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Community Support Fund

What the CSF can do for you

The Road to the Community Support Fund

1. Factory Closure
Decision to close factories announced. DPULO Ambassadors and local organisations work with ex Remploy employees to discuss how the CSF can support them

6. Implementation Once the decision is made local organisations will commence delivery of the project or activity. The CSF will monitor progress to ensure outcomes are delivered. The first Board decisions will take place in September.

3. What Project or Activity?

The activities/projects will focus on employment and skills development and/or community-based activities which increase participation and help maintain links with colleagues. The local organisation will develop Remploy employee ideas into a project and send off an application for funding from the CSF

5. Decision to Award Funding Decisions to award funding will be made by the CSF Board. The Board will be a mix of Ambassadors and voluntary sector organisation representatives. The Board will review the application and consider: if the project will deliver CSF objectives, and Has the project been developed with Remploy employees

What is the CSF?

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4. DPULO Ambassadors 2. Local Organisation Support DPULO Ambassadors will support local organisations and encourage partnership working between DPULOs and VCS Organisations.

Skills development activities

7. What will the CSF Deliver? CSF will enable Remploy employees to 1) Become more actively involved in the local community by Remploy employees will meet with their local DPULO, providing: Voluntary & Community Sector Organisation and/or volunteering opportunities Ambassadors will help organisations to develop Ambassadors to discuss ideas. plans and share best practice to ensure good activities to maintain links with work colleagues The type of activity or project will be decided by the ideas are shared. Activities to increase participation in the local decision Remploy employees and developed by the local making and service delivery. To support work activities, Ambassadors will try organisation . 2) Move from sheltered into mainstream employment by to build links with local employers to support There are no set projects or activities as each area will be developing: individuals who want to move into main stream slightly different. Each project will reflect the needs of the employment. Opportunities to develop interests or skills local area. Coaching and development to take up employment Want to find out more visit the ODI website http://odi.dwp.gov.uk/communitysupportfund or Work experience opportunities Help to set up micro enterprises email ODI.BUSINESSPERFORMANCE@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

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