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The Writing University Podcast

The Writing University Podcast

The Writing University Podcast

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The Writing University podcast features recordings of illuminative craft talks from the renown writers, novelists, poets, and essayists who present at the Eleventh Hour Lecture Series during the University of Iowa's Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

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Episode 128: Poetry and Questions of Peace - Zach Savich

Is peace the absence of conflict or a state that can exist within conflict? How can wri...

45 minutes
May 14, 2020

Episode 127: Writing the Elegy - Challenges and Approaches - Suzan Aizenberg

Most of us who write feel the need to remember our dead in elegies, memoir, or fiction,...

47 minutes
Apr 21, 2020

Episode 126: Me, Myself and I - The Transformative Power of Reflection in Nonfiction - Juliet Patterson

We often think about the tool of reflection in writing as a mode of thought or tone of ...

45 minutes
Mar 13, 2020

Episode 125: Better Talky Talky - The Art and Craft of Strong Dialogue - Kelly Dwyer

Many book editors and agents say that they read the first paragraph of a manuscript, an...

47 minutes
Feb 12, 2020

Episode 124: Notan - How Visual Art Informs Writing - Sandra Scofield

As a painter, I am constantly recognizing ideas about composition in art that speak dir...

48 minutes
Feb 05, 2020

Episode 123: Writing From the Central Channel - Diana Goetsch

The “central channel,” a somatic and energetic space well-known for centuries in contem...

38 minutes
Jan 21, 2020

Episode 122: The Memory Curve and Transitions - Anna Bruno

The memory curve, on a most basic level, means the reader’s attention is highest at the...

42 minutes
Dec 18, 2019

Episode 121: Writing and the Power of Now - Mary Allen

"The present moment is all you have,” as author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle say...

26 minutes
Nov 11, 2019

Episode 120: Revising Like a Hack - Screenwriting "Rules" as a Guide for Rewrites - Kerry Howley

No one wants your story, essay, or poem to read like Fast and the Furious 9. But Hollyw...

37 minutes
Oct 28, 2019

Episode 119: The Writing Life - Christine Hemp

We’re all voyeurs when it comes to the habits and practices of other writers. Do they c...

33 minutes
Sep 30, 2019

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