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..E-ChainSystems and Chainflex cables for cranes

...Reduce cost. Improve life. Proven. with igus

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plastics for longer life

Improve technology and reduce costs! Now is the right time to optimize technologies with innovations, to improve operations and to save costs! With more than 45 years experience in design and product development for plastic polymer, igus has equipped more than 10.000 port equipment machinery applications. igus developed more than 80 new products and range enlargements in 2010. igus ship ex stock within 24 hours or at the same day! No minimum order quantities, no surcharges! Visit our industrial sector website www.igus-cranes.com! You will find detailed information, helpful online tools and more. Our crane business experts are available in all main countries around the world. Quick personal information you will get from the igus crane department in Cologne. Enjoy reading!

Theo Diehl Head of Cranes Peter Ptz international and material handling project manager, Cranes and material handling tdiehl@igus.de pp@igus.de

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The goods leave igus within 24 hrs. On request we can deliver via express or special delivery. Please inform us about your wishes.

igus has no minimum order. Just order the amount you need.

No minimum order

With warranty

Beyond the legal warranty we also vouch for wear and tear. Together with you, we define your applications parameters. With a warranty certificate!

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Where to find igus:

P4 quiet, wearresistant, for high speed page 16

...igus in cranes and harbors

PPDS Remote Condition Monitoring for heavy duty units page 35

System E4.1 Large E-Chains for all cases page 8-9 System E4/00 E-Chains with the product range page 10

E4/4 Heavy Duty E-Chains and troughs for high fill weights page 11-13

XXL material E-Chains for long unsuppoted applications page 25 New: E-Rover PowerProtective-System with misalignment control page 20

safe cost

Benefits of E-ChainSystems: Reduce cost. Improve life. Proven.

l Approved on more as 3500 RTG/RMG and over 450 STS cranes

safe money
On the next pages you will find special products for the Crane Industry. The huge igus E-Chain-program contains over 75,000 products ex stock incl. usefull accessories and Chainflex cables developed and tested for Chains. The series E4 (4-piece designed E-Chain) was designed especially for long travel applications with high fill rates and for difficult environments. Find more products in the igus main E-Chain-Catalog, for example for: l Robotics l Offshore l Heady Duty l Cleanroom l Material handling l Machine tools l and many more

and more than 5.000 additional applications e.g. spreader, main power supply, reach stacker, lifts, empty container handling systems and fork lifts
l Speeds up to 600 m/min possible, grab Cranes and STS Crane applications with 300 m/min in use l Space-saving design reduces length and height l No additional drives or control system necessary l All media in one system power, data, air, water, etc. l Low maintenance l Wind and weather resistant l Other lines and cables can be added easily (e.g. Chainflex fibre optics) l Possible travel up to 800 m with igus Rol E-Chain, applications with 500 m on STS Cranes travels in use l Possible reduction of cable length > 50 % l No loop station required l Overall steel structure can be shortened No loop station required igus E-ChainSystem example on STS Crane in Antwerp. System delivered as ReadyChain.

Order your personal catalog: www.igus.de/catalog

E-Chain Catalog pages with an overview of the igus E-ChainSystems:

The newest allrounder E-ChainSystem E4.1

One E-Chain family for all applications in cranes

plus 20%

compared to E4/00

1. Large unsupported length

kg [m]

Large unsupported length (+20% compared to E4/00) possible thanks to special stop dog, tongue and groove combination.

2. Rigidity for shear forces

Interlocking side link guarantees optimum lateral stability.

Smooth, cable friendly inner surfaces

3. Sidemounted application
Also best suited for sidemounted applications due to tongue and groove design

4 2+3

4. Cable protection
Smooth, wide solid polymer support for cables, many quickly mounted shelving options.

Low noise through integrated brake Straight run and fast assembly through inner- / outer link design

5 6
High rigidity and carrying capacity for shear forces thanks to tongue and groove design Cable-friendly rounded crossbar

5. Low noise
Integrated brake, smooth gliding surfaces; rubber dampers optional.

6. Straight run
For sidemounted applications

High push-/pull forces through tongue and groove, no camber option by flipping the outer link.

24 h or today


E-ChainSystem:E4/00 E-ChainSystem:E4/4

E-Chain family for Cranes with a large variety

KMA, mounting bracket, pivoting or locking with All-round attachment option

E-Chain family for Cranes...gliding and rolling version

KMA, mounting bracket, pivoting or locking with All-round attachment option

Highly secure double lock

High side-mount stability due overlaping grip (tongue and groove design) No sliding shoes, no loose parts Hinged snap-open removable lids along outer radius of E-Tube Lateral glide surfaces for side-mounted operation

Optimized glide surfaces

Stop dog with brake for noise reduction Strain relief elements can be integrated in the mounting bracket Wide rounded plastic crossbars, cable friendly Crossbars are removable along both radii, saves time installing and dismantling

High torsion stability Closed and open designs can be combined

Crossbars are removable along both radii, saves time installing and dismantling Wide rounded plastic crossbars, cable friendly High secure double lock

Lateral wear pads


Inner height hi [mm] 21 28 32 42 56 108 112 200 204

Inner width Bi [mm] 30 - 120 40 - 300 50 - 400 50 - 400 50 - 600 200 - 600 87 - 562 200 - 600 100 - 563

Outer width Ba [mm] 44 - 134 60 - 320 73 - 423 76 - 426 84 - 634 252 - 652 139 - 614 260 - 660 160 - 623

Outer height ha [mm] 28 42 54 64 84 140 140 236 236

Bending radius R [mm] 38 - 200 55 - 250 63 - 300 75 - 350 135 - 500 200 - 1000

210 220 280 380 400 600 640 800 840

Typical Crane applications: RTGs, RMGs, Spreader, Indoor Cranes, Man lift, Reach Stacker, ...

Typical Crane applications: STS, Goliath Cranes, RTGs, RMGs, Indoor Cranes, Bulk handling Cranes, ...

Ba Bi

Bending radius

Series radius

Inner height hi [mm] 32 42 56 80

Inner width Bi [mm] 50 - 400 50 - 400 50 - 600 50 - 600

Outer width Ba [mm] 73 - 423 77 - 427 86 - 636 100 - 650

Outer height ha [mm] 54 64 84 108

Bending R [mm] 63 - 300 75 - 350 135 - 500 150 - 1000

R hi ha

Bending Radius

2828 3838 4040 5050

200 - 1000 325 - 1000 325 - 1000

24 h or today


24 h or today


Heavy duty series

E-Chain family for cranes...

... for highest requirements

The Heavy Duty Chain family was developed in view of the following applications: l High cable loads l High speeds l Long travel lengths l Strong dirt loads The improved E4/4 Heavy Duty takes cable carrier stability to new levels. Strength and cycle life are improved by significabtly increased gliding and load bearing surfaces. E4/4 Heavy Duty takes higher push/pull forces, at the same inner dimensions as regular E4/4 series.

High torsion stability

Lateral glide surfaces for side-mounted operation

High secure double lock

Crossbars are removable along both radii, saves time installing and dismantling

Hinged snap-open removable lids along outer radius of E-Tube available, closed and open designs can be combined

Wide rounded plastic crossbars, cable friendly

Expanded gliding surface, expanded stop dog surface and bigger pin/hole surface to classic E4/4 series

Supplied from stock for the HD series: l Roller glide for the reduction of the tensile/shear forces l Extension link for large widths and for raising the load capacity l Separators for the adaptation of the interior separation in the cable layout l Mounting brackets for the fastening of the chain at fixed and moving ends Typical Crane applications: STS, Goliath Cranes, Indoor Cranes, Bulk handling Cranes, Mining Crane, ...

5050 HD X

4040 HD
5050 HD to classic 5050: Y: +120%, X: +7,5 mm 4040 HD to classic 4040: Y: +140%, X: +9 mm
Series Inner height hi [mm] 56 80 Inner width Bi [mm] 50 - 600 50 - 600 Outer width Ba [mm] 104 - 664 110 - 660 Outer height ha [mm] 84 108 Bending radius R [mm] 135 - 500 150 - 1000 With roles

High additional loads in Heavy Duty Chains


4040RHD 5050RHD



24 h or today


Rol E-Chain

Save 75% power...Driving force reduction...life time extension

10years experience
...higher fill weights with Rol-E-Extension links
l On more than 1.000 cranes with more than 10 years market experience l THE optimal solution for high additional load l Low maintenance l Strong reduction of the driving force required for moving the Energy Chain to below 25 % l Travels up to 800 m possible l Possible speeds of up to 600 m/min l Different types of rollers for optimum results in different situations l Even rolling resistance for dirty applications l System guarantee for made-to-specifications system (depends on application) Rol E-Chain, rolling, not gliding: Traditional Energy Chains operating over long distances generally gliding. Rol E-Chain has been developed with the aim of pushing back the technical limits of this kind of operation. The demands placed on Energy Chains used over long distances have continuously increased in recent years. Travel over several hundred meters sets new challenges, as do extreme Crane movement speeds at cable loads of up to 50 kg/m.

441 m one of the longest travels of igus . Travels up to 800 m possible

Push-/pull force in % Zug-/Schubkraft in %


Rol E-Chain Standard Energy Chain Fill weight 10 kg/m



200 100

175 75

100 50

50 25

0m 0m

Travel Chain length

Comparison of the power requirement between Rol E-Chain and a standard Energy Chain

Safe operation with igus Rol E-Chain


Inner height hi [mm] 32 42 56 80

Inner width Bi [mm] 50 - 400 50 - 400 50 - 600 50 - 600

Bending radius R [mm] 125 - 300 150 - 350 200 - 500 250 - 500


Inner height hi [mm] 56 80

Inner width Bi [mm] 50 - 600 50 - 600

Bending radius R [mm] 200 - 500 250 - 500

2828R 3838R 4040R 5050R

4040RHD 5050RHD

Test rig for lifetime test 24 h or today www.igus-cranes.com/rolevideo www.igus-cranes.com/role



P4: safe power

Large modular tool box system of P4 Rol E-Chain

long travels

Safe 57% energy with the new ALU guide trough

Additional widths l System P4 in 5 widths l 250 300, 350 and 400 mm inner width l AUTO-GLIDE version for all widths l Crossbars in cable friendly, rounded plastic l Safe due double lock mechanism product design award

More bending radii l System P4 in 3 bending radii: 250, 300 and 350 mm l Large radii for stiff cables and hoses l Small radii for limited space

NEW: P4.32 with new ALU guide trough l Energy-efficient solution for long travels: -57% l Highly dynamic even in cramped installation kit l Very quiet, lightweight and slim design l For fill weights up to 10 kg/m l For long travels up to 800 m l No split roller, but as offset runs smoothly

The igus P4 roller Energy Chains are the best solution for the longest travel at high speeds. They are very smooth running and energy-efficient requirements that are demanded today by many crane makers and operators. NEW: Now the aluminum guide trough range has been expanded for the series P4.32 and P4.42.

l Smooth, low noise operation through identical pitch length for links with and without rollers l Grooved roller running on continuous, plain surface l Large glide area for rollers l Rollers are integrated in to side link

Extension link heavy fill weights l Roller extension link for series P4.56 l 50% higher fill weight possible l Increased unsupported span l Maximum rigidity l Divides cross section into reasonable compartments (electric/hydraulic)

Long-life rollers l Tribo-optimized plastic rollers for all P4 systems l Wear optimized l Long cycle life l Improved rolling l Lower noise and vibration l Same pitch for roller links/chain links

Standard guide trough system l Guide trough system l Special geometry in combination with AUTO-GLIDE cross bars allows for offset upper and lower run l Strong installation kits for long life l Stainless trough segments resist corrosion and sea water
v m/s
15 10 5.0 1.0

Part No.

Inner height Outer height Inner width Outer width Bending radii Pitch hi [mm] ha [mm] 84 108 84 Bi [mm] 200 - 400** 200 - 400** 200 - 400** Ba [mm] 270 - 470 276 - 476 270 - 470 R [mm] 250 - 350** 250 - 500** 250 - 350** [T] 91 100 91

Max. travel [m] 800 800 800

Max. speed Max. Load [m/s] 10 10 10 [kg/m] 20 30 30

P4.56R.Bi. P4.80R. Bi. .0



56 80


Extension links P4.56R.Bi /Bi /Bi .

1 2 n




Technical data: Modular P4 system for very long travels and high speed: l 800 m travels and more are possible l >10 m/s speed l Heavy fill weight up to 10 kg/m l Large rolling and gliding surfaces for long cycle life l Safely on track through AUTO-GLIDE cross bars and guide trough l Same pitch for roller links/chain links
* A reduction of 3 dB(A) sounds like a 50 % reduction in the noise level to the human ear.

Noise level*
1) First Rol E-Chain from 1999, Lab test, v = 2,0 m/s 2) Outdoor test, v = 6,0 m/s each 1 m measurement distance

Travel speed igus Rol E-Chain

90 88 86 84 82 80 78

2828R 3838R 4040R 5050R 0 1999

4040RHD 5050RHD 2004

P4.56 P4.86 2008

** More sizes upon request.

24 h or today



Biggest: E4.350

Enormous size...low displacement forces...as part of series

600kg/m additional load

Roller chain links to reduce the displacement forces

E4.350: Carries heavy loads efficiently and safely Presented in 2008, now also available as a roller version for long travels with low drive force and as a standard product. Wherever harsh conditions exist, such as in offshore applications, the biggest plastic E-Chain in the world feels at home and offers the following advantages: l Available as a standard product l Fill weights up to 600 kg/m l 350 mm inner height, inner width up to 1000 mm l Resistant against corrosion, oil and seawater, maintenance-free, no lubrication points needed on joints during operation l Multiband chains possible l Matching heavy-duty guide troughs Industries: Vacuum units, oil platforms, offshore, steel mills, construction equipment, coal handling

Long travels with low drive power are now possible with Rol E-chain links for the worlds largest polymer E-chain. Designed for the use in rough environments, like Oil platforms, power plants...

Art.-Nr. Part-No. E4.350R.Bi.R.0

Innenhhe inner height hi [mm] 350

Innenbreite inner width Bi [mm] 200 - 1000

Auenhhe outer hight ha [mm] 450

Auenbreite outer width Ba [mm] 340 - 1140

Biegeradius bending radii R [mm] ab from 500

order related, 3 weeks




E-Rover: safe

...safe data...operation...power...save money...energy...CO2 /...safe data...operation...power...save money...energy...CO2

on long travels

safe operation: Power-Protective-System with misalignment control for Rubber Tired Cranes igus E-Rover: E-ChainSystem for power and data supply of rail-bound crane systems Constantly rising diesel prices and not least the environment protection make a conversion from diesel to electric drive with rubber-tired container cranes (RTGs) almost inevitable. With the E-Rover igus has developed a system that meets all requirements especially in these areas: l ompensation of lateral offsets C (+/-400 mm or according to customer specifications) l For long travels (travels of 800 m and more possible) l Interference-free data transfer through igus bus cables or igus fiber optic cables l Trouble-free even in the harshest environmental conditions (such as in underground mining) l All media can be conducted in one system l Almost maintenance-free l Can also be used for other applications with large horizontal offset

Compensation of lateral offsets for long travels

safe data: High-speed data transmission with igus fibre optics

safe money: Long travel approved system with less maintenance effort order related, 4 weeks

safe power: Switch of your diesel engine




Guidelok Slimline

...save 80% guiding trough...safe vertical guiding

vertical guiding
2m distance or more

Man lift cable, guided by Guidelok Slimline

Selective guiding elements save up to 80% trough

Guidelok Slimline: Save 80% guiding trough Especially with storage and retrieval units there exists the problem that hanging chains at high speeds and lateral accelerations swing or knock about and can lead to accidents. With the new igus Guidelok Slimline system, this risk is eliminated. l Save up to 80% troughs l aves costs and weight significantly S l or hanging systems up to 50 m high and more F l o knocking about of the chain, high reliability N through clamping lever l Faster and easier installation l onsoles can be simplified or eliminated C l Noise minimization l Easy access for servicing Clamping levers keep the E-Chain secured on track. No bouncing of the E-Chain during severe lateral movements. order related, 3 weeks

www.igus-cranes.com/vertical www.igus-cranes.com/GLSL

Large gliding surface for long cycle life

Extreme glider

XXL material

Material for E4.1 for even longer unsupported travels

More width available for more series. For further increase of E-Chain cycle life in extreme applications and very long travels. Highly wear-resistant igus plastic gliding elements with up to 70% larger gliding surface. l 7 additional sizes l For additional E-Chain series l Optimized gliding surface geometry l For long travels and highest fill weights l Gliding applications without additional components (Crossbar and glide surface are made of one piece) l Extremely wear-resistant and quiet through enlarged gliding surfaces (up to 70 %) and 150 % thicker wear pads

l 4 times longer cycle life l Smooth motion through optimized surface geometry and cushioned gliding elements l For use on new E-Chains or to retrofit existing systems

Program extension E4.1 XXL-material: Allows for up to 25 % more unsupported span and for up to 13 m of unsupported travel. Solutions with gliding E-Chains are often more elaborate and expensive than unsupported applications, because a slightly longer E-Chain and a guide trough system becomes necessary. Usually, gliding E-Chains also require more space. The new XXL-material for E-Chain series E4.1 allows for 25 % longer unsupported span and makes unsupported travels of up to 13 m possible. The strong stop dog mechanism and interlocking side links underscore the XXL unsupported aptitude. For XXL material: speed vmax=1 m/s, acceleration amax=2 m/s2

l Longer unsupported travels l Higher fill weights l Eliminates guide troughs and supports l Higher speed l Lower wear and longer cycle life l More flexibility for your application l Less space required

Load capacity test E4.56 XXL vs. larger E4.80 (right): Centered load of 11.25 kg at 4.5 m unsupported span
For series Widths xx [mm] 14040, 15050 4040, E4.56, 400 5050 .20* .20* .20* .25 .25 .25 .27* .27* .27* .28* .28* .28* .30 .30 .30 .32 .32 .32 .35 .35 .35 .37* .37* .37* Gliding surface width [mm] 32 38 43 Part No. GN Version** 450.xx.GN.S 450.xx.GN.M 450.xx.GN Part No. GS Version** 450.xx.GS.S 450.xx.GS.M 450.xx.GS E4.28.XXL E4.32.XXL E4.42.XXL E4.56.XXL E4.80.XXL Series Inner height Outer height hi [mm] 28 32 42 56 80 ha [mm] 42 54 64 84 108 Inner width Bi [mm] 40 - 300 50 - 400 50 - 400 50 - 600 50 - 600 Outer width Ba [mm] 60 - 320 73 - 423 76 - 426 84 - 634 100 - 650 Max. unsupported span [m] 2,75 3,50 4,20 5,25 6,25 Bending radii R [mm] 55 - 250 63 - 300 75 - 350 135 - 500 150 - 1000 Pitch T [mm] 46,0 56,0 67,0 91,0 111,0 Links/m [mm] 22 18 15 11 9


* in preparation

**GN = New E-Chain GS = Retrofit for your existing E-Chain

order related


order related


Accessories...interior separation modules and strain reliefs

Classics l Suits most applications l Range of slotted separators and shelves l Vertical and horizontal separation l Proven modular system for safe interior separation HDX series l For maximum loads and fill weights l Very strong for a safe fit inside the links l Ideal for humid environment, like composting plants, etc. l For stiff media hoses, hydraulic hoses, etc. R series (notched) l Defined raster through projections on separators and raster cross bars l Ideal for applications on the side l No additional spacers required


cable design
The igus Chainflex-programm contains over 950 cables ex stock especially designed for the use in Chains and tested, tested and tested. Chainflex lasts. Or your money back. igus Chainflex power cable igus Chainflex control cable

More than 950 igus cable types ex stock

Interior separation modules for system E4.1 Modular interior shelving system the ideal igus separation for every application. Modules are interchangeable and can be combined. New accessories complete the system. We look forward to discussing your application!

Order your personal catalog: www.igus.eu/catalog

Chainflex catalog pages with an overview of the igus Chainflex types:

Vertical Separator, Locking Separator and Spacer for Chain inner separation

Side Plate, Vertical Separator, Slotted Separator and Shelves for costumized inner separation

Characteristic features of the igus own Chainfix product series: l igus Chainfix reduces the overall height due to optimum housing height l Long-term durability for dynamic applications due to improved pressfit elements l Suitability for integration in the KMA connection element: space-saving and time-saving assembly; possibility of delivery for complete systems, with cables and assembled strain relief device included l Improved foot for facilitated installation on the C profile

KMA connection element with integrated C-profile and Chainfix

igus Chainfix stainless-steel* (photo) and steel version available ex stock 24 h or today

* Material high-grade steel: 1.4301 www.igus-canes.com

Chainflex cables classification after the criteria requirements, oil-resistance and travel distance 24 h or today www.igus.eu/catalog

Chainflex cables


for Cranes
The new halogen-free single conductor for extra high mechanical demands on cranes and for plant engineering l TPE UV-resistant outer jacket l PVC-free/halogen-free l Oil-resistant/Bio-oil-resistant l Low-temperature-flexible l Nominal voltage 0,6/1kV l Bending radius inside E-Chain: 7,5 x d Number of cores 1 Cross section 6 - 185 mm2 Regulations Specially developed for Outdoor Cranes Shielded No Nominal voltage 0,6/1 kV Temperature range -35 C to +90 C

Single core CF330.D and CF340

Type CF330.D

Cable type TPE Power cable


TPE Power cable

Outdoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-35 C to +90 C

4 - 185 mm2

Halogen-free power cable CF37.D and CF38

The new halogen-free power cable for extra high mechanical demands on cranes and for plant engineering l TPE UV-resistant outer jacket, gusset filled extruded l PVC-free/halogen-free Type CF37.D Cable type TPE Power cable Specially developed for Outdoor Cranes Shielded No Nominal voltage 0,6/1 kV Temperature range -35 C to +90 C l Oil-resistant/Bio-oil-resistant l Low-temperature-flexible l Nominal voltage 0,6/1kV l Bending radius inside E-Chain: 7,5 x d Cross section 1,5 - 50 mm2 Regulations

Number of cores 3-5


TPE Power cable

Outdoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-35 C to +90 C


0,5 - 50 mm2

24 h or today


Chainflex cables


for Cranes
Shielded power cable for converter operation up to 600/1000 V. and up to 70 mm2. Specially developed for Indoor Cranes Shielded No Nominal voltage 0,6/1 kV Temperature range Number of cores -5 C to +70 C 4-5 Cross section 1,5 - 50 mm2 Regulations

Four core power cables

Type CF30

Cable type PVC Power cable


PVC Power cable

Indoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-5 C to +70 C


1,5 - 70 mm2


TPE Power cable

Outdoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-35 C to +90 C


1,5 - 50 mm2


TPE Power cable

Outdoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-35 C to +90 C


05 - 50 mm2

Single core motor cables

Shielded and unshielded single core motor cables for the most demanding requirements.

Type CF300.UL.D

Cable type TPE Power cable

Specially developed for In- and Outdoor Cranes

Shielded No

Nominal voltage 0,6/1 kV

Temperature range Number of cores -35 C to +90 C 1

Cross section 4 - 185 mm2



TPE Power cable

In- and Outdoor Cranes


0,6/1 kV

-35 C to +90 C

4 - 185 mm2

Fibre optic cables

Fibre glass (62.5/125 or 50/125), 2, 6 or 12 fibres all fibre optic cables are tested for over several million flexing cycles.

Type CFLG.G LWL 50/125

Cable type TPE Fibre optic cable

Specially developed for In- and outdoor Cranes

Shielded No

Nominal voltage

Temperature range Number of cores -40 C to +90 C 6/12/*

Cross section 50/125 m


CFLG.G TPE Fibre optic cable LWL 62,5/125


In- and outdoor Cranes

No 24 h or today

-40 C to +90 C


62,5/125 m www.igus-cranes.com/cables


Chainflex cables

for Cranes
Shielded highly flexible single core for up to 6/10kV. Medium voltage cable for the most demanding requirements in Crane building, heavy machinery, etc. Cross sections: 1 x 25/16 to 1 x 95/16. Specially developed for Outdoor Cranes Shielded Yes Nominal voltage 6/10 kV Temperature range -20 C to +80 C Number of cores 1 Cross section 25 - 95 mm2 Regulations

Single core CF Crane


Cable type iguprene Power cable

Data cables

Chainflex data cables are available for all continuous data systems for the E-Chain application. Also in big cross sections, for example 3 x 2 x 2.5 mm2 or with voltage supply cores in a cable. Type CF211 Cable type PVC Data cable Specially developed for Indoor Cranes Shielded Yes Nominal voltage 300/300 V Temperature range -5 C to +70 C Number of cores 2 - 28 Cross section 0,25 - 0,5 mm2 Regulations


PVC Data cable

Indoor Cranes


300/300 V

-5 C to +70 C

3 - 24

0,14 - 0,34 mm2

CF11 mm2

TPE Data cable

In- and outdoor Cranes


300/300 V

-35 C to +100 C

4 - 36

0,14 - 2,5

Control cables

PVC, PUR (see Chainflex Cable catalog), TPE A wide range to select from for all application areas between shielded and unshielded cables and a large number of cross sections and number of cores. Type CF5 Cable type PVC Control cable Specially developed for Indoor Cranes Shielded No Nominal voltage 300/500 V Temperature range -5 C to +70 C Number of cores 2 - 42 Cross section 0,25 - 6,0 mm2 Regulations


PVC Control cable

Indoor Cranes


300/500 V

-5 C to +70 C

3 - 25

0,25 - 2,5 mm2


TPE Control cable

In- and outdoor Cranes


300/500 V **

-35 C to +100 C

2 - 36

0,25 - 35,0 mm2


TPE Control cable

In- and outdoor Cranes


300/500 V 24 h or today

-35 C to +100 C

2 - 25

0,14 - 4,0 mm2 www.igus-cranes.com/cables




Necessary products for Crane E-ChainSystems

PPDS:safe operation
Push-Pull Force Detection System...Condition Monitoring
Benefits: l Prevents down time l Prevents damage to equipment l Saves money l Improves operational safety through preventative maintenance and fine tuning of the system Full PPDS System: l Data input Nominal/actual comparison of force value at the tow arm, measured 4 times per second, relative to the position of the E-ChainSystem. l Data exchange options Malfunction alerts as defined through SMS, e-mail, fax. Remote data exchange, online or through e-mail. l Data log System data logout, retrospectively for up to 3 months, with a 128 MB memory chip. Alternatively incident-driven logout through modem memory.

Push-/Pull-force monitoring with the igus PPDS System

Floating moving arm Ship to Shore Crane for compensation of the lateral mismatch between trolley travelling path and Crane travelling path and the ReadyChains. Optionally with electronic push/pull-force control with permanent nominal/actual parameter check and emergency stop function.

Hinge point guide trough: Port Cranes are equipped with a lifting boom. To make sure that the boom and the girder sides of the Crane are connected without misalignment of the guide trough igus has developed a special fixing for the swivel point. This means that the chain can run on top, beside or below the Crane girder.

PPDS continuous real force measurement and position-sensitive analysis. Easy PPDS System: l Low Cost Solution l Data input: Push-/Pullforces with freely selectable parameters. Measurement of the real force on moving end l Data exchange: Emergency shut-down of the system in case of overstepping of optional limit values. l Data log: Data log for up to 40,000 entries

Typical Crane applications: STS, Goliath Cranes, RMGs, Indoor Cranes, Bulk handling Cranes, ...

Downholding devices: ReadyChains operate safely on long travels and with high acceleration. The retention device prevents the ReadyChains from climbing when the Crane accelerates.

Hinge clutch at the hinge point incl. limit switch for conection control.

igus Housing installed on Maintrolley for STS: igus offers special customized housings for protection of the ReadyChains against several weather conditions. order related

Easy PPDS continuous real force measurement and limit comparison. www-igus-cranes.com/customized 24 h or today

PPDS. Can be called up by e-mail or SMS for monitoring of system health. www.igus-cranes.com/ppds

Safe guide for E-Chains on long travels...stainless steel

igus Guide Troughs Guide troughs are used for long travels from 5 to 10 m and more, depending on the chain type. They allow igus Energy Chains and Energy Tubes to continue smooth, low-friction operation in these long-travel situations. Trough without glide bars Chain glides on chain If the Energy Chains/Tubes are installed in the centre of the travel (centremounted), they glide on themselves for half the travel. For the other half, we recommend glide bars, which are assembled in the trough and on which the Energy Chains/Tubes glide. igus guide troughs are available from stock with these highly abrasion-resistant polymer glide bars, which perform well with igus Energy Chains and Tubes regarding noise, abrasion and friction. Type of Trough igus provides guide troughs made of l Aluminum (sea water resistant according to DIN) l Stainless steel (1.4301 + 1.4571) l Steel (zinc plated) Troughs assembling If the igus installation sets are used, the guide troughs are particularly easy to assemble. All the troughs are constructed according to the same basic principle. All sizes use a common C-profile on which the guide parts are assembled. The assembly brackets used vary in height only. Centre mounted 1/2 Travel with glide bars 1/2 Travel without glide bars Typical Crane applications: STS, Goliath Cranes, RMGs, Bulk handling Cranes, ...

guide troughs

SuperAlu trough

A light version of long travel guides in aluminium

Trough with glide bars Chain glides on glide bars

Super Alu Guide Trough Crane version It is possible to extend the Super Alu Guide Trough for the demanding plant sector to a heavy duty version. This trough has got stronger installation brackets and also additional parts like glide pads for protection of wear and friction and silencer profiles to reduce the noise level of the roll of the E-Chain. Modular Trough System l Tool box with basic version and add-on items for upgrading to heavy duty industrial applications l Very quick and easy, universal and flexible assembly connects with underground, independent from profile length and location of trough section interfaces l Various fixation methods with installation brackets, slide-on fasteners and interface connectors l Wear protective, side-mount glide bars for high speed applications l Corrosion proof through seawater resistance l Available for most igus E-Chain series Typical Crane applications: RTGs, RMGs, Indoor Cranes, ...

Super Alu Guide Trough installed on a RTG-application

New fixed end module for Aluminum SuperTrough A quick fix for mounting the stationary end of an E-Chain, now also available for the Super AluminumTrough. With this new module for the fixed end, fast and easy mounting onto the Super AluminumTrough is now possible without any drilling. l Fast mounting of the E-Chain by clamping onto the aluminum trough l Quick relocation of the stationary end l No drilling necessary

S S/2
For heavy applications: HD-Installation set for joint and attachment surface connections secure connection without misalignment and without welding HD-Installation set New fixed end module for steel troughs Until now, the steel trough had to be modified on site to fit the mounting brackets at the stationary end of the E-Chain. That is now history. With its prefabricated boreholes, the 2.000 mm long kit can be used for middle-feed, end-feed and opposed installation. l Fast fixation of mounting brackets thanks to prefabricated boreholes l Fast installation of C-rails for strain relief l Fast bolting of glide bars l Available immediately for series 4040/5050, all other series on request order related

Fixed End

D2 K2

Moving End

1/2 Travel length with glide bar Length Guide Trough

1/2 Travel length without glide bar

Number installation sets = Number guiding trough parts

Schematic operating mode of an E-ChainSystem for long travel application with centre-mount configuration. (Fixed end in the middle of the travel length) 24 h or today www-igus-cranes.com/troughs


Complete project service from design to after sales service

l Specific application solutions from igus standard products to special designs l Assistance from the layout up to the start of operations of every Crane project

project engineering

ReadyChain is the pre-harnessed igus E-Chain. l The E-Chain is cut into sections for the application-specific travel length l Assembled systems are already supplied and installed for up to 200 m travel length l Assembly sets are mounted for the fastening of the chain at the fixed and moving ends

From single component to fully harnessed E-ChainSystems

On-site support is part of the worldwide service and system guarantee.

l After Sales Service in 48 countries, even after the end of the guarantee l All supplied components are available for a minimum of another 10 years after the delivery l Supply of most parts from stock is guaranteed

l The selected igus Chainflex cables are inserted in the E-Chain l The defined cable projecting lengths are marked and fixed l Project-specific cable connections are mounted

Ready for filling. Harnessed systems up to 200 m are possible.

l The complete ReadyChain-system is delivered on a special wooden drum l igus assembly supervisors are happy to assist in any way in the installation process. ReadyChain ready for delivery

igus project drawings, developed in cooperation with the costumer order related

Costumized 3D sketch www.igus-cranes.com/project

System harnessing by specialists according drawing order related

ReadyChain installation by igus supervisor on a bulkhandling Crane. Weight of the E-Chain incl. Chainflex more than 2 t. www.igus-cranes.com/ReadyChain


igus maintenance- and lubricant-free polymer bearings

lube free polymers

Application examples
Sliding door for crane drivers cabin
The precision aluminium shafts are fixed with shaft end blocks WAS, whereas the guiding of the door is realized with four closed sliding linear guides RGAS equipped with iglidur J sliding elements. Both linear guide components have a very compact and space-saving design. The combination of the sliding polymer iglidur J with aluminium shafts results in a very smooth movement. Bearings Location DryLin iglidur J Germany

iglidur bearings Lifetime predictable Every designers dream: A life-time-predictable plainbearing without lubrication at low cost. Each material has got their own features. For all iglidur bearings valids: l Maintenance-and lubrication free l Corrosion and dirt resistance l High vibration dampening l Very low tendency to creep Detailed Information: www.igus.eu/iglidur

Cardan joint
This cardan joint can transfer thrust as well as torsional forces. To assure perfect function, it is essential that all components work with extremely little clearance. Roller bearings cannot guarantee permanently low clearance at these dimensions, so the cardan joint was designed with with igus plain bearing components. This raised lifetime of the joint to several million cycles. Bearings Location iglidur Germany

New: Other iglidur materials to improve technic and reduce costs

igubal: self-aligning plain bearings made of polymer igubal puts a complete system of self-aligning bearings at the developers fingertips. Self-aligning bearings are easy to fit, adapt to all angular deviations and replace special housings in many cases. l Exceptionally cost-effective l Maintenance-free Lubrication-free l Resistant to dust and dirt l Corrosion-free Usable in liquid media Detailed information: www.igus.eu/igubal DryLin - glides instead of rolling! DryLin is a product range of maintenance-free and lubricantfree linear bearings in four different main categories. Besides the freedom from maintenance, the main features include ruggedness and the insensitivity to dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts. l Maintenance-free l Dry operation l Weight reduction l For short-stroke applications l Self-lubricating Detailed information: www.igus.eu/drylin 24 h or today
40 igubal rod end and spherical bearings are available in many different types, e.g. with spherical ball material to choose.

DryLin W Linear Guides with manual adjustable clearance Turn-To-Fit




Testing area doubled to 1750 m2 in 2010 and outdoor test yard

igus testing

new references
Ship-to-shore Crane
Travel 120 m Speed max. 4 m/S Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain P4.56.20.300.S40.0.AG Chainflex Types CF300, CF10, CF9, CFLG Location CHINA More References Europe running since 2009

References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

1750 m2 test indoor area

Ship-to-shore Crane
Travel 20 m Speed max. 1 m/min Acceleration max. < 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050HD.25/25.500.0 Chainflex Types CF300, CF9, CF10, CF11 Location USA More References Worldwide running since 2009

Check of the solution on the igus test facilities: The flagship is a test application where we are able to test long travel applications of up to 125 m travel and speeds of up to 300 m /min. For more than 4 years this application has been simulating applications for E-ChainSystems like trolley travels of a container Cranes. This way new products engineered by igus can be put to the acid test.

Chainflex cables in life span test. Millions of cycles guarantee: Chainflex lasts or money back!

Container RMG
Travel 113 m Speed max. 2,5 m/S Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain P4.56.20.300.S40.0.AG Chainflex Types CF300, CF330, CF9, CFLG Location GERMANY More References Asia running since Always more than 80 tests of E-Chains and Chainflex cables. igus conducts tests continuously in the in-house laboratory under real conditions. Climatic tests for all E-Chains and Chainflex cables. Material tests from -40 C up to +199 C. www.igus-cranes.com/rerferences 2009



References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Bulkhandling Crane
Travel 26,5 m Speed max. 1 m/S Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4040CR.18.200.0 Chainflex Types CF9, CFBUS, CF300 Location Germany More References Europe running since 2009

new references

bulk handling
Ship-unloader Crane
Travel 441 m Speed max. 30 m/min Acceleration max. 0,1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050R.28.300.0 Chainflex Types CFCRANE Location Asia More References Europe Canada running since 2002

References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Scrap Metal Crane

Travel 36,4 m Speed max. 2 m/s Acceleration max. 1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4040RHD.20.250.S10.0.E Chainflex Types CF9, CF37, CF330, CF900 Location Germany More References Worldwide running since 2009

Ship-unloader Crane
Travel 106 m Speed max. 240 m/min Acceleration max. 0,6 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050RHD.12/15/12.300.0

Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 2004

Straddle carrier
Travel 13 m vertical Speed max. 2 m/s Acceleration max. 1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050C.15.250.0 Chainflex Types CF9, additional hydraulic hoses Location Worldwide More References Worldwide running since 2006

Ship-unloader Crane
Travel 151,5 m Speed max. 300 m/min Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4040CR.15.250.0 Chainflex Types CF12 / CF11 / CF9 Location Canada More References Europe Asia running since 1998





References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Ship-to-shore Crane
Travel Speed max. 118,5 m 210 m/min

ship to shore

Travel 19,5 m Speed max. 60 m/min Acceleration max. 0,4 m/sec2 Energy Chain 400.25.250.0 Chainflex Types CF300 / CF34 CF9 / CF11 Location Panama More References Worldwide running since 2000

References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

4040CR.22.250.0 Energy Chain Chainflex Types CF300/CF9/CF10/CFLG Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 2003

Container Crane
Travel Speed max. Acceleration max. Cycles/year

Travel 69 m Speed max. 120 m/min Acceleration max. 0,4 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4040R.31.250.0

78,5 m 120 m/min 0,5 m/sec2 42.000

Energy Chain 5050R.27.250.0 Chainflex Types CF300 / CF11 / CF9 Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 1999

Location Europe / Europa More References Worldwide running since 2001

Double Trolley Container Crane

Travel Speed max. Acceleration max. Cable weight 48 m 180 m/min 0,5 m/sec2 40 kg/m

Travel Speed max. Acceleration max. Cable weight 20 m 60 m/min 0,4 m/sec2 9,8 kg/m

Energy Chain 5050R.12/10/12.300.0 Chainflex Types CF300 / CF9 / CF12 / CFLG / CF KOAX 1 Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 1999

Energy Chain 4040.46.300.0 Chainflex Types CF34 / CF9 / CF11 / CFLG Location Russia More References Worldwide running since 2003





References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Goliath Crane
Travel 195 m Speed max. 40 m/min Acceleration max. 0,1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050R.40.250.0 Chainflex Types CF300 / CF9 / CF11 Location Asia More References USA running since 2001


Reach Stacker
Reach Stacker
Travel 7,2 m Speed max. 0,5 m/min Acceleration max. 0,25 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050.25.250.0 Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 2000

References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Goliath Crane
Travel 123 m Speed max. 40 m/min Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 40.15/15.250.0

Travel 8,4 m Speed max. 18 m/min Acceleration max. 0,1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 3838.07.150.0

Location Asia More References USA running since 1997

Location Asia More References Worldwide running since 1996

Reach Stacker
Travel 7,8 m Speed max. 15 m/min Acceleration max. 0,25 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4040.15.250.0

Travel 8,4 m Speed max. 18 m/min Acceleration max. 0,1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 3838.07.150.0

Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 2004

Location Asia More References Worldwide running since 1998





References for igus E-ChainSystems in cranes...worldwide

Bulk Material Crane
Travel 160 m Speed max. 20 m/min Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 4140.22.250.0 Chainflex Types CF30 / CF7 / CF11 Location Europe More References Europe running since 1998

Indoor references

Heavy Duty
Gantry Crane
Travel 20 m Speed max. 1 m/min Acceleration max. 1 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050.40.200.0 Chainflex Types CF9 Location Europe More References Europe running since 2004

Grab Crane
Travel 28,6 m Speed max. 80 m/min Acceleration max. 0,3 m/sec2 Energy Chain 400.25.300.0 Chainflex Types CF30 / CF31 Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 2000

Grab Crane
Travel 21,3 m (Trolley) / 52 m (Crane) Speed max. 1,33 m/s Acceleration max. 0,25 m/sec2 Energy Chain 5050R.27.300.S10.0 / 5050R.35.350.S10.0 Chainflex Types CF5, CF6, CF30 Location Europe More References Europe running since 2003

Indoor Crane
Travel 36 m Speed max. 70 m/min Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain Chainflex Types CF31 / CF6 / CF11 Location Europe More References Worldwide running since 1997

Mining Crane
Travel 10 m Speed max. 0,1 m/s Acceleration max. 0,5 m/sec2 Energy Chain 600.35.300/4650.0 Chainflex Types Power-, data- and control cables Location Europe More References Europe running since 2001






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more information
Industry specific material: igus E-ChainSystems catalog 75,000 products igus Chainflex catalogue cable types

igus E-Chains for Steel mills, Brickworks and many more

Special igus solutions for indoor cranes

Special igus solutions for material handling

igus E-Chains for heavy fill weights in harsh offshore environment

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