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ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Guiding customers through the key decisions relating to 4th generation incident and maintenance management systems.

May 2012

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Note : The information in this document relates to JSA Technologys ATrac maintenance and incident management software which is at the pre release stage. Released software may differ in many respects to that described in this document, therefore JSA offers no warranties, either explicit or implied, with respect to this document and the information contained within it. ATrac is a trademark of JSA Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom

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ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Table of Contents
Introduction The momentum of CMMS Our experience Sharing our knowledge 4 4 6 6

What system is right for you? System design Where the system resides How to choose your system Typical features

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Conclusions and next steps: What system is right for you? 10

Can ATrac meet your needs? How can ATrac meet your business needs? Meting your I.T. needs

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Conclusions and next steps: Can ATrac meet your needs? 13

Implementation and support Pre implementation phase Implementation phase Post implementation phase Conclusions and next steps: Implementation and support

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ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

The momentum of computerised maintenance management software (CMMS)
Computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) have been around since the 80s. The 1st generation systems were basic databases that simply recorded data already stored elsewhere (e.g. on written works orders). Overall, these systems provided a better way of storing and retrieving data and a faster method of data manipulation than previous paper based systems. The problem with these systems was that humans were responsible for inputting the data (thereby leading to mistakes), data could be stored in a variety of incompatible formats and each computer could have different versions of the data. Though an improvement on paper based systems, 1st generation systems were far from perfect.

For businesses 4th generation CMMS offers the promise of reduced costs, greater productivity and improved customer satisfaction .

The Evolution of Computerised Maintenance Management Software

Senior Managers 1st generation Maintenance Physical objects/systems

2nd generation LAN/WAN

3rd generation LAN/WAN & Mobile

4th generation LAN/WAN & Mobile

2nd generation CMMS not only used more complex databases but also linked users via a LAN or WAN. This not only increased the storage and retrieval capabilities but also allowed collaborative work across diverse geographical locations and allowed the synchronisation of data in real time. Further, the internet meant that service providers could receive works orders automatically

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise and managers could track compliance of contractors to their Service Level Agreements. At the same time enhanced analytical tools increased the value of the business intelligence provided by the systems. Over the past couple of years more and more companies have deployed web based 3rd generation systems that allow 24/7 access to data and information from anywhere. This coupled with an increasing use of bring your own technology has freed nonmaintenance staff from the time-consuming back office work, allowing a focus on customer-facing, profit generating activities. Similarly, it has led to productivity improvements on the part of maintenance staff, in that work can be received, completed and closed while away from the office. 4th generation CMMS (4G) links physical objects, e.g. lighting circuits, to data storage and communication devices, completely eliminating the human factor from the maintenance reporting stage. Although 4G has been around for a few years it has only been cost effective to install it on very high specification buildings, due to the cost of engineering drivers to interface with different vendor hardware systems and protocols. However as customers have forced hardware manufacturers to standardise communication protocols the cost and the amount of custom engineering needed to install a 4th generation system has fallen. It can now be a cost effective solution for all but the smallest of organisations.

The use of CMMS, for most organisations, is not a question of if but rather when?, how? and which one?.

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Our experience
JSA Technology is the parent company of a South African software house (DCom). We have been developing high specification software and hardware for high security facilities since 2006. Having experience of these complex high value projects where data integrity is paramount, our software is designed to be robust. We take pride in the fact that our software is not only as secure and stable, but, in many cases, exceeds that of our larger well known competitors. Located just outside Cambridges Silicon Fen we enjoy the benefits of the cluster effect, low overheads and easy travel to major cities such as London, Birmingham or Manchester. Though our background is in high specification custom designed software systems, our focus since moving to the UK in 2008 has been on further developing our software and moving our business model away from custom built software towards standardised modules. With our engineering operations located in the highly valued Cape Town tech cluster, and our experienced UK team responsible for product development and customer support, we are able to offer our customers high spec software at competitive prices with personalised service.

JSA Technology

Robust stable software designed for high security environments. In depth experience of integrating legacy systems. Cost effective customised software engineering.

Sharing our knowledge

In this guide we would like to share some of our insights taken from organisations that have implemented our systems. Hopefully, these insights will help you in your decision making processes. Please note that this guide relates specifically to JSA Technologys ATrac Maintenance software. For more information relating to our other products please go to this link:

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

What system is right for you?

An intuitive system, like ATrac Maintenance, is designed to be easy to use from the perspective of a non maintenance user. Reporting is generic and arranged around service level contracts and systems rather than the reporting of specific asset faults.

Types of Cloud
Public Publiccomputing services that are hosted by an external provider on a shared basis. Customers draw down resources when needed. Private Private computing resources dedicated to a customer.

Where the system resides

Self host or Cloud? Whatever CMMS an organisation uses it will have to use a server to host the system. This can be either managed by the organisation (self hosted) or outsourced (hosted service cloud). There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. Self hosted Self hosted systems can be expensive and require a great deal of time and money to ensure that they are working correctly. For most smaller organisations self hosting is not the best option. Until recently though, most larger organisations would have had a large bank of self hosted servers. The primary reason for this was the perceived security threats associated with offsite hosting. Today, with improved security, more and more large companies are migrating a larger share of their data onto hosted services and reducing the number of servers they run themselves. Hosted service (the cloud) More and more large companies are realising the benefits of using hosted services. Hosted services often work out a lot less expensive than the traditional self hosted services. There is no capital expenditure in order to implement the system, and therefore less risk. Similarly, cost savings are made in terms of human resources and other support costs associated with not having a larger IT department. Security issues are addressed through standard IT security procedures at the hosting organisation, the use of encrypted email and the use of private clouds.

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise Hybrid system Another way of proceeding with the to host or not to host question is to use a hybrid system. For example you could use ATrac in your headquarters as a self hosted system and then all of your geographically dispersed sites can be linked to the system via a cloud service.

How to choose your system

What to look for in a CMMS There are many different types of CMMS available for a company to use. Where should you start in your decision making processes?

Question :
How will CMMS help you achieve your strategic and operational goals?

Define your goals and needs The implementation of CMMS should be directly linked to your business strategy. Review your existing processes and then identify what areas need to improve and the financial value of doing this. Prioritise the changes and award each of them a weighting. This weighted, prioritised requirements list should form the basis of your search criteria. During your search you will undoubtedly find other functions and features that you had not considered. Do not get sidetracked by these nice to have but non critical functions and features unless the software in question meets all the critical requirements and these additional features can add real value. The history of CMMS implementation is littered with companies who only use 5 15% of the functions they pay for.

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Typical Features
Asset Inventory A list of all the assets that need maintaining. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling a planned maintenance schedule linked to all assets. Knowledge Library a depository of knowledge relevant to the assets, their maintenance routines etc. Breakdown/ incident Reporting the ability to report equipment failure and to turn this into a works order. Scheduling of Planned Maintenance the ability to schedule planned maintenance activities to internal or external maintenance personnel/contractors. Work Order Generation the ability to generate works orders for both planned and breakdown maintenance both internally and to contractors under a service level agreement. Reporting the ability to produce different reports in a variety of mediums (e.g. graphs, excel, html). Maintenance Personnel Database a database listing internal maintenance personnel and or external contractors working under service level agreements. Access anywhere the ability for the system to be accessed by employees and contractors when they are away from their workplaces, for both data input and information purposes.

4th Generation CMMS should include:also include:Integration an ability to read data from other systems and intelligent assets, for example lighting systems and power sensors. Condition Monitoring the ability to produce a work order when the condition of the asset has exceeded a specified limit.

ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Conclusions and next steps: What system is right for you?

Evaluate your companies CMMS needs.

Identify potential productivity gains & cost savings.

Contact a JSA representative to help you build a business case.


ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Can ATrac meet your needs?

ATrac Maintenance provides an intuitive user interface for reporting maintenance issues and other incidents, bringing issues relating to your operating environment into one logically structured data centre. It offers enterprise level security and 24/7 reliability on an access anywhere, bring your own technology basis. ATracs stable, tried and tested architecture provides:Access anywhere freeing you from the back office. Bring your own technology phone, iPad, laptop desktop, your choice. Robustness 99.9% guaranteed uptime, disaster recovery and georedundancy. Security All data sent by 128 bit encryption through port 80 (email). All other ports closed. Integration - Seamless integration with your current systems with Air Gap protection. Value driven flexible pay as you go pricing options as well as an option to buy.

How can ATrac meet your Business needs?

Cost reduction In these difficult economic times, cost savings may be a companys only source of profit growth. ATrac Maintenance can reduce your maintenance costs, with no capital expenditure and low operational expenditure. It also provides you with faster response times and greater contractor accountability. Resource focus As well as leading to reduced downtime of business critical assets, using a dedicated maintenance and incident management


ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise system will free up resources to focus upon projects that will improve your competitive position. Increased process efficiency ATrac Maintenance reduces the need for phone calls, emails and the inputting of data relating to all types of incidents. Smoother processes, better collaboration and decision making lead to further cost savings and support a culture of continuous improvement. Getting greater value from your investments (assets) Many of your assets are already intelligent assets. ATrac Maintenance allows you not only to reduce maintenance costs through its intelligent early warning system, but, crucially, provides you with business data on assets enterprise-wide that can lead to insightful analysis and provide data for further cost saving initiatives. Flexible pricing to meet your needs ATrac Maintenance, offered either as a 3rd or 4th generation system is available in a variety of different base configurations and a variety of plans to meet the needs of business of all shapes and sizes.

Additional features of ATrac Maintenance include:

Instant notification to service providers of maintenance issues. Complete service provider accountability via automated response time measurement. Remote closure of works orders via access anywhere bring your own technology. Automatic regular upgrades.
Fully configurable, customisable and scalable.

Meeting your IT needs

Security With ATrac Maintenance your IT staff can rest assured that your data is secure but accessible. Our hosting partners are audited in compliance with ISO 27001 standards and reports are available to you. As ATrac Maintenance works upon the email of exceptions, no data will leave or enter your existing systems. Your interaction with it will be through a public or private cloud, in much the same way you would interact with a normal web page. Control We can reduce the burden of your staff having to manage the maintenance and incident reporting systems, allowing them to focus upon core business tasks. However, we also allow you to retain control over configuration and user management, so you can change the service in the way that best suits your organisation. User friendly ATrac Maintenances user friendly interface reduces the need for in depth training for all but a few key users, allowing a fast and easy implementation process.


ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Conclusions and next steps: Can ATrac meet your needs?

Business : Start evaluating the business case for using ATrac Maintenance.

Contact your ATrac product manager at JSA Technology on 01284 788787 or email

Visit the JSA technology website at IT: Understand how ATrac Maintenance can fit with your current IT systems and how it will meet your requirements. Contact JSA Technology in order to discuss your needs and concerns on 01284788787 or email Finance and Procurement: Learn more about ATrac Maintenance plans and pricing by contacting JSA on 01284788787 or email


ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Implementation and Support

Selecting which CMMS solution best fits your organisations needs is a critical decision, you should also take care to identify what it will take to implement and maintain. The right maintenance system should meet your support expectations.

Beyond Implementation : Think about your implementation and ongoing support needs before its too late.

Pre implementation phase

The pre implementation phase will consist of your ATrac product manager taking you through a series of structured pre sales evaluation activities. Depending on your needs these evaluation activities may consist of: Technical briefing Business case development Proof of concept project Pilot project Executive review

Implementation Phase
Though ATrac Maintenances promise is to reduce the costs of your maintenance operations there may be upfront costs relating to migration and implementation that you will need to confront. Customers can choose to manage their own migration to ATrac Maintenance with the support of tools and resources published by JSA Technology. Customers can also choose to contract with JSA Technology for a fixed rate migration support service.


ATrac Maintenance CMMS Buyers Guide for the Enterprise

Post implementation phase

Before proceeding with implementing any CMMS you should be aware of the post implementation support offered by any vendor to help resolve implementation and post implementation issues. ATrac Maintenance comes with the following support:Self service Users can access the built in help function located on the ATrac database. More in depth issues can be resolved via our online support desk. Telephone support Telephone support can be requested via our customer support line Dedicated point of contact All customers are nominated a dedicated support manager. This means that you will always deal with a person who not only understands your issues, but also understands your unique needs. Proactive services From time to time ATrac will issue updates that you as a customer will receive free of charge. Private cloud users will be free to schedule an update release at times and dates that suit them rather than us. Your Success is our success As a small company that punches above its weight we have found that we are successful only if our customers are. If there are issues to be resolved in the middle of the night you can rest assured that we will wake our CEO if needed.


Conclusions and next steps: Implementation and Support

Pre Implementation: Contact JSA to get you started. Email: phone 01284788787. or

Visit the JSA technology website at Implementation: Start thinking about implementation as you start evaluating what type CMMS to implement. Contact JSA for support in your decision making processes and to help you to align your needs with a cost effective solution. Post Implementation: Contact your ATrac product manager for more information regarding on going support on 01284788787. of