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The Atlantic
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What's Wrong With Arcade Fire's Everything Now?

Arcade Fire albums usually arrive with a technological gimmick—mysterious hotlines, shell corporations, immersive apps. It's benevolent overkill: Their orchestral-rock tunes often feel like VR films anyways. The Montreal collective creates songs with texture and weight; strongly defined beginnings, middles, and ends; and a voice in the ear that’s almost vaudevillian, insisting that everything you’re experiencing really is a very big deal. Hit “play” and feel what you need to feel—communal uplift, twitchy outrage, bittersweet catharsis. Yet it’s tough to satisfyingly plug into their fifth album
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Pop Culture

Margo Price Explains Her New EP, 'Weakness,' Track By Track

As it was for many of us, 2016 was a helluva year for Margo Price — except while we were trying to keep our heads from spinning over presidential politics and mourning the deaths of one beloved musician after another, she was also having one of the biggest artistic breakthroughs of the year. After a decade of trucking away with various bands in the East Nashville scene, Price finally released her masterful debut, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, via Third Man Records. She received the Americana Music Association's Emerging Artist award, played with idols Kris Kristofferson and Loretta Lynn and earne
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Latin Alternative Music Fests Heat Up The Summer

"Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the street" Well, maybe not the street but certainly in Central Park in N.Y.C., Addams/Medill Park in Chicago, Fringe Arts in Philadelphia and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn. Those were the spots for the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), The Ruido Fest, the Nuevo Fest and the celebration of African heritage at the Afro Latino Fest. With most of the larger summer music festivals pretty much ignoring our corner of the music landscape, a handful of more ambitious festival organizers have found a dedicated audience and tons of Latin alternative ba
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Charming as all get out…

Charming and hilarious, these essays cover everything—from her young start on Broadway to her mixed feelings about “Twilight”—with candor and humor. Kendrick might be scrappy, but she's definitely no nobody.