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The Best Sex (Toys) of Your Life: The Best Sex (Toys) of Your Life

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The Best Sex (Toys) of Your Life: The Best Sex (Toys) of Your Life

Из Sex With Emily

Длина: 49 мин.


It’s that magical time of year again - Sex toy review time!
In this show Emily gives you her picks for the best sex toys on the market. She and her assistant Madison give you an in depth review of their newest favorite, that has the power to turn your penis into a human vibrator. Intrigued? You should be!
Emily also tackles some of your hottest sex questions on vibrators, backdoor play, friends with benefits, and the politics of trading sex for gifts. Plus, what unexpected texting habit might lead to you getting lucky?
Whether you’re looking for a toy to share with your partner, one to keep for yourself, or one to help you discover new realms of pleasure, this show’s got the best sex toys for all occasions! This is one sex toy review podcast that you do not want to miss..