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Crypto Index Funds & the Bitwise Hold 10 Index w/ Hunter Horsley from Bitwise Asset Management (Ep. 0010)

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My guest today is Hunter Horsley.Hunter is the co-founder and CEO of Bitwise Asset Management, which operates the first crypto-index fund called the HOLD 10, which tracks the top 10 crypto assets weighted by inflation-adjusted market cap.The HOLD 10 Index fund has several hundreds of investors that range from billionaires to professors, to large RIA firms.What’s notable about this interview is that Hunter’s business model is the antithesis of hedge funds’.The indexing approach is about collecting small fees from lots of investors, and about passive methodologies winning over an active "coin picking" strategies. It’s a belief that a properly formed index can beat hedge fund performance without source code reviews, meeting founders, or creating value hypothesis.Hunter’s thoughts and worldviews are sobering counterpoints to some of this podcast’s most popular interviews.

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