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How To Avoid Sexual Harassing Women

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How To Avoid Sexual Harassing Women

Из Ask Women Podcast: What Women Want

Длина: 28 мин.


This week we get a little serious and dive into the topic of sexual harassment and sexual assault and exactly how it's defined by women. The way we women see sexual harassment is very different from how men see it. The other original Wing Girl, Nina Rubin joins us to dissect and explain how to ensure you don't get in trouble with women OR get fired from your job. Even if you are a woman, this is a very important episode for you to listen to. On this weeks show we also discuss and over-analyze: What type of flirting is acceptable vs. unacceptable with most womenHow to find your own moral compassMistakes men make when flirting with women that could get them in serious troubleWhat it feels like as a woman to be harassed and what it does to us long termBeing violated vs. being assaultedWhat happens to women on a daily basisAnd much much more! Guest: Nina Rubin For more tips on how to attract, date, seduce and get the girl go to winggirlmethod dot com If you want to learn how to banter like


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