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Ep124 - Brianna Lovell: “No action is too big or too small.”

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Ep124 - Brianna Lovell: “No action is too big or too small.”

Из The Community Cats Podcast

Длина: 21 мин.


Greatest Hits! Brianna Lovell, Outreach and Events Manager, Alley Cat Allies “No action is too big or too small.” We couldn't have asked for a better guest on National Feral Cat Day than Brianna Lovell! If you are still unaware of what this great day entails, this is the podcast that you've been waiting for! Brianna discusses how the day began, but more importantly, what National Feral Cat Day has turned into! Groups use this day as a wonderful platform for taking on the projects and education that the community around them needs, regarding cats! Get involved in 2017 and make the change happen that Brianna so wonderfully discusses! To find out more, please go to www.nationalferalcatday.org.