top level military leaders, scientific and government liaison personnel employed by big business, top medical brains, probably selected religious leaders, and perhaps even representatives of selected foreign allies. At first, the planners worked on the device(s) for carrying out mind control, what they wanted those devices to accomplish, and the techniques and methods of plying the mind control activities. The training and testing would come later. Inventions of countless devices and techniques have been patented, ostensibly for humane medical interventions; however, one needs only little imagination to recognize that many of those inventions are suitable for and probably actually intended for more sinister purposes. I shall not attempt to discuss those inventions. One can search for those patents on the internet. There are scores of them. Many of those items and methods were clearly intended to be used for neurological warfare. Once those inventions could be operated by remote, they were ready to be tested on human subjects. We still do not know the criteria that the experimenters used in choosing their human guinea pigs. Nor do we know, once the targets were identified, how their minds were seized for the experiments and the results monitored and recorded. Did the Government provide a list of people, or types of people, for experimentation that it considered expendable? Or did it insist on approving the targets used for experimentation? The scientists who conducted the experiments hid behind innocuous research titles and often argued that their devices and methods could improve the lives of human beings. Yet, any perceptive reader could read between the lines in imagining the military applications of those neurological inventions. Experimenters must meticulously record their activities and show the results of those activities. The guinea pigs used in those activities had to be identified through a name, number, and probably some other symbol for purposes of documentation, discussion, and retesting. Thus, the real names of the targets and their backgrounds and personal data must be recorded in some classified files. Why the U. S. Government Would Permit Experiments on Americans Why would the United States Government allow those inventors and military contractors to experiment on Americans on American soil? Think about it. Here are several plausible reasons: Human resources to serve as experiment testers, or attackers, are readily available in the United States to carry out the experiments on selected human targets. Consider some of the possibilities for attackers: active and retired military personnel, active and retired law enforcement officers, highly trained technicians in labs, manufacturing businesses, and other

industries who have been laid off from work due to the current economic conditions, recent college graduates looking for a job when few jobs are available, and other personnel who do not work or who are retired. It is little wonder then that the attackers know the regional accents and vernacular to use with targets in particular locations in the country, for the attackers, just like the targets, represent a profile of the American population. They are from all parts of the country. Targets in the United States abound. Naturally, the power brokers who sponsor the experiments probably first looked for targets in the more vulnerable people and among those citizens who might be considered by many as expendable. These include older people, especially those in rest homes and other institutions, single men and women who live alone, drug addicts and pushers, those who have been diagnosed with mental conditions, and others. However, eventually the powerbrokers saw the feasibility and the desirability of targeting individuals who might somehow pose political and other threats to the establishment. Thus, when guinea pigs live in the immediate surroundings, why go halfway around the world to find the guinea pigs? Targets for experimentation probably represent all ethnic, racial, gender, socio-economic, political, and age groups, life styles, philosophies, educational levels, trades and occupations, and many religious groups. Should local attackers have a hand in selecting targets, those targets may include co-workers whom the attackers do not like, neighbors with whom they dont get along, merchants or businesspersons with whom they have had difficulties, and even family members from whom they are estranged. Most of targets with whom I have communicated appear typical Americans that cut across every stratum of society. Other correspondents are ex-convicts (non-violent offenses) and past drug users. Security is much better in the U. S. than it would be abroad. With the protection and noninterference of law enforcement, the cooperation of psychiatrists who label TIs schizophrenic, and the ability to tap phones and hack computers, secrecy can be ensured in the United States much more easily than it could abroad. Moreover, attackers in the United States will not be subject to capture as spies, jailed, and forced to reveal the operations. Detection of United States experiments in other countries and the exposure of those secrets could seriously damage the development of U. S. neurological warfare projects and set the research back for years, as most of the American people would probably oppose those activities once they were known. The United States population is extremely diverse and includes almost every ethnic group in the world. Why go to China to target Chinese when they can be targeted in the United States? I have corresponded with targets in the United States who are Oriental, Caucasian, Negroid, and Native American. Just how targets are selected is not precisely known; however, we can use logic in exploring that method. Emphasis is probably given to what many people consider expendable elements of the population, i.e., prisoners and ex-cons; old people in rest homes; homosexuals and lesbians; gang members; anti-government activists and suspected subversives; drug dealers and addicts; political dissidents, and other troublemakers. Those people, however, do not possess all the qualifications required for valid experiments. Thus, non-expendable citizens such as schoolteachers, small businesspeople, scientists (including social scientists), students, and others may also be targeted if they possess the

characteristics that the experimenters seek. English is the dominant language for all computers. Thus, English is the preferred language for the attackers. The data base on the experiments is kept in the English language although the computers can also translate the data into other languages. are also used by attackers and translated simultaneously by computers for the data processing centers (more on them later). Logistics for managing teams, training personnel as attackers, and maintaining and securing the data obtained are far easier within the United States than they would be abroad; thus, the experimenters can exercise greater control over the experiments in the United States. Managers of the teams and data collected have to operate in only four time zones in the United States, as opposed to operating many hours away in foreign countries. The experiments can be carried out much more easily and economically in the United States. Imagine having to recruit attackers covertly in a foreign country, ensure their loyalty and secrecy, provide them the necessary equipment and training, and pay them (probably in hundreds of off-shore foreign accounts in countries such as Switzerland and the Bahamas). Although the governments financing is limitless, it has to use its secret money (those funds that the American public does not know about) wisely. The turn-around time between testing, analyzing, and making corrections can be greatly reduced if the experiments are conducted in the U. S. U. S. military bases, the Pentagon, and other well-guarded installations provide secret sites for use by trainers and data collection and processing. Many self-righteous United States leaders undoubtedly espouse a sick philosophy that embraces social cleansing. In other words, expendable elements of the population are deemed suitable for a Final Solution. Does that ring familiar? The military-business establishment knows that it will have no problem getting assistance from sickos who will participate in that scheme. At the same time, I believe that pro-Israel factions in the government see in the experiments an opportunity to eliminate Israels enemies within the United States. I have corresponded with several individuals who believed that they had been targeted because of their views toward Israel and Israels policies. What better way to dispose of your enemies than by ensuring that they be selected as targets for experimentation, which often effectively eliminates those people as functional beings? Other friendly countries may also be able to nominate targets within the United States. Satellite imagery pinpoints every house and temporary building, road or lane, and every stream in the United States. That as well as the easier logistics and communications of operating within the countrys borders, aids surveillance and neurological assault immensely. By Googling, internet users can pull up images of their own dwellings. Oftentimes, the occupants will be shown in the yards when the images were taken. If the average citizen can do that, imagine what secret government technicians and computer experts can do through satellites.

Some writers state that science has not yet reached a point at which it can develop satellites capable of focusing on an individual in his house and following that target. I totally disagree. Secret scientific capabilities are eons ahead of known scientific capabilities. If scientists can send unmanned rocket ships to the moon and mars, land those crafts, send out smaller remote-operated vehicles to gather rock samples and other materials, bring them back to the ship, and then return the space ship to earth, all by remote, they can most certainly contrive a method for targets on planet earth to be handled by satellite by remote. The use of satellites along with GPS appears to me not only possible but very likely. If satellites do figure in the REA, the range could be thousands of miles. In my case, it is not highly likely that my neurological assailants live very close, for I live in a very rural area with no really close neighbors. That, of course, depends upon the range of the neurological devices, which remains largely unknown. My nearest neighbor lives about a quarter of a mile away. The next closest neighbor lives almost a mile farther. Yet, others neighbors who live a short distance farther within the 360 degrees that radiate from my house and surrounding area could possibly be attackers. Moreover, when I visit family almost 200 miles away and travel to other places, even abroad, I am subjected to the usual electronic and mind control activities both while mobile on the road (usually voices only) and at the destinations (electronic assault as well as voices and other mind control activities). Unless the attackers, knowing my thoughts and my plans, notify other local attackers of my travels and locations, the REA would have to come from quite a distance. That argues that satellites may indeed be utilized for that purpose. We know that satellites using GPS can find locations using geographical coordinates. However, satellites would be useless if they could find a site and not be able to zero in on a target. All TIs know that they are subjected to electronic torture and mind control regardless of their geographic locations. Moreover, they can be singled out for torture in a crowd or sitting with friends and family members. Thus, logically targets must have something on or in their bodies that allows some device or force to locate and focus on them. The scope of this paper does not include a discussion of that method; however, Ill simply mention that possibilities include an implant (such as a microchip), an injection (in the form of a shot or inoculation), by detecting targets voices or their particular DNA found on their skin, and perhaps other methods. Readers can probably supply other reasons why the United States government experiments in the United States on its own people. Whether the testing is done in a religious, political, economic, or social context makes no difference. They all have military and human mind enslavement applications. Its end purpose represents maintaining the status quo that revolves around the U. S. military-industrial machine. Likely Experiments I list below some hypotheses whose successful experimentation might prove applicable in quelling a possible civil uprising, rendering foreign enemy troops unfit for battle, and undermining foreign governments. Most of the experiments would be psychological. Those hypotheses, or premises, are stated in the form of questions. These represent only a small

number of possible experiments. Readers will be able to add many others. -- What type computer software works best with certain targets in certain conditions to cause electronic and mind control effects? -- Can computer programs be developed that will interact with the targets thoughts without human involvement using the raw data stored in super computer? -- Can a person be programmed to hate or react negatively to names of persons, places, or things introduced into his mind? -- What mind control techniques work best to alienate a person from his family members and friends? -- Can a person be programmed to become disloyal to his country and switch his allegiance to another country? -- What type targets responds best to the mind control methods used and conversely what type targets can best resist those methods? How does intelligence and the I.Q. level affect electronic stalking and mind control? Can synthetic telepathy be used to create dependency on drugs, tobacco, or alcohol and conversely cause an aversion to those items? -- Can a person be programmed to react in a particular manner to post hypnotic code? Can loop play tapes to the target's subconscious make that person change his views about race, ethnicity, politics, religion, sex, etc.? -- What target groups, based on factors such as intelligence, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, the physique, education, color, language groups, ethnicity, and other qualities, are most vulnerable to mind control? Can mind control be used to create multiple personalities in a target? -- How long does it take for a tested victim to capitulate to a particular mind control method? Can continual suggestions to a target's subconscious cause somatic disorders and sickness? What effect does prolonged V2K have on a target's body conditions and functions and his decision-making ability? -- Is REA more effective if used with organized stalkers? -- Can a person be sensitized to hear certain words in normal conversation or on TV/radio through previous hypnosis?

-- Can the same mind control effects be carried out on a large group of targets at the same time? -- Can targets contrive methods for shielding against the effects of a neurological assault? -- Can a person be programmed to reveal his thoughts when he receives certain signals, e.g., jolts and vibrations? -- How does social isolation caused by the attackers affect a targets ability to think and function in society? -- What effect do the various neurological methods have on the targets and do they affect targets in the same manner and to the same degree? -- What width of area and over what length of distance can the neurological methods achieve the best results? -- What elements of mind control work best on various types of persons? -- What is the best method for attackers to track targets from place to place and from country to country? -- Can a persons religious beliefs can be destroyed (and perhaps replaced with other opposing beliefs)? -- Can persons be induced to turn against their own country, their own family, their own church group, their own friends, their own values, etc.? -- Can pin pricks by attackers on the targets body affect the body in the same manner as physical acupuncture? -- What is the optimum range for performing neurological activities on targets? -- Are targets who live in rural situations affected the same way as targets in urban areas? -- Can targets be besieged by insects (African bees and fire ants, for example) by tuning in a certain frequency that attracts those insects? -- Can a person be covertly psychologically conditioned to think certain negative (or positive) things about certain types of people based on ethnicity, color of skin, nationality, religion, social level, education, political affiliation, personal philosophy, etc.? -- Can constant subconscious whispers by attackers conveying the same message eventually persuade the target to believe that message? -- Can neurological suggestions influence physical actions (or inactions) without the targets being aware of the cause(s) and if so, to what extent? -- Can targets be made to perform certain acts (perhaps unknowingly, as in sleepwalking) or

think certain suggested ideas? -- Can targets be made to develop what psychiatrists term true schizophrenia, paranoia, or obsessive compulsive behavior? -- Can targets be forced to act out physically their frustrations, hatreds, fears, etc. on others? -- Will targets induced conditions affect their ability to operate as normal human beings? -- What conditions are most effective in rendering targets incapable of operating as normal human beings? -- Can targets be made to overcome their revulsion to various ideas and conversely see repulsive actions in a favorable light. For example, can a Jew or Arab be made to eat pork or can a perfectly normal person be made to commit incest? -- Are there drugs, particularly mood swing drugs and anti-depressant drugs as well as certain vitamins and minerals that can influence the outcome of particular mind control methods on targets? -- Can attackers blank out permanently certain thoughts in targets or eliminate certain words and areas in targets thoughts? -- Can the targets surroundings (location, house construction materials, implements, electrical devices, etc), weather conditions, time of year (moon, seasons, etc.), proximity to particular installations (oil refineries, relay towers, etc.) enhance the effect of neurological weapons on those targets? -- What foibles and vulnerabilities in targets can best be exploited for psychological purposes and control of those individuals? -- Which torture methods affect the targets the worst psychologically? -- What is the most effective duration of a particular physical or mind control effect on the target? -- Can a target be made impotent using outside sources and conversely can his libido be dramatically increased? -- Can a targets sexual orientation be changed through mind control, i.e., heterosexual to homosexual and homosexual to heterosexual, and is it easier to achieve in particular ethnic and racial groups, genders, etc.? -- Can targets be made to say words out of context in speaking with others? -- Can targets be made to view almost everything in his daily life in a negative context? -- What physical stimulus and/or mind control method can get the best results from the thought mining process?

-- Can targets be hypnotized through the use of certain pre-suggested words through the TV, radio, or in conversation? -- How can post-hypnotic suggestions reinforce the mind control methods? -- What is the best way to train attackers of targets. -- What human characteristics should recruiters look for in selecting trainers and attackers? -- What type of person makes the most effective attackers? -- Can targets be made to believe absurd things that do not happen or do not exist? For example, the U. S. intelligence community convinced a young Moslem detainee at Guantanamo that he had lost both his hands and legs. Although he could visually see that his arms and legs were there, he still believed that they were not. -- What is the most effective interrogation technique for attackers in the mind mining process, i.e., asking questions, showing photos to the target, making half statements and allowing the target to finish, staging scenarios in which the target is the principal actor, etc.? -- Can mind control be used to cause insatiable appetite and conversely anorexia in targets? -- To what extent can a targets visual thoughts expose information not revealed in the targets narrative or his answers to questions? (Examining those thoughts visually may reveal clues concerning a particular strategic site or a particular weapon or an impending action or a particular militarily- or politically-important person whom the target knows whom the attackers may not have been aware of.) -- Can attackers gain the confidence of the target in their telepathic conversations with him? (They do this by providing helpful information to the target, warning him of various dangers, and telling him to trust them.) -- Can third parties be made to communicate telepathically with the target without the knowledge of either one of them? -- Can ocular diseases such as cataracts be caused by pinpointing laser beams to certain areas of the eye? -- What physical effects can be caused by psychological suggestion and to what extent? -- What type target can best analyze what is happening to him vis-a-vis mind control, based on their profession or occupation, their educational level, their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.? -- Can a psychological profile be developed for selecting both attackers and targets? -- Can targets be made to commit suicide through whispering into their sub-conscious thoughts of self-destruction? How do thoughts of suicide register concerning the targets

emotions, i.e. blood pressure, heartbeat, anxiety level, nervousness, etc.? -- What is the best technique to test the efficacy of interchanging or replacing attackers for targets, especially when those targets move from country to country? -- What type target can most easily be persuaded (either neurologically through whispers, etc. or by bribes and other forms of compensation, etc.) to commit treason and perhaps assassinate important figures? -- Can experimenters improve their propagandistic capability to deceive the public re the mind control experiments (disseminating misinformation through the internet, psychiatrists, the media, law enforcement, etc.) as targets become more open and their numbers become more threatening? -- How can attackers work more effectively with their allies in mind control operations? -- What emotions and mind control techniques are most likely to cause combat troops to surrender? -- What can be learned by showing targets holographic images and recording their reactions to those images? -- How can attackers improve induced dreams to fish for information? -- How can information from recording targets levels of frustration, anxiety, irritation, and other emotions under particular kinds and stages of stress be used to advantage? -- Can targets be conditioned to react to certain smells, sounds, and tastes, and can attackers change those senses? -- How will damage or alteration of the targets eyesight (making them see double, removing their side vision, causing them to see in various colors or not see certain colors or images) affect the targets ability to function? -- How can physical effects such as the pin pricks be used to best advantage and at what point should they be used? -- Can the attackers equipment cause cancer and/or other internal and external diseases? -- Can attackers cause amnesia in targets? -- Can the attackers computer software make targets hear particular words entered into the computer by the attackers in place of particular regular words on TV and on the radio? -- What type of target will most likely learn to trust the attackers? -- Can attackers cause aberrant sexual thoughts and behavior in targets? -- Can targets be made to consider dishonest actions when the targets are perfectly honest?

-- Can attackers condition targets to perform actions outside of their regular routine using subconscious communication? -- Can attackers cause the target confusion in his geographical orientation and movements? -- Can aggressive, combative persons be made docile by remote mind control? This is applicable with militant Jihadists and others. -- Can hypnotic suggestions cause artificial erections, etc? -- Can those erections and other sexual effects be utilized to cause in the target a sense of frustration and anxiety or perhaps a misdirected sexual urge? -- Can targets be made to perform an action that he will no longer remember afterward? -- Can targets be estranged from close family members by subliminal suggestions about those loved ones? -- Can hypnosis be used effectively once attackers hook the targets brain? -- Can targets be conditioned to respond to certain code words and act out a response desired by the attackers? -- What visual damage will bother the target the most and to what extent will it affect his ability to function? -- Can targets be hypnotized through music, particular sounds, or at the sight of particular objects, persons, or pictures? -- Can targets pets be made to react to certain sounds or frequencies and to ignore other sounds? -- Can attackers cause certain diseases in targets through their actions or the power of suggestion, i.e., Alzheimers, asthma, prostate problems? -- Is there a particular hour of the day or night during which targets minds are more vulnerable to mining by the attackers? -- How do targets body functions react to thoughts of suicide: blood pressure, heartbeat, etc? -- Can hypnotic suggestions affect sexual thoughts and activities? -- Can a target be completely immobilized by lethargy and fatigue through whispered suggestions? -- Can a target be made to feel very hot or very cold by hypnotic suggestion? -- Can physical effects such as electrical-like jolts and vibrations condition targets to release

or reveal thoughts and, if so, to what extent? -- Do rain and other atmospheric conditions affect the ability of handler to perform mind control methods? -- Are physical and psychological conditions caused in targets by the REA reversible? -- Can persons whom the targets know or do not know be interjected into targets dreams by names mentioned by the attackers to the targets subconscious? Readers can provide hundreds of other possible experiments. One can use his imagination about the number of spin-offs those experiments might spawn. Each one lends itself to several variations using that same experiment. All of the experiments have the potential of use by the military and the intelligence community. The Angry Flies Experiment One day in the late fall of 2009, I took a load of pine straw into the fruit orchard to place around the tree trunks against the approaching winter cold. I had hardly begun work when a huge flying insect began attacking me. I use the word attack because that was exactly what it was, an attack. I recognized the insect to be what we locally refer to as a horse fly. However, it was by far the largest one I had ever seen. No other flying insects were out, as it was late in the year for insects. The horse fly circled and attacked me tenaciously. Although I flailed and fanned my arms to shoo it away, no action on my part daunted it. It had the uncanny ability to attack in my least defensible area, always on the upper back just below my neck and between the shoulder blades, where I could not reach. It bit me hard time after time. The attack lasted probably a full five minutes before the fly finally flew away, probably satiated by the blood it had drawn. As a longtime victim of electronic stalking and mind control, few things surprise me. Because of the savagely aggressive nature of the horse fly, I immediately thought that it was somehow the work of the attackers. I reasoned that the fly had perhaps been trained to search out particular frequencies or perhaps to hone in on my particular frequency. Over the next several weeks, I occasionally remembered the vicious attack and pondered just how the attackers might have performed that trick. Then, on Saturday, January 16, 2010, I found a feature story in the Yahoo News entitled Angry Flies May Help Explain Human Aggression written by Marlene Cimons of the National Science Foundation (NSF). That article proved very revealing. The writer explained that biologist David Anderson, a scientist with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute of Caltech, an institution partially supported by the NSF, had set out to learn whether [fruit] flies, like bees, can get angry -- part of a broader effort to study how animal behavior relates to genetics. In the experiment, fruit flies were trained to become extremely aggressive by using puffs of air to anger them. Anderson and his colleagues showed that under stress the flies produced a chemical known as pheromone, which is linked to specific neurons in the flys brain. The fruit flys brain consists of approximately 20,000 neurons, which are considered a valuable system with which to study the genetic basis of learning, courtship, memory and circadian rhythms. The writer went on to say that fruit fly research has been a powerful tool with which

to study emotions, . . . for most of the genes in the fruit fly are also in humans, including neurons that produce brain chemicals associated with several psychiatric disorders. Enough said. That particular NSF experiment doubtlessly had nothing to do with the aggressive horse fly that attacked me. Nevertheless, the article makes very clear that scientists are interested in using flying insects in studying emotions in similar situations. Or are scientists simply studying insects as models for building drones to spy on humans? In a December 16, 2011 MSNBC U.S.News article on domestic spying drones, Sylvia Wood quotes M. Ryan Calo, director for privacy and robotics at the Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, as saying Drones are capable of finding or following a specific person. . . .They can fly patterns in search of suspicious activities or hover over a location in wait. Some are as small as birds or insects [emphasis is mine], others as big as blimps. Other Experiments Other experiments spin off the foregoing experiments. The list of possible neurological experiments is endless. Perhaps that is why the number of targets does not diminish but instead grows ever larger, for as neurological research increases, the need for guinea pigs also increases. Likewise, to be considered valid, the experiments require continuity, which means that the same targets must be used throughout the entire experiment. That explains why once targets are hooked, they remain hooked. We are seeing only the beginning of these evil and inhuman neurological experiments. In addition to preparing for neurological warfare, the government undoubtedly is also preparing to prevent civil disobedience from occurring. That is probably the reason why very liberal political, civic, and union activists, radical organizations, particularly those considered anti-government, environmental activists, whistleblowers, free thinkers, Survivalists, extremists, nonconformists, independent cult-like religious groups, and avowed socialists and anarchists are often targeted for experimentation. The Creation of Multiple Personalities The intelligence agencies and scientists have been interested in the creation of multiple personalities for many years. Called split and control psychology, the objective is to confuse the victim about his own identity for the purpose of total mind control. As in the Manchurian Candidate, psychologists convince targets that targets have additional personalities that cause them to commit acts that they would not otherwise perform, such as murder. With that conditioning, a target readily accepts assignments that he would not ordinarily take. In the cases of multiple personalities, there is always an evil, calculating, deceitful personality versus a good or much less evil one. Readers have already read that I accidentally discovered ways to hear the continual loop play tapes played to targets subconscious by their attackers. One day in late 2009, I rubbed my ears to hear what the loop play tapes were saying. In one ear, I heard a handlers voice saying over the continuous loop play taped message, Youre (the name of a person). In the other ear, the same recorded voice was repeating, Youre (the name of a different person). In the first case, the person was one of my oldest friends; in the second case, the person was

a distant cousin. To counter the obvious intentions of the attackers, I often tell them, I am NOT (name), and I am NOT (name). I am ONLY Max Harrison Williams, always have been, always will be, and nobody else. I have corresponded with only one other TI who has mentioned the multiple personalities theme; nevertheless, I suspect that it is very often used on unsuspecting targets. It does not require a super active imagination to think of the possible uses of multiple personalities in carrying out intelligence and military actions in both domestic and foreign situations. Excontractors. killer-for-hire types, for the military occasionally remember that their other personalities were made to accomplish a mission and they were supposed not to remember it. In my case, I have no idea what my other personality is supposed to do, but I do know that my mind will never allow that other personality to develop. Despite the attempts to control my mind, it is still mine. Victims of Experimentation Two dates are significant to targets: (1) the date when they first became aware that they were targeted, and (2) the date that they believe, by connecting the dots, that they were first targeted. Often there are several years between the two dates. It is far easier to date the discovery of ones targeting than to date the actual beginning of it. In my case, for example, I was targeted as early as 1973, perhaps even earlier, but did not realize it until 2005, thirty-two years later. In other cases, targets seemingly discovered that they were targeted shortly after it probably occurred. A small number of targets believe that they were targeted as infants or in very early childhood for lifelong experimentation. If that is true, the current ages of those targets suggest that their targeting may have begun in the late 1940s or the 1950s. That would be consistent with the known facts. The FBIs COINTELPRO project is said to have officially begun in the early 1950s; it undoubtedly began earlier. Documents found in the late 1960s and the 1970s reveal that the U. S. Government began performing experiments on its citizens almost immediately following the end of World War Two. Most of those experiments dealt with learning how the human mind works and how it can be altered. The experiments took various code names: MKUltra (MK stands for mind control), Monarch, Bluebird (later renamed Artichoke), Montauk, and others. Those activities have been well researched, and the information is found in many websites online; thus, I will not delve further into them here. Almost two hundred public and private entities participated in those experiments, including public and private universities, public institutions such as the National Institute of Health, defense manufacturers and contractors, pharmaceutical companies, and independent researchers and scientists. Various U. S. Government agencies, notably the CIA, were responsible for coordinating the results of those experiments and working on the military applications of their data and inventions. Most of the experimentation was contracted out. In the late 1960s when some of those experiments were brought to light, the CIA destroyed most of its incriminating documentation. Nevertheless, a Congressional investigation ensued in the mid-1970s, and the U. S. intelligence community was enjoined from sponsoring the experiments. We know today that they did not stop the experiments; they only made them

more secret. At this very moment, scientists work feverishly on brain mapping in the U. S. and other countries. No intelligent person, much less a targeted individual, believes that those efforts are purely humanitarian in nature. Nor does he believe that the subjects of the brain mapping projects are necessarily voluntary. Most of the experiments would have no validity if the subject were willing and knew what was happening. Black budgets, shrouded in secrecy and embedded in regular Congressional allocations, finance the ongoing experiments. Few government officials, including probably the President of the United States, know the amount of money at the disposal of the secret operatives of the CIA and the remainder of the intelligence organizations. Clandestine units within those intelligence agencies seem to increase with each successive administration. The black operatives apparently have no Congressional oversight, and, I would guess, little executive branch oversight. Likewise, the judicial branch does not become involved in those secret operatives. After all, how can one challenge in court secret units and their secret activities that do not officially exist? I believe that electronic stalking and mind control is both punitive and experimental. The dual purpose is particularly true in vendetta-type assaults: get rid of your enemy and while doing so, learn all that is possible about physical and neurological torture. Israel is the prime example of the perpetrator that would derive the greatest benefit from dual purpose electronic stalking and mind control. That action conveniently removes its enemies and at the same time provides opportunities for greater neurological research. Other countries and elements within the United States have the same motives. Psychiatrists, Arch Enemies of Targets Do not believe for a second that psychiatrists do not know about electronic stalking and mind control. About a year after I began receiving the continual effects of REA, I visited the same psychiatrist whom I had contacted years earlier when I suffered from anxiety induced by the attackers. I left him a summary of my REA experiences and my thoughts about them. He read that summary, and apparently the content did not at all surprise him, nor did he suggest that I was delusional. Instead, he encouraged me to write a fictional book about those experiences. I told him that if I did write a book, it most certainly would not be fictional. Not all psychiatrists are involved in the REA conspiracy; they are simply defending their field of study. Look at it from a practical viewpoint. If a psychiatrist actually believes that a patient is a victim of REA, he loses that patient, for a psychiatrist can only treat real problems with the victims brain, not what the stalkers do to his brain. To keep the patient, the psychiatrist is compelled to call the victims condition paranoia, schizophrenia, or dementia and then prescribe mind-altering drugs, which only compound the stalkers effects. Psychiatrists operate within the narrow framework of their medical school teachings based mainly on nineteenth century observations and experiments. Their treatment usually consists of prescribing patients various forms of anti-depressants. Often psychiatrists will recommend extended treatment in a psychiatric facility for victims who hear voices. That treatment is sometimes provided in the American Gulag, or the nearest insane asylum, for few targets can afford private clinics. Several victims with whom I corresponded had been involuntarily admitted to mental institutions because of their

symptoms despite not posing a threat to anyone or to themselves. They always came out of those institutions worse than when they went in. Many facilities still employ shock therapy, which has been totally discredited as a means of treatment for mental illnesses. In attempting to defend themselves from unseen and unknown objects from an unseen force, targets do indeed often act in bizarre manners. They develop faux phobias about going to doctors and dentists; they fixate on objects disturbed or missing from their houses; they feel that TVs are used to watch them; they place aluminum foil over their windows to ward off the directed energy waves or whatever they may turn out to be; and they start thinking that almost everybody is a perp. Those are reactions to their electronic stalking and mind control assault, not signs of genuine mental problems. Until World War II, psychiatry as a medical science was scarcely known by the general American population. However, in the 1950s people started turning to psychiatrists for their perceived problems. Law enforcement began using psychiatrists to evaluate persons who either committed crimes or were thought to be capable of committing crimes. Antidepressants for depression and other mental conditions became commonplace. Since then, psychiatric medicine has become a huge business. Strangely, the popularity of psychiatry evolved collaterally in the last half of the twentieth century with the governments obsession with neurological warfare. Those responsible for the development and employment of electronic stalking and mind control have not only fostered an increasing reliance on psychiatry but have also made psychiatry a main facet of their total neurological torture scheme. Targets know that attackers manipulate them to react in what is considered abnormal behavior. When they do so, targets are often forced to undergo psychiatric evaluations. The psychiatrists who perform those evaluations almost always diagnose targets as delusional, schizophrenic, or paranoid and treat those victims with mind altering drugs. Their diagnosis, says Wikipedia, is based on observed behavior and the patient's reported experiences. In other words, if a target admits to a psychiatrist that he hears voices, he will be diagnosed as schizophrenic. Once evaluated and found mentally disturbed, targets lose their credibility, and their complaints of electronic stalking and mind control activities are considered delusional ideas. Most psychiatrists agree that if a person is schizophrenic, his symptoms will be obvious by early adulthood; yet, most targets are in their middle ages when their induced symptoms begin. The National Institute of Mental Health online booklet on schizophrenia states that most of the time, people do not get schizophrenia after age 45. I was almost seventy years old when my schizophrenic delusions developed. A February 3, 2012 article in the Science News called Schizophrenia: When Hallucinatory Voices Suppress Real Ones, New Electronic Application May Help states that a schizophrenic patient experiences the inner voices as 100 per cent real . . . and ". . . at the same time, he can't hear voices of others actually present in the same room." That is not the case with targets. Targets hear other peoples voices while the attackers talk in the background. In fact, most of the targets inform meand this is also true in my casethat whenever they are talking with other people, they cannot hear the attackers voices. If the above explanation of hallucinatory voices is accurate, it proves that targets are not

schizophrenic. Targets are victims not only of electronic assault but also of medical misdiagnosis. When a patient visits a doctor and complains of dermatitis or restless legs, neither of which is an ailment that can be seen, he is taken seriously. Yet, if that same patient sees the same doctor and complains of electrical jolts and hearing voices, which likewise cannot be seen (or heard), he will be referred to a shrink. Such is the bias and prejudice and ignorance -- of medical practitioners. Medicine is not an exact science and is very subjective. Psychiatrists have never seriously studied electronic stalking and mind control assault. Very few psychiatrists seem to know much about organized stalking in general. Psychiatrists could be very valuable allies to targets in identifying other victims of electronic stalking and mind control and working with targets to find who is harassing them, how, and why; instead, psychiatrists represent the enemy by cooperating with those who sponsor the REA. Whether intentional or otherwise, they serve as accomplices of the powerbrokers behind the REA. Evidence that psychiatrists know about REA and cooperate with the perpetrators in covering it up exists in abundance. Indeed, psychiatrists almost have to support the powerbrokers behind REA to maintain their professional credibility. Think about it. If psychiatrists admit that symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia can be induced from outside the human mind and body by remote, it blows the whole rationale behind psychiatry as a science and repudiates the tenets on which their profession rests, for induced signs of schizophrenia and paranoia cannot be treated with traditional psychological therapy and medicines. Psychiatrists have aided the CIA and other intelligence units since before World War II. In Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, Dr. Harvey M. Weinstein describes a form of mind control practiced in the 1950s called psychic driving, developed by Dr. Ewen Cameron. In that torturous practice, the subject was first psychologically and physically beaten down almost to a state of vegetation and then his mind was subjected to continuous loop play tapes. In the 1950s the tapes were played to the subjects in laboratories on tape recorders, and those recorders were visible. Today, the same loop play tapes are sent by remote to the victim as inaudible voices. In my case, I receive dozens of subliminal loop play messages to my subconscious 24/7. Targets who experience the V2K, or voices, know that their attackers are schooled in psychology. The speakers play on the guilt and foibles of the targets in a well researched plan of attack. The pattern is always the same: the attackers find a targets faults and consistently attack him by pointing out those faults and psychologically badgering him. It is extreme psychological bullying. There can be no doubt that psychologists and psychiatrists developed that plan. Psychiatry as a legitimate branch of medicine is falling under increasing scrutiny. Doctors and even psychiatrists are beginning to question psychiatric practices. If regular medicine is not an exact science, psychiatry is far less exact. Its science is not based on many centuries of dissecting the human body to determine the cause of disease but on less than two centuries of observations and largely inconclusive and conflicting experiments. Notwithstanding, psychiatric diseases, or labels, have grown from fewer than a dozen in the 1950s to over three hundred today. The count goes on.

Reporter Cheryl Wetzstein, in a March 2, 2010 story in the Washington Times, writes that The nation's psychiatrists are considering defining addictive acts such as overeating, gambling and compulsive sex as medical disorders in their professional manual. Dr. Allen Frances, former chairperson of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is quoted as stating that "what we have most feared the inclusion of many normal variants under the rubric of mental illness . . . [can result in] millions of misidentified patients and massive overtreatment. While conducting online research on psychiatry as a discipline of medicine, I pulled up the review of a book named Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry written by Douglas A. Smith. The book is co-authored by Colin A. Ross, a psychiatrist, Alvin Pam, a psychologist, and others. Although I did not read the book, I found Smiths lengthy review very informative. Smith says that the authors of the book disagree with the mainstream traditional psychiatrists who claim that psychological symptoms stem from biological abnormalities, which suggests that genetics play a major role in those conditions. He quotes Dr. Ross as saying, at the present time, there is no proof that biology causes schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, or any other functional mental disorder." Dr. Pam, a psychologist, writes that virtually all socalled psychiatric disorders are caused by life experience rather than the theoretical biological abnormalities that biologically oriented psychiatrists say are the causes. Psychiatrists particularly favor the label schizophrenia when diagnosing targets of electronic stalking and mind control. In the cited book, Harry Wiener, M.D., states that "The belief that schizophrenia is a specific organic disease or a group of organic brain diseases has never been confirmed. Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New, York, Syracuse and author of Exposing Psychiatry as a Pseudo-Science, states flatly, No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease. In relation to psychiatric treatment of children, he makes the point that Labeling a child as mentally ill is stigmatization, not diagnosis. Giving a child a psychiatric drug is poisoning, not treatment. Dr. Ross observes that, "The dream of biological psychiatrists is that an 'objective' laboratory test for one of the major mental illnesses will be discovered. His statement is an open admission that many tests are continually being conducted to test and prove the psychiatric labels. Many of those tests are probably financed by pharmaceutical companies or probably by contractors in private research institutes working directly for the DOD. Psychiatrists . . . have, for hundreds of year [sic], used diagnostic terms, so-called diagnostic terms, to stigmatize and control people. Psychiatrists deal with controlling behavior. Today they treat patients with anti-depressants to control their thoughts and their actions. Control over people is exactly what the government appears to wish to accomplish through its development of neurological weaponry. Ellen M. Borges, Ph.D., a sociologist and faculty member at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, talks about control in a chapter in Pseudoscience. She states that "Biological psychiatry redefines social deviance as a medical problem. By doing so, it transforms social norms, which are subjective and political, into medical norms, presumed to be objective and scientific. Medicalization of social deviance allows us a pretense of humanitarianism" for coercive measures against people whose behavior "deviates from expectations based on the dominant social class's ideology and viewpoint." She says further, "Psychiatry redefines a great deal of normal human behavior as medically deviant by pathologizing [sic] people who

are socially marginal in any way. Psychiatrists have never explored why REA victims feel that they are targeted by remote electronic and mind control activities. They not only fail to delve into the basis of patients complaints but they also refuse to order x-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans to see whether there might be an implanted object in the patients. If they order a scan at all, it will be confined to only the brain. No target would likely have a device implanted directly within the brain itself. Without orders for photographic searches of their body, targets are left to guess and theorize what causes their REA. Psychiatric practice is driven by the profit motive. In a December 4, 1998 letter, psychiatrist Loren R. Mosher of San Diego resigned from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for that reason. In his letter, he writes, At this point in history, in my view, psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the drug companies. The APA could not continue without the pharmaceutical company support of meetings, symposia, workshops, journal advertising, grand rounds luncheons, unrestricted educational grants etc. etc. Psychiatrists have become the minions of drug company promotions. With so much information on the internet about electronic stalking and mind control, the APA has to know about that practice. Psychiatrists also have to know about microchips, the effects of electromagnetism, and the use of directed energy weapons (DEW). Nevertheless, those topics do not arise at their meetings. Nor have they recommended any studies of those realities. Psychiatrists still hue to the principle that if a patient complains of symptoms caused by DEW, microchips, and electromagnetism, he must be schizophrenic. The Kansas Mental Health Alternatives Clearinghouse spelled out some shortcomings in the field of psychiatry, including the collusion between psychiatrists and the drug industry, in its internet web page. Three of those criticisms bear mentioning. I either quote, partially quote, or paraphrase them below.
. Psychoactive drugs have become legal and commonplace, with physicians acting out a role little different from that of drug pushers, pandering to those who seek short-cuts to an escape from painful thoughts. . . . The widespread availability of such drugs which are often dangerous and poorly tested is a public scandal. . Psychiatric confinement and court-ordered "medicating" of persons to prevent supposed future actions is a massive infringement of Constitutionally enshrined human rights. The law has the premise you do not do the time before you've done the crime. Psychiatry stands this principle on its head. . Blaming the so-called mentally ill for everything wrong in society comes naturally from the corporate-owned media, who have ties to the profiteering pharmaceutical industry. Every unpleasant quirk of the human psyche is explained away as mental illness or a chemical imbalance . . . by research [conducted] on barely or nonconsenting human guinea pigs.

Social control obviously defines the purpose for the treatment of targets. Psychiatrists fill targets full of pills and subject them to various largely unproved treatments, including modern versions of the old shock treatment. I have yet to find a target forced to accept treatment who ceased believing that he was a target due to the psychiatrists therapy and medicines and thus cured of his supposed delusions. Psychiatrist Peter Breggin says about the drugs being used by psychiatrists: "Despite the current enthusiasm for Prozac, the FDA studies underscored the drug's lack of effectiveness,

and recent analyses of literature indicate that antidepressants in general are no better than a placebo." Karl Loren, in his paper on psychiatry, says that Psychiatry and psychiatric drugs do more harm than any other [medical] practice on the face of this planet. Psychiatrist Susan S. Kemker, North Central Bronx Hospital, New York City, sums up the skepticism concerning psychiatry when she says "our understanding of our own field remains nave." Carole Smith, author of On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Global Researcher.ca, January 11, 2010, provides encouragement to victims of electronic stalking and mind control made to submit to psychological evaluations: . . . if the victims at this point in the new history of this mindcontrol, cannot yet prove their abuse, it must be asserted that, faced with the available information about technological development it is certainly not possible for those seeking to evade such claims to disprove them. Indeed, the burden of proof rests with the medical profession to prove that REA victims do NOT hear voices or experience remote-delivered electronic effects I rest my case. Psychiatry as a branch of medicine and psychiatrists as practitioners of that field do much harm to targets of electronic stalking and mind control. They most certainly single out targets of REA for stigmatization, lending credence to the belief that its main purpose is social control. It is little wonder that the powerbrokers and their hireling attackers force targets to undergo psychiatric evaluations and treatment, for they know that the examining psychiatrists will diagnose them as schizophrenic. Psychiatrists serve as main accomplices of the powerbrokers who employ electronic stalking and mind control by remote. Those same psychiatrists who evaluate targets and often commit them to mental institutions for observation are aware that the risk of violence among people with schizophrenia, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, is small. They also know that schizophrenics are far more likely to commit suicide or attempt suicide than to harm others. One might wonder how physicians become involved in an action that clearly violates the Hippocratic oath that they took when they received their degrees. I suspect that the powerbrokers convince those physicians (1) that the patient will only be monitored and not otherwise harmed, (2) that they are performing a patriotic duty, (3) that they would be helping law enforcement catch a criminal, and (4) that their medical practice might be targeted if they do not cooperate. The powerbrokers would only have to hint at the latter to achieve the cooperation of the psychiatrists. Then, there is also the profit motive in treating schizophrenics and selling them their costly medication. In the spring of 2010, scientists announced that they had succeeded in artificially creating a living cell. If science today has that capability, why can psychiatrists not grasp that symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia can be induced by remote? Psychiatrists failure to recognize and admit that possibility shows either a remarkable naivete or a widespread complicity on their part. In this paper, I have already recounted my visit to the psychiatrist after making a report about intruders on my property to the sheriffs office. During the interview, I avoided telling him about the V2K for very obvious reasons. Almost two years after the psychiatrist performed his psychiatric assessment on me, I re-read his assessment and made notes on some of his

observations that I thought were misleading. I attached a copy of The Great Conspiracy and my notes to a cover letter, which follows.
Dear Dr. (name excluded): When I underwent a psychiatric evaluation on March 10, 2008, I told you that I do not receive any auditory effects -- you referred to such sounds as "hallucinations" -- along with the physical symptoms that I described to you. I lied about the auditory effects for reasons that you will read in the attached paper The Great Conspiracy, which I have written over the past two years. I am a target of electronic stalking and mind control. I am writing to you now, almost two years after the evaluation, for several reasons: (1) to set the record straight; (2) to inform you and the world that I will no longer seek to hide the neurological symptoms caused by an electronic assault on my person by unknown means by unknown criminals; and (3) to urge you to research the topic of mind control and open your mind to neurological phenomena that you probably have not studied in a formal manner. I hope that you will read the entire paper, especially the part about the role of psychiatrists in perpetuating the plight of targets of electronic stalking and mind control. Many thousands of victims around the world struggle daily with their torture, many of them afraid to admit what is happening to them for fear of being labeled "psychotic," or, more colloquially, "crazy." Their complaints ignored by the authorities, hundreds of targets have organized in groups to interact with others experiencing the same problems. That is not mass psychosis. I belong to one such organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). Naturally, among the many targets, several alleged victims may indeed be psychotic. However, the overwhelming majority are (or were) perfectly "normal" people although many of them have adopted some strange habits to counter their continual physical and neurological assault. Your psychiatric evaluation of me contained some misleading notations, which I point out in the second attachment. You will probably forward copies of this letter and my paper to the local authorities. Although I am sure that they already have copies, I welcome that action. You also have my consent to share this material with your colleagues in the medical field. Should you wish to talk with me further concerning this letter or the attached papers, you can reach me at (phone number excluded) day or night.

On a trip to Baton Rouge to visit with my son and family, I took the package by the psychiatrists office to hand deliver it to him. When his receptionist told me that I would have to make an appointment to do so, I left the material with her. The doctor called me less than two hours later. He first asked me why I had left the material, and I referred him to the cover letter. I told him point blank that I was a victim of attempted mind control, and that I wish that I had told him so two years earlier. He then asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him that I hoped that he would take patients seriously from now on when they complain of voices, do in-depth research on mind control, and change his attitude about a condition that affects many thousands of people in the United States. I briefly talked about the Voice of God V2K that the United States conducted on Iraqi troops during the second Bushs war on Iraq and also asked him to research other neurological capabilities of intelligence and the military. I mentioned the part of this paper that deals with psychiatrists and told him that if he did not have time to read the entire text, I hoped that he would read that portion. He wanted to talk with my son and did so for perhaps ten minutes. Afterward, he talked with me again. He ended his approximately twenty-five minute phone call by asking me if I intended to take matters into my own hands. I reassured him that I did not. As he ended the conversation, it was clear that the content of my letter to him had made an impact. However, I do not expect any departure from his attitude toward the voices.

I have no idea whether he read the entire paper or whether he contacted the sheriff of the parish in which I live. However, providing the psychiatrist that material gave me great satisfaction. Whether he reads the paper or not, I have set the record straight. I DO hear voices, and they are most certainly NOT the voice of God. If I ever see a psychiatrist again and it is not very likely that I shall and he questions my belief that I am electronically and neurologically attacked, I shall turn the topic back on him using the Socratic method. I shall ask him if he believes in God or a Higher Power. He will almost certainly say yes. Then, Ill ask him for proof that God exists. Im sure that he will get the point. The Hate Factor Regardless of who the powerbrokers are and regardless of their objective(s), the people whom they procure, the attackers, to carry out their sordid agenda are creatures of hate. They reek of hate and hate permeates their daily physical and neurological attacks. Those despicable examples of humanity are not selected at random. They are classical sociopaths chosen for their work because of who they are. Common criminals posing as normal citizens, they break dozens of laws regarding human, civil, and personal rights and they do so with anonymity and obvious pleasure. Yet, those criminals look just like all Americans and could easily be your next-door neighbor. Indeed, simple stalking itself is a hate crime. However, electronic stalking and mind control carries that hate crime to its greatest extreme. The attackers actions prove them to be evil nut cases as they attempt to cause targets to commit suicide and cripple them with the electronic effects, target innocent close relatives and friends of the victim, plant degenerate sexual ideas, and even harm domestic pets. Hate groups are not hard to find. Some of the personnel who helped develop the devices and methods used in performing REA on targets may have even been members of some of those hate groups. Imagine the hundreds of personnel of large defense suppliers, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and university labs, in addition to the personnel of intelligence units involved, who helped develop electronic stalking and mind control. There should be little doubt that many opportunities exist for those people to purloin and peddle the devices and methods on the black market or to pass those secrets to special agenda-driven hate groups. From my correspondence, research, and personal knowledge of REA, it seems that the attackers particularly target homosexuals and lesbians as a group. My attackers also make it obvious by V2K remarks to me that they are anti-black, very politically conservative, and religious bigots although that may be deception. Young people experimenting with recreational drugs and prison inmates have also often been targeted. In addition, it becomes increasingly clear that people who rock the boat and those who do not subscribe to mainline ideas often become targets. That does not explain, however, the majority of the targets who do not fit into those various categories. Targets represent every conceivable stratum of American society. By far the greatest number of victims I have met are average Americans. That suggests that the knowledge and power to use REA may be available by organized crime, whose services are

sold to those who may wish to harass particular individuals, to groups of political and religious extremists, and to foreign powers and those acting for them. The proliferation of microchips and perhaps other means of electronically assaulting victims by remote as well as perhaps the increasing availability of those devices and methods pose a threat today for every American citizen. Regardless of who a target might be, how he is selected, and why he is selected, he becomes a plaything for his attackers. To relentlessly torture targets, whom they may not even know, with electronic and mind control devices by remote and watch them suffer, commit suicide, and die from those effects requires unbridled hatred and lack of conscience on the part of the psychopaths who ply that torture. Targets are condemned in absentia by some person or group, provided no trial, and then summarily executed slowly by remote. All of that equals hate in its most marked extremity. Although the attackers are doubtlessly well paid for their efforts, they are driven by their own demons. The evil nature of the attackers and their hate comes across clearly. My attackers, using their synthetic telepathy, laugh and taunt as I pray for friends and family with serious physical problems. One of those persons is a ninety-one year-old man and a former professor of mine who has suffered with cancer and heart problems for years and who is legally blind. He and his wife, who is only a year younger than he, are two of the kindest, most gentle people I have ever known. Another subject of my prayers whom the attackers ridicule is a little now four year-old greatgreat niece who because of a congenital heart defect wears a pacemaker and a feeding tube. She was first operated on at two weeks of age to attempt to correct the heart problem. They also demonstrated their hate and evil in taunting as an elderly aunt, the last of twelve uncles and aunts, lay dying. The attackers were well aware of those peoples conditions; yet, they poked fun at them as I prayed. Such evil is unfathomable. Another example of hate in my case concerns one of my pastimes and interests, conducting research on my family history. I have collected genealogical material on my ancestors for over fifty years, and that material is entered into my computer under the various family names in individual folders. Recently when I went into two of those family folders, the attackers had corrupted the material. Much of it had been deleted. When I loaded the back-up copies into the computer, the back-up folders were also corrupted. That loss represents hundreds of hours of work. Hate, simply hate on the part of the attackers. Can anyone doubt that hate is a factor in electronic stalking and mind control when the attackers cause targets to be constipated for days or when they cause frequent bowel movements that immobilize them? When the attackers damage organs and eyesight? When they cause psoriasis and sores on targets faces and bodies? When they deprive targets of sleep night after night? When they cause targets to vomit uncontrollably? When they make targets scream with pain from cramps? When they attempt to make a victims face and body ugly? When they goad a target into committing suicide? I communicate with my attackers through V2K, which in our case works both ways. They continually tell me one moment that they love me and the next, that they hate me. In second instance, I laugh at them and reply that I would hate them, too, except I have not yet learned how to hate s--t. Targets can always find a bit of humor in their targeting. In my case, I laugh

aloud whenever the criminals, after all the unpardonable criminal things that they have said and done to my body and mind, beg me to trust them. How very funny! That certain forces of the government employ remote torture as well as hands-on torture is undeniable. That intelligence and law enforcement, aided by psychiatrists and others, condone and aid in that torture is absolutely certain and provable beyond a reasonable doubt. However, much of the torture would not fit within the governments objectives, especially that torture that disfigures a victim. What government purpose would be advanced by that action? Only persons motivated by hate, or hate groups, would carry out that type of torture. I would like to see domestic terrorists who torture others with electronic stalking and mind control attacks added to the list of hate groups. I would also advocate that persons found guilty of electronic stalking and mind control receive an automatic death penalty because of the heinous nature of that activity. Outright murder does not come close to the cruel and villainous nature of electronic stalking and mind control. The Real Domestic Terrorists Much publicity is focused on alleged domestic terrorists by the controlled media. I suggest that the people who engage in, promote, and protect electronic stalking and mind control are the best example of domestic terrorists. Why have electronic stalkers and mind control artists and their accomplices not been caught? They will be. It is only a matter of time, perhaps a short time. However, their evil has long gone undetected and unpunished for the following reasons. -- They operate in total secrecy; therefore, their locations are unknown. The attackers probably take an oath of secrecy. Otherwise, one of the attackers tells a relative who tells a friend and soon the truth is out. -- They employ a method or methods of electronic harassment and mind control not yet fully understood. There are those researchers who believe that attackers use, in addition to microchips, other means to communicate with the victims brains. Whatever method is used, it will require some type of transmitter/receiver, although those instruments may function slightly differently. -- Their electronic stalking and mind control activities leaves little or no evidence. A part of the whole scheme is to operate in a manner that leaves no trace of evidence that could lead investigators to the perpetrators. The attackers count on victims not having tangible evidence to submit with their complaints of REA. Without proof of assault, of course, law enforcement has either the pretext not to investigate or finds little cause to investigate. -- Victims are reluctant to make complaints, as they have no proof of assault and cannot identity the assailants and do not want to appear foolish. -- Psychiatrists, doctors, and others in the medical community do not recognize the existence of REA. Indeed, if they acknowledge that patients who suffer REA are not paranoid schizophrenic, they then find themselves unable to treat those symptoms in the traditional psychiatric manner.

-- Law enforcement has been almost completely uncooperative. The cowardly perpetrators of REA are textbook cases of domestic terrorists. In addition to committing terrorism, the stalkers are guilty of (1) stalking, (2) harassing with malicious intent, (3) coercion (in attempting to make the victim do things that he/she does not want to do with their mind control methods), (4) psychological and virtual rape, (5) breaking and entering (which they often do to intimidate the victims by unlocking locked doors, turning back clocks, moving items in rooms, hiding other items, etc.), (6) burglary and theft (which they commit when they enter a victims home and take items to confuse and disorient the victim), (7) recording a victims conversations without his/her consent, (8) peeping tom-ism (through their ability to view the victim), (9) assault and battery (by using electric shock, etc. against the victims), (10) slander (by circulating false rumors and stories that lack proof about the victim), (11) libel (when those rumors and stories are put into print in the from of emails, etc), (12) computer hacking and phone tapping, (13) conspiracy, (14) in some cases, blackmail and extortion, (15) first degree murder (when a victim suffers a fatal car crash because of sleep deprivation), and (16) attempted murder (when their plans do not succeed). Their list of crimes will put them away for the remainder of their evil lives. In addition, the domestic terrorists violate a large number of FCC and other laws regarding the illegal use of electronic equipment. However, they will NOT engage in credit card fraud, identity theft, extortion, blackmail, or any other activity that will force them to communicate in writing or that will be traceable. Should that happen, the FBI and local law enforcement would be forced to look into those crimes and record them as crimes. After all, the FBI investigates serious crime such as the theft of sports memorabilia. Keep in mind that electronic assault and mind control contains two elements: (1) electronic harassment and (2) mind control. The first element is often conducted from close range by persons using homemade or easily purchased electronic devices. Those criminals may live next door or in an adjoining apartment. The target will often have a good idea of the perpetrators identity and may even also in rare cases be able to gather sufficient evidence to bring suit against that individual or individuals. Electronic harassment is very often linked to gang, or neighborhood, stalking. Those acts can oftentimes be recorded on videotape and presented as evidence although the victim probably cannot count on the authorities for much assistance. Electronic harassment is also conducted by remote. On the other hand, mind control, which also invariably includes electronic assault, leaves no evidence and the perpetrators are unknown. The perpetrators operate by remote, perhaps over very long distances, and leave no trace of their work. I have not yet communicated with any mind control target who has been victimized in a traceable and prosecutorial manner. There appears to be an increasing incidence of home grown terrorism in the United States. I suggest that we should shift our emphasis from searching out possible home grown terrorist to studying what causes domestic terrorism. Sooner or later the growing number of victims of electronic stalking and mind control will contribute to home grown terrorism by creating dissidents. U. S. Intelligence and REA

Does the U. S. intelligence community know about REA and how it works? A resounding yes. A journalist in a July 2008 Yahoo news article wrote about visiting Guantanamo and interviewing some of the detainees. One of them was Omar Khadr, an Islamic Canadian who was only fifteen years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and brought there. Omar told the interviewer tearfully that he had lost both arms and both legs; yet, the boy was in perfectly sound physical condition. Interrogators and brain control experts from the CIA, DOD, and other U. S. intelligence agencies had taken control of his mind and had convinced him that he had no arms or legs. As I write, Gitmo prisoners are being allowed trials by Federal judges. However, Khadrs lawyer warned that he is almost a basket case. His prison torturers doubtlessly erased any memory in his mind of his neurological torture. In my overseas work, I knew many CIA/MIA/DIA types, who posed as businessmen, employees of international voluntary agencies, teachers in American overseas schools, missionaries and other clergy, sometimes foreign nationals who worked under contract for the CIA, and other non-governmental persons. In addition, each embassy and its official appendages provide cover for CIA agents among their employees. The people whom I knew were agents normally had far more human defects than virtues. Some of them were virtual sleazebags. Only a very few honorable and good men and women in that line of work stand out in my mind. I praise President Obama for condemning torture by those elements. There is absolutely no need nowadays for torture, for as targeted individuals can attest, the government has long had the capability to obtain involuntary information from persons by remote mind control. Thus, the torture of detainees, using the pretext of extracting crucial information, represents only a sadistic excuse by torturers with otherwise little authority and decision-making power to carry out the evil in their twisted minds. Waterboarding is an example of that Inquisition period torture. I suggest that when the perpetrators are finally caughtand they will be--they be waterboarded to death. Let them experience the fruit of their work. The mind control attackers operate by remote. Thus, some type of instrument or receiver/transmitter must be used to make contact with the victims brain. That instrument may be a scanner, ham radio, or a clandestine radio station guided by GPS. Regardless of the type of device, it must operate along a particular frequency, a frequency that can pick up the electromagnetic pulses of the human brain. If a radio is used, that frequency must necessarily be blocked. If not, any listener could happen upon that frequency and hear the whisperings and other mind control operations of the attackers, blowing the entire operations. If it is indeed a blocked frequency, the local law enforcement, the FBI, and the FCC have to know about and approve it, additional proof that law enforcement has to know about REA. Since 9/11 the Federal Government has monitored all radio frequencies to prevent terrorists from communicating with each other. Intelligence agents routinely scan the air waves for suspicious activity. It is an inescapable fact then that the Federal government has to know about electronic stalking and mind control. If the Federal, state, and local law enforcement are not involved directly in REA, their unwillingness to investigate makes them knowing accomplices. The FBI I live in a rural area in Ouachita Parish (county) in north central Louisiana. In late 2006, not

trusting the local authorities, I made a trip to the nearby city of Shreveport to seek out the FBI to make a complaint about the electronic stalking and mind control activities. I outlined verbally to one of the agents what was happening. I also gave the agent a CD with parts of my journal and my thoughts about those effects. In fairness to the agent, I must reveal that I also showed him several items from my house that my attackers had caused me to believe were bugged. I no longer fall for those attackers tricks. (The agent did not examine those items but pretended to make a note about them.) Later, I realized that the bugs were simply part of the attackers mind control games; however, the agent did not actually know that the items were NOT bugged. The agent asked me only two questions: was I homosexual and was I being blackmailed? Those questions strongly suggest to me that that particular group is being targeted with REA for purposes of experimentation and perhaps eventual annihilation and that the FBI is well aware of that exploitation. He probably wanted to know whether the attackers were trying to cash in on their operations by extorting money from targets in addition to receiving their salaries. At the end of the short meeting, the agent did not tell me that he would contact me after reviewing the material. And he did not. He also did not make any recommendations to me about how to deal with the electronic attacks or make any comment about them. When I visited the FBI, I was convinced that I had been implanted with a microchip, and naturally I wanted that object removed. I asked the FBI agent which local hospital or clinic he and other FBI agents used that could be trusted. He gave me the name of a nearby hospital. Set-Up by the FBI After leaving his office, I went to the out-patient room of the hospital that he recommended intending to feign a symptom that would result in a doctors order for an MRI that would perhaps show any foreign object in my body. I waited for hours in the hospital waiting room. Other drop-in patients, some of whom had arrived long after I did, were able to see doctors, and they came and went; yet, my name was not called. Finally, I waited alone in the large empty waiting room. After hours of waiting, I was at last attended by an Oriental male intern who had very obviously been informed of my mission. His demeanor was condescending and he appeared to smirk as he asked me questions. At the time, I believed that I had a microchip implanted in a tooth, thus I complained of severe headaches to obtain an order for an MRI. During the examination, he disappeared for long periods seemingly for no reason. As I waited for his return, other interns would appear in the doorway to peer at me as if I were some very strange object of curiosity. Their appearance was obviously intentional. The examiner had very obviously told them about the crazy man whom he was examining. I felt that their presence was contrived to make me feel uncomfortable. I did. The FBI agent with whom I had spoken had probably also briefed the young intern about how he should treat me. Finally, when the intern seemed reluctant to order further testing, I revealed to him my purpose for wanting the MRI, i.e., the electronic stalking and mind control. He looked at me in a manner that clearly said that he had known all along my intentions and told me in a mocking tone that he didnt get into anything like that. By then, I realized that the FBI agent with whom I talked had tipped off the hospital to expect a crazy man to show up seeking an MRI. I left

there feeling dejected and helpless, apparently what the attackers as well as the FBI agent wanted. Naturally, I heard nothing else from the FBI after that meeting. I visited that office a second time early in 2007 and again got no help or advice. Non-Responses from the FBI The refusal of the FBI to listen seriously to complainants and to investigate their claims indicts that agency. An electronic stalking victim whom I later met in person had also recurred to the FBI to complain. The victim told me that the agent to whom she made her complaint said with a grin: Makes you feel like youve got nowhere to turn, huh? She stated that He was quite aware of what I was experiencing. That victim, a grandmother and a very soft spoken, almost timid person, had worked for a single telecommunications company for thirty-five years before she retired. Like most victims, she lived alone. A policeman lived next door and a Fundamentalist preacher lived across the street. For the sake of argument, let us consider that the FBI and local law enforcement just may be using electronic stalking and mind control, although illegal and inhuman, to attempt to combat crime. If there is any element of truth in that conjecture, it is not supported by statistics. Crime continues to grow at an alarming rate. Moreover, our government is based on the principle of due process of law and justice for all, including drug smugglers, murderers, rapists, and others. An indictment of crime and a trial by jury are the cornerstones of our democracy. When law enforcement becomes the judge, jury, and executioner by using covert electronic torture on targets, they trample on and make a mockery of those democratic principles. I searched the internet for statistics concerning the categories of FBI investigations. The FBI has about 60 field offices and over 12,000 agents. There are departments whose only job is to surf the web for information on high-tech crimes and information relating to terrorism. The internet is literally full of references to electronic stalking and mind control, much of it in relation to terrorism. Yet, I did not find a single reference to the FBIs having investigated a single case of electronic stalking and mind control activities. The FBI continually monitors and even infiltrates known organizations that engage in domestic terrorism. It is ridiculous to consider that the FBI does not know about high-tech electronic harassment, the instruments used, and how the instruments work. Moreover, the FBI, Secret Service, NSA, the DOD, and other government entities share the responsibility for the overall protection of the President, Vice President, cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, and Congresspersons. It is absurd to think that those intelligence agencies do not know about electronic stalking and mind control, how to prevent it, and, if discovered, how to neutralize it. The subject of electronic stalking and mind control remains taboo. The controlled media will not touch that topic, which hints that the media is a co-conspirator with the government. Only on the internet, where data is still largely uncontrolled by the power brokers, can one find information on REA. In performing my research, I found on the internet multiple accounts by and about victims of REA, and I corresponded with scores of those targeted individuals. Most of those correspondents appeared to be regular people whom one would expect to live next door. Many of them had braved the stigma of being labeled schizophrenic to complain to the FBI and their local law enforcement. Not a single case had led to an investigation.

There appears to be a high level sub-culture within the law enforcement and intelligence communities that endures regardless of which political party is in power and who might be the president. While other high-ranking members and heads of law enforcement and intelligence come and go, those employees remain. It is possible that those people, or some of those people, have learned to employ electronic torture and mind control and have lent that method to various groups for their own purposes. On the premise that certain rogue factions of the FBI, and not the entire FBI, were involved in the electronic torture and mind control on Americans, on April 14, 2009, I wrote to the FBI. Here is the letter.
Public Relations & Information Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20535 Subject: Electronic Stalking and Mind Control Activities Performed on Americans Dear Sirs: Attached is an article on the above subject that I wrote under a pseudonym for online readers. In that paper, I pointedly state that the FBI and other U. S. intelligence services must necessarily know about electronic assault and mind control, yet they do nothing to halt that practice. Further, I write that FBI failure to take action against those domestic terrorists logically leads one to believe that the Bureau condones and perhaps even collaborates with those criminals. I would appreciate receiving the FBIs responses to the following questions. -- Does the FBI officially acknowledge that electronic stalking and mind control, particularly the latter, are carried out by remote on selected targets in the United States of America? -- If so, does the FBI know how those electronic and mind control effects are carried out on those victims? -- If so, what action is the FBI pursuing to locate and apprehend the perpetrators? -- If so, why does the FBI not inform local and state law enforcement and the general public of electronic assault and mind control being conducted on citizens and residents of the United States? Thank you.

I sent the above letter by USPS Priority Mail on April 14, 2009, attaching the paper that you are reading to it. I asked for a delivery confirmation receipt. The collection site for mail leaving Monroe is Shreveport, Louisiana. The collection sites are conveniently located in the same cities as the FBI field offices. When I checked the delivery status online, it showed that the package arrived in Shreveport on January 2, 2002, or seven years earlier. January 2 was my mothers birthday. The year 2002 probably also has some significance. It was about that time that my son became covered with painful and unsightly psoriasis sores. Apparently the FBI field office or somebody working with the post office in Shreveport intercepted the package and would not acknowledge the date, as they needed time to examine its contents. According to the tracking advisory, the letter was supposedly picked up in Washington, DC on April 20, almost a week later. Priority mail guarantees a three or four day delivery period. I doubt that the package ever actually arrived at FBI headquarters. At any rate, I never received a reply from my letter. Through their capability of knowing my thoughts, the attackers already knew that I was sending the letter. If the letter was delivered at all, the Shreveport FBI field office intercepted

the letter to add to or alter material intended for the FBI in Washington, DC. The obvious intent was to discredit me and make me appear to be mentally unsound. Another attempt to communicate with the FBI had the same result. In late winter of 2011, I sent recordings of my silent environment to a sound specialist, and that technician confirmed that he had picked up human voices in my ambience. He also identified the frequency range of the voices from 1429.32 Hertz to 1438.36 Hertz. In the early summer, I wrote to the FBI Field Office in New Orleans, asking them to identify the sources of those frequencies, which were not found on the FCC approved frequency chart. Although I sent my letter delivery confirmation, I did not receive a confirmation or a reply from that office. Certainly no surprise. Occasionally, in its struggle to survive, the controlled media divulges information about the powerbrokers that is not in the interest of its benefactors. Such was the case when in June, 2011, a story broke about the FBIs use of members of the Westboro Baptist Church as instructors in its training classes. The FBIs employment of radical extremists as instructors struck a cord with mainstream America. For those readers who may not remember, members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, gained notoriety in picketing at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its pastor, Fred Phelps, whose extended family essentially makes up the church membership, claimed that their deaths were Gods way of punishing the United States for homosexuality. That Phelps singled out homosexuality, which is not illegal, as opposed to coldblooded murder, drug running, white collar thievery, armed robbery, bigamy, and other serious crimes, demonstrates the narrow bigoted focus of his group. The FBIs employment of members of that particular extremist group causes one to wonder about its charter to protect the American public, all of the American public. When the story broke, I remembered what the FBI agent in Shreveport asked me when I complained of being targeted: Was I homosexual? The agents question and the FBIs use of the Westboro Baptist Church cause me to wonder whether the FBI sponsors a program against homosexuals as a group in the United States. After the FBI story came out, I wrote the following letter to an FBI spokesperson about that case. The text of my letter follows.
Subject: Westboro Baptist Church Participation in FBI Training Courses Dear Mr. Bresson: Like many thousands, probably millions, of other Americans, I am a target of remote-delivered physical and neurological attacks. Mine began subtly about forty years ago, and for the last six years, the attacks have been escalating in intensity and continuous 24/7. I have appealed to the FBI three times for help in locating my assailants without receiving any cooperation whatsoever from that agency. All of the many targets with whom I am in contact report the same treatment from the FBI. Thus, you can readily see why I am apoplectic about the FBI hiring hatemongers like the Phelpses to instruct your agents. Despite the lame reason given, there is no rationalization for using taxpayer money to hire people like the Phelpses as training participants, let alone as instructors. Using them gives that group recognition and respectability, neither of which it deserves. I would appreciate FBI answers to the following questions. What particular expertise do the members of the Westboro Baptist Church possess that the FBI does not already possess or cannot obtain from other sources? Do you also hire members of the KKK, Militia, JDL, Black Panthers, M-13, and others

of that gendre with public funding to teach your agents? Have you used the Westboro Baptist Church members for training purposes on other occasions in the past? How much did the participation of the Westboro Baptist Church representatives cost the American taxpayers? Whose idea was it to hire members of a so-called church whose membership consists essentially of the Phelps extended family? What positive result accrued from their performance? I can be reached at (phone number excluded). However, I would appreciate receiving a written answer to those questions. Thank you.

In the past, I had sent other letters from the main post office in Monroe, Louisiana via various delivery confirmation methods without ever knowing whether they arrived or not. This time I sent the letter on July 5, 2011 by regular mail from my rural mailbox using regular postage. Most targets would probably agree that the CIA and the FBI are very loosely run agencies whose members do not always feel compelled to uphold the oath that they took and who are not held accountable for their actions and non-actions. The facts, as seen by targets, show that the FBI not only decides what victims it is going to try to help but also decides what criminals it is going to pursue. The FBI, which represents the highest law enforcement authority in the land, has proven that it has no intention of aiding victims of electronic stalking and that likewise it will not attempt to determine who is behind the targeting. Those failures on the part of the FBI alone make that agency a part of the conspiracy against targeted individuals. Targets as Activists What does a citizen do when the FBI and local law enforcement refuse to listen to his complaints about electronic and mind control assault, let alone investigate those complaints? The complaints of REA never make it to the prosecutorial level of justice because law enforcement refuses to attempt to identify and arrest the assailants. Such actions of the part of the executive branchs law enforcement, instituted to uphold laws and protect the citizenry, represent a failure of the government. Because of that, every target must become an activist. Not doing so subjects him for the remainder of his life to unending and increasingly violent treatment by remote by a yet unknown device/method conducted by unknown assailants. Local law enforcement already knows about the plight of targets and does nothing. The FBI and other national intelligence agencies already know about the plight of targets and do nothing. Thus, targets must act bravely and defiantly to expose the evil of electronic assault and mind control to the general American public. Targets whose lives have been ruined by REA have little to lose by taking the offensive. In March, 2009, I put my own advice on activism into action by preparing, printing, and distributing a flier about electronic assault. I intentionally did not mention the mind control portion, as readers in my area simply would not understand at this point. I also printed copies

of the FFCHS flier and distributed it. Here is my flier.

SPEAK OUT AGAINST ORGANIZED STALKING Most people get the idea that stalking is performed by a lone individual on another lone individual. While that is often true, stalking is also carried out by organized groups or gangs against individuals. That criminal activity is being practiced in Louisiana and right here in Ouachita Parish with complete immunity. Stalkers consist of several or many accomplices who band together to harass an individual through spreading vicious rumors or giving out personal information, making wrong number telephone calls and actually tapping the victims phone, hacking his computer, vandalizing his property, illegally entering his house in his absence, sabotaging his vehicle and equipment, and even causing vehicular and other accidents. Those attackers are careful to conceal their identities. Todays technology has lent organized stalkers the use of remote-operated equipment to strike the victim from afar. The perpetrators can now use those devices to cause these symptoms: electrical-like jolts; chronic fatigue; sleep deprivation; cramping (usually the calves of the legs); violent tremors; burns, sores, and abrasions on the skin; pin-like pricks on any area of the body; extreme itching; migraine headaches; abnormally fast heart beat, ringing in the ears (tinnitus); and many others, including cancer. Distance provides the attackers anonymity. Local law enforcement is unresponsive to complaints of electronic assault using remote instruments. Two deputies from the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office visited a citizen at his request to view tangible proof of the effects of remote electronic attacks. The deputies gave the evidence only a cursory examination, did not take it for forensic study, and later refused to communicate with that person further. One of the deputies was supposed to be the local expert in high-tech crime. Moreover, the sheriffs office never entered that complaint in its crime report that it sends to Baton Rouge. Electronic stalking happens to victims of every gender, age, racial and ethnic group, color, political thought, philosophy, religious persuasion, economic bracket, and occupation. A sixty-year old mixed-race grandmother in New Orleans videotaped some actions of her organized stalkers from her own property. Instead of arresting the harassers, the police arrested the victim. She is awaiting sentencing at this moment (April, 2009). Do your own research by Googling the following key words and phrases: stalking (organized, gang, neighborhood); directed energy weapons, uses of RFID, electromagnetic forces, directed sound, targeted individuals, laser weapons, electronic assault, and microwave attacks. Some websites dedicate themselves to the topic of remote electronic assault and stalking. Victims number into the tens of thousands. Some experts place that number at well over two million. If you are not yet a victim, you could be next. Speak out against organized electronic stalking and the criminals who employ it.

I also bought a dozen colorful pastel T-shirts with a sign on the back reading: Im a defiant victim of electronic stalking, and hey Im doing great! I wear them daily. Most targets by far are law abiding citizens who wish to live their lives in peace while preserving their privacy; yet, when law enforcement and the government fail them, it is time to consider other measures. However, whatever you do, it must be done in a calm deliberate manner. Do not lose your temper. Do not make threats. Do not appear to be a threat to anybody or to yourself. Remember that your attackers want you to acquire a police record or have you sent to a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Both go into your FBI file. In June, 2010, it was learned that the FBI was directly involved with the arrest of Joran Van Der Sloot in his murder of a young woman in Peru. Although their assistance is commendable, the FBI seemingly cannot investigate the complaints of thousands of targets of electronic stalking and mind control within the United States. What is wrong with American law enforcement? On May 2, 2011, after having captured on tape some of the attackers talking, I wrote to the FBI field office in New Orleans, under whose jurisdiction my area falls. In the letter, I told them about the electronic attacks, gave them the frequencies that Todd Bates had identified, and

asked them to identify those frequencies. Although I sent the letter by delivery confirmation, I never got any indication that the FBI had received the letter. As usual, I asked them to reply in writing. Naturally, I have heard nothing else from that office. What else is new! Local Law Enforcement Like the FBI and other national law enforcement agencies, local level law enforcement has also been unresponsive to victims. There may be several reasons for that. (1) Local law enforcement knows little if anything about electronic stalking and neurological assault. Officers on the local level very seldom receive training in high-tech crimes involving the human body. If they have received training, that instruction probably covered only the electronic effects and did not address the mind control element. In addition, most law enforcement officers, as well as the general public, simply cannot comprehend how twentyfirst century technology can be utilized to invade the human mind and affect the human body. (2) Victims can normally produce no hard evidence concerning their complaints, let alone identify their assailants. As law enforcement rushes to point out, that gives them little to work with in pursuing the assailants. It also provides them a very convenient excuse to do nothing. (3) Victims are very reluctant to make complaints concerning neurological attacks for fear that they will be considered crazy and treated as such. Indeed, psychiatrists and others have convinced the world that persons who complain of electronic stalking and mind control must be textbook cases of paranoid-schizophrenia. I remained silent for three years after I knew what was happening for that same reason. When I finally did brave the stigma of being labeled crazy to present my complaints, surely enough the investigative officers apparently thought or pretended to think that I was crazy. (4) Authorities are reluctant to publicize information in the media concerning electronic and neurological attacks, as many citizens would become alarmed for their safety. The difficulty in enforcing laws making citizens safe from high tech assault causes law enforcement to maintain silence. The assailants are quite aware of the authorities dilemma, and they exploit that weakness. (5) Local law enforcement may be coerced by national law enforcement and intelligence into not cooperating with victims or otherwise interfering in cases of electronic stalking. The Federal government very often gives grants to local police departments; thus, the Federal government has a great deal of leverage over those local units. (6) In some cases, law enforcement doubtlessly knowingly permits and sometimes even abets and actively participates in those stalking activities. If not, they may have very good ideas about people and groups that might engage in electronic stalking without pursuing those ideas. It is no secret that law enforcement officials in many places have protected certain criminal elements either for money or other benefits or out of sympathy for those groups. Vigilante groups are known to enjoy police and other law enforcement support and protection in some areas of the United States. My Dealings with Local Law Enforcement

My experience with local law enforcement has been at best disappointing. After several years of enduring electronic stalking and mind control without having proof of it, I finally found that proof. Here is what happened. I read on the internet a victims advice that aluminum foil could ameliorate some of the effects of the REA. Thus, I placed heavy foil over the three windows of my bedroom. At night I could hear what seemed like puffs of air hitting against the foil, sounding much like rain drops falling on large leaves of plants. After several weeks, I entered the bedroom one day without turning on the light, and I was astonished to see literally hundreds of tiny holes in the foil. The holes can only be seen when the room is dark and there is daylight outside showing through those holes. The holes ranged from pin size to perhaps a forth of an inch diameter; the smaller holes seemed to be perfectly round; some of the larger holes were somewhat jagged. Those windows on that side of the house face south southwest. My satellite TV dish and satellite internet dish stand right outside those windows to pick up the satellite signals from the southern sky, a further hint that satellites may have something to do with REA. I prepared a written report about the holes in the foil, being very careful not to mention the mind control element of electronic stalking, as I knew that any mention of mind control would only make me look like a crackpot. Before I had time to print out the complaint, the attackers, who have ready access to my computer, changed the date of the complaint from January 14, 2008 to November 14, 2008 (11 months in the future) to make me look crazy. Fortunately, in scanning the report before I submitted it, I caught that change in the date and corrected it by hand. I drove that same day to deliver the report to the local sheriffs office, When I arrived, I parked in front of the large three-storied building, and the moment I stepped out of the truck I felt strong vibrations. My dog in her portable kennel in the back of my pickup truck also started to shake uncontrollably, just as she does when under attack from the electronic stalkers. That suggests that the sheriffs office either houses some very sophisticated electronic equipment that is manned throughout the day or there is an exceptionally strong electromagnetic force in that location. I later learned that the current sheriff had turned the top floor of the building into a high-tech area with very limited access. I entered the building and found the criminal investigation section. When the duty officer in that office asked the nature of my complaint, I told him. Without blinking an eye, he told me matter-of-factly, as if he were an electronics expert, that the only way stalkers could bother me electronically was in touching me with something like a Taser. Instead of telling him that he was full of s--t, as I was inclined to do, I kept quiet and insisted on talking with an investigative officer. The duty officers remark, though impertinent and uninformed, was revealing. He had obviously been instructed by the sheriff to make that policy statement to anybody complaining of electronic harassment. That means that other citizens in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana had previously complained about the same electronic harassment. I am still searching out those persons. I later confided in an older dentist whom I had seen over the years about the possibility of a microchip having been implanted in one of my molars. The dentist did not appear the least bit surprised by my statement, which strongly implies that other patients had also told him similar

stories. He replied that if I had one it would more likely be located in the soft tissue (the gums and the roof of the mouth) rather than the teeth, suggesting that it may have been injected with a syringe. The dentist began condemning various government actions and government surveillance. I do not know whether he thought that he was patronizing a delusional patient or actually believed that the government was covertly targeting many American citizens. The duty officer at the Sheriffs Office assigned a junior parole officer to take my complaint, and that officer promised to pass my complaint to the investigative section. My complaint concerned only electronic stalking. I mentioned nothing about mind control. A few days later an investigative officer, with an assistant, did indeed arrive at my house. The lead officer was supposed to be the resident expert on high-tech crime. I showed the two officers the holes but did not offer any explanation for them except that they came from some unknown outside energy source. The officers showed little surprise and asked no questions. How strange! If I had been the investigative officer, I would have asked the complainant what he thought had perforated the holes and where it came from, whether he thought that he had been affected in any way by whatever caused the holes, and whether there was any other area affected by the mysterious source of energy. Instead, as their report later revealed, they were more interested in seeing what type of firearms I had in my house. The perforated foil provided forensic evidence; yet, the officer did not ask for a sample for forensic examination. I never heard anything else from those deputies. Still more strangely, the senior detective who visited me received a promotion a few weeks later from sergeant to lieutenant. I did not attempt to obtain a copy of his report until almost two years later. His report was never entered into the crime statistics sent to the state police. When I visited the sheriffs office a second time, I showed a different officer some notes that I had written on electronic stalking (no mention of mind control at this point), which I wanted to give to an investigative reporter for the local newspaper. My objective in publishing a news story on REA was to flush out other victims in the area, as by then I was convinced that there were several other targets in the parish. The officer stated somewhat smugly that publishing the article would not be a good idea, as (paraphrased) investigative reporters have a habit of wanting to delve deeper into the matter. That was exactly what I wanted. I viewed his statement as meaning that local law enforcement did not want the public to know anything about electronic stalking. Once again, the officers statement suggested that law enforcement knew that other targets in the area were experiencing the same problem. Local Law Enforcement Attempts to Have Me Committed Once again, in February, 2008, I was harassed non-electronically by persons riding fourwheelers at one oclock in the morning in front of my house and shouting. I live at the end of a long, obscure, private dirt lane with a cotton field on one side and a pasture on the other side. It is my property, and my house is the only residence on that long lane, which dead ends at my house. So, there was no reason for them to be in that area. When the harassers made a second pass by my house, I stood with my shotgun in the shadows. When they got nearer, I shined a high-beam spotlight on them and shouted that if they returned I was going to shoot them. The following morning I prepared a complaint about that incident and took it to the sheriffs office later that same day.

A few days after presenting the second written complaint, the sheriffs office called my son at his work place. Although the sheriffs office could have called me, instead they called my son to tell him that they wanted me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. When they called, I was actually on my way back home from visiting my son and his family. There was no reason to call my son instead of calling me directly. Moreover, I had not given them my sons name, his place of work, or his telephone number. I interpreted their action as a deliberate effort to intimidate me and to suggest to my son and others that I was crazy. I called the sheriffs office and made an appointment to see somebody the following day. When I visited the sheriffs office the following morning, I learned that an older female officer had been assigned the case. The woman threatened to obtain a court order to force me to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. Although I knew that they could not justify that action and furthermore that I could refuse treatment, I agreed to the evaluation only on my own terms, as I reasoned that the result could possibly strengthen my case. I underwent the psychiatric evaluation as well as a good physical examination in Baton Rouge a few months later. After my going to much trouble and expense in getting the examinations, the sheriffs office consistently refused my requests for meetings to review those findings. They did not have to, for the psychiatrist doubtlessly mailed the sheriff a copy of his evaluation. That appears to be pro forma in those cases, which practically proves that psychiatrists are a part of the system. Yet, I, the patient, had to sign a consent form to obtain copies of the psychiatrists evaluation for my son and myself. Shortly after that meeting, I got a call one day from an employee in the state-operated Elderly Protective Services, an office that I had never heard of before then. The Sheriffs Office had asked her to get in touch with me and visit me still another evaluation. I realized that her visit might work to my advantage instead of the opposite, so I agreed to her visit. The moment she arrived and I greeted her I could see that she was puzzled about why she had been asked to see me. I invited her inside and we chatted for a few minutes. As she left, she told me candidly that she was confused about the request to visit me, as I was more mentally and physically fit than many younger people she knew. Yet, her visit was another ploy by the authorities to make me appear mentally unstable. I am sure that her visit went on my record. In addition, by sending the social worker, the sheriffs office also covered itself in case I later sued the office for failure to act on my complaint. After undergoing the psychiatric and physical exams and still being unable to see anyone in the sheriffs office, I sent a delivery-confirmation letter to the state attorney generals office on June 10, 2008, asking that office to investigate my complaints. By this time, I had decided that regardless of the almost certain stigma, I was no longer going to hide the fact that I was a victim of mind control. Thus, I attached a summary of my experiences that included the mind control portion. I have both my mailing receipt as well as the initialed delivery confirmation from that office. I never heard from the attorney generals office. I am quite certain, however, that the letter was kept in some file to later attempt to declare me mentally incompetent. After more than two months had passed since writing the letter to the state attorney general without getting an answer, I then wrote to the Public Affairs Division of Louisiana State Police for statistics on electronic stalking and mind control, defining clearly both terms. That office

answered tersely, We do not have statistics on such incidents. That meant that my complaint and doubtlessly those by other targets in my parish had gone unreported by local law enforcement in its monthly crime statistics report to the state office. No surprise there. Finally, on February 19, 2009, when another object turned up missing in my house, I wrote to the Sheriff of Ouachita Parish, summarizing three different intrusions into my house in my absence. I took the letter to the sheriffs office and his secretary stamped the date on my copy. I never heard from that authority or any other officer. Again, no surprise there. Local law enforcement knows very well that everyone who knows me perceives me to be intelligent and perfectly sane. That knowledge leaves them with little latitude for intervention to have me declared mentally unstable. Non-Response from Law Enforcement In my correspondence with other victims, I learned that in case after case they had sought out the FBI, state, and local law enforcement for help and had received none. Some of those victims had even stated that they believed that policemen and other law officers were a part of their problem. It is well documented that in certain cases law enforcement has been involved in stalking. In all of my communication, I never found a victim whose complaint was seriously investigated. In my case, although an investigator initially came to view the proof of REA, that visit was simply a formality. For the record, they could say that they investigated the incident. They probably came as much out of curiosity as out of duty. Moreover, as the answer from Public Affairs attests, the lead detective never filed an official report of his visit. I never heard anything else from the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office about the REA case, and that officer and others refused to meet with me afterward. Electronic stalking and assault (in this case, on both the body and the mind) are crimes in any civilized society. That I could not identify my assailants should not have been a factor. Many victims of crime cannot identify their assailants. Watch the who dunnit programs on TV. In many cases, victims are assaulted without seeing their attackers. Although naturally that makes pursuing the assailants more difficult, law enforcement is responsible for at least attempting to locate the criminals. In the case of REA, the victim should only have to describe his attack. He should not have to identify who did it or necessarily how it was done. Let us review our seventh grade civics. On all three levels of government national, state, and local there are three branches, the executive, judiciary, and the legislative. Theoretically the legislative branch passes the laws, the judiciary interprets them, and the executive enforces them. Law enforcement belongs to the executive branch on all three levels. Most of the higher officials in the executive branch, including law enforcement on the state and local levels, are elected by the people. Thus, if law enforcement is indeed a part of the REA conspiracy, they are elected public servants using public funding to harass private citizens. In other words, the taxpaying victims are not only unprotected by law enforcement but they are financing their own electronic and mind control torture. Targets know that law enforcement officers very often harass people who have committed no crime. In one such case that occurred in 2004 in South Carolina, a victim of harassment

reported numerous instances of trespassing and vandalism to the police. The harassers had also shot and killed the victims cats. The police ignored the complaint. One night the harassment victim shot and killed a trespasser on his property who was carrying an assault rifle. The trespasser turned out to be a police officer. An accomplice of the officer, who was with that officer when he was shot, later admitted that the officer had killed the victims cats. In other words, the officers actions were purely harassment intended to look like actions of the victims neighbors or other trespassers. In that same case, the harassment victim was first tried, convicted, and sentenced to thirty years. However, the Supreme Court of South Carolina threw out that decision because of improper judicial proceedings. The case again went to trial in January, 2010, and the victim was acquitted. During the trial, the prosecution tried to persuade the jury that it was a case of an upstanding officer of the law being killed over the death of some lowly cats. However, the jury wisely recognized that the case was about a victim defending himself and his property against harassment and stalking. In this case, the dead stalker and the harasser was a police officer. Local law enforcement had apparently been trying to involve the victim in an action that would cause him to be declared mentally unstable. Sound familiar? In that particular case, their attempt backfired. In my case, when my remote attackers tried to convince me that the local sheriffs office was a part of their system, I told them through our mutual telepathic communications system that it did not matter, for that person would be a one term sheriff. That proved to be true. The sheriff was later caught in an adulterous affair that received much media attention, was strongly criticized by the media for the way he administered his office, and was also investigated by the FBI for theft of public funds. He did not run for a second term. The sheriff that succeeded him is equally unresponsive. Here is why I make that statement. One day a black extended-cab pick-up came down the lane on which my house is located, passed by the house, drove to the levee [I live on a river protected by a levee], turned around, and headed back to the highway. Although the truck had tinted windows, I could see a Caucasian man wearing a ball cap on the passenger side when it returned to the highway. He looked straight ahead and never turned his head toward me. The following day I found the glass on one side of a French door that faced the lane shattered into thousands of small, strangely configured segments. The glass, however, remained intact. That door is protected by a porch and kept locked, as I rarely use that wing of the house. Nothing could have fallen on it or smashed into it. Only some type of directed energy weapon could have shattered the glass in that fashion. I wrote up the incident so that I would have proof that I made a complaint and took the report to the sheriffs office. The report described the breakage, without assigning the act to the black pick-up truck, and asked that a deputy be sent to inspect the breakage. The sheriff was not in, so I left the report with his secretary. The secretary stamped my copy of the report with a sheriffs office date stamp. I never heard from the sheriff and no deputy ever arrived. Yet, sheriff deputies have in the meantime investigated other crimes such as the killing of a cow on a persons property. A Brush with the Law

As stated previously, victims often do some strange things as a result of his targeting. After learning that I was a target, I began researching every possible article that shed light on the topic of REA. In researching, I discovered articles on the possible use of ham radios and clandestine radio stations in the REA process; thus, I started looking into radio stations in the area that no longer operated. In a nearby city named Bastrop, in an adjoining parish, I found one such station whose owner had had his license revoked. That sounded like a good lead. I went looking for that particular radio station. A person in Bastrop whom I asked about the station, directed me to a location out in the countryside. He either deliberately mislead me or he suffered from a very bad memory. I later found out that the station had been located right downtown. Subsequent research divulged the name of the former owner. There were several people in Bastrop by that name. I finally narrowed it down to one. Then I Googled that persons address. I bought a pair of binoculars, and with a Map Quest map showing that persons address, I went to find out what I could about that person. As I entered the street on which the mans house was located, two men on bicycles sat talking with each other on the street near that house. I thought nothing more about it. I drove to the end of the street, a cul-de-sac, and parked with the cab of my truck facing down the street toward the house. Using my binoculars, I took down the number on the license plate of a car underneath the carport of the house. I saw a male exit the house, go into the yard, and then return to the house. When I started back down the street to leave the area, the two men on the bikes blocked the street and hailed me. I should have known! My attackers, knowing my every thought, had obviously forewarned the former station owner who had in turn asked two of his friends to feign the tete-a-tete on the bikes to watch me. One of the two men made a call to the sheriffs office. Before long, three sheriffs cars appeared with several deputies. The irate owner of the house came out, and we talked a few minutes. I tried to explain what I was doing without sounding like a madman. The head deputy asked me to follow him to the sheriffs office. When we got there, they looked inside the cab of my truck. In the truck, I carried a doublebarreled .12 gauged shotgun, as at that stage of my targeting, I believed that I might be attacked at some point. The shotgun was not loaded; however, there were several shells on the floorboard. In Louisiana, only concealed weapons are illegal. Shotguns in trucks are perfectly legal and thousands of people routinely carry them. So, they could not charge me with possessing and carrying a firearm. The deputies took me inside to the office of a higher authority who may have been either the sheriff or a chief deputy. He looked up, apparently already apprised of the situation, and asked in a derisive and intimidating manner, What nut house did you escape from? He took copies of my driver license and other papers. I expected to be arrested. Instead, he told me to leave the city and not to come back there again. Not intimidated, I have returned there several times since then. The sheriff had a perfect opportunity to arrest me and make me look insane. Instead, he let me go with a warning. He had obviously been instructed by a higher authority not to arrest me. Why? Because the incident would have gone into the local newspaper and might have

drawn attention to my reason for being there in the first place. I would have had a perfect reason to talk to reporters about why I was there. They knew that. The powerbrokers and their accomplices go to great lengths to stifle any publicity on the targets and their cause. That incident taught me several lessons that targets usually learn sometime during the early days of their discovery: That targets must be very careful in sleuthing out what they believe may be leads to their REA; that the attackers and the people behind them pull strings on every level of government; that the local authorities are a part of the system; and that law enforcement does not want anything brought before the public about electronic stalking and mind control. U. S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Examined The stand-back, hands-off position of the FBI and local law enforcement is understandable only if one considers that those authorities themselves may be involved in electronic assault and mind control activities. Ask yourself the following questions. (01) Who would have the equipment to carry out electronic assault? (02) Who would have the knowledge about how to use that equipment for REA? (03) Who would have a ready opportunity to use the equipment? (04) Who can communicate through a network that allows them national coverage? (05) Who has the authority to investigate people and obtain their personnel and military files? (06) Who has the financial resources required to buy the equipment, procure the attackers, train those people, and pay them for their services 24/7? (07) Who has the technical expertise to train attackers in electronic stalking and mind control activities? (08) Who has secure facilities where extra-legal records on the targets and information gathered on the targets can be kept? (09) Who has the authority and funding to send hundreds of investigators into the field to conduct interviews with people who know the targets and record those interviews. (10)) Who has the connections to pursue victims from city to city, state to state, and country to country as they seek to escape the effects of REA? (11) Who can best start rumor campaigns and spread misinformation about the targets? (12) Who can prevent investigations by law enforcement into complaints of REA? 13) Who can encourage the medical and scientific communities to maintain silence on REA and psychiatrists to label victims paranoid-schizophrenic without looking further into the subject? (14) Who can summon the assistance of telephone companies, public utility companies, and internet providers in tapping phones and hacking computers of victims? (15) Who can command the cooperation of the post office and the package delivery services into misdirecting and interfering in other ways with the victims correspondence? (16) Who has the human resources to fill the internet with lies, misleading material, and deceptive information on electronic stalking and mind control? (17) Who has the equipment and the capability of tracking a person within his home or any other structure and pinpointing any place on that persons body? (18) Who has the means to encourage neighbors to ostracize a victim in his own neighborhood? (19) Who has the power to direct the resources of the IRS, DEA, ATF, and other agencies on the targets?

(20) Who has the capability of gaining access to the targets financial records and credit reports? (21) Who has the clout to silence Congresspersons, especially the Committee Chairpersons, from ordering a national inquiry into widespread and increasing allegations of REA? (22) Who has the capability to garner the cooperation of elements of all ethnic groups against a target? (23) Who can make certain that no REA complaint is submitted on local law enforcements monthly crime report? (24) Who has the influence to keep any mention of REA out of local newspapers? (25) Who has the authority to issue policy statements denying that electronic assault even exists? (26) Who has unlimited human resources to use in this manner? (27) Who can legally allow or block out frequencies over the air? (28) Who can subsidize the rent of policemen and other local law enforcement to rent an apartment or house next to yours? If you answered the government, or the powerbrokers, to all twenty-eight of those questions, you are correct. Electronic stalking and mind control simply cannot exist without the knowledge of the FBI and other Federal intelligence gathering agencies, period. That hints of a vast and widespread conspiracy that must necessarily include local law enforcement. The conspiracy is secret, well organized, and thoroughly implemented. It is highly possible that conspirators may include legally constituted and outwardly legitimate groups. If that is correct, the FBI, DIA, MIA, DOD, CIA, and other American intelligence units would have to train those selected groups, provide them the equipment and know-how to use it, and advise them. In the event of a crime, a victims only recourse is to inform law enforcement of the crime. Those authorities are expected to investigate and assist the victim. If law enforcement is the perpetrator, to whom else can a victim turn for help? Electronic Stalking Versus Mind Control Four main points stand out: (1) Electronic stalking and mind control pervades the United States of America, targeting victims that represent the make-up of the entire population; (2) Conspiracy, deception, and secrecy are key elements in those activities; (3) Perpetrators of that electronic stalking and mind control conspiracy operate on national, state, and local levels; (4) Many of those conspiracies operate with the acquiescence and under the protection of law enforcement on all levels of government. Ordinary electronic stalking can be carried out by many people and groups operating near the victims and using home-made or altered devices and equipment that can be easily purchased. Mind control, on the other hand, is quite another activity, which requires high-tech equipment, a great deal of organization, intensive training, utter secrecy, and the ability to operate by remote. Amateurs can carry out electronic stalking; however, only highly trained technicians can carry out mind control. The Role of Jails and Prisons in Electronic Torture and Mind Control Law enforcement has cooperated with REA on targets for many years. Experiments with

electronic torture and mind control in so-called correctional facilities probably began back in the 1960s and 1970s. David James Fratus, a prisoner in the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah, wrote of his experiences with REA in that facility in a 1988 letter. I include below some excerpts from that very long and descriptive letter.
I began to receive, or hear, high frequency tones in my ears. Like the test pattern on a TV set. The volume or intensity of these frequencies is adjustable and some are so high and piercing that they've literally had me climbing the walls. You cannot imagine what it has been like confined to a cell 24 hours a day for almost a rear [year] now, being brain blasted by high frequency impulses--no respite, no place to hide, and having not the lightest notion what was going on. For the climax in this series of weird events, I began to hear voices in my ears. Voices that change pitch and timbre in contrast from being a cartoonish high and squeaky, descending through the octaves, including everything from sinister Darth Vadorish to basically normal characteristics. The reception of these voices into my inner ears is as vivid as though I were listening to a set of stereo headphones, and they are able to mix, match, and blend them in conjunction with the frequency tones creating a raucous cacophony of audio discord that disheartens the soul. Now for the clincher. The various effects of this device have been progressively increased throughout this eleven-month onslaught, finally arriving at full potential with the end result being that I am now having my brain monitored by an omnipotent computerized mind reading or scanning machine of some sort. No hoax, no illusion to what I'm experiencing. These people have devised or acquired a specialized unit that reads absolutely everything--physical as well as mental functions, and are able to cause severe impairments and dysfunctions via this remote-control scanning device. This scheme of sleep deprivation, headaches, and audio torments is relentless and being used to break down my resistance and wear me to a mental frazzle, permitting no mental privacy, berating and picking my thoughts apart, and attacking my mind with an insidious tirade of sickening innuendo and threats. They are going into my subconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth unpleasant memories long ago forgotten, and I am being punished for past as well as present indiscretions. I can think of anything from the past-- a friend or situation from 30 years ago for instance, and the voices will provide names and particulars. I have repeatedly tested and attempted to trick them on this. No way. They have better access to what's in my head with this nefarious invention than I do. I can converse with my antagonists merely by thinking what I wish to say.... and I welcome you to the Twilight Zone!! How the hell is this being done?? They are using those frequency impulses to perpetrate some very vicious maltreatment on me. With the apparent ease of manipulating a keyboard, they can, with a flick of the switch, strip me of all energy and motivation to where I'm forced to lie on my bunk and stare at the wall like a zombie. I've been left in this state for weeks at a time--literally chained to my bed without the actual use of physical restraints, having not the energy to walk back and forth in my cell even a few times. For almost the entire eleven months I have continuously been made to feel low down and chronically depressed. It is inconceivable to me that the technology of this awesome device can be unique and possessed solely by the State of Utah, but I may very well be wrong. When I first entered the prison in May, 1986, one of the psychologists who conducted my initial classification interview inquired as to whether I had ever heard "voices." That seems to be the key word around here. . . .The proficiency of the apparatus I'm dealing with is sophisticated far beyond anything scientists had apparently imagined in use at that time. I have since heard many references made to people hearing "voices" by both inmates and staff, which would indicate that these people were in possession of, and employing this technology at least that far back. This is what prompts me to wonder how they could have had such an innovative piece of equipment in use, operating with apparent perfection of technique, without the scientific and medical community in general being aware of it. Quite a puzzle. At least two inmates that I know of have been badgered to the point of having attempted suicide as a result of this mental torment, and something stinks to the high heavens here! All of the staff, as well as a number of inmates, are aware of what is happening, so I can't fathom how it can remain, or even at this time, be a kept and closed secret human nature being what it is. They [prison authorities and guards] are so very smug and secure in the belief that they cannot be brought to account for these blatantly illegal acts due to their well rehearsed methods of official denial, isolation, and absence of witnesses, bogus psychiatric evaluations, and of course, the fact that this mental torment is being accomplished by a faceless machine, operated by anonymous antagonists from an unknown location and distance.

What happened to Fratus in the Utah prison represents the most heinous crime against humanity. Keep in mind that Fratus wrote his letter over twenty years ago. Imagine how much more sophisticated the equipment, the software, and the mind control techniques have gotten in the last two decades. And imagine how the spread of that evil has proliferated in the meantime.

In a case aired on the TV program 48 Hours on August 16, 2008, the narrator told about Florida playboy Fred Kretsmers spending eight months in a California prison and later hearing voices. Kretsmer later murdered a woman. Did the voices that he heard urge him to kill? Several victims with whom I corresponded who also hear voices had served time in prison. Thus, it appears that prisoners are routinely implanted with microchips and often submitted to psychological torture in prisons. A few of email REA correspondents have served jail or prison time. All of them were subjected to electronic torture and mind control in those facilities. They believe that they were also targeted while they were there. In truth, they may have already been targeted long before they were incarcerated. Only the most naive, uninformed persons will believe that state prisons exercise a monopoly over electronic torture devices and methods and mind control. Other elements of law enforcement must know about them. Moreover, how did those prisons acquire that technology in the first place? Detention center personnel appear to be a party to the entire intelligence community/law enforcement REA conspiracy. The REA Operators Manual Something as sophisticated as mind control is developed over a long period of time and involves many levels and steps. Thus, its methods have to be spelled out in a type of trainers manual. That manual establishes particular protocols for applying the REA. Those protocols differ with the aims of the REA and the types of targets. REA could not have been developed without input from psychologists, psychiatrists, electronic and aerodynamic engineers, very highly trained computer programmers and technicians, probably physicists, chemists, and pharmacists, mind control and interrogation experts, i.e., the intelligence community, and others. Nor could it have been developed without the knowledge of the FBI or the blessings of the National Security Agency. It is surprising that at least one of the scientists or government officials involved in planning the original REA techniques has not spoken out and revealed the sordid secret. However, the fact that participating in REA makes them criminals and subject to imprisonment is probably sufficient persuasion to keep them quiet. In addition, they probably fear they will also become victims of fatal accidents and other mysterious deaths if they talk to authorities or to the press. One of the aims of the assailants is to discredit the target by making him look crazy, and they do indeed cause anxiety and other psychological problems in the target that drive him to a doctor. The regular doctor will then refer the target to a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, the medical community either knowingly supports the perpetrators or plays into their hands. I believe that the powerbrokers who control the medical schools also control what doctors are taught about paranoia and schizophrenia. I understand that pre-graduation counseling of medical students warns them about patients who think that they are targets of electronic and mind control assault. In other words, doctors have been thoroughly brainwashed not to think outside the traditional centuries-old concept of mental diseases. That is why physicians usually are not targeted. They are more useful to the

powerbrokers who employ the perpetrators in making targets look crazy with their diagnoses. REA, Government, and Democracy I resisted for years the notion that my own government might have anything to do with my becoming a victim of electronic stalking and mind control; yet, overwhelming circumstantial evidence and logic tell me that U. S. law enforcement on the Federal level may be directly involved in electronic harassment and mind control. If not, they know the identity of the assailants, protect them, and refuse to investigate them. Many TI correspondents trace their REA to the early 2000s, which coincides with the Bush administration (2000-2008). The Patriot Act not only gives U. S. law enforcement carte blanche to monitor American citizens but also excludes those officers from prosecution for that activity. Moreover, it authorizes law enforcement to use private citizens to spy on their peers. Those domestic neighbor-spies normally have no training in law enforcement and do not have to undergo a security check. In May, 2011, Congress approved the ubiquitous Patriot Act without changes for another four years. I used to be the type American whose eyes welled with tears whenever he heard the Star Spangled Banner. I was raised to revere the government. Moreover, I served in the U. S. Army Reserves and spent years working with the government. My ancestors helped found the British colonies, and my ancestors and kinsmen have fought in every conflict from Colonial wars and the American Revolution to the present. However, after my experiences with REA, I have developed a very strong distrust of my government and the executive branch in particular. I believe that it is patently clear that the FBI, the U. S. intelligence community, and law enforcement on every level either take part in electronic stalking and mind control operation, cooperate with the perpetrators, or cover for the perpetrators. I kept quiet for over two years after I discovered that I was a target of electronic harassment and mind control, as I knew that most people would not only doubt my accounts of REA but also my sanity. Then I realized that the perpetrators of that evil counted on my remaining silent. In fact, targets reluctance to talk about what is happening to them has set back for years our attempts to expose REA and the people behind it. Thus, I chose to reveal to the world my experiences as a victim of electronic stalking and particularly of mind control. I would urge other targets to do likewise, regardless of the stigma that they will almost certainly encounter. In the silent telepathic manner in which the attackers and I communicate, I tell the attackers that nothing lasts forever, that times are changing and that they are going down. The hirelings are convinced that the establishment will continue to protect them. After all, they have engaged in the sordid practice of REA for decades. Once, one of my attackers told me subliminally, I guarantee you that we are protected. Nevertheless, eventually the sheer growing numbers of complainants will force law enforcement to follow the laws that they swore to uphold and adhere to the principles of the Constitution that they swore to defend. The general public is becoming more aware of and informed about REA, and targets are beginning to emerge from hiding to insist on law

enforcement investigations. More victims are beginning to network on the internet. Until law enforcement acts, I invite other victims of electronic stalking and mind control and other concerned Americans to join me in the war against the demented, evil REA torturers and sociopaths. The stability of the American government lies in grave danger. If the perpetrators of REA are from foreign countries and are attempting to create American dissidents, they have succeeded. If the perpetrators are rogue groups within the U. S. intelligence community and law enforcement, they have succeeded. If the perpetrators are domestic terrorists or vigilante groups, they have succeeded. Thousands of American targets of electronic harassment and mind control today distrust their government and no longer feel any patriotism toward that government. As the reader has probably surmised, I am a longtime critic of U. S. foreign policy. I stand against our waging war on a country without a formal declaration of war naming that country, supporting particular countries (Israel in particular) with abysmal human rights records, blockading countries without declarations of war, using public funds to buy the acquiescence and cooperation of corrupt dictators, establishing puppets in smaller, weaker, poorer countries, stationing U. S. troops all over the world, proliferating the use of atomic, neurological, and biological weaponry, using third countries and Guantanamo to incarcerate so-called prisoners of war without trials, and banning travel in countries that do not comply with U.S. demands (Cuba, N. Korea, and Libya). I visited Cuba in the 1990s to test the U. S. Governments curtailment of the right of Americans to travel to certain countries with which we were not at war. I hoped that I would be arrested and charged under the law forbidding travel with Cuba. It did not happen. Yet, I am sure that my trip to Cuba was duly noted. I also intend to make a future trip to Cuba to prepare a report for other targets on electronic stalking and mind control effects or the absence of them in that country. I have no intention of fleeing to that country. I shall live and die in my home in Louisiana. However, if no REA is found in Cuba, many U. S. targets who look for respite from their electronic torture may want to consider migrating there. I am a social scientist with many years of experience in performing research. When I analyze situations, I look for facts that support scientific explanations. Yet, due to the secrecy involved, REA cannot be explained scientifically. The remote-operated electronic and mind control assault is designed to leave no evidence. Nevertheless, thousands of victims with similar symptoms delivered by remote by unknown forces know the reality of their circumstances. They await an explanation and a resolution. The FISA Court Under the Patriot Act and its subsequent supporting acts, the U. S. Government can target certain Americans, try them in a secret court called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court, and subject them to a series of covert actions without advising the victims of those actions or the reasons for them . On March 8, 2010, I directed a letter to that secret court asking them to clarify under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) whether I had been targeted. Here is my letter.
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court

Department of Justice National Security Division Office of Intelligence Policy and Review 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 3305 Washington, D.C. 20530 Subject: Request for FISA Disclosure Dear Sirs: I respectfully request that you advise me whether I have been considered a terrorist suspect by the FISA Court. I am a target of daily electronic torture and mind control activities performed by remote by yet unidentified and unseen criminals, who I believe work with the knowledge, acquiescence, and protection and perhaps the assistance -- of the Government of the United States of America. My remote assailants are most likely Israel and its U. S. supporters, as I am pro-Palestinian, generally pro-Arab, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist. The U. S. intelligence community already knows that I do not communicate with nor conspire with any foreign agent nor any foreign country in support of my political beliefs and actions. Nor do I belong to any radical or terrorist domestic groups. Thus, there is no valid reason for my processing before a FISA court. Additional personal information is provided below to help further identify me. I affirm that I am in perfect command of my mental faculties and that the totality of this information is true under pain and penalty of perjury. Sincerely yours, Max Harrison Williams

As usual, I sent that letter by confirmation mail and received no indication that the letter arrived. That the court did not answer my letter came as no surprise. What else is new! The secret FISA court is supposed to target only those very few Americans with connections to known or suspected foreign terrorists. The rules under which it operates do not require it to release the names of targeted Americans. The court could merely tell me that it cannot disclose that information or, more likely, ignore my request. As expected, it was the latter. The U. S. Government increasingly focuses on finding and rooting out home grown terrorists. While finding the domestic terrorists in the short-run may be helpful to the powerbrokers, it will not stop the development of those so-called home grown terrorists. I suggest that the solution to home grown terrorists lies in studying WHY they become terrorists. The governments use of electronic and neurological attacks on its own people will almost certainly lead to home grown terrorists. Identifying my Attackers My stalking dates back to the mid-1970s. By connecting the dots, I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel and its U. S. backers initiated my targeting. That does not necessarily mean that Israel and its supporters are directly behind the electronic stalking and mind control activities of all targets. They are only one of the powerbrokers who probably have that capability. Since my initial targeting, the program used against me has gradually

evolved from only simple surveillance and harassment to todays high-tech torture and mind control. After reading my story, the reader can draw his own conclusions. As usual, I make no effort to be politically correct nor any excuse for not being politically correct. I shall start from the beginning. I was working for the U. S. Government in South America when the 1973 Arab-Israeli War broke out. As a Ph.D. in history and also a writer, I like to perform my own analyses of events instead of accepting the controlled medias views and the governments versions; thus, I began looking into the background of the conflict, including the two previous Arab-Israeli Wars. While conducting research, I became intrigued by Israels air attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. In that attack, Israel used unmarked aircraft, supported by Israeli torpedo boats, to strafe and bomb the Liberty, killing thirty-seven American sailors. (In contrast, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 by Arab extremists killed only seventeen American sailors. Guess which incident the media played up.) Subsequent investigations found that Israel knew that the clearly-marked Liberty was American and sought to blame their attack on Egypt; a tactic called a false flag operation, for which Israel is infamous. Nevertheless, the United States powerbrokers accepted Israels claim that it was an accident. As a result of my research on Arab-Israeli relations, I saw for the first time that Israel was not at all the poor beleaguered nation that U. S. media portrayed but instead pursued internal and foreign policies that caused almost all of the Middle East problems. I also realized for the first time that the media in the United States skews information concerning Israel to place that nation in the most favorable light. On the other hand, it rarely if ever says anything positive about Arabs or Moslems. Dan Rather, a longtime news correspondent with CBS, is currently (2009) suing that company because of its censorship of the news due to powerful business and political pressure. At the time, I was almost totally ignorant of Zionism and its influence on U. S. domestic and foreign policy. My post-doctoral education was just beginning. I learned quickly that criticizing Israel caught the immediate attention of Israels far-reaching intelligence operations as well of those of the United States of America, which often acted in concert with Israels Mossad. Pro-Israel factions in the United States simply cannot understand that the interests of the United States do not always coincide with the interests of Israel. Nor do they want others to question that intertwined relationship. Shortly after my enlightenment, pro-Israel Americans with whom I worked started testing my views. Were it not for their attempts to intimidate me, I may have become only moderately anti-Israel. As it was, I became increasingly vocal in expressing my condemnation of Israels policies, and I also became a dedicated anti-Zionist. In that same country, one day as I left from work and was walking home, a swarthy, middleaged, rather short man fell into step with me on the crowded sidewalk. He sidled up closer to me as we walked and said in a perfectly American-sounding accent, The Jews control the United States. Completely stunned by his statement, I stammered my protests. Then, in a

few seconds, just as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared into the crowd. No inhabitant of that country would have had the slightest interest in my feelings about Jews. The man was probably either Israeli or a pro-Israel agent of United States intelligence. That encounter strangely coincided with an official visit to that country by an American Jew from the Department of State who had close ties to Israel. After that incident, I was occasionally struck with a sense of unnatural overwhelming gloom while in my bedroom at night before retiring. I had always been an optimistic, outgoing person and had never had feelings of that type. The sensation returned time after time. In retrospect, I know that even back in the mid-1970s devices and methods for affecting the mind existed and were being used. Whatever the device was, it operated by remote. It was very possibly the Russian-invented Lida machine, which operated by remote on subjects to cause them disquiet. (More about anxiety later.) The underdeveloped country in which I was working had absolutely no reason or the wherewithal to target me. In 1978, I was assigned to a different South American country. One of the national employees who worked in my section was a Jewish woman who had worked with the Israeli Consulate before that office closed. One day when I had a problem with a molar, I asked that person to recommend a dentist. She referred me to an older German Jewish "dentist," who supposedly did a root canal on that tooth. An older woman, perhaps his wife, served as his assistant in a stark room of their dark, unpleasant-looking residence that served as a dental office. After retirement in the 1990's, I went to an American dentist with problems with the same molar on which the South American dentist had supposedly performed the root canal. The local dentist found in the tooth a tiny cylindrical pin-like object less than a quarter of an inch long that he thought perhaps was the point of a broken file. At the time, I thought little of it. However, now in retrospect, I know that it had to be a tiny prototype of todays microchip. Not knowing at the time that I was targeted, I did not have the foresight to save that small object. The South American dentist had also wanted to place a filling in-between my two front teeth, claiming that there was decay between the teeth. Fortunately, I refused to allow him to do that, and MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS LATER THOSE TWO FRONT TEETH STILL REMAIN PERFECTLY SOUND. Thus, the dentist obviously wanted to use a fake filling to plant an almost microscopic camera in that location, which would allow them to see as well as hear the people with whom I talked. By WWII, the Axis as well as the Allies had developed cameras so small that they could be cleverly concealed in pencil erasers, shirt buttons, and other items. Documents on microfilm could be reduced in size to fit underneath a typed punctuation period on a piece of paper. That was almost seventy years ago! I was fond of the employee who recommended the dentist, and at the time I had no reason at all to doubt that she was just a nice, friendly national employee who happened to be Jewish and who happened to find work with the U. S. Government. Although I liked that particular employee, her peers obviously did not. When other employees reported to me that she got to the office early in the morning before I arrived to go through the papers in my desk, I dismissed those charges as simply tales manufactured out of jealousy and office rivalry.

I had given that employee excellent performance evaluations and had even written Washington that as our presence in that country diminished, we should retain her services as long as we could. Nevertheless, after I left the country for another assignment, that employee lost her job. She told others that I caused her to be fired. In actuality, I did not find out that she had been dismissed until much later. In hind sight, I believe that her guilt convinced her that I had found out about her duplicity and had gotten her fired. Apparently that employee did not stop working with the Israelis when she took the job with the U. S. Government. Certain people in our government probably knew that she was still an Israeli agent. In the 1970s, Israeli Nazi hunters were still active in South America, funded in large part by the U. S. Government. The dentist probably worked with them, and the employee in my office may have also cooperated in the hunt. One of the contractors who worked with the American Government and who alternated between Argentina and the country in which I was assigned was known to be associated with that group. The Nazis doubtlessly included anybody who opposed Israel and its pro-Israel factions in the United States. The minuscule device implanted by the dentist in South America in the late 1970s may have had only limited capability. That small object embedded in a molar was undoubtedly used to listen to my conversations through bone-to-instrument conduction as well as perhaps to track my movements. Since that time, however, much more sophisticated, high-tech, intelligencegathering and mind control equipment and software have been developed, tested, and put into operation. Over the years, I have continued to speak out against Israels foreign policy and our support for it. In the 1970s, I defended the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) when it was still considered a renegade group, and in 1984 I became a member of the American Arab AntiDiscrimination Committee (ADC) at a time when Americans were being led by the U. S. media down the anti-Moslem path. I never occupied an important decision-making position in the government; yet, to the Israelis, an enemy is an enemy, regardless of his rank. I have an analytical and inquiring mind, and I articulate my thoughts. My friends respect my opinions. Thus, I am a threat. In the early to mid-1980s, I served in Washington, DC, where my anti-Israel views became widely known in my work venue. In that city, I subscribed to a small obscure newspaper called The Spotlight, which often published negative Israeli actions that would never have been published in the controlled American media. Every subscriber to The Spotlight, now defunct, got a place on the pro-Israel hit list. While in Washington, the IRS, which represents a very powerful tool of the pro-Israel powerbrokers, audited me twice consecutively. Never think that the IRS is not political. It is an integral part of the Zionist powerbrokers. In 1981, the U. S. Governments plan to sell AWAKs to Saudi Arabia stalled in Congress because of Israels lobbyists. Israel has over fifty PACs in the United States that work aggressively to promote its interests. I wrote one of the senators from my home state: . . . Israel always has been and continues to be a liability to the United States, and our protection of that nation is not now, and never was, in our national interest. I went on to say that our blind support of that countrys aims has earned us the enmity and distrust of traditionally friendly Arab and Moslem countries . . . .

If I was not already on the Israeli hit list, other points made in the same letter were sure to place me firmly on it. Here are other excerpts from that letter. . . . the United States has prostrated itself in Israels behalf and has received little, if anything, in return. In so doing, our country has lost many real opportunities in other countries. The smoldering situation in the Middle East is very likely in the future to lead to a regional or perhaps global conflict in which our country would be inextricably involved. Mr. Begins statement (paraphrased) that 'one cannot be anti-Israel without also being anti-Jewish, because the two are inseparable' was a deliberate attempt to discourage criticism of that country. I am fully aware of the countless subtle means of retaliation to which I may be subjected for my views. Yet, I will no longer be numbered among the Silent Majority and watch my beloved country subvert itself for the sake of a self-serving nation whose value to us and to mankind has yet to be demonstrated. That lawmaker wrote me back a sickeningly defensive letter, calling Israel a bastion of democracy and the U.S.s best friend in that region. I have no doubt that either he or an aide forwarded a copy of my letter to the Israeli Embassy. On April 25, 1985, I also wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post, criticizing Reagans attacks on Gadhaffis palace in Libya, in which a small son of Gadhaffi was killed. A part of the letter stated: In its recent attacks on Libya, the United States demonstrated the same unevenhandedness and injustice that it has misguidedly followed in the Middle East since 1948. Our blind pro-Israel stance has spawned hatred for us in the Arab world for almost forty years, causing acts of frustration by leaders like Col. Gadaffi, whom we then label flakey and mad dogs. . On April 25, 1986, I submitted a letter to the editor of The Washington Post in which I voiced objections to Reagans strikes against Gadhaffi in Libya. I referred to my countrys shameful Middle East policy and blamed the Libya attacks on the US Governments attempts to weaken Israels enemies. I also recalled Reagans bombing of Beirut in 1983 in support of Israels invasion of Lebanon. Later that same year I was reassigned to an African post. The American ambassador in that country was a political appointee who was ardently pro-Israel. He was also Jewish. Shortly after my arrival, he gathered several newly arrived employees supposedly to brief them. During his talk, he told us point blank that a part of our duty was to support Israels interests in that country. I could hardly believe my ears. His remark was clearly intended for me. Having been apprised of my anti-Israel views, he may have been baiting me to challenge his statement and thus give him reason to send me back to the United States. In retrospect, I wish that I had challenged him. That ambassador was not a career diplomat but a political appointee who had bought his position through so-called campaign contributions to the president. He left shortly after I arrived. His replacement was a female career diplomat, who, it turned out, was very evenhanded concerning Israels interests in that county. To her credit, she cut short the tour

of an American Foreign Service Officer, a Jew married to an Israeli woman, who often rode to local events in an Israeli Embassy vehicle, for his obvious connection with another foreign country. I liked both the man and his Israeli wife. I had worked previously with that officer in Washington, and we had often chatted during work breaks about various topics. He had remarked on one occasion that he had his bags packed for an anti-Jewish, holocaust-type movement that was bound to happen, a comment that made me question his loyalty to the United States. In that same country several years later when it looked like President George Bush (the elder) planned to attack Saddam Hussein, I objected to that action, as I saw it as a convenient pretext for removing one of Israels most implacable enemies. Taking advantage of a process known as the dissent channel, in which American government employees abroad may express opposition to U. S. foreign policy, I sent several cables that was before electronic mail and cell phones to the Secretary of State. In those cables, I stated my opposition to the war and charged that the principal reason for the U. S. attacking Hussein was not to assist Kuwait but to fight a proxy war for Israel to maintain Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. However, the media had already pumped up the American public to support the so-called Gulf War. I was among only a handful of thoughtful Americans who opposed that war, and my opposition became duly noted by proIsrael factions within U. S. intelligence as well as the Israelis. My cables criticizing both the U. S. and Israel for their Middle East policies may have triggered much more advanced electronic surveillance. I believe that as a result of those cables criticizing George H. W. Bushs policies, the U. S. intelligence community joined Israel in placing me on the watch list, and most probably the hit list. My hind-sight observations tell me that probably in the early 1990s pro-Israel elements within the FBI took over my surveillance from the original perpetrators when I retired and returned to the United States, probably on the pretended grounds that I was a subversive and a suspected terrorist. Their mind control assault on me probably began in earnest in the early-1990s and increased in intensity over the last ten to fifteen years. When I retired, I continued speaking out against Israel in conversations with friends and in letters to editors of newspapers although I knew that elements in U. S. intelligence loyal to Israel had placed me on their hit list and that they were following my activities. During Israels most recent invasion of Lebanon, I wrote to CNN to complain about Wolf Blitzers obvious bias in his interpretation of the events concerning that invasion. Blitzer, a Jew, had once worked for the Jerusalem Post. That he had previously worked for an Israeli newspaper should not be surprising, for, as a well written article in the March 16, 2011 issue of the online Pakalert Press states, 96% of the worlds media is Zionist owned and/or operated. After retiring, I continued to travel abroad occasionally, usually to Central America, where I owned property. Once when I returned to the Houston international airport from one of the trips, a rookie immigration official processed my entry. A veteran officer stood nearby. When the rookie scanned my passport and viewed his monitor, he looked perplexed. He turned to an older officer and pointed to something on his monitor that he obviously did not understand. The veteran officer took a quick look and said to the rookie, ADOD (Advise Department of

Defense). My computer has been hacked and my phone tapped for years. A recent accidental discovery strongly suggests that the hackers and phone tappers are pro-Israel Federal agents or foreign agents working with the permission of U. S. intelligence. Here is what happened. One day I entered my email Sent file to copy a paragraph that I had written to a correspondent about the tiny device having been implanted in a molar while living in South America in 1978. I cut and pasted that paragraph and re-sent it. Because my computer is monitored and my emails sometimes deleted or changed, I went back to the Sent box to see if the message had actually gone out. When I opened the previously sent email, I was astonished to see three words encased in blue-lined rectangular boxes: ISRAEL, MIDDLE EAST, and SOUTH AMERICA. As a former government employee, let me explain why those three areas were highlighted. Intelligence organizations in every country organize their offices into geographical sections, which include Israel, the Middle East, and South America. Copies of my email went to those three offices in some intelligence agency in some country. Every U. S. law intelligence agency, including the Department of State and other agencies, has personnel sections that deal with regional affairs. Whoever monitors my email spotted my references to Israel, the Middle East, and South America and marked that email for copies to be sent to those regional affairs offices. I suspect that copies not only went to U. S. intelligence agencies but also to the Mossad. The hackers never imagined that I would go back into a previously sent letter to cut and paste. Finding the highlighted words was a total accident, but a very fortunate one for me, for it told me that somebody monitors my email correspondence and that he is not looking for kiddy porn, drug and money laundering rings, and other unlawful activities but for material dealing with political views. After passage of the so-called Patriot Act, anybody working with the FBI can justify monitoring a citizens email and tapping his phones without getting judicial approval. Later, to make their flub-up appear to be a computer glitch or a common internet action, the same monitors encircled other words on several other letters; however, when they saw that I had not fallen for that deception, they quit doing it. In view of the fraternal cooperation between the FBI-CIA and the Mossad, the person who monitored my emails could be an agent of the latter. What I do not know is the location of the person who monitors my computer, as computers can be hacked from anywhere in the world, including Monroe, Louisiana, where I live, New York City, or Tel Aviv. As a result of internet providers turning over its information to U. S. intelligence in 2010, it is commonplace now for words in emails to be highlighted. Freedom of expression in the United States seemingly comes at a price. Although I have never belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Survivalists, the Militia, or any other extremist organization, I have openly and consistently condemned Israel. As an American, I thought that I had the right to do so. Apparently I was wrong. An American can publicly criticize England, France, Mexico, or any other country in the world, including his own country, but he cannot criticize Israel. That point was driven home by Israeli spokeswoman Tzipora Menache, who was reported in

a February 1, 2009 article as saying, You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we [the Israelis] control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House . . . . We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. IN AMERICA YOU CAN CRITICIZE GOD, BUT YOU CANT CRITICIZE ISRAEL. But I do, and I shall continue to do so in my small voice as long as I am alive. Unfortunately for Americans, the Israeli woman was correct. Today in the United States one hears and reads in the media discussions on abortion, the death penalty, the legalization of marijuana, U. S. politicians personal relationships, illegal immigration, religious beliefs and their leaders, sex of all descriptions, the Iraq War, autism and every type of mental disorder, and other sometimes divisive and intimate topics. I defy the reader to provide a reference to a meaningful debate on Israels actions and policies in the United States during the last fifty years. The media, the clergy, and especially politicians on every level carefully avoid any negative criticism of Israel. Moreover, one can verbally express doubt about evolution, the divinity of Christ, the existence of God, the holiness of the Pope, or the sanctity of the Bible, but he cannot doubt the Zionist version of the WWII European holocaust. In Canada, Germany, and other countries, one can be imprisoned for even questioning the holocaust. Zionist organizations have successfully kept that topic from being scientifically studied by historians. Arsonists set fire to and destroyed an institute in California whose aim was to use extant documentation to write a true history of the holocaust. The Jewish Defense League (JDL), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), or B'nai B'rith was suspected as the arsonist; however, investigators made little effort to determine the identity of the criminals. The Israelis even target American and Israeli Jews who oppose their Zionist aims. The target support organization to which I belong, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, was founded by a woman from Israel who did not always agree with Israeli foreign policy. That woman believed that she had been targeted by Israel or its surrogates in the United States. I am sure that American Jewish clergy such as Rabbi Arthur Waskow, who opposes Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory, are targeted. Having always considered myself a fervently patriotic citizen, I smolder at being made a surveillance target and now a target of electronic torture and mind control because of my personal and political views. If communication with radical and terrorist groups is the only object of my surveillance, that surveillance would have concluded years ago that I am not a domestic or an international terrorist. That suggests that I am perceived by either pro-Israel U. S. intelligence or Israeli intelligence as a threat to Israel and thus the reason for my surveillance. The aim of Israel and its pro-Israel American accomplices is to stifle any opposition at all in the United States and worldwide -- to Israel, and American intelligence appears only too ready to lend assistance toward that objective. That Israel sees any anti-Zionist views as dangerous and attempts to silence those views is obvious. That pro-Israel organizations in the U. S. such as the JDL, the ADL, and the Americans for Israel PAC (AIPAC) perform unlawful acts to advance Israels agenda is a matter of record. That Israel and its U. S. backers have reason to want me and others silenced is readily evident. They are masters, however, in using misinformation, staging false flag operations, and developing schemes to get others to perform their dirty work while they

sit and watch several levels removed from the action. They discover the targets vulnerabilities and then farm them out to pro-Israel PACs, Christian Fundamentalist Zionists, and plain hirelings, who, without ideals and agendas, simply work for the money. Such is the control by Israel and its supporters over the U. S. Government that today we do not have a U. S. Middle East foreign policy. Instead, our Middle East policy is Israels Middle East policy. Every serious candidate for U. S. president today must extol Israels position as the Middle Easts only democracy, and our foremost ally. Those candidates even have to make a symbolic trip to Israel to seek the blessing of its prime minister for his/her candidacy before the U. S. election. We do not know what concessions now-President Obama promised when he made the traditional pre-election trip to Israel. He probably reassured the Israelis that his top advisors would have strong traditional ties to Israel and that the U. S. would not interfere with Israel's Palestinian policy. Indeed, Obama has done just that. No person with unfriendly views toward Israel can expect to get a job with any administration in the White House or a top job in the government despite his brilliance and impressive education and job qualifications. This paper is not about Israel; nevertheless, I feel compelled to make several observations about Israel, as Americans will never see anything critical of Israel in the controlled mainline U. S. media. (1) Israel often creates its enemies to justify its agenda, knowing full well that the United States will back it. Despite the media hype, the facts show that Israel has made no genuine effort to make peace with its neighbors. On the contrary, through its actions it has ensured continued Arab and Moslem hostility. (2) Israel purposefully engenders the belief that it is surrounded by hostile forces, as it unites the Western world in its support and opens pocketbooks on its behalf. Indeed, the U. S. provides billions of dollars a year for no-strings budget support for Israel that far exceeds the entire budgets of most developing countries. (3) Israel spies on and steals secrets from the United States. Jonathan Jay Pollard, an American Jew and a civilian analyst with the Navy Intelligence Service (NIS), spied for the Israelis in the 1980s. He was eventually caught and sentenced in 1986 to life in prison. Today he is incarcerated in the same prison with Bernard Madoff, recently sentenced to 150 years for a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme rip-off. Ron Olive, chief of counterintelligence for NIS at the time, stated in a later book that Pollards treachery constituted one of the most devastating cases of espionage in U.S. history Olive claimed that Pollard passed to Israel over a million classified documents. One of those stolen documents is of particular interest to targeted individuals: a ten-volume manual called Radio-Signal Notations, which describes in detail the U. S.s global electronic surveillance network. (4) Israel uses its pro-Israel supporters in the United States, not all Jews by any means, to promote its plans for Middle East domination using American resources. We have already fought two proxy wars for Israel (the Gulf War and the Iraq War) and intervened in Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern and African countries in support of Israels foreign policy. In addition, we have lost scores of American soldiers when Islamic bombers blew up barracks in two Arab countries (Lebanon and Saudi Arabia) and attacked

the U.S.S. Cole near Yemen because of our unswerving support for Israel. (5) Israel is one of the biggest exporters of small arms and assault weapons, many of which end up in the hands of gang members on American streets and along the Mexican border as well as those of despotic regimes in Africa and Asia. It has armed the Kurds in Iraq for many years, even during the Saddam Hussein regime. Today while American soldiers die supposedly in a war against terror and as the Iraq government tries to pacify the country, Israel continues providing arms to the Kurdish separatists. Moreover, for decades Israel has used internationally outlawed cluster bombs and built up an arsenal of atomic bombs; yet, the United States has done nothing to discourage Israel from those activities. On the other hand, the U. S. condemns Iran and North Korea for developing atomic weapons. (6) Israel has the worst human rights record of any other country in the entire world, a fact carefully concealed by the pro-Israel U. S. media. Only the repeated veto of the U. S. has kept condemnations of those violations from being registered and acted upon in the United Nations Security Council. (7) The 9/11 attack on the twin towers is a direct result of the United States subservience to Israel and that countrys continued efforts to halt the formation of a Palestinian state. Moslem nations see the U.S. as Israels chief backer--which indeed it is--and an obstacle to Palestinian statehood. The controlled U.S. press never touches upon the reason behind the 9/11 attack and other attacks: Arab revenge for United States protection of and loyalty to Israel. I have sent letters to several U. S. national lawmakers, including both of Louisianas senators, and I have not received a reply from any one of them. As I attached a copy of The Great Conspiracy to those letters, I can only imagine that the recipients did not want to get on the wrong side of Israel and its backers by responding to my mail. They had rather lose one vote than risk losing the financial support of pro-Israel backers. The United States and Israel systematically target and conduct electronic stalking and mind control on dissidents and other opponents of the regimes who challenge the status quo. There is apparently an unwritten agreement between the two countries that they can target persons in each others territory. That agreement favors Israel, as the United States has little reason to target Israelis. Once again, the Israelis outsmarted the nave U. S. leadership or U. S. politicians made the agreement knowing that it would benefit only Israel. In March, 2010, Vice President Biden made a trip to Israel to urge a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, and during his visit, Israel announced that it would expand its settlements in the disputed city of Jerusalem. Israeli leaders apparently believed that it could defy world opinion and continue to harvest Jewish and Zionist support for its land grabs. That tactic proved to have the opposite effect. Fortunately, some insightful and thoughtful American Jews in Israel, the United States, and other countries as well as Christians who once supported Israel unswervingly are beginning to question Israels foreign and domestic policies concerning the Palestinians and other Moslems. As a longtime student of Middle Eastern history, I believe that Israels ultimate plan is world domination. Israel fully understands that it does not have the capability of accomplishing that objective militarily, so its aim is to do so economically and politically. By influencing leaders,

controlling the media, and taking over both legitimate and underground business activity, encouraging the concept of Gods chosen people, manipulating the stock market, and getting control of major international industries, Israel and its supporters do not have to fire a shot and do not have to occupy countries militarily. They have succeeded to an astonishing degree during the last half century. U. S. Consular Officers in foreign countries have standing orders from the Secretary of State to grant visas without any scrutiny to Jews from any country. Our showing favoritism to a particular religious group and putting them ahead of other would-be immigrants in those countries violates every principle expressed in our U. S. Constitution. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, thousands of Russian Jews flocked to the United States. Today many of those same Russian immigrants play a role in what has been called a Jewish Mafia. Moreover, any Israeli can shuttle back and forth to the United States as easily as an American citizen. No questions asked. On the other hand, an African, Asian, or Latin American must wait for years and request a visa repeatedly just to travel to the United States. Once again, we show religious preference. In addition to the religious preference, most Israelis are white, which apparently makes them more acceptable. . Iraq was once Israels biggest threat. The U. S. took care of that threat at a colossal cost. Iran now stands as the obstacle to Israels Middle East domination. Once again, Israel is lobbying behind the scenes in the United States urging the Obama administration to attack Iran and destroy its nuclear facilities. That attack would doubtlessly involve the U. S. in still a third war in that region because of Israel. Israels master plan, however, has run into a worrisome snag the internet. For the first time, Israel, its minion officials in the United States, and the pro-Israel Jews and Zionists are running scared as increasing numbers of opponents connect electronically to oppose Israels evil regime and human rights abuses. Even young people, who have been fed pro-Israel propaganda since birth, have begun to awaken to Israels true aims. The Masons, the Illuminati, law enforcement, and the FBI/CIA would have little reason to inflict physical and psychological torture on my body and mind. Even if Big Brother were monitoring me as a suspected terrorist, it would only covertly have to track and record my activities, not assault me with electronic and mind manipulation devices. Only one logical source for my electronic stalking and mind manipulation is left standing, and overwhelming evidence points to Israel and its supporters. Israel has the capability, the motive, and apparently the opportunity to do so. However, its work is probably carried out today by the Radical Right, American PACs working for Israel, and perhaps even by international ethnic groups known for selling their talents to the highest bidder. The services of astute hit men, or mercenaries, are not difficult to find. A former free-lance soldier of fortune who calls himself Carl Clark of Norfolk, England, recently quit his sordid activities after working over twenty years for the CIA, the Mossad and the ADL. Much of his work involved surreptitious entries into the domiciles of his targets, where he planted material on their computers dealing with child pornography or how to make a home-made bomb. In addition to their electronic and neurological attacks, my assailants also very obviously are experimenting on my mind. Israel has been very involved in brain mapping activities and

developing mind control devices and methods for many years. Does my own government know that this is happening on American soil? Of course it does. At least the key players in the government know about it. Those key persons are probably not the political appointees, who come and go, but are civil servants whose jobs are secure when the political party changes. That Israel and its supporters lurk behind my attacks is obvious to me. Here are some examples of my proof. In the spring of 2011, another target advised me how to pick up the V2K by recording my surroundings and then using computer software to enhance any sounds heard in that environment. I recorded on several occasions, making certain that there were no extraneous noises, and sent the recording to that target. Keep in mind that the recordings do not pick up the regular V2K that targets can ready hear but pick up only the subconscious material that targets are not supposed to hear. The other target analyzed the recordings over several weeks, and he heard the following statements: David, David, King of the Jews. He explained that it was a type of chorus, almost a chanting. He also heard, He (meaning I) wants to have sex with a Jew. Also, one day I mixed some herbicide in a two-gallon pressure tank to spray some fruit trees. As I pumped air into the tank to cause pressure, with each rasping thrust, I hear very clearly Israel, Israel, Israel. The recordings already mentioned and the thrusts on the air tank picked up the subconscious recordings that are continually bombarding my mind but which my ears cannot hear. The attackers often state through the regular V2K, cease your opposition to Israel. I will not happen. Few U.S. secrets are kept secret from Israel. Israels spies and its collaborators who work for the U.S. Government and for government contractors ensure that Israel receives that information. For greater insight into how Israel works to strew deception, manipulate public opinion, and silence dissent, read the following books: By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky (former Mossad officer); Man in the Shadows by Efraim Halevy; Gideons Spies by Gordon Thomas; Every Spy a Prince by Dan Raviv; and Israels Secret Wars by Ian Black. Now, substitute the word Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, or North Korea for the word Israel and substitute the word Moslem for Jew in the preceding paragraphs, and my narrative appears perfectly in keeping with what the controlled U. S. media lead Americans to believe. Yet, many Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish supporters of Israel, along with the majority of well meaning but thoroughly brainwashed Americans, will call the content of what I have just written hate and anti-Semitic propaganda. Israel and its pro-Israel allies in the United States have successfully used accusations of anti-Semitism for decades to squelch vocal opposition to Israel and its objectives. That tactic does not stop me. Israel and its Zionist supporters have conditioned Americans not only to look upon Israel as their main ally and friend but also to fear to criticize Israel and Jews. Today Americans are afraid to speak out, fearing the stigma and the consequences of being labeled anti-Semitic. I have even had alleged targets criticize me for my anti-Israel views, as if I should change ideas about my attackers to be politically correct. Fortunately I am not bothered by peoples opinions of my views. My attackers often threaten my family members and tell me, Youre going to be responsible for the death of your son. Would Christian groups target an innocent member of a targets

family? I would not think so. Would even hate groups say that? Probably not. Would elements of the U.S. Government say that? Very doubtful. Would Israelis and their Zionist and Jewish supporters in the U.S. say that? Highly likely. No action can be discounted in Israelis dealings with their enemies. I have clearly identified the Israelis and their supporters as the most likely origin of my remote-delivered electronic physical and neurological attacks. Whenever occasionally someone suggests that I am anti-Semitic, I do not wither; nor do I assume the defensive. Why? Because if they believe that I am anti-Semitic (which is actually a misnomer), then they must also believe that there may be a reason for that stance, as I am not known to be irrational. I view myself as a dying breed, an American who devotedly loves his country and who believes that the United States should engage in actions that ONLY protect and enhance its own interests. In little over sixty years, American Zionists, allied with Israel and international Jewry, have subverted our American interests to those of other countries, principally Israel, and other interests, global business. In my opinion, the only solution is dissolution, dissolution of the current government and the formation of a government that represents the interest of its own people. Religion and Targeting In this book, I am neither attempting to imbue the reader with my religious beliefs nor offering him a mini-course on religion. However, I include this section because many targets believe that religion may somehow figure in their targeting. Some victims use religion to help themselves get through their ordeal; others feel that certain religious people and religious institutions have created their ordeal. I offer the reader the following views on religion. I do not ask that the reader accept those views, and, as usual, I do not strive to be religiously correct. Concurrent with the beginnings of my targeting, back in the 1970s, I also started to examine my religious beliefs, which, like most people, I had never before questioned. I had been raised in a Southern Baptist home. In most cases, we follow what we are TAUGHT to believe. If ones parents are Catholic, he will also be Catholic. If his parents are Baptists, he will in all likelihood become Baptist. That is simply the way it is. People do not examine their beliefs, they normally simply accept the beliefs that they inherit. The church wants its churchgoers to accept everything on faith, faith with a capital F. Historically, the concept of one single all-powerful god is a relatively new belief. For many thousands of years before the one-god idea, people worshiped multiple gods. The main ones represented the earth, the sky, and the sea. In addition, there were other minor gods who dealt with rain, the sun, good crops, and other objects. Rulers and people had their favorite gods. The belief in one god first came from the Egyptians; then the Israelites adopted the one god theme. The Romans much later accepted that religious concept, and as a result the Western world today believes in one god. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit make up what Christians call the Trinity. Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion based on Judaism that was foisted upon Europe, North America, and Middle and South America by subversion and conquest. Does that mean that the conquered people of Europe and later America had no religious beliefs prior to being

subjugated and coerced into Christianity? Of course not. They followed their native beliefs, which gradually disappeared because of punishment from the Church for disbelief in Christianity. At that time, there was only one church, the Roman Catholic Church. Not content to accept what I had been taught on faith, as churches ask their members to do, I began to question the tenets of Christianity. When I did, I learned that I did not agree with most of the pillars on which it stood. I shall not go into my in-depth analysis of those tenets, as analysis is very tedious. However, as a result of my questioning what I actually believed and not what I had been taught to believe, I completely forsook Christianity. I might also add that my examination of Islam and other religions finds them all equally lacking in substance. The only belief that I share with Christianity is that there is a deity. In fact, unlike Christians, I believe there may be several or many deities. I do not worry about how many gods there might be. What does it really matter? Like my Native American ancestors, when I pray, I simply refer to The Great Spirit, which may be one or more entities. The Great Spirit is genderless and colorless. Christians follow what they have been led to believe is gods model for their lives. They even added to that model the idea of salvation, which made them immortal. If they believed that Jesus was the son of God, upon death, they went to heaven. If they did not accept that avenue to heaven, they went to hell. There is not one shred of proof in any of that model; yet, we are told that we must accept it on faith. I am amused when I sometimes imagine that the one god that Christians worship might actually be a very fun-loving god who wants all humans to drink, party, smoke, curse, use drugs and alcohol, and practice promiscuity. My personal beliefs revolve only around The Great Spirit (or spirits). There are no sons or daughters of that god or those gods that we humans know of, no written word of gods model (except that written by man, The Old Testament and the New Testament), no virgins giving birth, no Trinity, no heaven and hell, no sins (but simply logical, moral, and sensible human actions that allows us to live in harmony with each other), nobody dying because of our sins, no promise of an after life (either heaven or hell), no churches, no dogma, no priests/ministers, no Holy city or any other Holy place, and no prophets. Christian belief is based on Middle Eastern teachings found in The Old Testament and The New Testament, collectively known as the Bible. Many Christians are surprised when I tell them that their religion is Middle Eastern, for they have been prejudiced from birth toward the Middle East. They do not realize that the Bible was put together over the hundreds of years by clergy and scholars, who, over time, added to and took from those writings, with the Church compromising on various concepts such as the date of the birth of Christ, the Trinity, the role of Mary, alleged mother of Jesus, baptism, etc. Christians are taught that the Bible, as it presently exists, represents the true word of god and that to question anything in it is sacrilegious and heretical. . Sorry, folks. I do not buy that package. Thus, it should not be surprising to the reader that religious friends of mine pray for my soul, firmly believing that I am doomed to hell. Of course, others believe that Jews and other non-Christians are also bound for hell. To me, whatever happens to me after death is completely immaterial. I do not seek immortality, or to be born again. Only the god or gods will determine that, if they wish to.

I know. Christian readers would probably love to debate me about my view of Christianity. However, the only reference they can provide for their statements is the Bible. Therefore, debate is useless. Since to me the Bible is simply a book and not the word of god, no Christian and I could possibly engage in a meaningful discussion on religion. Now, having described my religious beliefs and disbeliefs, let us turn to religion and targeting. Many targets believe that there is a religious group called the Illuminati that targets them for some reason, probably in an attempt to take over the world. I find that notion completely illogical. If that were so, the group would concentrate on those in power, not the average citizen. Moreover, many of the targets are very religious. I also doubt that the Masons have any such ambition. Although Masonry is based on Christianity, Masonic members represent many faiths and denominations. That does not mean that some of the attackers may not be Masons. It is highly likely that Masons figure among the attackers and accomplices. That does not indict Masonry in general. Some Christian churches and their members do seemingly cooperate with the powerbrokers as accomplices in carrying out the spurious targeting activities. Many of my correspondents mention the role of a minister or some other clergy in their targeting. Usually those cases involve organized stalking. Again, that does not mean that all Christian churches and all Christians participate either in organized stalking or remote-delivered physical and neurological attacks. It does appear that the powerbrokers would like to Christianize the entire American population, not to save them but to encourage conformity and discourage non-conformity. I believe that the powerbrokers look upon Christianity as the one unifying factor that will provide that conformity. That in turn makes the population far easier to control. Judeo-Christianity is simply a convenient tool that can be used not only to impose conformity on the populace but also to buttress the notion that Israel is gods favored nation and to engender antipathy for Moslems. Any degree of non-conformity, whether religious, political, social, or economic, is a threat to the status quo and to the powerbrokers aims. Americans are polarized as they have probably never before been over abortion, gay rights, human rights, the distribution of wealth, loss of control of their government, mortgage foreclosures, job displacement, race/ethnicity, and other issues. The Occupy Movement that began in October, 2011 epitomizes that polarization. I predict that in fewer than twenty-five years an all-encompassing class war will erupt on a worldwide basis, starting probably first in the United States. Call it what you will: the haves against have-nots; the disenfranchised against the powerbrokers, the poor against the rich. Tens of millions of people will probably lose their lives in that conflict. The Great Conspiracy, When four demonstrating students at Kent State, Ohio were killed and nine wounded by National Guard troops on May 4, 1970, that incident created such international outrage that an incident like that will never happen again in the United States. Nevertheless, today a much more cowardly, widespread, and inhuman massacre occurs every day to a growing number of victims in an electronic and neurological onslaught. The Kent State students could at least

see and face the troops weapons; victims today stand helpless against a lethal unseen force cloaked in secrecy and delivered by remote. Likewise, victims of todays silent massacre do not have an opportunity either to prosecute their attackers or face a court of law in which they might be able to defend themselves. They simply die a very slow death at the hand of unseen executioners, commit suicide, or become institutionalized. Most targets are plain middle-class Americans of all races, ethnicities, colors, genders, religious and political beliefs, philosophies, and life styles. Many of them, however, have somehow bucked the system or have refused or failed to fit into the socio-economicJudeo-Christian structure. An immigrant from a former Communist country recently wrote me about her electronic torture and mind control ordeal in the United States. Here is what she says in her own words: It makes me mad, especially, because I came from the former communist country and didn't expect such things going on in here. This is a very, very big disappointment. Now I do not believe in democracy any more, and, as you, I guess that the government is involved in that too. I do know my abusers: they are my neighbours; There is also, a coordinator, as a former law enforcement officer living just opposite of my house. It is exactly as you wrote in your paper. Although my surveillance dates back many years, the electronic and mind control torture did not surface until 2005. In my case, the date coincides with Michael Chernoffs appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security. Chernoff, son of a rabbi, has very strong connections to Israel, pro-Israel PACs, and pro-Israel so-called Christian Fundamentalists in the United States. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), a Jew and also an ardent supporter of Israel with close ties to that country, heads the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Today, instead of shooting its citizens, elements protected by the government slowly tortures them to death by remote with directed energy and neurological weaponry that conveniently remains both unknown and unseen. In 1989, the United States Government reacted strongly to Chinas attack on unarmed dissidents in Tiananmen Square. Yet, the United States silent massacre eclipses a thousand-fold the Tiananmen Square shootings, and it is carried out daily with complete national and international impunity. The Future of Electronic and Mind Control Assault Hardly a day passes without my receiving an email from a person who has only recently discovered that he is targeted. The new targets appear to be far younger than before. Unless REA is stopped very soon, it will continue to proliferate and we will see an alarming rise in the misuse of the technology used for electronic torture and mind control in other areas: racial and ethnic groups targeting persons in other racial and ethnic groups; religious groups targeting those in opposing religious groups or atheists and agnostics; rightist nuts targeting homosexuals, lesbians, and others following alternative life styles; the wealthy targeting people whom they single out, perhaps for the sport of it and the voyeurism involved; gangs targeting those in rival gangs; mobsters targeting young women and boys for prostitution; drug lords targeting people to turn them into drug addicts; politicians targeting political enemies; social purist psychos targeting for extinction the handicapped and others who do not conform to their concept of societal perfection; and world leaders targeting other world leaders. The wider the practice of electronic torture and mind control spreads, the more out of

control it becomes. It promises to become the Armageddon that many people believe will eventually occur. I suspect that in years to come we will discover that many mass murderers and parents who kill their children are victims of mind control. Two such murderers have made news in the last few years: Andrea Yates, who drowned all five of her children, and Leanna Laney, who killed two of her young sons and left a third one incapacitated for life. Both women were believed to be good, caring, and devoted mothers. Both women heard inner voices commanding them to commit infanticide. One of the women said the voice was that of the devil; the other one, that it was the voice of God. In addition, killers like the D.C. snipers, John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo, show markings of people under the influence of mind control attackers. Students who have committed school massacres also may have been unknowing victims of perverted attackers whispering instructions into their impressionable brains. I foresee the day when groups of professional extortionists, blackmailers, and swindlers learn the secret of REA and turn it into a money-making scheme. They will do that by selecting targets who lead comfortable life styles, torturing them with their electronic and mind control techniques, and then making deals with the targets to stop the REA. They will also make money by offering their services to people who want to harm somebody whom they do not like. For a price, the high-tech criminals will hook that person, torture him, and provide the payer with videos to prove it. Moreover, they can later approach the victim and ask for a large sum of money to release him. Thus, the assailants will make money playing both sides. My attackers have demanded from me $10,000 one time, $15,000 another time, and $30,000 still another time without telling me why I should pay them. Of course, that is plain deception. I tell them, You can publish anything that you know about me in the Washington Post or the Miami Herald and put it on national TV. The perpetrators will also render the justice system completely invalid. How? They will manipulate the minds of witnesses and authorities to cause them to lie under oath, probably truly believing that they are telling the truth. They will also skew the minds of judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers. In many cases, this will result in the guilty going free and the innocent being sent to prison. Attackers learn from targets the combinations to safes, telephone numbers of many people, financial records of others, the weaknesses and vices of others, and much other information that, in the wrong hands, could result in great personal losses not only for the targets but also for people with whom they associate. With their knowledge, the assailants have the means to blackmail targets or sell other people information about the targets. A Conspiracy of Silence Many years ago a cabal of the controlled media decided that it would not disseminate news that might give publicity to anti-Zionists, Survivalists, KKK, the John Birch Society, and other groups opposing the powerbrokers. The media blackout seriously damages those groups propaganda efforts, which largely depend upon media coverage. The responsibility of the media is to keep the public informed, and it intentionally fails to do so for political purposes. The medias control of the news concerning certain organizations amounts to a conspiracy of

silence regardless of the reason. Nobody knows that conspiracy of silence better than targets of electronic stalking and mind control. In my case, I have written to the President, members of Congress, including my two senators from Louisiana and the representative from my voting district, the FBI, several government agencies, the state attorney general, and the local sheriff about REA without receiving a single answer. My letters were not the ramblings of a delusional person but were concise, cogent, and respectful letters. Since no recipient could possibly know my state of mind when I wrote them, their failure to answer me proves that conspiracy of silence. Most of the hundreds of correspondents who write me have recounted their efforts to communicate with politicians and others. They received the same silent treatment. Those politicians apparently had rather lose a vote than to buck the powerbrokers, especially, as in my case, if the powerbroker is Israel or Israels backers. A target from Texas advised me in early 2010 that he had succeeded in convincing an aide to a Congressman to look into his claims of electronic stalking and mind control. Upon finding out about the aides cooperation, however, the Congressman fired the aide. That Congressman could have attempted to placate a constituent even if he considered him psychotic. Instead, he perpetuated the conspiracy of silence. It becomes increasingly clear that members of Congress know about REA, know who is doing it, and choose not to interfere. There is probably either money or favors behind Congresss spurning victims of remote-delivered electronic torture. That conspiracy of silence also pertains to crime statistics and police reports. I have already recounted my writing the Public Affairs Division of Louisiana State Police for statistics on electronic stalking and mind control and receiving a letter saying We do not have statistics on such incidents. Although I had complained twice about REA to the local sheriffs office, it had not reported those attacks in its monthly crime statistics report to the state police. Likewise, the FBI does not keep reports of remote torture. The conspiracy of silence is institutionalized and national in scope. The intention is very clear: If there is no crime report, no crime was committed. Targets Versus Targets I believe that the attackers may create targets and pit them against other targets. What better way of getting rid of their enemies? Law enforcement, for example, does nothing for the targets and often forces targets to submit to psychological evaluations. Could key members of law enforcement or indeed all law enforcement officers also be targets who have been programmed to operate against other targets? Such an action is clearly within the realm of possibility. By programming the law enforcement officers, the powerbrokers have strengthened their attack capabilities and support mechanism. Look still further. I am told that medical students undergo training in their last year of med school about delusional patients and how to deal with them. Med students are told, I understand, that some of their patients will complain that they are victims of remote-delivered electronic torture, and the med students are instructed to treat them as delusional and refer them to psychiatrists. The psychiatrists in turn prescribe anti-depressants that do nothing to alleviate the patients symptoms.

Whether law enforcement officers and medical doctors, including psychiatrists, are true targets is not really significant. They may have been programmed by authority figures to act against the interests of targets. Remember that targeting is a well thought-out plan that covers all aspects of human thought and behavior and contemplates every advantage and disadvantage of the targets. That plan was developed, analyzed, and evaluated by scientists in think tank situations for years before it was placed into effect. But the best made plans of mice and men often fail. This plan will also ultimately fail. Time is on the side of the targets, not the attackers. What Targets Can Do All targeted individuals are subjected to a barrage of criminal acts, some of which they may not be fully aware. If targets are true TIs, their phones WILL be tapped, their computers WILL be hacked, and their mail WILL be monitored. What can victims do to defend themselves, halt electronic stalking and mind control activities, apprehend the cowardly attackers who carry it out, and punish them and their accomplices? -- Remember that THEY, the perpetrators of your REA, are the criminals, not you. If the victim receives V2K, the attackers will bring up occurrences from the past to attempt to make the victim feel guilty. Then, they play upon that guilt. Do not let them convince you that you are beneath them. They are breaking dozens of laws. You are not. Certainly, the total loss of privacy, even in the case of your most intimate thoughts, is frustrating. That common criminals whom you probably do not know have knowledge of your thoughts that even family members and friends do not know is unconscionable. However, keep in mind that whatever the criminals know about you and your thoughts, they cannot publish them in the New York Times. I continually laugh at my perverted attackers and tell them that I really dont care what they see, hear, know, or think that they know, or do. I tell them through our synthetic telepathy to publish those thoughts in the newspapers and expose them on national TV. It does not matter to me. -- Remain positive. Despite the unsettling nature of the REA activities, targets must make a special effort to maintain a positive attitude, especially when around others. Remember that the perpetrators of REA are trying to ruin your lives. Do not let them. I start each day by stating to myself how great the day is, whether it is rainy or sunny or cold or hot. -- Resist depression. One of the attackers ploys is to cause a target to commit suicide. Keep your life bright. Surround yourself with uplifting and cheerful dcor. Let plenty of light into your house. Targets have a tendency to keep their houses dark, with the windows perpetually covered. A dark house encourages depression. Open those windows. I do not even have curtains on my windows. And also use your good mind. Tell yourself how fortunate you are despite your electronic and mind control assault. Think about things that make you happy and that calm your mind. -- Maintain your physical health. This is very important, as the perpetrators of the REA seek to make you a couch potato. They will whisper to your subconscious to binge eat, to watch more TV than usual, and to eat the wrong kinds of food. They will also whisper to you that

you have no energy, that you feel extremely tired, and that you must rest. Take vitamins and eat correct foods. Force yourself to get exercise and be active. They will discourage you from making improvements in and around your home. Despite your listless feelings, go about your activities and make a point of getting plenty of exercise. A clear correlation exists between physical health and mental health. Defy the attackers. Make an effort not only to maintain your health but even to strengthen it. -- Be receptive to making new friends. After a time, many targets become their own worst enemies. They have suffered so many frustrations and disappointments because of their REA that they have become suspicious of everybody. That appears to psychiatrists as paranoia. Moreover, that is exactly what your attackers want, as it further isolates you from society. Do NOT think that every person you meet is an accomplice of the attackers. There are still many uncorrupted people with whom you can become friends. However, remember that to have a friend, you must be a friend. Keep an open mind about peoples intentions. -- Do not engage private investigators. They are often a part of the problem. Private investigators cannot ply their trade without the assistance of law enforcement. First, they have to register and get permission to operate from a state law enforcement office, usually the attorney general. Then, they have to be tied into the state police and other law enforcement agencies data systems to look up license numbers and auto license tags, search backgrounds, and even look for missing persons. Moreover, many of the private investigators are shady characters who operate just inside the law, and they often even cross over that line. I believe that private investigators are part of the law enforcement network that probably participates in actual electronic stalking and mind control. Getting private investigators to look for a bug in your car is like sending the fox to the hen house. Even if they discover a bug, they will not inform you, for they would believe that it was placed there by law enforcement. In fact, they will have probably already been informed by law enforcement of the bug. -- Do not discuss your REA harassment with every friend, family member, and acquaintance. Such is the nature of electronic stalking that they simply do not understand and cannot understand. However, if you have a perceptive, intelligent, trusted friend or family member who is open minded enough to believe hard-to-believe circumstances, let that person know what is happening. A confidant who truly believes you can be very supportive. -- Do NOT visit a psychiatrist. The REA assailants want targets to go to psychiatrists, knowing that the doctors will diagnose targets as schizophrenic or paranoid. Once targets see a psychiatrist, their credibility is compromised. The REA assailants will do everything they can to convince targets that the targets are mentally incompetent, including continually whispering to their subconscious you are crazy. Indeed, the attackers activities will often cause targets to exhibit the very symptoms that psychiatrists associate with schizophrenic and paranoia in attempting to defend themselves against forces that they cannot see and do not understand. However, the general public is increasingly becoming aware of REA, and friends and family members of targets who have been designated demented are beginning to see that

those targets are not truly mentally unstable. In only a few more years, the psychiatric community will have to redefine schizophrenia, paranoia, and other mental disorders because of the unnatural electronic and mind control assaults that cause those symptoms. This will not occur, however, without a great deal of pressure from the outside, as psychiatrists have no way of treating remote-induced symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia resulting from REA. Resist any effort on the part of law enforcement to make you submit to a psychiatric evaluation. In our system of justice, targets should not have to prove that they are sane. Indeed, the burden of proof falls on law enforcement to prove that targets are mentally deranged. That is why authorities want to send you to a psychiatrist whom they customarily use and can depend on to render a verdict that is in keeping with their accusations. If you are forcefully made to see a psychiatrist, remember that it is your right to refuse treatment. Know that mental incompetence cannot be proved by your words and actions alone, and that the state and local law enforcement have no power to act unless your actions have the potential of harming yourself and others. If authorities do insist on your seeing a shrink, demand that the psychiatrist also possess knowledge of directed energy, electrical and radio theory, high tech communications, organized stalking, and even electronic stalking and mind control. That will, of course, limit the possibilities to only a few psychiatrists. Notwithstanding, targets should make every effort NOT to look insane by falling into the attackers well laid traps. Despite your frustrations and the attackers drivel through V2K, do not act irrationally. -- Remember that if you are made to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, you have the right to refuse treatment. As early as 1973, the American Hospital Association established patients rights known at the HICA Act. Of those twelve rights of the AHA, the fourth one gives the patient the right to refuse treatment. Today Federal and state laws reaffirm that right. -- De-emphasize self. Many targets become obsessed with what the attackers do to their minds and bodies. That is quite natural and understandable. However, targets should train their minds to think beyond themselves and instead reach out to their pastimes, hobbies, and to others. Reducing the attention to self is a very important defense tool for targets. -- Make special efforts to stay in contact with family members and friends, for the attackers concentrate on isolating you from society. Maintaining contact will not be easy. The attackers will fill your minds with negative thoughts about those people. Moreover, the attackers will have hacked your computer and tapped your phone lines. I recently got a call on my cell phone that showed the phone number of good friends, a man and woman couple. The person who called pretended to be the woman; however, the female speaker spoke with an accent and the voice was most certainly not that of my friend. Moreover, she ended with an exaggerated good-byeeeeee, which would have been totally out of character for my friend. That meant that the caller had used my friends telephone service provider to be able to make the call through my friends' account; otherwise, the real number of the impostor would have appeared on my phone. The caller probably wanted me to say something later to my friends about the call to make me appear crazy. I did not mention the call to them.

The attackers will cause problems with your computer and will intercept your emails to others and also those that come from others. They will also suddenly cut off phone conversations, create static that makes talking impossible, cause your voice to echo (only you will be able to hear those echoes), and sometimes divert the calls so that their accomplices answer. Manipulation of your communications system is ultra important to the attackers plan to isolate and frustrate you. -- Record the attackers actions and your thoughts about them in a diary, or journal. Those thoughts will change over time as you learn increasingly more about your attackers. Their REA tactics will also change, becoming increasingly more complex as they go through their repertory of capabilities. It is very important for you to describe the attackers electronic and mind control actions accurately and to record in great detail the sensations that you feel and your reactions to those actions. Record the day, date, and hour that particular actions occur. You may see a pattern in the timing. Their actions will normally occur in the evening while you sleep, as you present an immobile target for them and there is less electromagnetic atmospheric interference. Keep a flashlight, watch, notepad, and pen underneath your pillow or nearby to record those actions. -- Be observant. The attackers, of course, count on your not having proof of their electronic stalk and mind control activities. Watch people, places, and objects carefully. Record your reactions when you see anything that looks even slightly odd. Videotape anything that happens out of the ordinary: blinking lights, anomalies in your emails, etc. Record any unusual sounds: loud noises that occur in or around the house, etc. However, do not let yourself develop paranoia over those events. Also, check out the law in your state. Some states make videotaping others a crime. -- Do not constantly look for perps and perp signals. Although you should be observant, do not fall into the trap of seeing perps wherever you go and looking for well known signals that perps are supposed to use. Some targets who used to be perfectly sane now have all of the markings of a paranoid schizophrenic because they imagine that everything they see or hear is perp-related. The real perps want that to happen. -- Remember precedents. Think back over previous events and actions. You had to have been targeted at some point in time. By recalling people, occasions, and incidents, you will probably get a very good idea about when, by whom, and even how you were targeted. Particularly think about any medical procedures, shots, and inoculations that you had prior to your electronic stalking and mind control experiences. -- Thwart the efforts of the attackers and defy them. As time goes on, you will see that certain actions on your part affect the capabilities of the attackers. You will also learn things that annoy the attackers. I enjoy singing monotonous ditties and repeating a phrase or a sentence for hours at a time (silently, through thought) as I work and putter. That action incenses them. Laugh at your attackers and try to make their lives as miserable and difficult as they attempt to make yours. It works. Remember that behind the REA lie humans (I call them sub-humans). As vile, evil, and hard as they might be, those humans can be affected by your thoughts and actions against them. -- Stay alert. The attackers will attempt to make you do irrational things by whispering instructions and suggestions into your brains. Know this. Give much thought to your

actions because of that. Remember that one of the major objectives of the attackers is to make you look crazy. Be very careful of their deception. -- Work to change the narrow mindset of the medical community about REA. I am quite certain that at least some psychiatrists recognize the reality of REA without admitting it. -- Submit written complaints to local law enforcement. Get the complete name of the officer to whom you submit your report. It is very important that the reports be presented in writing so that YOU can word the complaint like you wish. Otherwise, the person with whom you are talking will write it the way he wants to, probably noting that you are nuts. Ask the officer to whom you submit your complaint to sign it. Others have done this and the officers have refused. If the officer refuses to sign, record that in your notes and let him see you doing it. Your complaints will probably never be entered by law enforcement in their crime statistics. Mine were not and neither were those of other targets with whom I have corresponded. Law enforcement wants no record of your complaints about REA. -- Contact your Representatives and Senators in writing. Petitions are meaningless. Write individual letters. It is important that your correspondence be done in writing (emails or letters), as their employees may include an accomplice plant who will not record and advise higher-up authorities of telephone calls. This will of course reveal your real name. It is time for victims to stop hiding and let the public know what is actually going on in this country. Our reluctance to do so has allowed electronic torture and mind control to go unchallenged probably for decades. In addition, send copies of your letters to local and state officials, particularly the sheriffs office and the attorney generals office. Do not expect answers or acknowledgements of receipt. Unless overwhelming pressure is laid on the backs of leadership, nothing will be done. Congresspersons, themselves being protected, are probably blithely unaware of electronic stalking and mind control and the possibility of national and local law enforcement in that activity. However, they cannot ignore thousands of letters of complaint. There is strength in numbers, and the number of victims is growing every day. -Seek out other victims of REA and network with those victims in comparing your symptoms, your thoughts, and information that you have found on REA. That organization can also become a meaningful support system for you. In the United States, Derrick C. Robinson, a TI and also a U. S. Armed Forces veteran, heads a pro-active organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) whose address is info@freedomfchs.com. There are other similar organizations worth joining. -Maintain the life style that is normal to you to the extent possible. Targets often let their targeting become their way of life. They relocate from place to place. They continually look for and experiment with shielding. They spend every waking moment on the computer communicating with other targets and writing to forums, phoning other targets, and thinking about their particular problem. They come to believe that every person and every action somehow relates to their targeting. When targets allow their situations to consume their total time, they sacrifice family and friend relationships, give up their hobbies and pastimes, and often neglect their appearance and their health. Indeed, no target asks for the electronic stalking and mind control activities that he receives. Yet, targets must try to balance their life to include activities other than those related to REA. Remember that every person with whom

you are in contact is not a perp. There are still wonderful people out there. -Do not consider suicide an option. Your attackers, through sleep deprivation, electronic torture, mind control, social isolation, induced anxiety, and other ways will attempt to make you take your own life. That is a part of the script. Do not oblige them. The FFCHS has recently begun collecting notarized statements from members who swear that they will never take their own lives. We call it a No-Suicide-Ever pact. This was considered necessary because some targets die under very mysterious circumstances that are recorded as suicides. -Do not act kooky. Because of their targeting, many victims dress with several layers of clothes, even in summertime. Others will wear tin foil on their heads and underneath their caps. I know of one target who actually wears a large metal pot over her head when she goes out in public. No wonder people think that targets are crazy. Dress and act normally. Do not call attention to yourself by dressing and acting like an escapee from a mental institution. -- Do NOT allow the attackers to force you to move. They will often try to force targets to leave their houses and even their hometowns. I have never known a target who improved his situation by moving. Targets who do move will normally end up drifting from location to location, getting out of touch with friends and relatives along the way, and ending up alone in shelters or on the street. Stand your ground. -- Do not spend money on devices/methods that are supposed to shield against or neutralize the electronic attacks unless you are wealthy. They simply do not work on a sustained basis. The intelligence community and the Secret Service must necessarily know a way to guard against or neutralize the attacks, but that defensive device/method is still a closely guarded secret, which they are unwilling to share with the general public. In other words, the powerbrokers are protected; you are not.. Defying the attackers I am very defiant of the attackers, and I go on with my life despite their electronic and mind control effects and the resulting annoyances and inconveniences. The attackers recognize that although they can bother me, they cannot beat me down. On two occasions, the attackers have invited me to join them. I laughed, called them a few choice names, and told them, Not in 500,000,000 years!!!! Whether their offers are real or more deception, the attackers know that I will NEVER sell out to them. Over the last few months, the attackers have attacked the outside of my right nostril. I can feel a distinct tingling in that location that is anything but natural. First a very sensitive brown spot appeared there and then a small indentation. More recently, I have noticed a white spot about a quarter of an inch in diameter on my chin, where the tingling also occurs. Like my nose and ears, that spot becomes covered with a film, except that instead of feeling crusty, it feels soft. The hairs of my beard are thicker and much more numerous in that small area. The attackers may be trying to cause skin cancer or melanoma. The attackers know that I use smokeless tobacco, and they want the cancer to appear to be tobacco-related. I visited a Monroe dermatologist in the summer of 2009 to have a record of that induced malady. The doctor did biopsies on the two spots and found the one on my nostril was basal

cell carcinoma. He wanted to set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon to remove the cancerous growth, and he was dismayed when I told him that I would not seek nor accept treatment. I candidly explained that the spot was induced and that the attackers could and probably would only cause cancer in additional places. I gave him a copy of this same paper to read. I do not know whether he read it or not. Two years later, however, mindful that one of the aims of the attackers is to disfigure their victims, I finally made an appointment with a surgeon. He removed the carcinoma on September 12, 2011. The attackers occasionally continue to visit that spot. We shall see what happens. Electronic torture and mind control have been employed for decades. Why have they not been curtailed? Here is why: (1) Targets have suffered in silence. Only with the advent of the internet have targets begun to perform research and reach out to other victims. Most of that communication has transpired during the last ten years or less. The internet is the last bastion of communication freedom. The powerbrokers have not yet contrived a way to limit and control its use. (2) Targets have wasted too much time in complaining to each other and have gotten bogged down in self-pity. That does not at all mean that we should stop supporting and communicating with each other; yet, that should not be an end in itself. Targets should become activists instead of habitual complainers. (3) Targets have depended on law enforcement, national government, and international bodies to investigate and stop the electronic torture and mind control. They are correct is doing so; however, only those agencies of the government that are most likely to engage in REA or aid the perpetrators or allow them free rein in operating have the necessary expertise to investigate. (4) Targets have remained anonymous. Most targets are reluctant to use their real names for fear that it will alienate family members and friends and make the targets appear crazy. I first wrote this paper under a pseudonym. However, when I realized that that did not serve the interest of the targeted community, I changed the name of the author to my real name. Targets can best defend themselves against the attackers by learning to use their minds. By developing their own type of psychology against the attackers psychology, targets can offset many of the effects of both the physical and the neurological attacks. In developing that psychology, they must start with the premise that the attackers can harm targets only if targets let them. Every facet of that self-made psychology must be based on positivism as opposed to negativism. Taking Our Country Back As a longtime victim of electronic and mind control assault, I am now also a dissident American. My attackers sometimes tell me telepathically that I am an extremist and unAmerican. I reply that I am now indeed extremist and that if THEY are Americans, I am now most definitely UN-American. For the last time in this article, I repeat that electronic assault and mind control CANNOT be carried out without high-up government knowledge of, cooperation with, and protection of the attackers. Certain members of the national executive branch of the government have to pull the REA strings. Government leaders who sponsor this type of sick socio-politico operative can never

succeed. Instead, they create many dissidents and malcontents who will eventually weaken this government and force its collapse. If targets have violated the law, let them be formally accused and be able to defend themselves before their accusers. That is the American way -or it used to be before George W. Bush. The Declaration of Independence rests on the principles of unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, It further enjoins that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it . . . . No target of electronic and mind control assault possesses a meaningful life, and he most certainly finds it difficult to pursue liberty and happiness. Targets of REA who cannot find protection under any of the three levels of government -- national, state, and local -- have every right to seek the end of that non-responsive and non-protective government. The so-called Patriot Act of 2001 took away most of the individual rights of Americans. (Dont you love the names given to those laws that usurp our freedom?) We are supposedly fighting extremists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, and other countries who supposedly want to take away those freedoms. Guess what. The American Government has beaten them to it. Every targetand every citizen--I know probably would rather take his chances with terrorists than to surrender his personal rights and submit to relentless and continuous electronic and mind control torture. Protection from terrorists, the pretended purpose of the Patriot Act, cannot be compared with the preservation of our American rights. Voting out the self-serving leadership and replacing them with others equally unaccountable to the American people cannot be the solution to the current problem. Every administration represents only a regime change with the status quo remaining static. During my targeting, the attackers have been pushing me increasingly farther to the left. Perhaps their aim was to make me increasingly anti-government so that I would do something irrational. Perhaps their plan was that I go crazy, run out with an AK-47, and murder people, perhaps those whom the attackers had convinced me through subliminal messages were part of the plot. That will not happen. Knowing that, their next move is probably to try to have me committed to a mental hospital, to arrest me on charges of domestic terrorism, or perhaps murder me and make it look like a suicide, a home invasion, or a street robbery. Regardless of the consequences, I shall continue my objective of bringing down the powerbrokers, along with their cronies and foot servants, and seeing them punished, establishing a government in which citizens full rights are restored, setting up clinics and instituting systems for deprogramming targets, and eliminating the possibility of American citizens EVER becoming victims again of electronic stalking and mind control. Conspiracies can be defeated. My personal goal is to bring down the Federal Government, which no longer represents the interests of the American people, and re-establish our Constitutional rights under another government or another form of government. I will work day and night to bring that about. If good fortune smiles upon me, I have probably another quarter of a century left to accomplish that, working with others of like minds. Summary

This paper is long. Let me summarize in few words the above material. A target is targeted for life; sometimes that is many years. Only governments and their power brokers (using taxpayer money) have the power, finances, manpower, and other resources required to invent, employ, and sustain in total secrecy the devices and methods used for electronic assault and mind control and continue those efforts against targets sometimes for decades. It appears that the objective of the powerbrokers who control the USA is to have the capability to monitor the entire population. Many of those monitored will be singled out as targets of perpetual electronic and mind control assault. Others will be monitored at random or on an as-needed basis. Countries such as the United States, Israel, Russia, probably China, and others have long experimented with directed energy weapons and mind control. Conspiratorial-type talk is making the circles now concerning the governments aim to cause a domestic conflict that will give them an excuse to intervene militarily. The military is supposed to have orders to herd much of the population into concentration camps on or near military posts and bases. That Homeland Security has established concentration camps in various parts of the country is now confirmed. What happens to those people incarcerated can only be guessed at. Congress recently (December 3, 2011) passed a bill that would allow the executive branch the power to imprison any American that it deemed an enemy without ever bringing him to trial. In other words, Congress is capitulating to the executive branch and legalizing a virtual dictatorship. Only the government and the power brokers who control the government can direct the intelligence community and law enforcement on every level of government either to engage in REA or refuse to investigate it perhaps both. OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE SHOUTS THAT REA MUST NECESSARILY INVOLVE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and very probably government on the state and local levels. Secrets of the atomic bomb, space craft, stealth air planes, and other cutting-edge, high-tech objects remained very closely guarded for years; yet, eventually those secrets leaked out. Much attention is being focused on electronic and mind control assault and a massive amount of information is being disseminated concerning its origin. Some of that information is probably right on target; other planted misinformation probably only confuses the issue. The point is that one day, probably in the very near future, the secrets of electronic torture and mind control by remote will also be revealed. In the meantime, productive and intelligent American citizens daily fall victim of electronic and mind control assault. Their lives are ruined, and many of them lose their lives to that silent death or commit suicide. Most of those victims have already lost all faith in their government to protect them and have even lost their belief in democracy. I invite readers to study the cases of victims of electronic torture and mind control in the United States and then argue that those victims would be worse off under Chinese Communist, Iranian, or Russian rule than under so-called American democracy. If such electronic torture and mind control can take place in the cradle of democracy, why should targets support that democracy? The irony of the high-tech knowledge used by the U. S. Government for electronic stalking and mind control on its citizens is not lost on informed American citizens. According to an April 2010 CNN survey, four out of five Americans distrust their government. While the evil

practice of REA is being conducted on this country's citizens, the U. S.'s ranking with other industrialized countries in production output, literacy, mortality, and education drops increasingly lower. At the same time, the U. S. is engaged in endless military actions without declarations of war, its unemployment rate has surged above a ten per cent average, much of its industry has shut down permanently, its deficit is frightening, its banking institution has collapsed and remains in shambles, millions of Americans have lost their homes, disparity between rich and poor widens, crime continues to increase, unemployment and welfare rolls continue to expand, and Congress has sunk to the lowest no-confidence status ever registered in our history. Sooner or later the powerbrokers must assert complete control over the citizenry to maintain the status quo. That appears to be in 2010 the direction in which the leaders of the United States of America are heading. The powerbrokers, using their high-tech remote capabilities and a legal system that run counter to the Constitution, are probably close to their goal of achieving complete control. If the Government of the United States of America is not involved in electronic stalking and mind control, it should be acutely concerned about that activity, for almost all targets blame the government for their targeting. The United States of America is sinking into an abyss of high-tech crime, much of it generated and protected by the very forces sworn to uphold the law. Even when the forces behind this crime are exposed and they will be it is very likely that they will not be brought to justice. Thus, nothing will change for targeted individuals. The technology is already out there for anyone powerful enough to acquire and utilize it. [This paper is based on my own experiences, a very long and lucid memory, my journal entries, in-depth and ongoing research, logic and reasoning, and correspondence with hundreds of other targets. The opinions formed from those sources are my own. Should you wish to contact me, my email address is mindovermonster@yahoo.com.]