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Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

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CarsYeah podcast is a show hosted by Mark Greene. Mark is an incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and more. Let Mark take you on their journey, get under the hood, and provide some entrepreneurial inspiration. The show includes successes and failures, their incredible journey, plus the Last Lap where guests answer in quick blip-of-the-throttle answers. At the end there's a difficult Checkered Flag question. So sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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1839: Neal Giordano Hot Wheels

Neal Giordano is the Founder and Editor of the North Carolina Hot Wheels website, nchwa...

42 minutes
Jun 17, 2021

1838: Joe Ottati Valt Auto Club

Joe Ottati is a Co-Founder of VALT AutoClub where he’s in charge of event and rally pla...

40 minutes
Jun 16, 2021

1836: Sean Cridland Brumos Books

Sean Cridland is an automotive journalist, photographer, and author with over 100 artic...

40 minutes
Jun 15, 2021

1837: Roberto Olivo Automobili Estrema

Roberto Olivo is the COO of the startup Automobili Estrema, coordinating their new all ...

43 minutes
Jun 15, 2021

1835: Peter Cline Vet Motor Sports

Peter Cline is the Executive Director and Founder of Vet Motor Sports. Their mission is...

40 minutes
Jun 14, 2021

18345: Cameron Robinson from Unlo Motor Club

Cameron is the founder of Unlo Motor Club, a shared-vehicle startup, delivering access ...

46 minutes
Jun 11, 2021

1833: Robert Eppley Valt Auto Club

Robert Eppley is the Co-Founder, Event Partnerships and Operations Manager, and self-de...

44 minutes
Jun 10, 2021

1832: Ian Karr

Ian Karr talks about his new YouTube channel where he shares his passion for restoring ...

50 minutes
Jun 09, 2021

1831: Alexander Klatt Automobili Estrema

Alexander Klatt is the Chief Creative Officer at Automobili Estrema, a new player in th...

54 minutes
Jun 08, 2021

1830: Will Lockwood Kindigit Design

Will Lockwood is an engineer, restorer, fabricator, and builder who is part of the team...

42 minutes
Jun 07, 2021