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Ep167 - Stacy LeBaron: “This is all about being a family.”

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Ep167 - Stacy LeBaron: “This is all about being a family.”

Из The Community Cats Podcast

Длина: 23 мин.


Ask Stacy! Stacy LeBaron, Host of The Community Cats Podcast “This is all about being a family.” As kitten season approaches, guest host Lisa Finkel talks with Stacy about creatively managing community kittens. Describing kitten fostering as a “pre-program” to the adoption process, Stacy offers insight on productive ways to set up a healthy and sustainable foster care program. Many elements contribute to a successful system, from the medical and administrative structure to compassion fatigue support. Lisa and Stacy also touch on the joys of socializing feral kittens, lovingly referred to as ‘tiny tigers,’ the pros of kitten nurseries, and tips for fundraising during kitten season.