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SIBO Nutrition with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 66: SIBO Nutrition with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 66

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SIBO Nutrition with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 66: SIBO Nutrition with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 66

Из The Healthy Gut

Длина: 71 мин.


Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding if you should follow a SIBO diet, or which one you should follow? On today's episode, Rebecca shares the guiding principles around SIBO diets, how to choose one, what pitfalls to look for and why a SIBO diet should only ever be a short-term thing.✓ Why nutrition is important for health✓ Why we might consider following a SIBO diet✓ Common SIBO diet myths✓ How SIBO diets work to reduce symptoms✓ What diets have been specifically developed for SIBO patients✓ What other diet protocols can be used by some SIBO patients successfully✓ Why every diet needs to be personalised and tailored to your unique requirements✓ The pros and cons of the SIBO diets✓ Tips to manage undesired weight loss and weight gain✓ Why we should look beyond our SIBO diagnosis if symptoms persist✓ Why we should aim to eat 40+ different plant-based foods per week, or 200 per year and how we can track what we're eating✓ Why we should eat a rainbow of colours along with different protein and fat sources✓ How cooking different cuisine styles can keep us interested in our food when following a SIBO diet✓ How to approach food reintroduction and some tactics to manage anxiety and fear around food✓ How to manage a flair or when you're first starting out on a SIBO diet✓ Rebecca's easy time-saving tips for staying on top of cooking for your SIBO dietGet the show notes or sign up as a member of The Healthy Gut Podcast to get full transcriptions from Season 2 here: https://thehealthygut.co/sibo-nutrition/ For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy