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Fantasies, Fetish & FUNgasms: Fantasies, Fetish and Fungasms

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Fantasies, Fetish & FUNgasms: Fantasies, Fetish and Fungasms

Из Sex With Emily

Длина: 45 мин.


October is coming to its end, and Sex With Emily is here to help you close it out with a kinky, freaky bang! On today’s show, Emily is doling out tips and techniques for how to take your existing sexual inclinations the the next level of naughty. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life but aren’t sure where to start, Emily’s got a great formula for finding your hot spot.
How do you turn your fantasies into erotic reality? What steps can you take to heat up your sensual massage? How can you and your partner amplify your porn fetish? Emily gives step-by-step guidance for all these sexy situations and also takes a call from a loyal listener looking to put her kinky sex preferences into practice with her partner.
From fast food fantasies to blindfolds in bed, this Sex With Emily podcast is sure to help add some spice to any “vanilla” sex life — you might even catch Emily sing a jingle or two! Don’t miss it!