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Note: Procedure-Aimcats for CAT-12 Students

Dear Student, The objective of this note is to introduce you to various processes we shall be following for the Test-series program.

Type of Aimcats: a) Invigilated Aimcats: You will be taking these tests in actual stimulated
environment at TIME centres/labs. To take these tests, student has to book his slot (date, time and venue), through his SHP. A student is free to choose any TIME Centre in Delhi/Noida or TIME designated labs. List of all venues will be uploaded on your SHP. b). Non-Invigilated Aimcats: You will be taking these tests from your office/home/cyber caf. But, you still have to book your slot (date and time only). Students, who do not have computer system or net connection at home, can use Computer lab at CP-I (Scindia house). But to use lab, student has to make his booking for computer system after booking his slot. They can approach any TIME staff at RKA/NMS for computer booking. Students are suggest to use standard browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox to take these tests, as these tests may not work properly with browsers like Safari and Opera. You also have to ensure that you have turned off the pop blocker, as test window will open with a pop-up window. c). Paper based: These aimcats will be conducted on OMR sheet and it will be in a printed format. Venue and time for the same will be announced later on.

Schedule Comlpete schedule of Aimcats has been uploaded on SHP of every student. Student Homepage
Student has to register himself on our website (one time procedure) www.time4education.com using his TIN/Card No. as the login id. While registering, student should tick on the check box mentioning that, I am a TIME student. Once you complete the registration process, password to access SHP will be sent to your email id. Incase you do not receive password through email; please inform us through email/phone. Students are advised to check the access to their SHP on regular basis as students who have not paid their full fees or have not submitted the discount proof against the discount they have taken or have not completed the documentation process at the time of enrolment, their access to SHP will be blocked automatically. Since it is a software based system, this exercise takes place on every Wednesday, please check your access to SHP as per the date of booking accordingly. Incase of any issue related to access, please let us know ASAP, and we also be needing some time to restore as it has to be done manually.

Other Important Points

a. b. c. d. e.

Slots are available on first come first serve basis. Slot once booked can not be cancelled. Student should carry his/her TIME I-card while going for aimcats For invigilated aimcats, rough sheets will be provided to students, and they should submit the same to TIME staff after the test is over. All students are encouraged to write these tests. Students who have just started their coaching with us are also encouraged to write these tests as it will give them some idea about the level they have to target along with the pattern and difficulty level etc.

f. In general, slots for a particular Aimcat shall be opened before 5 days g. h.

from the actual date of the aimcat. Slots will be opened in a systematic manner/gradually in different phases, based on the consumption of the slots. Incase you are not able to submit the non-invigilated aimcat properly, you should send your responses in an excel sheet (Question Number/Response marked) through email to us @ delhi.cp@time4education.com with a cc to gaurav.wadhwa@time4education.com. Please mention your name and TIN in the excel sheet and Not able to submit aimcat as your subject line.

Missed Aimcats

Incase any student misses any aimcat/s; s/he will not get the same immediately but will be given/uploaded to their homepage towards the end of the course. (Approx. in Sept.)

Help Desk

Phone No. 47626300 Email: delhi.cp@time4education.com You can contact us for any issue related to password generation/slot booking or any other issue. Please send your suggestions/issues through email with CC to gaurav.wadhwa@time4education.com. All emails shall be replied with in 3 days. Incase of urgency, please contact us telephonically/Mention Urgent in the subject line of your email. We wish you all the Best! Happy Learning! T.I.M.E. Connaught Place

*Basic Troubleshooting for non-invigilated aimcats

- Use updated version of standard browsers like IE/Firefox. - Cross check that you have turned off the pop-up blocker from the menu. - If you have downloaded any toolbar like yahoo/msn/google, you may have to turn off the pop-up blocked in this tool bar as well. - Incase there is power failure/disruption in net connection while taking test, your test will resume from the last point of attempt. However, you are advised to cross check the saved responses through review window.