105. How To Use Speaking Visual Aids: 105. How To Use Speaking Visual Aids

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105. How To Use Speaking Visual Aids: 105. How To Use Speaking Visual Aids

Из: The Speaker Lab with Grant Baldwin

Длина: 19 мин.


Two listeners wrote in with two great questions this week so rather than choose one, I'm answering both on episode 105 of The Speaker Lab! Paton left a message asking how and when to use visual aids and Todd wanted to know if he should keep using his name as his web site now that he is seeking more speaking gigs, even though he previously was promoting his music skills on that web site. Today I'll speak to both of these questions: I will explain why I'm not a big fan of slides, and how to use other visual cues properly in your speech or workshop. I'll explain why you are always the product people are buying when they hire you as a speaker and what that has to do with the domain name you choose, plus so much more! Tune in to hear it all on  episode 105 of The Speaker Lab. THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW:    How to know if your slides are an enhancement versus a replacement. Is a picture really worth a thousand words when speaking? When are visual aids most powerful and impactful? The three basic rules for using props in your speech. How to determine what you want to be known for. When should you use your name as your web site domain? How to clearly communicate the primary role you want to be hired for. And so much more! EPISODE RESOURCES Bill Gates Ted Talk: Mosquitos, Malaria and Education Jamie Oliver Ted Talk: Teach Every Child About Food Jill Bolte Taylor Ted Talk: My Stroke of Insight The Speaker Lab Summit The Speaker Lab Facebook group Top Speakers Tips Ready for more speakers? Join our free speaker workshop Got questions? Send them in here Email me! Subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a rating or review