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Jan. 19, 2008 Alan Watt as Guest on "Godbox Cafe" Podcast with Tamurile (Originally Broadcast Jan. 19, 2008 on godboxcafe.blogspot.com )

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Jan. 19, 2008 Alan Watt as Guest on "Godbox Cafe" Podcast with Tamurile (Originally Broadcast Jan. 19, 2008 on godboxcafe.blogspot.com )

Из Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.xml Format)

Длина: 62 мин.


Consciousness and Memory - Drive to Thwart Agenda. Military-Industrial Complex - War on the People.
Zbigniew Brzezinski - Planned Global Society - Propaganda - Worship of "Superiors".
Serving the World State, No Individuality - Ideal Design (ID) Slaves - Huxley's "Brave New World".
The Hive - Utopia of Elite - Virtual Worlds, Virtual "You" - Popular Movements, Social Creatures.
H.G. Wells' "Open Conspiracy" - Aldous Huxley: Brainwashing, Pharmacological Methods.
Debasement of Society and Natural Morality - Destruction of Old, Building the New (Totalitarian).
Communication - Indoctrination - Emotive Topics - Confronting Front-Men, Shysters.
Prof. Carroll Quigley, Global and Parallel Government, War on the World, Royal Institute for International Affairs, CFR.
Bertrand Russell, Recruitment from Plebian Masses - Plato, Guardian Class.
Home-schooling - Being Unpopular with the Populous - Group-Think Schooling, Group Consensus, Predictable Masses.
Dehumanized Culture, Appeal to Humane - Ability to Think for Ourselves - Arthur Koestler - Secret Services, Culture Creation, Radical Groups, CIA.
Substitute Families for Youth - Soviet System, Young Communist Party - British Army Cadets - Hitler Youth - Gangs, Leaders.
Government becomes Master - George Orwell's "1984" - Spying, Paranoia.
Psychopathic-Led System - Competition, Profit, Success, The Pyramid - Psychopathy, Aristocratic Families - Selective Breeding, Inbreeding - DNA Collection, Psychological Evaluations.
Abolition of Private Employment, Private Property - Issuance of Credits Weekly (Cannot Save Up) - Habitat Areas.
United Europe, Deindustrialization of Britain - New Feudal System - Market Suppression.
British Department of Defence Projections: Riots, Mobs - Internal Police Force (Army) - United Nations, Food Shortages.
Psychological Preparation - Getting Out of Cities - Brownouts, Power Outages, 60 Hz Electronic Grid.
HAARP Frequencies, Aerial Spraying - Strobe Lightning, Bizarre Storms - UN Treaty on Weather Warfare - Mood Alteration.
UN Model State: China - Chinese Culture.