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3Ds Max 2008 Fundamentals: Level 1

The 3Ds max 2008 Fundamentals and Beyond Courseware is a training manual which is designed to be used in an instructor led training environment and for students learning on their own, it covers the basics of the software and many intermediate level concepts and examples. Students will benefit from the production and training experience of the contributors to this manual, many of whom are world renown in their fields.

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3Ds Max 2008 Fundamentals: Level 1

I. Course Description
a 3D Studio Max is a powerful tool for 3d designers, architects, interiors designers and games producers - 3d modeling, animation and rendering solution for visual effects, character animation and next generation gaming. Duration 18 hours

II. Prerequisites
No previous experience of 3D studio max is necessary but you should be familiar with the Windows environment. Knowledge of a 2D CAD package is an advantage.

III. Performance-based Objectives

A comprehensive 3D Studio Max training course for designers and animators new 3D Studio Max. This 3D Studio Max training course will enable you to migrate from 2D design to 3D animations, to create photorealistic images, finally rendering sequences for 3D animations, multimedia productions, broadcast and the web.

IV. Contents
i. Introduction to Computer Graphics, 3D Animation Digital Content 3D Computer Animation How does it Work? What does 3ds max do? Speaking 3ds max


3Ds Max 2008 Fundamentals: Level 1 ii. User Interface User Interface View port Size and Layout Menu Bar Toolbars Command Panels Dialogs Quad Menu Status Bar and Prompt Line Toggles Animation Mode Time Controls Fly outs View port Navigation Controls. iii. Working with files and objects Creating and Modifying Objects Modifier Stack Display Object Selection Selection Sets, Groups and Layers iv. Overview Lab Creating the Clown Animating the Scene


3Ds Max 2008 Fundamentals: Level 1 v. Transforming objects Transforms Cloning Objects Object Snaps Coordinate Systems Additional Transformation Methods vi. Creating animation and changing controller types Cameras Adjusting Cameras The Path Constraint Assigning a Path Constraint Pausing Motion along a Path Rendering Animations vii. Animation Lab Simple Animation Animating Modifiers Creating Hierarchies Animating Elements Animation Helpers Animation Control viii. Shapes Creating Spine Shapes Editing Shapes The Edit Spine Modifier Shape Modifiers ix. More objects and modifiers Modifier Concepts The Modifier Stack Display Some Example Modifiers Compound Objects Lofts

3Ds Max 2008 Fundamentals: Level 1 ix. More objects and modifiers Modifier Concepts The Modifier Stack Display Some Example Modifiers Compound Objects Lofts Editing Lofts Connect x. Introduction to Material Editor Material Editor Basics Customizing the Material Editor Basic Material Parameter The Standard Material xi. Creating Mapped Materials Materials Bitmaps and Procedural maps Creating Materials UVW Mapping xii. Materials Lab Conclusion xiii. Basic Lighting The Properties of Light Free, Target, and Spot Lights Light Parameters Basic Lighting Concepts xiv. Cameras & Rendering Introduction Camera Basics Creating Cameras Rendering The Render Scene Dialog