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The Auto Detailing Podcast

The Auto Detailing Podcast

The Auto Detailing Podcast

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Welcome to the Auto Detailing Podcast! The only podcast dedicated to car enthusiast and professional car detailers. Jimbo, along with his guest will teach you how to detail a car, give you the very best auto detailing tips to make sure your ride is dialed in. We will be interviewing professional auto detailers weekly, so you can grow and succeed in all things car detailing and car culture. For more information and for ways to connect with us please visit AutoDetailingPodcast.com If you enjoy the show and find value please give us a review in iTunes! Thanks for listening!

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The Most Overrated and Underrated Detailing Products...

What are some of the most overrated and underrated detailing products in the market tod...

2 minutes
Jun 21, 2021

I got super burnt out on detailing...

I got super burnt out on detailing but have been working my way back to being on fire f...

17 minutes
Jun 19, 2021

How To Create The BEST Detailing Business In Your Area...

In this episode we look at How To Create The BEST Detailing Business In Your Area...How...

56 minutes
Jun 17, 2021

The Best Advice For Someone Starting A Detailing Business...

The Best Advice For Someone Starting A Detailing Business...I just wish someone would h...

16 minutes
Apr 21, 2021

451: The Best Spray Waxes...Ever

In my opinion these are The Best 3 Spray Waxes Ever...in my opinion and at the time of ...

17 minutes
Apr 19, 2021

450: The Top 2 Aerosol Tire Shine + Trim Shine Products EVER...

These are the top 2 aerosol tire shines that i have ever used...as of right now. Ive de...

8 minutes
Apr 13, 2021

449: The Top 3 Best Ceramic Spray Coatings EVER...[maybe]

In my opinion these are the top 3 ceramic spray coatings that I reach for the most ofte...

10 minutes
Apr 05, 2021

448: The Best Car Soap [+ foaming] Of All Time [maybe..]

In my opinion these are my 3 favorite car wash soaps of all time. What are your favorit...

11 minutes
Mar 29, 2021

447: When You Detail To Quick & Your Customer Complains...

Sometimes you get so good at detailing cars that your customers think you are cheating ...

6 minutes
Mar 22, 2021

446: Turle Wax Releases A Paste Wax...REALLY???

In a world where spray ceramic coating rule, Turtle Wax does the opposite and releases ...

10 minutes
Mar 15, 2021