Episode 132: Stick to Food

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Episode 132: Stick to Food

Из: Bon Appétit Foodcast

Длина: 53 мин.


These days it's hard not to be political–even when what you do for a living is write about food. We talk to Julia Turshen, cook and cookbook author, about why it's important to weigh in and speak out. It's something we talk about here at BA a lot, and it's something she did in her latest release called Feed the Resistance, a compilation of recipes and ideas from folks around the country whose stories and traditions so often go unheard. After that, test kitchen manager Brad Leone lets us on in on a little secret: you can actually braise on a weeknight.Oh, and one more thing! If you love us, do us a favor and fill out this survey about our podcast: survey.panoply.fm.