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#51: Eat Your Way to Better Health with The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock

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#51: Eat Your Way to Better Health with The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock

Из Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit

Длина: 67 мин.


With so much conflicting dietary advice, divided opinion, and contradiction, what should we be eating and doing from a dietary perspective? Food is more than just fuel; it's key in helping us live longer, healthier lives, so how do we create practical, delicious meals that are a pleasure to eat but also alleviate a variety of ailments and illnesses?On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to Dale Pinnock, a celebrity nutritionist and chef. He has an undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, a Postgraduate Degree in Nutritional Medicine, and a lifetime in the kitchen. Dale uses the culinary arts as a delivery system for the often confusing science of nutrition. He is the best selling author of 14 books and a regular face on UK Television. He co-hosts the hit show, Eat Shop Save on ITV, going into its 3rd season.In this episode, Dhru and Dale break down the science of nutrition to help us understand fact from fiction and how food truly is medicine for the body. They discuss simple, practical tips for turning the pattern of degenerative disease around. They also talk about how to make the right changes when it comes to our diet without confusion, restriction, or breaking the bank.In this episode, we dive into:-Why eating healthy can be so confusing (2:19)-How to interpret studies from fact and fiction (4:50)-Practical tips for choosing whole foods (6:30)-Dale’s story and what led him to a career in food and nutrition (7:05)-Food trends and fads (15:40)-The importance of diversity in our diet (25:15)-Tips for parents on getting their kids to eat healthier (27:59)-The benefits of intermittent fasting for longevity (30:28)-Food and the impact on brain health (35:40)-The secret to better sleep (42:15)-Dale’s flu-fighting soup recipe to boost the immune system (45:47)-Tips for clear skin (49:58)-Dale’s Nutrition Coaching Monthly program (54:20)-Dale’s TV series, Eat Shop Save (57:13)-Learn more about Dale and his work (1:06:21)For more on Dale Pinnock, be sure to follow him on Instagram @themedicinalchef, on Facebook @themedicinalchef, and on YouTube @themedicinalchef. Check out his podcast, The Medicinal Chef's Nutrition Nuggets, here and check out his website https://www.themedicinalchef.co.uk. You can learn more about his monthly Nutrition Coaching program here, and you can find his books, right here. Lastly, check out his TV series, Eat Shop Save.