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The Week in Doubt Podcast

The Week in Doubt Podcast

The Week in Doubt Podcast

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The Week in Doubt: A Podcast for Atheists, Agnostics and Whoever...

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Christian Graduation Speech, Cenk Uygur Tweet, Residential School Mass Grave

Hey Everyone! This week: the story of a Michigan high school student attempting to giv...

49 minutes
Jun 05, 2021

Cannibals, Rock Stars and Other Crap (More Manson Allegations)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: I venture into True Crime territory with this one. I cover some new Ma...

102 minutes
May 23, 2021

Richard Dawkins Stripped of Humanist of the Year Award (My Meandering Thoughts)

This was initially meant to be a brief single story episode, but characteristically it ...

31 minutes
May 03, 2021

Covid Shots and Canaanites, Tucker Carlson Meltdown, Pat Robertson Makes Sense

This week: My covid shot experience, corrections and a dive into ancient history, plus ...

45 minutes
Apr 25, 2021

Creationism in Schools, Attack of the Demon-Zombies, Fox News vs Godzilla

This week: Arkansas State House Republicans pass bill allowing creationism to be taught...

41 minutes
Apr 12, 2021

TWID Replay: The Reincarnation Research of Ian Stevenson

As promised, here's a replay of my previous episode on reincarnation.   And as always...

29 minutes
Apr 04, 2021

An Atheist Reviews SURVIVING DEATH

CORRECTIONS: I found a couple of errors after I had already published the episode. Near...

166 minutes
Mar 27, 2021

Thoughts on the "Cancelling" of Gina Carano and Marilyn Manson

Finally a new episode! Sorry the editing took so long... As always...thanks for listen...

40 minutes
Feb 24, 2021

TWID Replay: A Brief History of Saint Valentine

This week: a replay of my mini audio documentary on Saint Valentine. As always...thanks...

10 minutes
Feb 09, 2021

The Penis Episode (Alex Jones, Kyle Kulinski / Andrew Yang, John Dillermand, H3H3)

In this irreverent episode, I comment on a series of clips and stories having to do wit...

21 minutes
Feb 04, 2021