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ENERGY STAR Power and Performance Data Sheet

IBM System x3650 M4 (7915-xxx) 130W family 4-core Intel Xeon Server (see Qualified Configurations)
System Characteristics
Form Factor Available Processor Sockets Available DIMM Slots / Max Memory Capacity ECC and/or Fully Buffered DIMMs Available Expansion Slots Minimum and Maximum # of Hard Drives Redundant Power Supply Capable? Power Supply Make and Model Power Supply Output Rating* (watts) Minimum and Maximum # of Power Supplies Input Power Range (AC or DC) Power Supply Efficiency at Specified Loadings * Power Supply Power Factor at Specified Loadings * 2U Rack 2 24 Slots / 384 GB Yes - ECC and Fully Buffered Dimms 7 (6 for combinations of PCIE and PCIX, and one for Mezzazine Card) 1 Minimum / 8 Maximum Yes IBM Common Form Factor 900W PS, Emerson PN 7001606 900 watts 1 Minimum / 2 Maximum 100 - 240 VAC 50-60Hz 88.23%@10%, 92.25%@20%, 94.05%@50%, 92.38%@100% 0.79@10%, 0.92@20%, 0.98@50%, 0.99@100% Microsoft Windows: Server 2008 (DataCenter x64, Enterprise x64, Standard x64, Web x64) / Server 2008 (DataCenter x86, Enterprise x86, Standard x86, Web x86) / 2008 R2 / Small Business Server 2008 (Premium, Standard) / HPC Server 2008; RedHat: RHEL 5 (server x64, server with Xen x64 )/RHEL 6 (server, server x64 ); SUSE: SLES 10 (AMD64, EM64T /Xen for AMD64, EM64T) / SLES 11 (x86, AMD64, EM64T / Xen for AMD64, EM64T); VMware: ESX 4.1/ ESXi 4.1 / vSphere 5. Linux Red Hat 6.1 64bit

Operating Systems Supported

Installed Operating System for Testing

* Note: Power supply information is for a single power supply only

System Configurations
Configuration ID Processor Information Memory Information Internal Storage

7915xxx 2, Intel Xeon E5-2643 3.3GHz 130W 4C 2 DIMMs, 2GB each 1x 2.5 inch, 10KRPM SAS

7915xxx 2, Intel Xeon E5-2643 3.3GHz 130W 4C 12 DIMMs, 4GB each 2x 2.5 inch, 10KRPM SAS

7915xxx 2, Intel Xeon E5-2643 3.3GHz 130W 4C 24 DIMMs, 16GB each 8x 2.5 inch, 10KRPM SAS

I/O Devices

onboard quad 1GB NIC

onboard quad 1GB NIC onboard quad 1GB NIC + 2x PCIE dual 1GB NIC + 4x PCIE dual 10GB NIC + 1x dual 10GB + 1x dual 10GB Mezzanine Card Mezzanine Card 2 Redundant YES 2 Redundant YES Internal SAS controller + 1x onboard 8-port SAS Raid Controller

Power Supply Number and Redundancy Configuration Management Controller or Service Processor Installed? Other Hardware Features / Accessories
* Note: The Mezzanine Card will be available on July 30, 2012.

1 Non-redundant YES

Internal SAS controller + Internal SAS controller + 1x onboard 8-port 1x onboard 8-port SAS Raid Controller SAS Raid Controller

Power Data
Idle Category (1S and 2S only) ENERGY STAR Idle Power Allowance (1S and 2S only) Measured Idle Power (watts) Power at Full Load* (watts) Benchmark / Method Used for Full Load Test Test Voltage and Frequency for Idle and Full Load Test Range of Total Estimated Energy Usage ** (kWh/year) Link to Detailed Power Calculator (if available)

154.0 94.8 203.9

294.0 133.0 263.2 230V/50Hz

1070.0 214.5 417.3

Category D: Managed Dual Installed Processor (2P) Servers

STREAM rev 5.8 / TRIAD (OpenMP compilation) 1,661 to 3,572 2,330 to 4,611 3,758 to 7,311 www.ibm.com/systems/bladecenter/resources/powerconfig.html

* Note: Full load power represents the sustained, average power at 100% load of the given workload, and does not necessarily represent the absolute peak power or the highest average, sustained power possible for other workloads. ** Note: Estimated kWh/year gives the absolute range of energy use a user could expect from continuous operation (24x7x365) and ranges from 100% Idle usage to 100% full load operation. The calculation also includes typical data center overhead at a ratio of 1 watt of overhead to every 1 watt of IT load (corresponding to a PUE of 2.0). Closer approximations may be found by using established power calculators and specific information about the intended operating environment (e.g., average time at Idle, data center PUE, etc.).

Power and Performance for Benchmark #1

Benchmark #1 Benchmark Used and Type of Workload Avg. Power Measured During Benchmark Run Benchmark Performance Score Power Performance Ratio (perf score/avg. power) Link to Full Benchmark Report (Where Available)

191.9 12046.0 MB/s 62.8 MB/s / watt

259.1 24117.8 MB/s 93.1 MB/s / watt

407.0 45246.8 MB/s 111.2 MB/s / watt

STREAM rev 5.8 / TRIAD (OpenMP compilation) 3

3. The STREAM benchmark & http://www.cs.virginia.edu/stream/ are the responsibility of John D. McCalpin (john@mccalpin.com)

ENERGY STAR Power and Performance Data Sheet

IBM System x3650 M4 (7915-xxx) 130W family 4-core Intel Xeon Server (see Qualified Configurations) Page 2 of 2
Enabled on Shipment End-User Enabling Required

Power Saving Features

Processor Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling Processor or Core Reduced Power States Power Capping Variable Speed Fan Control Based on Power or Thermal Readings Low Power Memory States Low Power I/O States Liquid Cooling Capability Other1: Other2: Other3: Other4:



Power and Temperature Measurement and Reporting

Input Power Available & Accuracy? Input Air Temp Available & Accuracy? Processor Utilization Available? Other Data Measurements Available & Accuracy? Compatible Protocols for Data Collection Yes, +/-5% Yes, +/-2C Yes N/A IBM Active Energy manager, IPMI Power: 1 second sample, value stored in an Accumulation register. Polling interval of 1 minute minimum (register divided by difference in time readings to get avg power value). Temp/CPU: returns value when read.

Averaging method and time period

Thermal Information *
Total Power Dissipation (watts) Delta Temperature at Exhaust at Peak Temp. ( C) Airflow at Maximum Fan Speed (CFM) at Peak Temp. Airflow at Nominal Fan Speed (CFM) at Nominal Temp.

203.9 3.1 78.9 50.0

263.2 4.8 64.1 37.1

417.3 6.3 60.1 34.8

* References: ASHRAE Extended Environmental Envelope Final August 1, 2008 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments, ASHRAE, 2004, ISBN 1-931862-43-5 Peak temperature is defined as 35 C, Nominal Temperature is defined as 18 - 27 C


ENERGY STAR Qualified Configurations Include specific information on ENERGY STAR Qualified SKUs or configurations The following CPU is included in this product family qualification: Processor Clock Number Number Speed Power of Cores E5-2643 3.3 GHz 130W 4 This two-socket family (7915-xxx) includes the "build your own" or "Configure To Order" (CTO) models designated: 7915-AC1 7915-MC1 7915-CTO 7915-FT1 7915-FT2 with two 130W 4-core Xeon E5-2643 (3.3GHz) CPUs installed. Power Supply supported: manufactured by Emerson, their PN 7001606; IBM PN: 43X3315 / FRU PN: 43X3316 / Option PN: 94Y6667