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OxyGEN Integrated Access Device

ADSL 2/2+ A, B, M, L Ethernet Switch USB 2.0 Host VoIP SIP / H.323 / MGCP Wireless 802.11b/g/n* Multiple SSID Security and Firewall Embedded Battery

OxyGEN Integrated Access Device

OxyGEN Integrated Access Device (IAD) is an IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless Home Gateway which combines an ADSL2+ WAN interface with a wide choice of LAN (Ethernet, WiFi, and USB) and Voice (FXS, FXO) Interfaces. OxyGEN IAD offers unprecedented flexibility and performance for home ADSL2+ broadband communications. The ideal platform for managed services and foundation for advanced triple-play services. Versatile and networkoriented, the product, offers impressive triple play functionality with comprehensive support for: Full featured and toll quality voice over IP High speed Internet access up to 24 Mbps Assured communication to IP set-top boxes and other IP devices Gennet OxyGEN IAD offers an extended memory capacity (up to 128 Mbytes Flash and 64 Mbytes RAM) in order to be able to meet future needs of broadband operators for new services. Furthermore, it can be equipped with a rechargeable battery, enabling uninterrupted telephony service provisioning in case of mains failure. Extensive policy based Quality of Service (QoS) together with complete service separation, ensures services quality for real time applications while comprehensive Firewall and fraud protection offers the security required for carrier-grade services.

Technical Specifications
Network Interfaces
WAN - ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ - Multi mode Standard ANSI T1.413 I2 - G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex A, B, L, M - G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis) Annex A, B, M, I, J, L - G.992.5 ADSL2+ Annex A, B, M, I, J, L - SRA, DELT - Impulse Noise Protection 32kb - Internal splitter (optional) LAN - 4 Ethernet ports (10/100 Base-TX), Auto-MDIX - 802.11b/g WiFi with on/off switch, external antenna - USB Host interface (optional) Voice - 2 FXS VoIP ports, 5 REN, ringing voltage: min 42 V rms (sine) Maximum loop length: > 400m/1300 feet Software configured impedance, loop voltage, loop current, ringing frequency - 1 FXO PSTN fall-back port (optional) - Embedded splitter (optional)


- SIP, H.323 (optional), MGCP (optional) - Individual phone numbers per port - Automatic fallback to PSTN upon power loss or VoIP service failure Battery Backup for mains failure (option) Speech Codecs - G.711 A-law & u-law - G.726-32 - G.729ab (optional) - GSM - Packet Loss Concealment - VAD / CNG - Adaptive Dynamic Jitter Buffer - G.168, variable tail length echo cancellation Fax/modem - Fax/modem tone detection & dynamic codec switching - G.711 pass-through - T.38 fax-relay DTMF support - According to ETSI ES 201235-3 - RFC 2833 / RFC 2976 relay Supplementary services - Country specific tones and supplementary service codes - Call Forward (Unconditional, on Busy, on No Answer) - Call Hold - Call Waiting - Message Waiting Indication (with LED) - Call Transfer (Blind, with Consultation) - 3-party Call - Anonymous Call Block - CLIP (DTMF and FSK) - CLIR - Line Hunting Dial-plan - Web based control of call-routing - 10 Speed-Dial numbers - List of call records with dialed numbers, missed calls, and all calls - Built in answering machine (optional) - Unified Voice Mail: e-mail, wav-format (optional) - Emergency call routing - PIN for call access-control


DSL Forum TR-069 Multilevel Web-based graphical user interface SNMP (optional) SSH/Telnet remote access to CLI Automatic STB and video service detection Diagnostic and performance monitoring Connection test (end-user) Local management through telephone Syslog with network support Zero-touch deployment mechanism Automatic firmware upgrades WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

Recommended: OxyGEN Centre Manager Offers a highly scalable and centralized auto-provisioning and management solution for mass deployments of terminals and managed services. Includes following components: - Service management - Network management - Security management - HW and software inventory - Performance management - Fault management - Software management


- RFC 2364 PPPoA, RFC 2684 MPoA, RFC 1577 Classical IPoA, RFC 2516 PPPoE - Up to 8 virtual circuits - UBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt, CBR - Per-PVC Queuing and Traffic Shaping - PVC-to-Service mapping support - Integrated ATM AAL5 support - 802.1d bridging - 802.1q VLAN support - RIP v1/v2, OSPF, BGP, Static Routing - DHCP Client/Server/Relay - NTP - NAT, PAT and DNS relay agent - IGMP v1/2/3, proxy, snooping - IP QoS (ToS/DSCP) - Ethernet QoS (802.1p/q CoS) - Queuing, rate limitation, fragmentation

Additional specifications


Enhanced policy-based and SPI firewall URL Filter, Virtual Server, DMZ PAP/CHAP MAC filtering Voice service endpoint authentication VPN IPSec and/or TLS/SSL VPN pass-through WEP 64/128-bit encryption, WPA, WPA2

- Memory capacity: Flash 32MB-1GB, RAM 16-64MB - Functional LED indicators: Power, ADSL, WLAN, Ethernet, IP connectivity, Phone Lines, MWI - Power On/Off switch - WiFi On/Off switch - Factory reset button - External power adaptor 12V DC, 2A - Operating temperature: 0 to 40C - Storage temperature: -20 to 70C - Operating humidity: 10% to 90% (non-cond.) - Storage humidity: 5% to 95% (non-cond.) - Certification: CE Mark, IEC 60950, EN 60950, CSA 950, UL1950 - Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g WEP/WPA/WPA2 - Wi-Fi verification on IEEE requirements - ADSL: TR-67

USB Services

- Print Server support - File Server support - UPnP Media Server support

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