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Ep137 - Steve Smith: “We follow the science first and foremost.”

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Ep137 - Steve Smith: “We follow the science first and foremost.”

Из The Community Cats Podcast

Длина: 25 мин.


Steve Smith, Founder of Pet Releaf “We follow the science first and foremost.” In this episode, Stacy interviews a different kind of person interested in pet health and medication—Steve Smith, co-founder of Pet Releaf, a service that provides hemp- and CBD-infused products for pets. Pet Releaf was born of Steve’s personal experience with his dog Mattie. As she aged, Mattie showed signs of serious arthritic pain when she walked, and she was clearly suffering. Although Steve was never able to find a suitable holistic cure during Mattie’s life, he and his business partner were determined to find one for other dogs and cats. They began researching medical marijuana, moved to Colorado, and started Pet Releaf. Almost six years later, Pet Releaf is stocked in almost 600 stores around the US, is legal in all 50 states, and even has a presence abroad!   For more information about Pet Releaf, visit petreleaf.com. Or, to get in touch with Steve, email info@petreleaf.com.