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ESPN The Magazine
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Body 2017

EVERYBODY HAS A BODY, BUT NO BODY IS PERFECT. Think all great athletes are flawless? Javier Baez was born with crooked feet that needed braces—and now patrols the infield for the Cubs. Kirstie Ennis lost a leg in Afghanistan—then made herself into a multisport superstar. Guard Isaiah Thomas peaked at 5-foot-9—and last season scored more points than anyone his height in NBA history. Heck, softball player A.J. Andrews broke multiple bones in her hand—and still became the first woman to win a Gold Glove. Yes, everybody has a body—and as this, our ninth Body Issue, proves, every body tells a stor
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Grappling With Cancers Like John McCain’s Glioblastoma That Break All The Rules

Arizona Sen. John McCain’s recent diagnosis of the hard-to-treat cancer glioblastoma stands in contrast to recent media reports that paint an optimistic picture of cancer treatment in America. A sampling of headlines includes “Cancer survival rates at all-time high” and “Cancer death rates continue to decrease in the United States.” Driving much of the progress are emerging advances in three vital areas: cancer prevention and early detection, immunotherapy, and precision medicine approaches that match patients to targeted therapies. These developments are yielding benefits for nearly every sit
Popular Science
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Vegetarian And Vegan Diets Aren't Necessarily More Healthy

Just because it's vegetarian doesn't make it healthy (duh) Pexels Eliminating meat from a terrible diet doesn’t really make it any healthier, according to a study released today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. In fact, the study found that participants whose mostly-plant-based diets (think vegetarian or vegan) included a lot of processed foods, such as sugary beverages and French fries, were more likely to develop heart disease or die during the study period than people who avoided processed food—even if that meant eating a little meat. Previous studies have found that pe