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How To Solve A Nation Wide Health Crisis With Connor Young - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #082: Food intolerances, diets, a nation-wide health crisis, its potential solutions and more

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How To Solve A Nation Wide Health Crisis With Connor Young - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #082: Food intolerances, diets, a nation-wide health crisis, its potential solutions and more

Из 20 Minute Fitness

Длина: 35 мин.


Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have the second half of our interview with Connor Young, the founder of Ample Foods. As you could hear in the first half of the interview, Ample Foods is a meal replacement company that provides you with your optimal nutrition on your busiest day no matter what diet you follow.As the head of a "food company", Connor knows a lot about nutrition, but also various food intolerances and diets and he shares it all with you in today's episode. We'll cover everything from extreme dieters to fundamental issues of our agriculture & food industry as a whole to Connor's hopes for a more health conscious future.Listen to this week's episode to hear about all the ins and outs of nutrition, Connor's future vision for Ample and how he thinks our society could be pushed towards healthier eating habits!Three Things You Will Learn1) Extremist Diets: Who Should & Shouldn't Follow ThemUnfortunately not all of us our lucky enough to be able to eat without restrictions. Those who suffer from certain illnesses or food intolerances may not be able to enjoy certain foods ever in their lives. For these people,  extreme diets can actually bring amazing health benefits. But for those who don't suffer from any health issues and their bodies digest all sorts of food well, these extreme diets may not be the solution to anything. Finding some moderation in our lives is crucial, as we can't just think about our physical health, but also need to pay attention to our mental health at all times. Press play to hear Connor sharing his thoughts about extreme dieters and his own personal struggles with food intolerances!2) Challenges of A Healthy Nation Wide DietWhen we think about our society's health crisis, most of us tend to associate it with the lack of education or affordability issues. While these are both relevant to the problem, these are just the byproducts of some more fundamental issues. According to Connor, the whole crisis can be rooted back to the artificially low prices of commodity corps, like wheat, corn and soy. As these low prices had created a surplus of these cheap ingredients for big food companies, they became incentivized to convince people that they are healthy. Which in reality caused a nation-wide addiction to these actually not-too-healthy corps.Learn more about this long-lasting issue, its potential solutions and our responsibilities as consumers!3) Future Hopes Vs Thoughts On Eating HabitsWe all have some big hopes for the society moving into a more health-conscious direction, and Connor is not an exception. He thinks that there are certain measures, which will of course take time and effort, that can be done to push the nation as a whole in a good direction. Things like trying to tighten the feedback loop between food company's products and their consumers health, conducting better nutrition studies, shifting our agriculture to a new direction, are just a couple of examples here. However do these "hopes" reflect a realistic picture for our future? Listen to this week's episode to find out now!