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The Guardian
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Psychedelia, Clubbing And Muppets: Inside The World Of Jim Henson

I have seen the evidence first-hand and I am ready to confirm: Big Bird is, in fact, quite big. At 8ft 2in, he towers above his colleagues Elmo and Cookie Monster in a display case at the heart of The Jim Henson Exhibition. This new, thorough examination of the life and work of the pioneering puppeteer and film-maker opens this week at its permanent home, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. It just so happens to be next door to the Kaufman Astoria Studios, where they shoot Sesame Street, and a short walk from the Jim Henson Creature Shop. That’s a nice touch for local residen
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Albin Lee Meldau: Tiny Desk Concert

Few singers can command an audience's attention quite like Albin Lee Meldau. When I first saw him perform, at a church in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest last March, it felt like the entire audience was on the edge of its seat, hanging on every twisted word. His voice is breathtaking, soulful, thunderous and impossible to ignore. Watching Meldau in this Tiny Desk set, the first thing you'll notice, apart from that voice, is how possessed he is by the music. The words and melodies seem to take hold of him while at the same time offering a release, if only for a moment, from the knot of
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Songs We Love: The Isley Brothers & Carlos Santana, 'Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)'

Carlos Santana turns 70 years old Thursday. It's difficult to wrap my head around that: To me, as to so many other fans, he'll forever be the just-turned-22-year-old grimacing and grooving at Woodstock in August 1969. Santana was the only band to perform there without an album out. The band's self-titled debut was released a few weeks later, and it — along with Santana's performance at the festival, on the soundtrack album and in the film — propelled the group to stages around the world. Now, after 24 studio albums with the band, countless tours to just about every corner of the globe and an a
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The Boss is back…

Bruce Springsteen’s much-anticipated memoir is especially intimate in his self-narrated audiobook. Written with his characteristic lyricism and honesty, it’s a memoir as much about an American rock star as about America itself.