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Name: Syed Azharuddin. Position Applied for: Research coordinator. Date of Birth: 16-02-1988.

Gender: Male Current CTC: Fresher CTC Expected: 4.2 lakhs per annum, 35K per month Are you willing to travel (within Delhi and across India) : Yes. Do you have a conveyance? : Yes. Are you open to work during weekends / for extended hours if the work requires: Yes. Time Allotted: 30 Minutes Name 3 leading Research organisations run by the Govt. Of India A) ISRO DRDL ICRISAT What is the full form of CSIR? A) Council of scientific and industrial research. Define Nanotechnology A) Nanotechnology is the creation and use of materials or devices at extremely small scales. 1 nm = 0.000000001 m. Name the National Bird of India A) Peacock. Name the National Flower of India A) Lotus. Name the Vice President of India A) M Hamid Ansari.

Use space at the back / request additional sheets for answering the following: 1. You are Mr ABC, working as the Manager of Research Services of Deakin University. Write a letter to the minister of Science & Technology seeking an appointment for a visiting Professor in the field of Nanotechnology. Explain the benefit of nanotech research for India in the letter.

Date: 28-02-2012

From, ABC Manager- Research Services Deakin University, New Delhi

To, Hon. Shri XYZ Minister of Science and Technology New Delhi

Subject: Requesting appointment for Prof. QWE , Visiting Professor in Nanotechnology. Respected Ministerji, Greetings! I am ABC working as a Manager of Research with Deakin University. Through this letter I would like to seek your appointment for prof. QWE, Visiting professor in Nano Technology to discuss the opportunities in India. Prof. QWE is instrumental in deploying nanotechnology research in various part of the world and bringing forth a noticeable growth to their development. He strongly believes that nanotechnology research in India can contribute to both agriculture and industries by maximising their yield and also in reducing carbon impacts. We would like to seek an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss further on it. Looking forward hearing from you. Thanking you Yours Faithfully,


2. In not more than 300 words, explain why Deakin University should consider you for the position. Highlight your strengths which you think will benefit you and the University

A) To be honest I am not sure what Deakin is looking in for in the candidature. However, I am sure anybody like me who is sociable, humble and determined will not be a misfit to any organization. What lures me to this job is the opportunity it carries to be associated with best minds.

3. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now? A) I may sound philosophical, but I believe in doing the best for the day and the rest I leave with the environment to take care. However, I have my own expectations of seeing myself in a key position in 3 years with the organisation that I am associated with.