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Which food product you prefer for your baby? Particulars Instant Baby Food Home Made Food Total No. of respondents 80 20 100

Instant Baby Food Home Made Food



From the sample of 100, we had found 80% of respondents prefer instant baby food for their babies.


To which income group you belong? Income Categories Below Rs. 6,000 No. of respondents 5

Rs. 6,000 - Rs. 8,000 Rs. 8,000 - Rs. 10,000 Above Rs. 10,000 Total
Below 6,000 8,000-10,000
5% 25%

25 20 50 100
6,000-8,000 Above 10,000

50% 20%

From the sample of 100, we have found that 50% of population is falling in income category of above Rs. 10,000. 25% of population is falling in category of Rs. 6,000- Rs. 8,000. 20% falls under category of Rs. 8,000- Rs. 10,000 and only 5% population comes under the category of below Rs. 6,000.


Which brand would you like to prefer for your baby? Brand name Cerelac Farex Nestogen Lactogen Total
Cerelac Nestogen
0% 5% 15%

No. of respondents 5 25 20 50 100

Farex Lactogen

Rank 1 3 4 2


From the above, it is clear 80% of respondents prefer Cerelac and the brand is highly influential and well accepted in the market. Nestogen is 0% and is less influential and it has to go very long way to compete with other brands. Farex rates 5% and Lactogen rates 15%.


What is your purchasing criteria for the product? Particulars Price Quality Brand Convince Total No. of respondents 15 56 16 13 100

13% 16%





We can infer from the table that main criteria for purchasing baby food is its quality and 56% of the respondents look for good quality of baby food. 16% of respondents prefer brand, 15% price and 13% of respondents prefer convince as their criteria for purchasing baby food.


How frequently do you purchase the product? Particulars Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Total No. of respondents 10 30 60 100




30% 60%

From this table, it is clear 60% of respondents purchase baby food monthly.


At what age do you prefer giving instant food? Particulars From 4 months From 6 months From 8 months From 10 months Total
From 4 months From 8 months
5% 20%

No. of respondents 25 50 20 5 100

From 6 months From 10 months


Majority 50 number of respondents are using baby food for their six months old baby followed by four months (25), eight months 20 and 10 months (5) respectively.


Have you taken the advice of doctor before the consumption of product? Particulars Yes No Total No. of respondents 90 10 100




Table depicts that 90% of the respondents consult a doctor before feeding the baby food to their infants.


What is your motive behind purchasing of food? Particulars To make the baby strong and healthy No. of respondents 20

To give baby extra nutrition 15 It is suitable for baby's health 5 It is made according to baby's health needs 60 Total 100 Marketers must know the intention of consumer before making the
Strong & Healthy Suitable for Health

Extra nutrition Health Needs

60% 5%


marketing strategy. The main intention or motive behind putting this questionnaire is to find out basic reasons behind purchasing the baby health food. This table clearly shows parents do believe that home food is not sufficient for the growth of the child, so in order to make baby strong, 60% of respondents believe product is made according to baby's health needs. 20% say it makes baby strong and healthy, 15% says it provides extra nutrition to the baby, and so on.


What according to you, is the influencing factor for buying the product? Particulars Relatives Self-decision Advertisement Any other Total
Relatives Advertisement
5% 5% 20%

No. of respondents 05 20 70 05 100

Self-decision Any other


From the selected sample size that is 100 people, only 20% buy the product because of their own decision and 10% buy product because of other reason and 70% (majority) person buy product because of the influence of the advertisement. 10. What is your purchasing quantity for buying the product? Particulars One Pouch One Tin No. of respondents 10 65

More than one Pouch More than one Tin Total

One pouch More than one pouch
5% 20% 10%

20 05 100
One Tin More than one tin


According to this table, 65% of respondents like to purchase one tin, 20% like to purchase more than one pouch. 10% one pouch and only 5% like to purchase more than one tin.


Are you satisfied with the product you are using? Particulars Yes No Total No. of respondents 85 15 100




85% respondents say that they are satisfied with their product.


What are your future expectations from the product? Particulars Low price Free gifts Attractive Packages Sign of purity Total
Low price Attractive package

No. of respondents 20 10 10 60 100

Free gifts Sign of purity


10% 60% 10%

60% of respondents expect sign of purity, 20% expect low price, 10% expect free gifts and attractive packaging in future from the product.

Consumer decision making process and level of involvement Low involvement purchase Nominal decision making Problem recognition Selective Information search Limited internal Limited Decision making Production Recognition Generic Information search Internal Limited external Alternative evaluation Few attributes, simple decision rules, few alternatives Purchase Post purchase No dissonance Limited evaluation High involvement purchase Extended decision making Problem recognition Generic Internal search Internal External Alternative evaluation Many attributes, complex decision rules, many alternatives Purchase Post purchase Dissonance Complex evaluation

Purchase Post purchase No dissonance, very limited evaluation

Information sources of purchase decision Information Search Internal Information Actively acquired Passively acquired Low involvement learning Independent groups Personal contacts Experiential Mktg Info External Information Actively acquired

Past search

Personal experience




From the conducted market survey, we come to know about the market situation of baby health (instant food) in Yamuna Nagar City. The Nestle company's Cerelac brand baby food is well accepted in Yamuna Nagar city. Second brand is Heinz company's Farex. So here are some suggestions for the company for better performance in future. 1) Nestle must adopt some effective sales promotion schemes so that their other brands also get well accepted in Yamuna Nagar market. 2) Heinz company should adopt some strategies in order to compete with Nestle. 3) All the companies should give more stress on advertisement of their product because in this research, we found that most of respondents buy the products under the influence of advertisement. 4) All companies should try to produce the product of good quality and at reasonable price because research shows respondents prefer sign of purity.


1) In current market position, Cerelac is on the first position followed by Lactogen then Farex. 2) Most parents feed the baby instant health food after 6 months of age. 3) Most parents buy the baby health food under the influence of advertisement and because of their self decision. 4) Quality is the main basic criteria for buying the product. 5) Most of respondents prefer to purchase the baby food in tin rather than in pouch. 6) Most of the respondents motive behind purchasing the baby food is to make the baby strong and healthy. 7) Most of the respondents had consulted their doctor before using the product. 8) Most of respondents expect sign of purity in future.


NESTLE and Heinz will face some competition in the baby food mar ket when the Dutch multinational Numico Ltd., through its subsidiary company Nutricia (India) Pvt. Ltd., brings in its well-known infant cereal brands -Cow & Gate and Infacare. The company started operations in India when it bought the four-decade old brand of Anik from Hindustan Lever Ltd for an undisclosed price two years ago. Today it is getting ready to launch brands from its international portfolio. The company does not rule out the possibility of buying more local brands. The $4-billion Netherlands - based Numico is known to be a market leader in infant and specialised nutrition products. It has already brought in six of its clinical nutrition brands into the country through its subsidiary. Calgain, Renocare, Tenolip and Suplant are some of the specialised nutritional supplements which are being sold over the counter and are also recommended by doctors. The company also has infant nutritional supplements such as Nutrilon and Bebelec, which it intends bringing into India. In the recent past it has taken over a big nutrition company, GNC (General Nutrition Company), adding a host of nutrition brands to its portfolio.

There also exists another dairy whitener under the name Anik Madhur which is meant for the rural and semi-urban markets. Anik Any Time is a rich dairy mix and is available in cartons and polypacks. Nutricia claims it will spend 'substantially' on advertising to get more acceptance for its brands. All the brands are being locally manufactured at its unit in Etah in Uttar Pradesh which hitherto belonged to Hindustan Lever's dairy business.

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