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Episode 46: Always Enough, Never Too Much: with Hayley Morgan

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Episode 46: Always Enough, Never Too Much: with Hayley Morgan

Из Heart Lessons Podcast

Длина: 65 мин.


Hayley Morgan, co-author of Wild & Free and the just-released Always Enough, Never Too Much, comes to the podcast today to talk about walking big and wild in who God made us to be, walking free in what Jesus Christ bought for us on the cross, and then the truth that staying tethered to the Lord will allow us to live in being always enough and never, ever too much. We also talk fearing ourselves, the enneagram, and how to discern the voice of the Lord over the voice of the enemy. Connect with Hayley: book // blog // facebook // instagram // twitter // Nellie Taft // WildlyCo. Heart Lesson: Be needy of the Lord. Scriptures Mentioned: John 15:5 Ephesians 4:22 Mark 6:34 We Mention: Enneagram Wild and Free book The Path Between Us Ian Crohn Typology Podcast Episode 22 Takeaway Truths: There is a difference between knowledge of something and understanding of something. Knowledge comes when you learn something for the first time, but the understanding comes when you work it out in the day to day and apply it to many different situations and continue to preach those truths to yourself. It is not about not having goals or not being ambitious, it's about a right ordering of your heart toward the Lord. There is nothing you can do to make the Lord love you less, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you more. Our main job is to stay tethered to the Lord. God's correction is kind and never feels like condemnation. It feels like a light has been shined onto something. You've already been found out as a person who has a sinful nature and a person who lives in a fallen world. And also, you've already been redeemed. [God's correction] is not indicting of our identity, it is God calling us His child who has done something wrong. I want women to know they can't go too far one way or the other. Not that they lack the ability to, but that if they are intimately connected with the Lord, He is going to bring them right back to where they need to be. God is secure in Himself and in His creation. When we fear our own selves, it is almost clinging to what was instead of what could be. My hope is that women would see this is a story more about God and not about them and they have a beautiful part to play in it, but they don't need to fear their capacity. God is not afraid of what they will do with how He has created them, especially when living a life that is yielded to Him. Keys to A Successful Friendship: Remember you are partners in the gospel. Ask how to love one another well. A willingness to be vulnerable Keep a short account of wrongs Be aware of your differences and see them as valuable Be each other's cheerleader Do not be easily offended See the good spirit in the other person Hayley Morgan - Journal and Reflection Page Visit NellieTaft.com and enter 25heartlessons for 25% off your order!