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I'll Take My Sex "Animal Style": I'll Take My Sex "Animal Style"

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I'll Take My Sex "Animal Style": I'll Take My Sex "Animal Style"

Из Sex With Emily

Длина: 56 мин.


On today’s show, Emily tackles some of your top sex and relationship relationship questions, including a few you may be too scared to ask.
She and Anderson break down the appeal of doggie style (or as Anderson calls it “animal style”), and get into the topic of mutual masturbation - Why are women so afraid of putting on a show? From brothel testers to office ejaculators to a domestic dispute over eaten salsa, Emily shares some Sex in the News that will make you laugh, cringe and more closely guard your coffee cup.
Is doggie style to blame for your condoms breaking? Does a big penis plus a petite partner equal a major deal breaker? Can you make a relationship work if there’s no clear future? And what disgusting act do you have to worry about if you work in Minnesota? Emily has the answers, and so much more in this episode of Sex With Emily! Check it out..