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203: The One-Two Punch for Sustainable, Consistent Startup Growth, With Dmitry Dragilev of JustReachOut: Listen in as JustReachOut founder Dmitry Dragilev reveals how he redefined content marketing and PR to massively grow companies and help over 500 entrepreneurs gain exposure.

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Dmitry Dragilev has a typical entrepreneurial story, but maybe a little more extreme. Bored in his dead-end, corporate job, he was fearful of ending up like his older, unsatisfied peers. One day, Dragilev read in a magazine about what was going on in Silicon Valley, and up and quit. He sold everything he owned, hopped in his car, and made his way to California. Equipped only with a knowledge of coding and a drive to succeed, Dragilev had made a decision that changed the rest of his life. Key Takeaways: Dragilev's unique growth marketing approach for building sustainable, consistent traffic How to build quality relationships with journalists to increase your brand's exposure How Dragilev helped two companies skyrocket sales with two PR strategies The quick website fix that resulted in a two-second improvement in user session time

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