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Sept. 8, 2008 Alan Watt on The John Stokes Show (Originally Aired Sept. 8, 2008 on KGEZ 600 AM "The Edge" - Kalispell, Montana, USA)

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Weather Warfare - Creation of Communist China - U.S. Debt - World War III - 9-11-2001 - "Millennium" book by Jacques Attali.
UK DOD, Crisis, Mass Migration, Rioting - Latin America - Generation of Cannon Fodder for Agenda - World Totalitarian State.
Future Population Levels - Man is Building Material - Purpose-Made Human Servants, Genetics - Bioengineering - Cancer Increase, Vaccines - Obesity, Diabetes, Pancreas.
Think Tanks - Game Theory, Motivation of Selfishness - Stopping Aging Gene - Medical Treatment - Arks for Seeds and Genes.
Alchemists, Higher Sciences - 3 Levels of Reality - "Spiritual" Life - Masses, Debasement of Higher Truth, Conformity - The Individual.
Destruction of Old Religion, Christianity - Gorbachev, Earth Worship, Pantheism - New Age Religion.
RIIA, CFR - Club of Rome, "The First Global Revolution" book.
Hate Laws - "What Were You Thinking?" - Surveillance System, Britain - Police Chiefs, United Nations.
Waking Up - Data, Mush and Confusion, The Trap - Old Books - Loss of Sovereignty, 3 Trading Blocs - EMP-Proof Federal Computers.
Agri-Food Business Consortium - Weather Modification, Floods and Droughts in Farm Belt, Food Shortages - Kissinger, Welcoming Foreign Troops - Martial Law, North America.
"Foreign Relations" magazine, U.S. Constitution - Oklahoma City, Militias.
Reacting - Questioning Yourself - New Age, "Photon Belt" - Fact and Fiction - Self-Examination - Leaders to Follow.
Parallel Government, "New World Order", Margaret Thatcher - Project for a New American Century - Middle East, Embargo on Iran - FDR, Embargo on Japan, WWII - Versailles Treaty.
"Elected" Politicians Groomed for Global Agenda.

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