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The BEST Healthy Supermarket Finds of 2018

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The BEST Healthy Supermarket Finds of 2018

Из Eat This, Not That!

Длина: 23 мин.


This time of year is stressful enough, and navigating the myriad of items on supermarket shelves doesn’t help matters much either: How much sodium is too much sodium? Does this have enough protein? Are these red berries safe to eat?

Jon and Megan want to make it less stressful, and easier, for you to figure what is worthy of space in your shopping cart and will actually help you work towards your healthy eating goals. 

In this episode, they comb through the massive list of the BEST Healthy Food Products of 2018 compiled by our researchers at Eat This, Not That! Jon and Megan go through some of their favorite healthy groceries that earned a place in their fridges and pantries this year. These essentials—most new, some classics—will help make it easier for you to meal prep better, snack smarter, and stick to your healthy eating plan all throughout the year.