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SAM: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THAT SEX SUIT?: Within moments of having the apartment to herself…

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SAM: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THAT SEX SUIT?: Within moments of having the apartment to herself…

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Длина: 82 мин.


Within moments of having the apartment to herself, Krystyna breaks out her favorite wand to work some magic on her pussy, while further uptown Corinne is bored to tears with all her regular sexters. Marked 'URGENT' in the GWF inbox, an E-mail from a fucker on the brink of losing her virginity poses questions that need to be answered STAT and the girls of Sorry About Last Night are more than prepared to give their girlie a crash prep course on intercourse. This week, C&K sit down with writer, comedian and gentleman SAM MORRIL. After a boozy, ballsy rendezvous with Corinne, er, rather, Catwoman, last Halloween in Gotham City, Sam doesn't remember much, but somehow managed to leave quite the lasting impression on his feline fuck. An uncharacteristically shy Corinne and dominant Krystyna talk with Sam about what to do to close the deal with audience members, a blow job booty text gone awry and how when it comes to a girl's sex partner resume -- it's more about quality than quantity.

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