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Dear Prudence: The “Is Cheating Ever Ok?” Edition

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Dear Prudence: The “Is Cheating Ever Ok?” Edition

Из Dear Prudence | Advice on relationships, sex, work, family, and life

Длина: 61 мин.


Prudence is joined this week by Daniel Summers, a practicing pediatrician and regular contributing columnist to Slate’s Outward section, where he writes about health and medicine topics that affect the LGBTQ community. The Daniels take on questions about how to support your family when your dad suffers from extreme depression, is it ever ok to consider cheating, what can you say to your homophobic coworkers who tease another employee, how can you talk to your family about your strong desire to have children of a certain gender, and what should you do when you think you may have been inadvertently cruel to a coworker suffering from significant health challenges. Slate Plus members will hear the Daniels discuss an additional letter about what do when your husband’s political engagement online has overtaken his commitment to you and your child. Not yet a member? Sign up at Slate.com/PrudiePod.Email: prudencepodcast@gmail.comProduction by Max JacobsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices