#253: Dr. Jessica Clemons

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#253: Dr. Jessica Clemons

Из: A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal

Длина: 92 мин.


This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome Dr. Jessica Clemons AKA Dr. Jess AKA The People's Psychiatrist to the Upper West Side! Many people know her for making the conversation around self-care not so hard to understand, whether on Beyonce's website, The Breakfast Club or her own Instagram. We kick off Mental Health Awareness Month talking about what makes for a good therapist, how people can tackle their own anxiety, what expectations someone should have going into a first session, and how even therapists could use someone to speak with. We dive into growing up on an Army base in Huntsville, Alabama, her million high school activities, the car culture around town, walking the local mall in prom outfits like a parade, and how a TV commercial led her heart to New York City. We discuss her lifelong dreams of becoming a doctor, how she approached her studies as an undergrad at Tuskegee, and what happened when her one career goal was deferred. Jess get into her bounce-back, all about her move to New York, how she found love at a Nipsey Hussle concert, how her wedding plans were changed for three reasons (Beyonce, Jay-Z and a hurricane-level storm), where she heads for alone-time, her true thoughts about her husband's Blackberry, who took the best pictures at her wedding, how she never got lifelong sisters in a sorority but found lifelong brothers with ItsTheReal, and much, much more!