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Personal hygiene refers to the cleaning and grooming of the body.

In addition to improving appearance, personal hygiene is an important form of protection against disease and infections of all kinds. Understanding the importance of personal hygiene allows people to make informed decisions about how to care for their health and appearance.

The main purpose of personal hygiene is to prevent illness and improve appearance, but hygiene also plays an important role in social acceptance and can either improve or hinder a person's reputation in social situations. Bad breath, body odor and an unkempt appearance, for example, are often considered undesirable and can give a bad first impression to peers, acquaintances and potential mates. 3-Minute Chakra Test Take the Free Chakra Test to Find Out Which of Your Chakras Are Weak www.ChakraHealing.com Sponsored Links

Personal hygiene covers a wide variety of separate actions, such as shaving, bathing and wound care. According to Mayo Clinic, hand washing should occur before preparing food and treating wounds as well as after using the toilet or touching an animal. Other situations that call for hand washing include eating and handling germ-infested items such as diapers and Kleenex. Oral hygiene---or the process of caring for the teeth and gums---is vital for optimal health and attractiveness. Regular face- and hair-washing, application of deodorant, and the use of soap and feminine hygiene products are other important aspects of personal hygiene to consider.

While many items are marketed as personal hygiene products, some have little effect on actual cleanliness. Perfume, cologne, hairspray and cosmetic products such as makeup do not play a role in maintaining hygiene and should be considered optional products tied to grooming.

Each person has slightly different standards and ideas about personal hygiene. Individual practices can vary greatly depending on factors such as a person's upbringing, personal preference, lifestyle and culture. While personal hygiene is important for maintaining public health and preventing disease, discussions about personal hygiene should be approached tactfully to avoid offending others.


Elderly people and those with mental impairment may require help in attending to personal hygiene needs. To maintain a sense of independence and dignity, disabled and elderly people should strive to meet as many of their own personal hygiene needs as possible, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Other factors that can influence hygiene standards include poverty, ignorance of proper hygiene methods and restricted lifestyles such as military service or incarceration. Learning about the consequences of poor hygiene early on is an excellent way to establish proper habits in adulthood. Beautiful You Tips, Articles & More On Deodorant By Beautiful Women Just Like You Yahoo.com/BeautifulYou/Rexona Trying For Twin Baby Get Advice, Tips & Info Frm Dumex, Experts & Experienced Mums. www.Dumex.com.my/MamaClub All Natural Care for Acne Renew Your Skin's Appearance. Go Acne Free with an Natural Solution! www.praventac.com Crystal-Clear Skin Get clearer, more translucent skin. Find out more about SK-II today. www.sk-ii.com.my Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/185486-why-is-personal-hygiene-soimportant/#ixzz1rSDtdPzh f you've ever had to stand in line behind someone with bad personal hygiene, you know how uncomfortable it can make you. Odor isn't the only issue. Poor hygiene spreads illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It also affects interpersonal relationships, social interactions and job or school performance. Good hygiene, on the other hand, makes you come off as a capable person with self-worth. This is but one of its many benefits.

Good Health
Every time you touch a surface, sneeze, prepare food, change a diaper, handle your pet or use the bathroom, you pick up potentially harmful organisms, according to the CDC. Simple acts such as regular bathing and hand washing can stop you from transmitting cold, flu and infections caused by viruses and bacteria on your skin. When you don't wash regularly, not only can you harbor and spread these bacteria and viruses, but you're more likely to contract the illnesses they cause. If you have skin irritation or a wound, poor hygiene will likely lead to infection. Proper hygiene also helps to maintain healthy skin pH and skin strength. Your skin is a barrier from disease and good hygiene helps your skin more effectively provide that protection. Skincare Products Begin the journey to crystal-clear skin with SK-II. See products now. www.sk-ii.com.my Sponsored Links

Healthy Personal Relationships

Poor hygiene deters people from getting to know you. If people find your body odor or unkempt, unclean appearance offensive, they're likely to pass judgments on your personality and your ability to care for yourself on a basic level. This can dissuade them forming friendships and meaningful bonds with you. People generally avoid smells and situations they find unpleasant. Maintaining good personal hygiene will benefit your social life in that it will remove this barrier to interaction and connection.

Heathy Professional Relationships

Appearances broadcast more than just how we look to the world. For example, when you present to a job interview well-dressed, displaying good hygiene, you look like a capable professional, able to handle yourself with care and respect. If you appear with poor hygiene, even if you're the most qualified candidate, it may send the message that you're sloppy, you don't care about your performance and you don't value and respect yourself. If your hygiene declines in school or the workplace, it can lead people to question your abilities and even your mental and physical health. At the very least, good hygiene in the workplace or school environment avoids creating unnecessary distractions to those around you. Beautiful You Tips, Articles On Body Wash By Beautiful Women Just Like You Yahoo.com/BeautifulYou/DoveP.Wash Food safety & quality Learn how x-ray systems help HACCP and product quality compliance www.mt.com/pi-ondemand Skin Care for Acne Nothing Treats Acne Better Than the 100% Safe & Natural Praventac! www.praventac.com/Order_Now Trying For Twin Baby Get Advice, Tips & Info Frm Dumex, Experts & Experienced Mums. www.Dumex.com.my/MamaClub Sponsored Links


U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Wash Your Hands Hygiene on the Skin: When is Clean Too Clean? Hygiene Expert: What is Personal Hygiene?

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/140722-the-benefits-personalhygiene/#ixzz1rSE7j3Vu Chances are good you have showered during the past 24 hours. During that same period, you likely brushed your teeth twice, washed your hands multiple times, and brushed your hair. Most people invest a significant amount of time maintaining good personal hygiene. While all this effort may at times seem unnecessary, good hygiene can have a significant impact on your health, career and social life.

Health Benefits

Perhaps the most important benefit of good personal hygiene is the positive effect it has on your overall health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand washing is the best way to prevent illness. Brushing and flossing your teeth consistently lowers the likelihood of cavities, which if left untreated, can potentially cause blood poisoning and death. Long or unkempt hair can obscure your vision, possibly leading to accidents while driving or operating machinery. Malaysia Dental Clinics List of Dental Clinics, Find Addresses, Phones, Maps www.701panduan.com/Dental-Clinics Sponsored Links

Career Implications
Good personal hygiene can also affect your financial health. At worst, poor hygiene could actually cost you your job, as most employers have dress and grooming codes that must be followed as a condition of employment. Even if you manage to keep your job with a shabby appearance, your odds of getting a raise or promotion are lowered. Maintaining a professional appearance gives you a confidence boost and demonstrates to your supervisors that you are serious about your job.

Healthy Social Life

Your personal relationships will also benefit from proper hygiene. Like it or not, people will judge you based on your appearance. And while friends and family may be less critical than your supervisor at work, even dear old mom will appreciate careful grooming. Of course, appropriate hygiene practices are context specific; the personal grooming and clothing choices for a Saturday gym session with your friends would be disastrous if employed at your sister's wedding.

Hygiene Help
People are not born knowing how to have good hygiene, but fortunately, anyone can learn the basic principles. If you are not sure where to start, a trusted friend or family member can often provide you with some basic tips. For health-related hygiene issues, you should consult with a health care provider. College career centers are a good resource for workplace hygiene and grooming standards, while health and lifestyle magazines provide a solid overview of current casual trends.

As important as good hygiene is, some experts suspect that it is possible to be too clean. The controversial "hygiene hypothesis" proposes that excessively clean environments, such as a typical middle-class home, don't provide enough exposure to pathogens for people to develop robust immune systems, leading to severe allergy conditions. And hand washing can lead to cracked and bleeding hands when done in excess. A balanced approach to good hygiene is essential.

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Article reviewed by AmberJB Last updated on: May 4, 2011 Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/107806-good-personal-hygieneimportant/#ixzz1rSERDXAC