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Im Heirvy C. Nicolas, currently 4th year student, taking up BS. Business Administration Major in Marketing. Our school requires its students to render 300hours of on the job training in any company of our choice. I was accepted by United Coconut Planters Bank HO (UCPB) and was assigned in Consumer Loans Division. The trainings objective is to be acquainted with the process or flow of the operations of the Consumer Loans Division. The CLD have 3 Major products, Auto Loan, Real Estate Load and Personal Loan. These are the 3 units that I should pass to complete the training, the Marketing Department, Documentation Department and Loans Operations/Accounting Department. Each department obviously has different functions but they work as a team. Without the Marketing Department, no clients can be generated. Without the Documentations Department, papers needed to apply for loan cant be processed. Finally, without the Accounting Department, there will be chaos in terms of the payments of the clients. They cant work without each other. Since I have to learn the whole process of Consumer Loans, Ms. Kamille endorsed me first in the Marketing Department. It is located at the ground floor. In my first week, I was assigned in Auto Loans-Marketing. Sir RJ oriented me about their products. Then he handed me over to Sir Carlo to be my supervisor. I met some of his people and assigned me to do CMAP/NFIS/File Check. This job is quite important because its a way to check if the client applying for Auto Loan doesnt have criminal records in other banks and in the court. Ive been doing it for 1 week. While there are no applications to be checked, I helped in requesting for Credit Investigation (CI) and send it to the outsource company. I was only briefed in credit scoring and etc. After 1 week, I was transferred in the Real Estate Loans-Marketing. I was handled by Ms. Mitzi and handed me to different people to orient me about their products. I assisted in CMAP/NFIS/File Check on the first day. Compared to the Auto Loans Department-Marketing, they dont outsource, they request for CI in the CI department of UCPB which is located in the 4th floor. Then Ms. Belle and Ms. Jessica oriented me about the Booking, Reviewing and Releasing of papers of the client. The following day, I was passed to Ms. Kaye and Sir Luis for orientation of CRAM. Sir Luis asked me to make 2 CRAMs before going home. Ms. Jessica permitted me to join her in meeting the client, Mr. And Mrs. Robles. Week after, Sir Luis told me that the CRAM I made was approved, I felt happy because its something that the boss and the clients will see. After 1 week, I transferred to Personal Loan-Marketing. Ms. Carla is my supervisor. She oriented me about their 2 products, which are the Yes Loan and the Personal Loan. The difference is that Yes Loan is lending money to a companys employees while Personal Loan is for individuals. After passing through all the departments in the Marketing Division, I was transferred to the Documentation Department. I stayed there for more than 4 weeks! I really enjoyed it. Maybe because of the people I worked with. Same thing happened, Ms. Gina orientated me about their functions. I was first assigned in the Personal Loans-Documentation. Sir Mike, Sir Gerald, Ms. Agape and Ms. Rein where my bosses because Ms. Gina is always busy. They are the one who gives me tasks. I enjoyed printing Promissory Notes, Amortizations Schedules and Disclosure Statements. In my opinion, Its the biggest tasked assigned to me because if I made a mistake the clients will have to go back to UCPB to sign the papers again. I made a few mistakes but I managed to fix it. When there is no printer available, I was stamping PN numbers. It was a bit stressful because when I stamp, its like I stamped ink in the fingers too. Then I was assigned to Real Estate Loans-Documentation. In Real Estate, Ms. Aims, Ms. Rona and Sir Jake were my bosses who give me tasks. At first I was assigned to encode RETR and Tax Dec Nos. When there is nothing to be encoded I was tasked to return the files in the vault. Is fun though, because it made my slight OC personality to show. Everything must be alphabetical! Before returning the files, I alphabetize it first and arrange it according to their storage cabinet number to be more efficient. I like it inside the vault because its quiet and Im alone and I can use my iPod! Then I was transferred in Auto Loans-Documentation. My bosses in Auto were Ms. Alpha, Ms. Arvee, Ms. Mace and Sir Anton. They tasked be to input stuff in the CBS. Its fun too because I see what cars models are in right now. For insurance related problems, Sir Van and Sir Joseph are the one who clients talk to. My favorite part to do when Im doing nothing is to check the clients monthly salary. I know its wrong but it makes me survey what companies give a good salary to their employees. I really had a fun time while in I was in Documentations Department because Ms. Gina is so nice and my officemates. The best part it, they always give me food and I normally eat lunch with them in the pantry. For the last process of the training, I was assigned to the Loans Operation/Accounting. Im not really fond of numbers thats why I took up Marketing. I only stayed for a 2 weeks until my hours are over. In the Accounting Department, there are also people handling different products but mostly they do the same. Ms. Cecile is my supervisor and she oriented me about their function. She also told me that I would be having an exam every after task. I was first taught how to book by Ms. Criszel. Mostly, its composed of Debit, Credit and the General Ledger. She also taught me how to generate PN numbers. Before, I taught PN numbers were assigned or continuous. Then I took an exam day after, I perfected it. Well, I had to practice many times because I took Accounting 101 when I was in my 1st year in college. Then, Sir Nestor taught me the trial balance and the difference between SL and GL. Sir Mel taught me how to make Statement of Account. Ms. Veronica taught me how to close the General Ledger. Sir Andy taught me how to make edit the accounts if the client applied during 2009 below because there is a new system; there is a gap between the new accounts and the old ones. Ms. Joy taught me about posting which comes from payments by clients from different branches. Ms. Jane taught me how to do Billing and Batch Approval. Mostly, the Accounting Department is very centralized. During my Internship here in UCPB, I came across different people. I also gained new friends, which, I hope Ill get in touch often. I lead a presentation, in my opinion, is satisfactory. The best par t of the training is the allowance. I turned down other companies because they dont give out allowance. Its too far and the work is toxic and there is no allowance. Here in UCPB, the work in not that toxic and there is an allowance. During my stay, I learned how loans are processed, how to commute from home to Makati, ate at the Jollyjeep, make new friends, budget your allowance, treat your officemates with merienda, work overtime, wake up early in the morning and etc. I suggest that the training should include the Collections Department. I really want to go there but the training grid doesnt require it. I hope you include it next time! I think its a fun experience. Thank you for giving the opportunity to train in your company! I hope you give me another opportunity like this when I graduate. Thank you Ms. Kams! Thank you Ms. Stella! Thanks you Ms. Alma! Thank You Ms. Rosario Dayrit! Thank you HRD for the opportunity!