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Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl

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Balanced Black Girl is a podcast dedicated to helping you feel your best. Tune in for approachable health, self-care, personal development, and well-being advice from Black women wellness experts.

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96 | Benefits of Journaling, Tips and Tricks for Establishing a Journaling Practice, and How to Journal Consistently

What if I told you there was a tool that can help boost your sense of overall well-bein...

22 minutes
Jun 15, 2021

95 | Embracing Your Single Season [Solo Episode]

Have you ever had a season or period of time that feels like an extended lonely season,...

47 minutes
Jun 08, 2021

94 | Taking Care of Your Natural Hair with Keziah Dhamma

Our hair is a part of our identity and represents our individuality. What does your hai...

69 minutes
May 25, 2021

93 | The Power of Discipline

Has someone ever told you that you need more discipline in your life? Have you told you...

35 minutes
May 18, 2021

92 | Make Mindfulness Work for You + How to Prepare for Your Level-Up with Dora Kamau

What does mindfulness mean to you? Do you integrate mindfulness into your daily routine...

53 minutes
May 11, 2021

91 | Overcoming and Preventing Burnout with Erayna Sargent of Hooky Wellness

Has the past year got you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Our brains are running on o...

58 minutes
May 04, 2021

90 | Small Daily Habits That Make a Big Difference For Your Well-Being

How do you start your day? How do you end your day? What are a few things that you do d...

30 minutes
Apr 27, 2021

89 | Building A Foundation for Self-Healing with Yasmine Cheyenne

What does it mean to heal? How can you facilitate your own healing journey? How can you...

58 minutes
Apr 13, 2021

88 | Three Ways to Hold Space for Rest

Why is rest important? How can you incorporate more rest into our day? What does rest l...

31 minutes
Apr 06, 2021

87 | How to Have Laser Focus and Cultivate Ancestral Healing with Juliet C. Obodo

Our thoughts are powerful. The way we think about ourselves, consciously and subconscio...

58 minutes
Mar 30, 2021