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For the Love of Teaching

For the Love of Teaching

For the Love of Teaching

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For the Love of Teaching is a podcast which aims to ignite passion in teaching professionals all over the world. Join us to hear the stories of real educators doing what they love. If you’re a teacher needing encouragement and support or if you just want to keep up with everything education, Teach Starter’s For the Love of Teaching is the podcast for you. Because challenges crop up, and some things aren’t on the lesson plan. But teachers are incredible, teaching is a gift and together we’ve totally got this!

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Harmony Week Classroom Activities

Harmony Day changed to Harmony Week in 2013, so it's a great time to celebrate the dive...

8 minutes
Mar 07, 2021

Class Member Birthdays, with Mr D

It was Bron's birthday this week (hello, 36!!!) so she and Mr D were talking celebratio...

8 minutes
Mar 04, 2021

Try Teacher Bingo!

In this episode, Jill and Bron play Teacher Bingo - a 'Never-Have-I-Ever' - style game ...

17 minutes
Feb 28, 2021

The YouTube Mistake (Classic Mr D)

The first rule of using Youtube in the classroom: preview every video you plan to show ...

7 minutes
Feb 25, 2021

Being a Teacher-Parent (Re-Buzz)

Being a teacher and a parent can be a tricky balance to strike. Jill and Bron share the...

11 minutes
Feb 21, 2021

Digital Organisation with Mr D

How's your digital space looking? Do you find it easier or harder to keep your digital ...

10 minutes
Feb 18, 2021

Mr D's Photocopier Fight

Teachers have a love/hate relationship with copy machines. Mr D has a solution for rest...

6 minutes
Feb 11, 2021

Digital Planners for Teachers!

Teachers love to plan and organise! There's nothing like a fresh new teacher planner. W...

8 minutes
Feb 07, 2021

Mr D Has Landed His Dream Job!

Mr D is going to kindergarten! Joe's about to embark on a brand new role in his ultimat...

8 minutes
Feb 04, 2021

Gratitude Activities for Kids to Create a Positive Mindset

After a heavy year last year, with plenty of challenges for the young people we educate...

7 minutes
Jan 31, 2021