Eden Grinshpan Is The Mom Brain Spirit Animal

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Eden Grinshpan Is The Mom Brain Spirit Animal

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Eden Grinshpan is a lover of life. She graduated from one of the top culinary schools in the world, traveled the globe experiencing cultures and sampling foods worldwide. She volunteered at an orphanage in India helping re-open a café to raise money and awareness for the orphanage. Eden is also the host of Top Chef Canada and the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of DEZ, a middle eastern restaurant in NYC. She created Eden Eats, a Cooking Channel show that explored the global culinary food scene. She is a well-known food blogger and social media influencer. In addition to being a Food Boss she is a Mom Boss to daughter Ayv. Eden talks with Hilaria & Daphne about her love of food and how she introduces her daughter to new flavors, plus balancing the life of an executive chef with that of a super mom. Also, her #ShowMeYoBelly challenge on Instagram that garnered a lot of attention.Favorite Things:Eden: Luzern Face Scrub & Gel, Weleda Baby Skincare Products, Ever-Eden Baby Skincare ProductsDaphne: Boogie Wipes, Shashi SocksHilaria: Gap Women's Sweaters, Health Warrior Banana Nut Chia Bars