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July 6, 2012

ADAPs with Waitin Lists w ng (1,958ind dividuals in 9 states*, as of July 5, 2012) n , y

Num mber of Individu uals on ADAP P Waiting List 118 45 524 16 270 1 139 275 570 Increase e/Decrease from Previo Reportin ous ng Period 13 -3 19 0 13 0 -2 10 -3

State Alabama Florida Georgia Idaho L Louisiana** Montana Nebraska No orth Carolina a Virginia

o Percent of the Total ADAP Waiting List W 6% 3% 27% 2 0.8% 0 14% 1 0% 7% 14% 1 29% 2

te Dat Waiting Lis Began st Ap 2012 pril Ju 2010 une Ju 2010 uly Febr ruary 2011 Ju 2010 une Jan nuary 2008 Oct tober 2011 Jan nuary 2010 Nove ember 2010

*As a result of FY2011 ADA emergenc funding, Al o AP cy labama, Flori ida, Georgia, Idaho, Louis siana, Montan North na, Carolina, South Carolina, Ut and Virgin were able to reduce t overall nu h tah nia e the umber of indi ividuals on th heir waiting lists. **Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their prog d gram. This n number repre esents their c current unme need. et

ADAPs wi Other Cost-contai ith C inment Str rategies: Fi inancial Eligibility (ins stituted sin Septem nce mber 2009 , as of Apr 19, 2012 ril 2) Six AD DAPs have previously lowered the financia eligibility as part of their cost-containme plans p l eir al y f ent since September 2009. Illin r nois, North Dakota, Ohio and Sou Carolin lowered their eligib h uth na bility level to 300 % FPL. Utah lowered th heir eligibil level to 250% FPL, and Arkan lity o , nsas lowere their elig ed gibility leve el to 200 FPL. Pre 0% eviously, all states ha FPLs of 400% and ab ad 4 bove. As a result of t these measures, a tota al of 445 individual in three states, Ark 5 ls kansas (99), Ohio (257 ), and Utah (89), were disenrolle h e ed. Illinois s, North Dakota, an South Ca nd arolina gran ndfathered their clien that fel within the income le d nts ll e evels into their programs. No other ADAPs curre A ently antici ipate furthe changes to their fin s nancial elig gibility. er

ADAPs wit Other Co th ost-contain nment Stra ategies (in nstituted si ince April 1, 2009, a of April 1 2012) as 11, Alabama: reduced fo ormulary, ca apped enro ollment Arkansas: reduced fo rmulary A r Florid reduced formulary transitio da: y, oned 5,403 clients to W Welvista fro Februar 15 to Ma om ry arch 31, 201 11 Geo orgia: reduc formula ced ary, implem mented me edical criter ria, participating in th Alternat he tive Method d Demons stration Pro oject Illinois: redu uced formu ulary, instit tuted mont thly expend diture cap ( ($2,000 per client per month), r r disenrolled clients no accessing ADAP for 90-days d ot g Kentucky: reduced fo K ormulary Louis siana: disco ontinued re eimburseme of labor ent ratory assa ays Nor Carolina reduced formulary rth a: d y North Dak kota: cappe enrollme ed ent, institu uted annual expenditu cap l ure Pu uerto Rico: reduced f : formulary Tennessee: reduced fo T ormulary duced form mulary Utah: red Virg ginia: reduc formul ced lary, restric cted eligibility criteria transitio a, oned 204 cli ients onto w waiting list t Was shington: instituted client cost sharing, red c s duced form mulary, only paying ins y surance pre emiums for r clie ents curren on anti retrovirals ntly Wyoming: capp enrollm ped ment, reduc formula ced ary, institu uted client cost sharin ng A ADAPs Cons sidering Ne ew/Additional Cost-co ontainmen Measures (before M nt s March 31, 2 2013***) Alaska: reduce form mulary Califo ornia: instituting clien cost sharing nt Georgia: institu uting client cost shari t ing Vir rginia: enro olling client into PCIP ts Ps
***March 31, 2013 is the end of ADAP FY2012 ADAP fisca years begin April 1 and ends March 3 s A 2. al n 31.

Acces to Medic ss cations: Ca manage ase ement servi ices are be ing provide to ADAP waiting lis clients ed st throug ADAP (1 ADAP), Part B (5 ADA gh APs), contra acted agenc cies (7 ADA APs) and other agencie includin es, ng other Parts of Ry White (4 ADAPs). yan ( For clients on AD waiting lists who are current on or in need of m DAP g tly n medications, nine ADA waiting AP list states confirm that ADA waiting list clients are receivi medica AP ing ations throu either ugh pharm maceutical company patient assis p stance prog grams (PAP Welvista or other mechanism available Ps) a, ms e within the state. n .
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