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Stoner Lists CTU Press Buy entire 6 Classes for ONLY $99.99 Best Deal! Save $50!! Cannabis Training University is proud to offer our MEDICAL MARIJUANA CERTIFICATE PROGRAM. This one-of-a-kind program combines ALL of our courses: How to Grow Medical Mari juana, How to Cook with Marijuana, Marijuana Laws and Regulations, Bud Tender Tr aining, How to Open a Dispensary & Delivery Service, and Marijuana is Medicine-H ypocrisies, Lies and Miracles Revealed. The program includes over 9 hours of vid eo instruction. This is the most comprehensive and informative medical marijuana educational series EVER offered online. After completing our MEDICAL MARIJUANA CERTIFICATE PROGRAM you are eligible to t ake our medical marijuana certificate examination. Our online examination contai ns 80 multiple choice questions. Students with a final score of 75% or above wil l receive the CTU Medical Marijuana Industry Certificate. This certificate provide s our students with an advantage over all others in gaining employment in the me dical marijuana industry. Here is a sample of the CTU Medical Marijuana Industry Certificate.

Add a Comment 1 Sigismund November 19, 2011 Would like To enroll REPLY 2 Kathy Aufdenkamp November 29, 2011 I would like to know the cost of the program please. REPLY 3 JC December 5, 2011 The costs are up top on the drop down menu for the courses. Courses will begin i n the next couple of days. Thanks! CTU REPLY 4 admin December 13, 2011 Only $199 for the entire program for a limited time. Your enrollment Includes 30 days of access to our 9 hours of video footage. The largest online medical marijuana school in the world.

REPLY 5 admin December 13, 2011 Classes are enrolling now. SIgn up now and save $70 off the Master Medical Marij uana Certificate Program. Once you sign up, you will have 30 full days of access to view the material. The coursework is 9 hours of video based information. REPLY 6 Danielle Willis December 10, 2011 Is this school and certificates for real??? I currently live in Minnesota and wo uld like to eventually enroll in CTU. If the state of Colorado legalizes marijua na, even if just for medicinal purposes, I AM moving down there. REPLY 7 admin December 13, 2011 Yes, CTUs Certificate is 100% real. We are the most widely recognized online mari juana school and by earning your CTU Master Medical Marijuana Certificate you wi ll be on your way to entering the mmj industry. Our courses cover the entire scope of the medical marijuana industry. We go insi de real medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis businesses. We give you top medical marijuana attorneys, doctors, growers, and chefs. REPLY 8 felipe December 13, 2011 Is the CTU classes for certificate on line and are they available in a classroom setting? REPLY 9 admin December 13, 2011 CTUs courses are all available online. You can watch them at home on your compute r or smartphone any time of the day or night. Once you sign up, you have 30 days to access the Master Certificate Program as many times as needed, and at any ti me. There are no classroom courses. We have developed a program far superior to the classroom that contains over 9 hours of video based learning. REPLY 10 brenda January 2, 2012 will you be certified to grow it aswell? or only sell it? what if the police are called on you.. do you just show them your certificate? i live in virginia and im not too sure what the laws are on this subject.. can you fill me in a little more? REPLY 11 leticia vazquez January 9, 2012 Sounds very intersting,i will consider take the course REPLY 12 DrGreenthumbs February 26, 2012 I am wandering if once youve paid/completed the course do you then have to pay fo r the exam or is the price all-inclusive. Also, do you have to provide photo evidence as i live in the uk at the minute, a nd this could prove difficult (but not impossible!!!) REPLY

13 admin February 28, 2012 The exam is included in the price after you have paid for the course or courses. We hope to see you soon! Thanks so much, CTU REPLY 14 admin February 28, 2012 Hello. You would just need to agree that you are over 18 years of age. As long a s you are over 18, no photo is required. Thanks! Hope to see you soon! CTU REPLY 15 DrGreenthumbs February 29, 2012 I meant photographic evidence as in pics of growrooms/setups/plants ect to go wi th your course work!! A trip to Amsterdam would be needed lol!!! REPLY 16 Firehorse February 28, 2012 How does having obtaining this certificate benefit you? is this certificate all that you need or what other licenses must you have to grow marijuanna and open a marijuanna dispensary? What is the overall cost to begin servicing orders for m edical marijuanna? REPLY 17 admin February 28, 2012 Hello. Our certificate helps students gain employment in the medical marijuana i ndustry. Growing requirements vary from state to state and are covered in our ma rijuana law section. The cost of opening a medical marijuana dispensary and deli very service are outlined in great detail in our course on How to open and manage a medical marijuana dispensary and delivery service Our Certificate Program is the largest video program ever developed on the subje ct of medical marijuana. Thank you for your interest. REPLY 18 gt April 28, 2012 Hello, it is currently illegal in my state. Can i still take the courses and be certified? When it passes to be legalised, i would love to help those in need. T hank you REPLY 19 admin May 1, 2012 Yes, it is completely legal to take the course in any state or country! This is strictly for educational purposes and is completely legal to take. You can get C ertified online, legally, no matter where you live. Thanks! CTU REPLY Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * Website

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